i heard your song

it’s so weird how tv shows can affect you and change your life. I heard the song Time After Time and it immediately reminded me of that scene in parks and rec where Ann and April are singing it and then Donna busts in and joins them.

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Like I will never be able to listen to this song in the same way. I will always be reminded of this beautiful scene. 

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Hey there! LOVE your writing and your Sunday blurbs so much!! Could you do one where Sebastian's friend who's a singer releases a new hit song but the lyrics are really dark so he gives her a call 'cause he's worried about her and turns out she's been struggling with the whole fame/Hollywood thing and feeling lonely 🙈

thanks, anon!!

you picked up on the third ring.


“hey,” sebastan’s voice filled your ear, his voice wary. “how’ve you been?”

“great! you?”

“fine,” he drawled. “hey, listen. i heard your new song the other day on the radio and you sound amazing, but i just have a quick question. are you… actually okay? the lyrics just seem really… dark. i don’t want to bug you, but i was just worried.”

you felt your eyes well up. sebastian was the first person, since your song came out, to genuinely ask you how you were feeling. you closed your eyes and took a deep breath. sebastian was biting the skin around his nail on the end of the other line, nervous of what you were going to say.

“sebastian, i feel like shit. everyone wants to know every single thing about me and that’s just-it’s overwhelming. i feel like i’m walking on eggshells wherever i go. whatever i say gets taken into context and i just want to lock myself up in my house and never go outside again! people dont leave me alone.” you gasped for air. 

“and i know i shouldnt complain about it because so many people would kill to be in my shoes. but for ONCE i just want to be left alone. i want people to focus on my music. i dont want them asking who i’m dating or why i’m leaving a club at 3am, you know?”

“i just feel like… i’m not doing the best that i could be. i cant please everyone and it kills me. it really, really kills me. everyone around me doesnt care about me. they’re not like you, sebastian. you’re the first person to ask me how i’ve been since the song came out. can you believe that?” you scoffed.

“(y/n),” he sighed. “jesus, i wish i could be with you right now. i’m so sorry. i know it must be tough for you. hell, it was tough for me. i’m sorry that the people around you don’t seem to care. maybe they just don’t know how to show it?” he shrugged. 

“you have me, and your other best friends, and your family. let them in like you just let me in. i promise you that they’re the best people you could surround yourself with,” he said. “if i could, i would take a flight straight to LA and hang out with you, but unfortunately i’m busy here in new york with work.”

you smiled sadly and nodded. “i understand.”

“you know you can bug me whenever you want, right? i’m just a call, text, and email away. i would stop the world for you, (y/n). i care and love you so much. i want the best for you. you deserve all the good in this world. or at least what’s left of it.”

you chuckled and thanked him. he was so special to you and you would always hold him near and dear. you two talked a bit more before he let you know he had to go. he promised to text you once he was finished with business. 

“now go and take a nap or something.” he offered. “naps always help.”

161020 BTS/Park So Hyun's Love Game (speaking about Hoseok’s MAMA)

Park So Hyun: Before that, everyone needs to listen to MAMA a lot. I’m curious about how your mother reacted when she heard this song.

Hoseok: She really likes it! She was like, “ah my son succeeded and even wrote a song for me~!” The most important is that the members’ parents called her as well. They were saying, “you must be so proud of Hoseokie, I’m envious.” I also felt they are very proud of me. I thought, “ah, I’m really doing my filial duties.

Can you believe all of Bangtan’s moms called Hoseok’s mom to tell her they we’re so proud of him and wanted songs, too? Our Hoseok is the sweetest boy, he even melts mothers hearts aw.

You’re beautiful and sad,” I said finally, not looking at him when I did. “Just like your eyes. You’re like a song that I heard when I was a little kid but forgot I knew until I heard it again.” For a long moment there was only the whirring sound of the tires on the road, and then Sam said softly, “Thank you.
—  Maggie Stiefvater, Shiver

For the love of all that’s good and pure in this godforsaken world, do not think about sherlock and john slow dancing in the middle of their living room, barefoot, in the golden late afternoon light, with “the way you look tonight” playing in the background.  Do not dare think about Sherlock singing softly in John’s ear “you’re lovely, with your smile so warm and your cheeks so soft, there is nothing for me but to love you..”, and John replying with the next few lines “And that laugh that wrinkles your nose, it touches my foolish heart..”  And above all else do not imagine sherlock dipping john and whispering against his neck “cause I love you, just the way you look tonight”, punctuating every word with brief, cute, feathery kisses while john chuckles giddy and light-headed from the overwhelming exhilaration of their love ❤️

Our girl went to the doctor and they said she had a bad sprain and severe bruising. Pray for a speedy recovery for Normani! And pray for 5H at the Jingle Ball because without her being able to outperform everyone those performances will be lackluster


Title: Surrender

Paring: Sam x Reader

Song: Surrender by Natalie Taylor

Word Count: 270

Warning: Sorta smut. It makes sense if you read it haha

Request by Anonymous said: So I was wondering if you could do a song fic with the song surrender by Natalie Taylor as a Sam x reader and can you do smut at the end and if not totally fine!! :D ~love anon

A/N: Hey Anon, sorry if this isn’t what you were picturing but it’s what came to mind when I heard the song. Hope you like it!

Strong hands pushed your hair back from your face as familiar eyes smiled down at you. Seeing you flushed and content, it was what Sam lived for.

We let the waters rise

We drifted to survive

I needed you to stay

Hot lips pressed down your neck, the pulsing of your vein meeting his touch. Fingers moved across the top of your waist band. Grazing your skin leaving goosebumps they pushed your clothes away from you.

But I let you drift away

My love where are you? My love where are you?

His erection filled your hand as his fingers filled you. The warm calm slowly consumed you as Sam’s eyes watched yours, widening as each of you so perfectly indulged the other.

Whenever you’re ready

Whenever you’re ready

Breathing became one as backs arched. Lips met. Heat pooled. Satisfaction consumed you.

Can we, can we surrender

Can we, can we surrender

I surrender

Bodies shifted to find each other again. Moving together in the most intimate dance you let him lead. Surrendering to him. Letting his strength and arousal transport you.

No one will win this time

I just want you back

I’m running to your side.

Time fell away. The world went dark. Sound disappeared. Sam was your world. You were Sam’s. The two of you became one.

Flying my white flag, my white flag

My love where are you? My love where are you?

Leaving your body, his transported you. Pleasure. Desire. Satisfaction. All met. All indulged. All consuming.

Whenever you’re ready

Whenever you’re ready

Can we, can we, surrender

Can we, can we surrender

I surrender

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Beauty and a Beat (yes,the justin bieber song)

BASED ON THIS! i heard your prayers, people.


  Simon could not believe his eyes. He wasn’t blinking or breathing (he didn’t need to anyway) but he was shocked, mouth agape, wide eyed shocked. But after the shock wore over, laughter started bubbling and soon he was rolling on the floor, clutching his stomach at the hilariousness of it all.

He didn’t expect this when he opened an email from Magnus with the subject YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS SALMON and that video as an attachment. Oh my god, he didn’t know what possesed his boyfriend to be dancing AND singing like that to a god damn justin bieber song.

He pressed play again, watching Raphael dancing lightly on his feet through the screen and yes, the second time was better. and the third, and the fourth.

He didn’t know how many times he replayed the video until there was a knock at the door. He was starting to find a sort of fondness in the video really, its the most he’s seen Raphael smile and do WELL ANYTHING HUMAN. He even had some kind of jacket that covered the white top (which by the way he looks deliciously good in)

When Simon opened the door, he was met by the devil himself and Raphael was about to lean in for a kiss when Simon had burst out laughing, leaning down to rest his hands on his knees for support.

“Dios Simon, are you okay?” Raphael asked, eyebrows raised until his hairline as he looked at his laughing mess of a boyfriend.

“I- It’s just- You-” Simon stood up and tried to stop laughing but one look at Raphael’s confused face just set him off again.

Well Raphael wasn’t having any of that so stalked inside him and Simon’s room to find Simon’s laptop on their bed. He stalked over to it to see what had made his boyfriend such a crazy mess only to be shocked to his core.

“Oh fuck” He mumbled under his breath and Simon was still laughing.

Raphael shot him a glare as his boyfriend closed the door and gave him a huge grin.

“It’s okay, i only watched it like… 6 times. or 8? i lost count” Simon shrugged.

“Who sent you that?” Raphael asked, scowling as he sat down on the bed.

“Guess?” Simon asked back as he edged closer to the bed. He closed the laptop and put it on the table before it became a victim. He sat down next to Raphael, who was looking anywhere but him.

Simon started to wrap his arms around his moody vampire boyfriend, resting his chin on Raphael’s shoulder.

“I liked the singing” He offered which made Raphael go rigid and Simon kissed his cheek.

“I’m being completely serious here, Rapha. You should smile more babe. i love it” Simon said and Raphael turned to look at Simon, rolling his eyes.

“You’re never gonna let me live that down are you?” Raphael sighed when Simon shook his head with a smile etched on his lips.

“You gotta teach me how to dance like that” Simon said as Raphael started to climb on the bed.

“Like a squid with no tentacles?” Raphael asked, Simon followed suit and hovered over his boyfriend with a stern look.

“Hey watch it, that’s my boyfriend you’re talking about” Simon chastised which made Raphael smile and Simon couldn’t help it, he leaned down and captured his boyfriend in a mindblowing kiss, his tonguet tracing Raphael’s fangs which made the vampire moan.

“Dios mio, maybe i should really smile more often” He mumbled between kisses and Simon hummed his agreement as his mouth attached to Raphael’s neck.


Pairing: Mark Pellegrino x Reader
Word count: 1,674 (before lyrics)
Warnings: Hurt parent but fluffy ending with no angst.  
Request: ( @girl-next-door-writes ) Okay so my request isn’t fully thought out for you, basically I was driving along when Suddenly by Angry Anderson came on. I thought it would be fab for a Mark P OR Rich fic. Something along the lines of they have always had a bit of a thing for the reader who is oblivious to it but then something happens to suddenly make the reader see them in a new way.
Authors Note: I went with Mark Pellegrino. I couldn’t help it.  If someone gives me the choice it’s going to go there (Insert Cheesy Grin).  Also, I had never heard this song before your request but I absolutely love it !

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