i heart asians

i’m in my prime,
not withering and old.
but i refuse to play
your wicked games any longer.

i know this tether is unbreakable,
but you make me feel like i’m interchangeable.
you drew a target on my heart,
when did this become fatal attraction?

i don’t have the strength,
the energy,
nor the patience
to be held hostage by your love.

so baby please don’t despair
when i say that
i’ve found the courage to
let you go.

you were never meant to be tied down in the first place.

—  believing i could love you was my mistake, c.j.n.

movies list : Whisper of the Heart (1995 - Dir. Yoshifumi Kondo)
“Shizuku, do what you believe in. But it’s not easy when you walk your own road. You’ve only got yourself to blame.”


“After all you’ve experienced? New friends, the Noah, the Heart, battles, massacres, the Fallen One, and…your loss. Yet after all that you still want to look after your friends, and defeat the Noah. It’s like you’re carrying the burden of all the people you couldn’t save. Are they…who you’re fighting for? The Fallen? What drives you, Allen? Is it your concern for others? Is that what makes you feel you have to fight? Is that why you bury your own feelings and press on? You’re not fighting because you like to fight…or for your own survival. You’re fighting to protect something. You’re fighting to save human lives!”

D. Gray Man Week // Day 3: Blood Crusade

Option A: Favorite Arc// Edo/Asian Branch Arc

y'all I was so close to getting hit by a car 😩😩😩 and I looked into the car he was deadass looking at me like it was MY FAULT??? but the crosswalk signal said I could go??? So??? I’m so confused 🤷‍♀️