i heart him so hard

being able to watch baekhyun play with children is a privilege we should appreciate


Anders + Looking at Hawke

Mickey Milkovich in The Casanova Catering Conflict.

(thank you to @steorie​ for this beautiful commission art!! ♥)


demyx + battle quotes


…he told them the story of the girl from Bantry who came to the New World, and who brought her belief in Mad Sweeney the leprechaun with her, for hadn’t she seen him of a night, down by the pool, and hadn’t he smiled at her and called her by her own true name? 

- American Gods, Chapter Eight

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“And in that moment I knew I was head over heels for him.”


armadil-lauren replied to your post: okay but I raise you THIS among the safehouse idea…

Jeremy counting out his change on the Starbucks counter because god damn it he may be struggling to pay rent but he’s going to buy his god damn frappe so he can stare at Ryan’s face while he makes it because Ryan is the only pure thing in his life right now. (And then later when Ryan’s been revealed as the vagabond: “oh no oh shit I thought Ryan was cute but oh damn him in the leather being all skilled in combat and whatnot is actually super sexy oh god help”)

fuuu this is so cute, lauren you’re killing me i love it


Make Me Choose

tidus or zack [requested by summ0ner-yuna​]

“would you say I became a hero?”

  • Teren and Adelina: *constantly talk about their hatred for one another*
  • Teren and Adelina: *literally promise, multiple times, to kill the other*
  • Teren and Adelina: *kill each other's lovers, by tricking the other to do it*
  • Teren and Adelina: *are generally unhealthy, messed up, filled with disgust for one another and the world, fueled by hatred and chaos, and will never, ever happen, in a million years and beyond.*
  • me: ........
  • me: ....o...t...p....