i heart gossip girl

When it was raining in New York City, it was either a blessing or a curse. Today it was more likely a curse since it was almost impossible to come from Queens to the Upper East Side without arriving in completely wet clothes. The weight on your shoulders didn’t make it any better. You looked outside the window of the cap as you drove down the streets of the rainy city before your phone made the known noise. 

Can’t wait to see you again. It’s been too long. 

Your heart felt like it wanted to beat straight out of your chest and escape to him. Quickly you typed in your response. 

On my way. Traffic sucks. 

The fact that he thought that this was a reunion between you two after he was away made you feel so bad. Your heart was wildly beating while you were throwing in the thoughts inside your head. On one side who wouldn’t be excited to meet Nate Archibald and have him dearly interested in your not-so-Upper-East-Side self? 

However, on the other who would like to break a good guy like him his heart? I wished you didn’t have to so much. Gossip Girl may called him a man whore or a guy who just stands for his name but has nothing behind it, yet you knew none of those things were true. You never intended to awake the liking of a wealthy Upper East Sider - as much as you never intended to fall for one but Nate was so different than everybody might think. 

Through a sudden and really unexpected meeting you got to know the real Nate Archibald over the summer. The guy behind the big family name and you couldn’t say all those things about him - he was nothing like that and maybe that’s the reason why it was so much harder now to say goodbye to him. 

Nate and you decided to meet at the cafe where you met the very first time. Quickly you paid the cap driver and ran to the cafe before you stopped yourself as you noticed Nate standing outside in the cold rain, seeming to wait for you. His hair was completely wet and messed up due to the rain. The suit that he wore under his trench coat was also soaked. You smiled a little as you walked up to him and pushed your actual plans for a moment in the back of your head. 

“You know you could’ve wait inside,” you laughed as he turned around to you. “I bet it’s much warmer.”

“I don’t care, it was worth all the wait.” he replied and leaned towards you. You frozen, not knowing what to expect before he simply kissed your cheek. That might be something only wealthy, charming people do. “I’m so glad to see you again.” 

“Me too,” you half-lied. It was truly nice seeing him again, now that you noticed that you had been missing him too. But you couldn’t deny your actual plan. His hand moved down to your back as you two got inside of the cafe. It was a little cafe right between the Upper East Side and Queens. Nate took your coat as you two sat down at your favorite spot. “How was your trip?” you asked politely after you ordered your usual drink. Throughout the summer you’ve been here many times together. 

“Yeah, it was alright. Chuck was pissed at me the whole time because I… I just didn’t want to be with somebody during the trip because I didn’t know how it was between us,” he said honestly. “The summer with you was more than great and I just hoped this might be more.” 

The shiver all over your body revealed the effect of his words to you. The shakiness afterward also. “I’m sorry. I hope you didn’t play it with Chuck.” you said. 

“Don’t worry, he will get over it,” he chuckled and you felt like you just got thrown back to your summer together. 

You smiled lightly at him. This was so wrong - he was laughing and maybe having a real good time and you were about to break his heart. You had hoped that he might just thought about this was a summer thing but somehow you should’ve known that he was serious about it. Nate wasn’t the type of guy who broke promise real often. “Nate…” you started and your voice immediately failed. “About us…” 

“You don’t think it’s the right thing, don’t you?” he said so quick that you looked up from your coffee. 

“It’s not that hard to tell, isn’t it?” you answered. “Please, let me tell you something. This whole summer I - a pretty normal girl from Queens - got the chance to have the possible greatest time of her life with a smart, caring boy from the Upper East Side who sadly gets mistaken as something so different from him. I loved our time together and I’d give anything to reset this, just to have a chance to live all of this over again. It’s not about not having feelings for you because I do, I do have feelings for you, Nate. But I’m not made for the Upper East Side or a relationship with you.” 

Suddenly your heart felt so light but it crushed as soon as you saw the disappointed expression on his face. “So, you don’t want to be with me just because you think you’re not enough for this shit part of the city?” he asked. “I don’t care about the Upper East Side and I never did, you know that. Just because you are from Queens doesn’t make you to a less worthy person than I am. I am crazy about you, Y/N and I don’t want you to leave me for the fact where I was grown up.” 

“The Upper East Side is your home, Nate. I know that you’re so different from all the people that live here but they will talk and I don’t know if I can handle that” you admitted and looked down to your coffee. You couldn’t see him in the face. 

All of sudden Nate grabbed your hand and hold it tight. “Give a fuck about what they say. We’re only people, not some royalty. I want to be with you, and I’ll do anything to keep you safe on my side. Give me a chance, Y/N.” 

This words almost forced you to look up to him. You could clearly see that he was more serious than ever before. You didn’t know what to say, you were torn apart between what you thought was right and what your heart told you was right. 

You decided for the only thing that was right. 

After all, you will always need to trust it. 

The decisions of your heart. 

“Okay,” you whispered and hold his hand tighter and yet so gently. 

The smile of his face told you that no matter what was coming, it would be you and him - at least, for now. 

* * * 

I’m currently binge-watching GG again and I needed to get out my Nate feels. More different imagines are coming soon! :) x