i heart bm

Before I go, everyone should check out k.a.r.d. because they’re a co-ed group, they’re killin’ it, and they have saved 2016.

I’m about to DM a Pathfinder campaign in a fantasy noir setting and decided to draw up one of the reoccurring NPC’s. Gretchie Lowtop is a private eye detective who comes across the main cast a lot as they take on their own cases. She’s overactive and playful (a little malicious too) but a brilliant mind underneath her childish exterior. During her time in the GSPD she was known as “The Shark of Grand Spear” for her ability to hunt down and take out criminals, all while wearing a wise sharped tooth smile (Rumor still has it that she’s half demon). 

Freddie is one of my best friends in all the world, a goofball of the highest order, my heart’s delight. Our alchemy is in large part the writers’ magical composition, one part our philosophies and work ethic, one part astrology, one part mysticism, and a whole lotta parts camaraderie. The best thing about working with him, from a technical standpoint, is his prudence in learning my lines. I can always rely on him. He has a near-photographic brain.
—  Vera Farmiga