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star crossed lovers

Pairing: Y/n & Harry

Word Count: 2527

Warnings: none

Requested: yes!


This is so stupid… she thought to herself as she took one last glance at the mirror, fixing here top for the hundredth time that morning.

She had texted him that night when she got home, thanking him for his kindness. He replied quickly, letting her know that he couldn’t bare to see a pretty girl look so upset, which upon reading it caused her to blush. She decided that this was also her last chance to feel that spark she felt last night. But she knew that she was getting ahead of herself, she had just met him last night. And he was super famous, he surely had better things to do…

She was ripped from her thought when she heard a gentle knock on her front door. With one last deep breath, she stepped forward and opened the door slowly, smiling.


Harry and Y/N meet on a train and she can tell she’s upset. So in order to cheer her up, he plans a fun filled day. Little does she know that he has to leave the next day and what seemed like a promised relationship gets further away from reality.

“Miss, would you like to order?” The waitress asked, trying to hide the sadness in her voice.

“Can I have five more minutes?” She asked, glancing at her for a second before letting her eyes rest to the empty chair across from her.

“Of course, let me know if there is anything I can do.” She gave a hopeful smile before walking away. 

In five minutes he would have been an hour late. She knew it was a bad idea for her friend to set her up. She even left work early to go home and get ready for this. It had been at least a year since she was seeing anyone romantically. Maybe she was cursed with meeting people too late. That seemed to happen often. Whenever she developed a crush, they were already in a relationship or married or only wanted a hookup. It had been so long since she just had someone to lay around the house with on weekend mornings. So, to cover up the pain of being so alone, she relied on one-night-stands to help her forget. But that only worked for a little while.

She had tried everything from Tinder to dating sites, but she just seemed to have no luck. And even if she did happen to set up a date with someone, it never would have worked out. Their were either too weird, or told her that they loved her after the second date. She didn’t know why she thought this time would be different, because it wasn’t. It wasn’t because she has been sitting alone at this table for an hour, constantly checking her phone in hopes that maybe he was late, or caught in traffic, or anything. At this point in time, she would take any excuse.

With one last look at her watch, she couldn’t help but chuckle to herself. She held back tears as she dug through her purse to find some money to give to the nice waitress who had to put up with her for tonight. There was no way she was going to leave without paying her something, since she probably expected a full meal service. She gently placed the money on the table and pulled out a pen, writing I’m sorry you had to keep checking up on me, hopefully this makes up for it x. on a napkin. With a weak smile and a small wave, she quickly left the restaurant.

Come on now, love. We have to make it back home before we let the tears start flowing… She thought to herself as she made her way down the street to the subway. Sniffling as she walked down the stairs, she swipes her card and the gates creak open. Pushing past them she makes her way to the area where she would hop on the train. When the train pulls up, she picks a seat in the back where it was the most empty, not wanting to interact with anyone for the rest of the night. 

She watched people get on and off the train at every stop it made. A mass group of people pushed and shoved their way off as a new group entered. They must have been able to tell that she wanted to be left alone because no one came and sat within three rows of her. At least that’s what she thought until she felt the weight in the seat next to her sink. She lifted her head off the window to glance over to see who it was. After flashing a weak smile, she went back to staring out the window, playing with her fingers. 

“Rough night, love?” He voice was deep and almost sounded concern.

“Excuse me?” She gave a puzzled look as she looked over at him. Now that she could actually see him, he was quiet attractive. He had short brown hair and eyes that were as green as the deepest forest. 

“Sorry, yeh just look a little down.” He shrugged.

“Oh, no you’re fine. M’sorry. Just a bad day..” She smiled weakly, feeling the burning sensation in the back of her throat reappear. 

“I’m sorry to hear that.. Is there anything I can do to help yeh?” He smiled at her.

“Sadly I don’t think so. At this point I’m probably a lost cause. Plus I’m sure you have a super busy life, being Harry Styles and all.” She smiled when it finally clicked with her, which caused him to smile as well.

“Ah, I always have time to help out a pretty lady. Besides, I like your smile better than the pout. Here..” He reached into his pocket and pulled out his wallet. Grabbing a receipt and a pen he had in his shirt pocket, he scribbled down a number and handed it to her. “That’s meh cell number. I have the day completely off tomorrow and I think yeh could use some cheerin’ up.”

“That’s sweet of you, but you don’t hav-”

“I know, I want to.” He smirked after he cut her off, causing her to smile back at him. As the train pulled up to the next stop, he got up and looked over to her.

“I expect to hear from yeh when yeh get home safe…?” He made a strained face when he realized he hadn’t caught her name yet, causing her to giggle.

“Y/N.” She stuck her hand out up to him to shake, but instead he grabbed it and gently placed a kiss on the back of her hand.

“Beautiful name for a beautiful lady. See you tomorrow, Y/N” She waved goodbye to him through the window as the train pushed forward. For the first time in a long time, she felt happy.

This is so stupid… she thought to herself as she took one last glance at the mirror, fixing here top for the hundredth time that morning. 

She had texted him that night when she got home, thanking him for his kindness. He replied quickly, letting her know that he couldn’t bare to see a pretty girl look so upset, which upon reading it caused her to blush. She decided that this was also her last chance to feel that spark she felt last night. But she knew that she was getting ahead of herself, she had just met him last night. And he was super famous, he surely had better tings to do…

She was ripped from her thought when she heard a gentle knock on her front door. With one last deep breath, she stepped forward and opened the door slowly, smiling. 

“Hi.” She spoke softly.

“Hello, love.” His voice was deep and smooth, something she could listen to for a while. “Ready?” She nodded and walked with him, locking the door behind them. He was a true gentleman, opening her door for her, and closing it once she got in.

“Alright, I have a whole day planned so hopefully you won’t be sad for a while and to make up for that asshole standing you up last night.” He smirked over to her as he took the car out of park and started driving down the road.

When he had said entire day, he meant it. But it was a day she would never forget. It started off at a small cafe, a 1950′s themed one that she had only seen in movies. The walls were covered in knick-knacks and old newspaper clippings. When they both sat down and started looking over the menu. Her eye was caught on this overloaded mac and cheese dish that looked mouth watering. When she ordered it, she could help but giggle when he shot a playful glare her way.

“Oi! Great minds think alike, I’ll have the same thing.” 

She learned a lot of about him in that small diner. His life in Homes Chapel, stories of his mom and sister, how he used to pull all the pranks back in grade school, what it was like to be famous. He told her everything, and she didn’t mind. In returned she told him about her less interesting life. About how she was at university right now studying history, that she was new to the city because she needed to get away from her small town life back home, how she wrote songs and poems in her free time, and how she shared the same love for bad jokes and puns that he did. He was easy to talk to and was very good at making her laugh. 

On his side of things, he could seem to stop talking. He adored how she just sat there and listened to him ramble on about the past. Everything always needed to know what he was doing in that very moment. It was nice to slow things down, even if it was just for a day with a stranger. But she was sweet and beautiful, and he already loved her laugh. 

After lunch, she showed her all around London. 

“I can’t let you keep living here if you haven’t done all the touristy attractions!”

He took her all around, showing her his favorite places which included coffee shops and bookstores. They went to all the major sights and buildings, stopping to take pictures at every place, causing her to playfully roll her eyes and pick out new poses. She noticed how photogenic he actually was. Never once did he look bad, she was amazed by it. 

By the end of the night she had laughed more than she had in the past few months. She used to think it was stupid how in the romantic movies they would always say that they never wanted the day to end. She still thought it was dumb, but she finally understood where they were coming from. When they finally got back to her flat, she turned and smiled at him,

“Thank you for today… I needed that, and it was just so nice of you.”  She blushed slightly, playing mindlessly with her fingers.

“It was nice to have one day to just be Harry. Thank you for treating me like a normal human today.” He smiled and slightly stepped closer to her. “Now I have to leave for tour tomorrow morning. I know I said it would just be a day, but I have to see you again.” She smiled and blushed at his words. 

“I’d love to see you when you get back from tour, if you still remember me,” She winked playfully.

“Oh trust me..” He smiled and stepped even closer, connecting his lips with her that caused such a spark, they both had to pull back. After the moment of shock was over, they both leaned forward and kissed again. He lingered his smiling lips on her for a moment before pulling away. “There’s no way I could forget you after that.” And with that and a kiss on her hand, he was off. She went up to her room, scrolling though the pictures that were taken today, and went to sleep with a smile on her face.

At first, they texted everyday. Sometimes on slow days he would call her and tell her all about life on the road. He would talk about how much fun he was having being able to do his favorite thing for all of these people. She would tell him about her studies and how work was going. It was like they were a couple. But as the months passed by, they became more distant. 

She saw all the articles about how he had found a new girl and they were always seen together. She just ignored it until he slowly stopped texting her back. At this point they would maybe talk once a week, if that. Finally, one afternoon she got a text that broke her heart.

Hey, love. I don’t now how else to say this, but I met someone on the road that I deeply care about. I know what we had was fun, but I think it’s best if we just stay friends. And I’m still bringing you out to  show. I hope we still can talk. xx.

Her stomach sank. She knew that he had to have felt the passion they felt during that kiss. He couldn’t have waited a few more months? She was so hurt. She was hurt and felted used. Then she sat up, realizing that she was crazy. It was a freak thing that they both met on the subway and he asked her out. She knew that he was famous and met new people every, single day. She couldn’t be mad at him that he had moved on. But they both know that they weren’t gong to stay friends. She they were right. That text was the last one she every got from him, while he never got a reply. 

It was easy to move on from her fling. It was no different than what happened with they other guys she met. They would talk for a while and then both parties would just give up and go back to their daily lives. She went on more dates, but still found no one. But she didn’t really mind anymore, because he taught her to learn to just have fun. She was far to young to be worried about the future and plan the rest of her life out yet. 

She started going out with friends more, being more social, and just having a better time in general. She still hurt inside, but she covered it up, doing more things that she liked to do, like writing or painting, to distract herself from her heartache. She even wore less black and more bright colors, trying to focus on the positive. And it was to a point where she could barely remember why she was so sad in the first place. 

Until the facade was over. She was at her favorite coffee shop working on her paper. It had been at least three hours since she started and had only gotten a small bit of it done. Looking at the clock, she sighed realizing that she needed to actually do something if she wanted to get it turned in on time. She got up and went over to order another coffee and a sandwich in hopes that this would cure her laziness.

When they called her name, she got back up and went over to grab her coffee. Turning around there was something closer to her than she though and when she went to walk back to her seat, she knocked right into him, spilling her coffee all over the two of them.

“Oh my goodness, I am so, so sorry..” She trailed off as she turned around to grab some napkins. When she turned back to the front, she froze in her place, dropping the napkins. She hadn’t seen him in a while, but that was him standing in front of her. He looked better than he did last year. She looked up and finally met his eyes, not being able to look away.

“Hi…” She breathed.

“Hello, love.”

*A/N: Hey! I hope you guys like this, I’m thinking about part two, but idk yet. Tell me what you think and you can always request!!*

I’m Not a Kid: Part 2

I’m Not a Kid

Word count: 5.6k

Genre: smut, dirty talk

Another part was requested by anon (anon let me know if you like it.) I wasn’t sure if I was going to do it but then I couldn’t stop thinking about office sex with Jungkook. Anyway, I listened to TIO by Zayn while writhing this ;) 

part one

It had been a week since you’d seen Jungkook. You’d forgotten that his father had a business trip and wanted Jungkook to come with him so he see the ropes of the family business.

They were in Australia and wouldn’t be back until Monday. You’d gone all week and weekend thinking about Jungkook. It was Sunday night and here you were again, nervous and thinking about seeing him tomorrow. You were sitting in the living room with your roommate trying to focus on a movie while eating dinner but you couldn’t.

As soon as you got home Friday night you woke her up and told her what you had done. You were still on a high from Jungkook fucking you but you knew you were going to regret it in the morning, and boy did you, at first. You couldn’t believe that you had let the your boss’s 20 year old son fuck the shit out of you in a restroom at a nightclub, but as days went by with no sign of Jungkook, no flirting, no touches, no lingering looks, no singing of your name your thoughts became consumed of him.

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What a loser

You’re confused.

You’re utterly confused right now, because the biggest bad boy in school is standing in front of you, asking to join the fake club you made when you were seven, and he looks like he’s serious.

“You want to join cool club?”

the weird bad boy doyoung au no one wanted but i wrote anyways. enjoy ^^

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Like She’s Mine (part fifteen) - Stiles Stilinski

here it is, you’ve all been waiting and I’m proud to present… fifteen.  the wedding.  the blowout.  boom.  here she is, the final part! i love how into this story you guys were and you were so sweet and i know i had your hearts in my hands and i just shattered them repeatedly.  but i’m honored to have had the chance to do so.  thanks @dumbass-stilinski @writing-obrien and @sincerelystiles for all the support and telling me my angst was hurting you, it means a lot.  and HUGE THX AND HUGS AND KISSES FOR LIL MADI ( @celestial-writing​ ) for playing the part as the adorable little girl featured in this series.  u rock girly i love you so so much <3 enjoy guys and happy easter if that’s your thing

warnings: mentions of sex, asshole theo, angsty asf, heartbreaking tbh, swearing, super long, slightly abusive theo

word count: 8601 (YES!)

Originally posted by satninlove

(the day of the wedding)

“Oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god” Allison was running frantically around as I sat on a stool in the small bridal area.  A whole room just for the bride and her bridesmaids.  Lydia was applying a finishing clear coat of nail polish over my french manicure as Allison was losing her shit.  I could tell that she wanted to run her fingers through her hair, but didn’t want to ruin the beautiful braid that was pinned over the top of her head.

“Would you stop freaking out?” The girl I had briefly known, Malia, said.  She walked up to the brunette and rubbed her shoulders awkwardly.

“No! I’m getting married! What if I mess up? What if I forget my vows? Oh my god what if I fall-”

“Alli, calm, you’re so graceful” Kira’s sweet voice rang.“Yeah, and the last night you were reciting your vows in your sleep.  Trust me I think you’ll do great” I assured.

“Don’t move” Lydia scolded.

“And what about him? What if he messes up? What if he- oh my god guys what if he doesn’t want to-”

“He wants to” Malia stated bluntly, not letting Allison finish.  She looked over at me, and I smiled with raised brows.  She smiled at me too, rolling her eyes slightly and I chuckled.

“Don’t move” Lydia muttered again.  There were three knocks on the door, which Kira happily skipped to answer it.  She cracked it open just a peek, so no one would see the beautiful bride.

“No, no Stiles you can’t come in-” I looked over upon hearing his name.  I could hear his voice, but not whatever he was saying.  “No you can’t-”

“What does he want?” Allison asked, walking over to the door.

“NO HE CAN’T SEE YOUR DRESS!” Kira flipped, a side I haven’t seen of the petite girl.  Allison just laughed and raised a dismissive hand.  But she walked away from the door anyways.  “He wants to talk to y/n” My eyes widened and my lips parted at what she said.

“He does?” I stood up, and Lydia mumbled a string of curses.  I looked over to Allison, who gave me a beautiful smile.

“Go on, we’ve got ten minutes before the ceremony” She said softly.  I nodded shakily, clenching my fingers against my palms.

“Thanks Alli” i whispered, barely brushing my lips against her cheek as I went to the door.“Oh, young love” I heard her say to the other girls, which just made them laugh.  I put my hand on the closed doorknob.  I took in a deep breath, and opened it.  Swiftly stepping out and closing it behind me.


“Stiles” I didn’t know what to do, or say.  It’s been so long, too long really.

“I wanted to check on you, make sure everything was alright” I sucked in my bottom lip and nodded my head.  “You sure?” I didn’t answer the second time.

“Are you?” I whispered.  He shrugged his shoulders.

“I’m alright.  How’s Madi?” She’s good.

“She misses you” What? Mouth! That is not what brain told you to say!

“She does?” Oh no, no I knew what this was.  He was trying to prod me into telling him that I missed him.  But I wasn’t going to play that game.

“Yeah she does.  To be honest I don’t think she likes Theo as much” I said.  Stiles’ jaw set and his eyes hardened.


‘I think she likes you better than hi-”

“He’s here? With her? W-with you?”

“With her” I said softly.  “Not me, simply platonic so she can have a father figure in her life-”

“How long?”

“About three days” He nodded, and put his hands into his trousers.

“Well… well good she has that” I nodded, biting my cheek hard to keep a straight face.  I distracted myself by fixing Stiles’ crooked bow tie, being carefully of my still drying fingernails.

“Yes it is” I replied.  Silence washed over the small hallway and I stared at the now fixed tie.  I smoothed out the nonexistent wrinkles on his shoulders.

“y/n I still love you” I smiled sadly at him, and he gave me a defeated look, slightly slumping.

“I still love you too” I said quietly.  “But I can’t focus on that right now, today is about Allison and Scott” Stiles barely nodded his head.

“But we’ll talk?” He asked hopefully.

“Of course” I replied in a hushed tone.  “I have to get back to my bride now.  She’s going crazy in there” Stiles chuckled and I stepped back slightly.  “Scott holding up though?”

“Oh no, he cried a few times.  He was still crying when I left” I laughed and he smiled crookedly.

“Well tell him his bride is waiting to see him at the alter” Stiles nodded and pretended to tip his hat.

“Of course madam” I smiled and reached for the door, but before he could move away I stepped forward and hesitantly stood in front of him.  I looked in his eyes before leaning forward and pressing a small kiss on the corner of his mouth.

“See you in a bit” I said, and he nodded, staying silent as I opened the door.  When I walked in and closed the door, everyone was just staring at me with knowing smiles.

“Did you all eavesdrop?” I shook my head, wondering just who could be behind that… just kidding it was definitely Allison.

(Stiles’ pov)

“She said she still loved me though, and she kissed me” I finished telling Scott about my encounter with y/n/.

“Did you see Allison? What’d she look like? Was she beautfu- dumb question of course she was” He smiled to himself, and I gave him a bewildered look.  I spun to see Danny.

“Can you believe him? I don’t think he listened to a word I just said” I shook my head.

“Don’t feel bad.  I wasn’t listening either” He replied and I groaned.

“I listened-”

“Butt out Liam.  Didn’t your parents ever teach you it was rude to listen to other people’s conversations?” I said.  He walked away.

“I was listening to you” Mason said, messing with the buttons on his jacket.

“When can we get drinks?” Isaac asked.  I rolled my eyes as he plopped down into a chair.

“At the reception” I said monotone.“

But that’s not until seven!” He groaned.  I ignored him this time.

“Do you want my advice?” Mason asked me, and I nodded eagerly.  Finally, real girl advice.

“Ever have a girlfriend who likes to do things her way and all you want to do is help but she doesn’t trust you?”

“Dude.  I’m gay”

“O-oh” I stumbled.  Oops.  “Well has he ever..?” I asked again.

“No, we’re usually pretty open and know when and how to ask for help” He said.  “But I don’t think she doesn’t trust you”

“How can you say that? Have you even met her?” I asked.

“You’re the one asking for my advice” He said, putting his hands up.  “And no, I haven’t met her, only heard about her from you guys.  And from what it sounds like, she’s got a lot going on.  I’m sure she’ll come to you when she’s ready, and from what it sounds like, she just did”

“No, she’s with Theo now” I mumbled down to my hands.

“Damnit Stiles that’s not what she said” Scott groaned.  He looked irritated, definitely fed up with all of the drama I’m giving him.  “This is what you do, you overthink things before things can even be definite.  This is why you have all these problems, you act before you finish whatever’s even happening” I just stood in silence as Scott went off on me.  I didn’t know what to say.He was right though.

“So… so have I already ruined it with y/n?” Scott shrugged, palms up and brows raised.  Meaning he didn’t know, and he didn’t care.  At the moment anyways.  I know he cared for y/n too, and me of course.  I was the runner up bride if Allison had said no.  At least I think it was…

“Scoot?” All the heads in the room turned to where the flower girl was standing in the doorway.  I grinned and Madi ran over to me, a few petals falling out of her basket.

“Well aren’t you the prettiest girl here?” I said, kneeling down to hug her.  y/n and Allison really did a good job.  She had on this sky blue dress that poofed at the waist line, a darker colored ribbon tied in a bow on her back.  Her hair was brushed, but nothing was done to it.  It was adorable, I had to say.

“I came to say goo- good luck!” I grinned at her and ruffled up her hair.

“Good luck to you too little girl” I respond.

“Mama said after we can dance!” She said, jumping with excitement.

“Yeah? You excited to dance?” I asked, and she nodded eagerly.  “Alright so if you’re really good today, and I mean exceptionally make your mother proud good, then I will save you a very special dance” Her eyes rounded with amusement.

“A-a special dance?” I nodded, and her smile only grew further.  “Okay! I’ll be extra good! I promise daddy!” The room was silent for a few moments before she giggled and threw her arms around my neck.

“Alright alright, you go back to where you were, we have a wedding to get to soon” She nodded, and I watched out the door as she walked back across the hall, knocking on the door to the girls’ room.  It opened, and Kira gave Madi a delighted smile before stooping over to lift her up.  When she was safely back inside I closed the door and turned.  Only to find four pairs of eyes on me.  “What?”

“She’s still calling you daddy” Scott said.  I felt my face get hot and instantly I was fiddling with my fingers.

“Ye-yeah I guess I dunno” I mumbled again.

“Dude” Scott grinned at me.  “That means things with you and y/n are totally fixable” My head shot up as I stared at him with nothing but hope.  “If she’s preferring you over Theo, how long do you think it’ll be before y/n just cuts off Madi and his’ relationship? Not long.  She’ll see, y/n’s a smart girl she’ll see where Madi’s loyalty and love lies”

“A-are you serious?”

“Don’t you think y/n will want what’s best for Madi?”

“Of course, we all do” I responded easily.

“And who do you think’s the better man?” Scott questioned.

“Hell, even I’m better” Isaac said.  He pulled a flask out of the inside pocket of his suit jacket, taking a long swig.  I snorted and rolled my eyes.

“Just think about the logic here Stiles” Scott said.  “But don’t even try to ruin my wedding” I was smiling so much I could barely even hear what he was saying.There was still a chance.  I still had a chance.  With y/n, with Madi.  I can fix all of this.

When we left the room, Scott walking into the large room, all the way up to stand at the altar, I bounced on my feet a little.  y/n came out, and she took my hand immediately.

“Nervous?” She asked, and I glanced all over.  Behind us, Lydia and Mason.  Then Kira and Liam, then Malia and Isaac, who seemed to be sharing his flask.  Please don’t go wrong, please don’t go wrong…

“Maybe a little” I admitted to her, and she squeezed my hand.

“Mama!” Madi bounced up to us, holding her basket and her once messy hair seemed to have been combed through since last  saw her.

“You remember what you have to do?” y/n asked her, and she nodded her head.

“Behind Mali” She said.  I chuckled at how she couldn’t say Malia’s name properly.

“That’s right” y/n said with an award winning smile.

“Here, you can come stand with me” Malia said, shoving the alcohol containing vessel to Isaac.  Madi happily skipped over to the short haired girl and too her hand.  Everyone smiled at Malia, who seemed to have no idea what to do.  She didn’t seem like the type to have a lot of experience with kids.

“How was Scott doing?”

“Ship wreck.  Allison?”

“Car crash”

“Good, they’ll do great” I said and she laughed, carefully tucking her hair behind her ear.

“OH MY GOD THE BOUQUETS!” We all watched as Lydia sprinted, in her designer heels, back into the room, and came out with her arms full of white roses tied at their stems with blue ribbon.  “Here… here… for you… here…” She handed them out, making sure all the bridesmaids carefully held them, then went back to her spot behind us.

“That was a close one.  What would we have done without flowers” Liam said sarcastically.  Lydia whipped around, nearly hitting people with her flaming hair.

“Listen you little snot” She spat sassily.  “If we were unprepared for Alli’s big day, if you even get your shoe untied Liam, I will personally see to it that you are removed from the premises with sheer and brute force.  You will not be attending the reception, you will not even put up a fight.  You will go home, in your spiderman underpants seeing that we rented the tux for you, and you will tell your mother all about how you ruined my best girlfriend, my sister’s wedding.  Do.  You.  Under.  Stand?” 

Liam looked petrified.  But he nodded his head vigorously.

“Good” Lydia said cheerfully with a sweet smile.  When she turned back to face forward, y/n and I quickly looked away.  She squeezed my hand tightly when we heard the music begin to play.  Soft piano keys echoing throughout the building.

“Don’t do anything stupid and get kicked out” She whispered to me, and I cast a glance toward her as she stared ahead at the closed double doors.  Just behind those doors, my brother stood at the end of the aisle, waiting to see his bride to be.  I stared at y/n, how long her lashes looked and how bright the makeup made her eyes appear.  Her lips were a rosy pink, as were her cheeks.  She must’ve felt me staring because they darkened slightly as she looked over to me.  “Cause if you get kicked out and I’m left here by myself, I might go insane” I smiled at her genuinely and she smiled back.  I squeezed her hand and she squeezed back.  I took it as a silent promise to stick together today.

The doors opened.

(your pov again)

The doors opened.

There was Scott, way down there, he seemed miles away, but really he was just a good twelve steps.  I looked over the crowd , seeing a few familiar faces.  A few of Allison’s family members, Mason’s boyfriend Corey, Danny and Ethan who I remember briefly from high school, a few of Scott’s family members on the other side, and Theo, who smirked at me as I caught his eye.  They were all standing, staring at us.  I swallowed thickly, and Stiles squeezed my hand again.

“You’re good” He whispered, and then the music lifted, and it was our time to walk.  My arm hooked into Stiles’ and I gripped my bouquet tightly.  We slowly made our way down the white aisle, and I did my best to ignore the stares from everyone around us.  When I glanced down, the flowers were trembling.  A few moments later, we’d arrived.  Stiles gave me a reassuring look, patting my hand softly as we parted, and each stood on opposite sides of the alter.  Scott smiled to each of us.  I watched anxiously as Lydia walked up with Mason, taking a spot next to me.  Then Kira, and then Malia.

Madi bounced out next, smiling so big as she swung her little basket around eagerly.  She grabbed a handful, handing it to Corey who was stood on the end seat of an aisle.  He chuckled and took it, thanking her quietly.  She did this again to the woman across the aisle a little ways.  She continued to hand a bunch of bundles of petals handing them out to people standing at the ends of the pews.  Until she reached us.  SHe smiled big and waved at me.

“Hi mommy!” She whispered.

“Hi Madi” I whispered back, waving gently as well.  She reached in, grabbing a few petals and handing them to Scott.

“Get her Scoot” She said, earning more delighted laughter from the audience.  Scott took the petals and tucked them into his pants pocket.

“Thank you Madi” She nodded and pranced over to her spot right in front of me.

That’s when Allison came up to the door.  I looked over at Scott, who was smiling and tearing up.  He whispered something to Stiles, who smiled and nodded his head.  I watched as Chris walked Allison, as he walked my best friend, down the aisle.  When she’d arrived, I had tears in my eyes.

Her dress was just stunning, which I already knew but somehow this hit me harder.  It was a sweetheart neckline.  The silky material fell down to her feet, and trailed back behind her.

Don’t cry, Lydia will be mad if you ruin your makeup.  She mouthed to me, and I wiped away the few tears that had fallen onto my cheeks.

It was difficult to not cry as they promised to love each other in sickness and in health, and so on.  Madi had scooted over towards me, wrapping her arms around my shin, her fingers every once in awhile reaching up to play with the hem of my dress.

“Your vows?” The priest said, and Scott nodded.  He took both of Allison’s hands and smiled at her.  She gave him a watery smile back.

“Allison Celeste Argent” He said softly.  “I have loved you since the moment I first saw you.  Yes, I was the loser who fell in love with the new girl in school” A small chuckled erupted from that.  “And since I grew the courage to talk to you- God knows how that happened you made me a nervous wreck- but since then, this is all I wanted.  To be together, to stay together.  You accepted me, and my weird friends” He gave a look to Stiles.  “And every time I kiss you, and hold your hand, and talk to you, and tell you how much I love, because it’s so much, it feels like the first time.  Every time I look at you, my heart still races, whether you’re here, standing in front of me, as my bride, or in the mornings when you’re half asleep at the table in old sweatpants and drinking the most bitter coffee, and Allison, you are just as beautiful, no matter what you do, no matter what you wear.  And you’re smart, you always beat me at monopoly! EVen though I’m still convinced you cheat somehow” More chuckles from the people.  “But I’m still going to love you the same, even if you do cheat.  I want to spend my whole life, with you”

I went against my better judgement and let a few tears slip.

“I love you too” Allison whispered back, wiping her eyes with her fingertips as not to ruin her makeup.  

“Do you have vows, ms Argent?” She nodded, sniffling quietly and cupping her hands around his face for a moment before holding onto his hands again.

“Scott McCall, I have so many things to tell you that none of these people want to hear.  You’re caring, I’ve never seen someone so committed to helping people, even when it goes against your better judgement, even when it keeps you up all night, even when it gives you headaches, but I find you still working.  It’s so noble of you.  I love how sweet you are, even to the most jack- even to the people who don’t deserve it.  I love how great you are with my crazy friends..” She looked at me, and I winked.  “I love how it took you a few tries to pass my father’s crazy test so you could date me, and I love how great you are with Madi…” Allison bit her lips for a moment.  “And I hope that someday we’ll have a Madi of our own a-and I hope she’s just like you” I could see tears in her eyes again, and quite frankly I was holding back my own sobs.  “I have never been prouder than I am today to call myself your wife” Good god, at this point, of you weren’t crying, you didn’t have a heart.  I could even feel tears in Madi’s eyes run onto my leg… but she was probably bored of standing here for so long.

“The rings?” The priest asked.  Stiles stepped forward, and handed the small pillow where the wedding bands sat, down to Madi.  She held it excitedly, and handed the pretty one to Allison (probably because it’s pretty rather it was the one designed for her).

“Thank you dear” She said sweetly, and passed it to Scott.

“You’re welcome Alli!” She yelled, the excitement getting to her.  But Allison giggled as Madi handed the other ring to Allison as well.  I bit back my laugh in a smile as I realized Madi had handed both of the rings to Allison.  “Ha-happy true loves day Alli and Scoot” She said, making the room fill with laughter and ‘awes’ again.  

“Come here baby” I said softly, as not to be heard by everyone.  Madi gave the pillow back to Stiles, and waddled back to hold onto my leg.

Scott slid the ring onto Allison’s finger, and she did the same for him, both of them bearing big, sappy and sweet grins.

“Congratulations, Mr and Mrs McCall, you may now kiss the bride!”

And with that, everyone was cheering as Allison tugged him in placing her lips happily on his.  Their first kiss as a married couple.  I clapped, and pulled Madi up on my hip, letting her hold my bouquet of flowers.  Everyone was up and standing, clapping and cheering louder as their kiss turned into five.  I grinned over at Stiles, who looked just as proud as I felt.  He was walking over to me, past the happy couple, and reaching out for Madi.  But I felt arms wrap around my waist.  I turned, my eyes landing on Theo.

“Th-Theo wow you surprised m-”

I was cut off when his lips covered mine.

“What the- what are you doing?” I shrieked, pulling away and instantly setting Madi back down on the ground.

“What? We’re celebrating!” Theo grinned.  I looked around, seeing most people filing out of the room, backs turned to the alter. At least not everyone saw this outburst.  Thankfully they couldn’t have heard it, too much cheering as Allison and Scott ran out of the church hand in hand.

“Come on Madi” I spun around to see Lydia lifting up Madi with the basket full of miniature bubble wands.

“I’m going to go help my daughter” I said, getting away from Theo as fast as I could.  But as soon as I’d turned, I saw Stiles.  He was a few feet away, people moving around him to leave the building, but he didn’t bother to move.  Just stood there staring at me.  He seemed… disappointed.  “Stiles-” I held out my hand and began to walk down towards him, but he shook his head, and stepped back.

Then turned, and walked away.

“Lydia!” I called, racing down to her.  She was near the doorway, just behind Stiles but he didn’t bother to stick around.  The strawberry blonde turned and grinned at me, and Madi clapped upon seeing me.  “Hi sweetie” I said in the tone only saved for her.  “Come on, let’s go blow some bubbles” I said, putting my hand on Lydia’s back and guiding her quickly out of the door.

“Hey, what’s going on?” Lydia asked me quietly.

“Mama what about Da- him?” Madi pointed back to where I could see a familiar head of gelled blonde hair, and I rolled my eyes.

“He’s going to meet us there” I said, trying not to grit my teeth.  Madi seemed content with that answer, if she really understood what I’d even said.  Luckily Lydia seemed to read my mind, and distracted Madi quickly with the bubbles.

“Look you just put it up to your lips and blow!” I zoned out as she taught her the proper way to blow bubbles.  All that I could see was Stiles’ heartbroken look from earlier.  It was permanently engraved into my mind.  I tried to focus, I tried to smile as Madi had successfully, and finally blew a bunch of bubbles, but I was too deep on my own head.  I didn’t know I was staring down at the sidewalk until I felt a tug on my arm and looked up to see Lydia pulling on me gently.  “You ready to go?” She asked in a gentle tone. I wondered if she could tell o wasn’t okay.  I answered in a shaky nod, unable to speak.

“Mama?” Madi reached out to me, and I slowly took her into my arms, letting her rest on my hip.

“Come on, why don’t we go” Lydia spoke again, and I nodded, hesitantly following her out into the parking lot.  Allison and Scott were long gone, wherever they were going to spend those few hours of peace and being newlyweds.  I figured Stiles had left already too, I didn’t see his jeep anywhere.

“Did Stiles leave?” I asked Lydia.  Her brows knit together, and I knew that she’d pieced together the events of the past ten minutes.

“Yeah, a little bit ago” She told me quietly.

I don’t know why I wasn’t having fun, it was a party, you’re supposed to have fun.  Its natural instinct.  But I also didn’t feel the need to try to have fun.  The reception hall was decorated beautifully, streamers, white tablecloths with fake candles set in the middle of them, only a few lights were on.  Allison was currently dancing with her father, a tradition for the bride.  Madi was playing with Malia Kira and Danny a few tables away but perfectly in my view.  Scott was sitting a few people away from me, and Stiles right next to him.  Only one person sat between the two of us, Lydia.  Given I asked her to sit here.  I was quiet, a plate of half eaten food in front of me.  Scott Lydia and Isaac were having an animated discussion about the honeymoon the newlyweds were having.  London, they were going to London.  I envied them so much.

But Stiles and, we were the only silent ones.  It made me sick to the stomach.  How did I manage to mess this up already? Three months, I waited three months for our small interaction earlier, and not two hours later, we were back to giving each other the silent treatment.  I hadn’t had the chance to talk to anyone about it, I’d barely spoken three words to Allison since I got here.  My eyes were stuck to my glass of champagne.  I couldn’t remember if I drank it of it or not, it looked somewhat full, but perhaps I had taken a sip? Didn’t matter anyways.  The yellow colored liquid made me want to throw up.

In fact, everything my eyes landed on made me want to puke.  The dry piece of steak sitting on my plate, a faw pieces of it missing from where I’d eaten a mere three bites.  The empty plates of my friends’ meals, just some sauce and scraps left on it.  I wanted to go home, I wanted to put on an old tee shirt, crawl under the covers, and stay there.  Forever.  But that would make me a terrible friend, and just about the worst maid of honor ever.  So I continued to let myself feel flushed and nauseous.  Time passed as did bodies, and soon other people were dancing to a more upbeat song.  I think ALlison came back to our table, I think that’s why Scott got up and left but I couldn’t register anything very well.  That’s when shapes and colors began to all blur together.

“y/n, hey y/n?” I lifted my head and looked over to see Lydia shaking my shoulder as gently as she could.  “Honey you look sick did you eat too much?” Her eyes landed on my plate, that had my food on it for nearly half an hour.  “Come on, come with me” Her arms wrapped around my shoulders and she helped me stand.  “Do you feel sick?” I shrugged, looking around the busy room.  Yes, yes I did.  But I wasn’t going to say that to her.  If she made me leave, Allison would be heartbroken.  I felt a third hand on my arm, and looked over to see Stiles, still sitting in his seat, gently grasping my wrist.  He was staring up at me with eyes that made me want to cry.

Great, on top of wanting to puke, now I was gonna have a breakdown.

He said something to Lydia, and she gave me an uneasy look but nodded her head, and Stiles’ arms replaced hers.

“Come on” He spoke softly, and I let him walk me to the door.  The cool night air felt good when we went outside.  I was instantly able to let out a long breath I didn’t know I’d been holding in.  I wandered over to the wall, leaning my back against it and closing my eyes, trying to keep my breathing steady.  I could hear Stiles stand next to me, but I stayed silent.  Once my eyes finally opened, and I wasn’t feeling sick from my surroundings, he spoke.  “What happened?” I looked at Stiles, my expression blank.

“So now we’re talking? I almost puke and we talk again?” His gentle look fell slightly.

“y/n I was worried I thought you were going to have an anxiety attack or something-”

“No, no I’m going inside I don’t want to do this” I said, walking towards the door but Stiles stepped in front of me.

“But you said we’d talk” He said brokenly.  I avoided his eyes, looking absolutely anywhere else.  “y/n come on-”

“No” I said as monotone as I could manage.


“No” I reached around him towards the door handle and surprisingly he didn’t push me away.

“Just tell me- just-” I waited as he stumbled over all of his words.  Stiles let out a defeated sigh, and stepped out of my way.  I waited a few more moments, but when he didn’t do anything, I turned the handle.  “Just tell me that you and Theo aren’t together now…” His voice was merely a whisper behind me, but I caught it.  Oh how my blood boiled.  I whipped around.

“Not that it’s any of your business Stiles, seeing that you told me you loved me then dropped out of my life for three months, but the second that another guy kisses me, or shows a mere interest, you’re all over it like the fucking alpha male you’ve been acting like!”

“y/n that’s not fair-”

“And it’s fair to ditch me when I needed you?” SIlence fell over us, and my chest was heaving.  Anger, disappointment, all brewing in my head.  But there was still that small spark of hope.  Please Stiles, please say the right thing, please don’t make me walk away.

“So it’s true? You’re with Theo now?”

God I wished I had a glass of something to splash it on his face.  This seemed like the proper time to do something like that.

“Sometimes Stiles, you’re a fucking idiot” I said slowly, shaking my head and turning around to go back inside.  When the door shut, I turned again, watching, and again hoping he’d burst in, tell me not to be with Theo (although i wasn’t), tell me he loves me and wants better for me, that he’d be better for me.  It sounded so romantically cliche in my head.

But after a minute of waiting, I felt I’d waited one minute too long.  Three months, three days, and one minute, and I had officially waited too long for Stiles Stilinski.  Is this the part where I try to move on?

It sounded dreadful.

I’d successfully sat at the table by myself looking like a loner for a whole hour.  This was a new record.  I mentally high fived myself and missed.  Yeah, my head was messed up like this for an entire sixty minutes.  While Scott and Allison were slow dancing to a fast song that made everyone else jump around in beautiful gowns and bare feet, I was sulking in my own self pity.  I amused myself by seeing if I could count all the bubbled in my glass of champagne.  I was currently at seventy six, but I think I counted the big one twice.

But I perked up when I heard a familiar burst of giggles.  I even smiled genuinely when I saw Madi blowing bubbles with Malia Kira Danny and Ethan.  They were all clapping and grinning, laughing with her as she proudly blew more bubbles.  My heart lifted from where it had sunk low in my chest.  At least someone was enjoying themselves.  And Madi was always capable of making a bad situation better in a  matter of seconds.  I watched for a few more minutes as she skipped and danced a little to the music, making the group of people light up with joy.

Theo caught my eye, making my smile falter a little as he walked towards my daughter and her new friends.  He almost walked past them, but I saw him stumble a little as his shoe slipped across the floor.  As much as I hoped he would, he didn’t fall.  I stifled a chuckle behind my hand, finding pure joy in his minor trip.  He spun on his heel, glaring at Madi and the others.  His eyes landed on her bubbles in her hand.  He grimaced and snatched it out of her hands.


“Stop making a mess!” He yelled, he actually screamed at her over practically nothing.  Even from where I was sitting a few tables away, I could still hear Madi’s whimpers.  I shot up and marched over angrily to the scene.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” I asked angrily, trying not to yell, but I still got the attention of other people around us.

“Discipline” Theo gritted out, and tried to maneuver around me to grab Madi.  I shoved his shoulder, forcing him away from my daughter.  “What? Dad’s teach lessons” He maliciously shot his hand out towards Madi, and I slapped him across the face.  To me, the echo of the impact echoed in the room.  But only twenty people would have noticed what just happened.

“You are no father to my little girl” I spat out.  He growled at me, and Malia stood up abruptly, walking next to me.

“Turn around before you do something dumb” She warned.  But he pushed her and me, again trying to get at Madi.

“Hey!” Next thing I knew Theo was shoved to the ground on his ass.  I looked wildly over to where Stiles tood in front of Madi, eyes narrowed down towards Theo.

“Stilinski damnit, how many times am I gonna have to kick your ass?”

“You won’t, get out” Stiles muttered.  SOmehow I felt terrified and safe at the same time.

“What makes you think-” Stiles stepped forward.

“You’ve now messed with both of my girls, and if you say another word, you’ll regret me not personally dragging your sorry ass to hell” I swallowed thickly.

“You can’t make me leave Stilinski, Madi’s mine”

“You’re not my daddy!” My eyes widened and I jolted as she raced forward, wrapping her arms around Stiles’ leg.  “He’s my daddy!” Theo scowled, and pushed himself to stand.

“Listen here-”

“Is there a problem?” ANd now Scott was here.  The second Theo saw him, he had to have known he was beat.  But no, he went on like the jackass he was.

“Don’t you have a wife to be fucking?’ Theo spat.

“So there is a problem?” Allison asked, stepping up with her arms crossed.  Even Kira Malia and Danny had circled around him.  I was sure that Theo was either gonna start throwing punches, or make a run for it.  It was silent, people mostly just staring angrily at him.  He almost stepped to run out of the circle of people, but a hand gripped his shoulder.

“How about I take you outside?” Everyone was now staring with wide and curious eyes to where Isaac was gripping onto Theo.

“I can manage on my own-”


We watched still in silence as Isaac pushed Theo away, and out of the door.  Most of the people left, but Allison Scott Stiles and Madi were still standing around with me.

Stiles was the first to do something, scooping up Madi and rushing forward to me all in the same motion.  One arm was around her back as she sat on his waist, the other reached out towards me and I held it in both of mine tightly.  Tears sprung in my eyes and he seemed to notice because he yanked me in close but gently and held onto me tightly.  I looked over at his shoulder to see everyone was in their own little worlds, not noticing what had just happened here.  I held tightly onto him, one arm around him the other around Madi.

“Thank you daddy for protecting me and mommy” She whispered, causing a few tears to leak onto my cheeks.

“Come on, why don’t you go practice your dancing skills, seeing you still owe me a dance” Madi nodded as he set her down on the ground.

“See you soon!” She exclaimed, and scampered off to dance.  I watched for a moment as Scott and Lydia gladly let her jump around by them.

“I’ll go help them teach her to dance properly” Allison said with a soft giggle.  She squeezed my shoulder as I nodded, and walked off.  I turned to Stiles, and I’d barely even even faced him completely when he stepped forward again, and hugged me tightly.  I buried my nose down into the crook of his neck, breathing in deeply and just letting my emotions flood over me.

“I’m not with Theo, I was never with Theo Stiles I love you, you, and just you-” I sucked in a deep breath as I pulled back from him.  “I don’t wanna be with Theo” I whispered, and shook my head.  My hands latched behind his neck as he stared at me, lips parted slightly.  “Not even if it was what’s best for Madi, but I know it isn’t, I know he’s he- he doesn’t make her eyes light up like you, he doesn’t make her laugh, he’s nothing to her, he’s nothing to me besides a piece of shit” Again, I took more breaths.  “And I want that for her, all those good things…” My voice cracked but i kept going anyways.  “You’re the only one for her Stiles, you’re the only one for me”

His hands reached up and cupped my face, pulling me in for a long and passionate kiss.  Stiles tugged me closer and my arms wound around his neck, holding myself against him.

“I love you, god I love you so much” He breathed out, forehead resting against mine.  “y/n I’ve been in love with you since we met and that’s not gonna go away, ever, seriously I’ve tried.  Do you know how hard I’ve tried? To try and move on and find someone better than you? It’s impossible y/n.  Because there is no one better.  But I was the nerd who was stuck loving his best friend” i smiled gently.

“So was I”

“And I was jealous of Theo, of all people, I was.  Because I wasn’t him.  I wasn’t with you that night at Lydia’s party, maybe not doing what he did… but I still wasn’t with you.  I didn’t get… Madi… I wanted to be that guy, not the dick part but the father, I wanted to be the one to be there for you and help you raise her and love her, love her like she’s mine, because y/n all I’ve ever wanted with you is a future, no matter what it holds”

Tears were streaming down my cheeks and he tried to brush them away with the pads of his thumbs but I couldn’t stop crying.

“y/n I love you, I love Madi, and I want you both”

“I love you too” I whispered so quietly it was almost inaudible.  But by the way he smiled I knew he heard it.  “And I’m sorry for what I’ve put you through, especially today” He shook his head, brushing strands of hair behind my ear.

“Don’t be sorry, Theo’s getting the life beat out of him by Isaac.  That makes everything okay”

“And you got the girl Stilinski” I said as he was still brushing a hand through my hair.

“Yeah I got both of them, didn’t I?” He smiled, and I nodded my head.

“You did” I murmured.  He pulled me towards him again, softly placing his lips on mine.

“Took me long enough too” I giggled, holding him tightly as I kissed him between smiles and small bursts of laughter.

(third pov)

“Look at them” Allison whispered to Scott as they danced.  His arms wound around her waist, hers around his neck.  Scott looked over to where her head nodded to, seeing Stiles and y/n holding on to each other and kissing gently.  “Only they could make out without looking like they’re making out” Scott chuckled at that, and looked back down to her.

“This day couldn’t be more perfect” He mused, and she nodded.

“I do agree Mr McCall” Allison said with a small but cheeky smile.

“Wonderful, Mrs McCall” Scott replied, his nose rubbing against hers gently.

(your pov)

“Look at them” Stiles said with a small scoff.  I looked over to Scott and Allison, finding them eskimo kissing.

“Ew” I said, laughing a little.  “They’re already married, just get a room” Stiles laughed with me.

“Come on, come dance with me” He prompted, pulling on my hands.  I nodded, and followed him over to the dance floor.  A few feet away from our married friends.  His arm snaked around my waist, but he still held my one hand.  I left him lead, just spinning slowly around and smiling at each other cause neither of us really knew what we were doing.  I giggled when he stepped on my foot, but he looked mortified.  “I’m sorry- I’m so sorry” His face flushed pink and I just shook my head, then kicked off my heels and stepped up onto his shoes in my bare feet.  I wrapped both of my arms around his neck and his hands fell to my waist.

“There” I said, pecking his lips quickly.  “Much easier, yes?” Stiles nodded and gave me a sheepish smile.  I closed my eyes, pressing my forehead gently against his and then resting my head on his shoulder as we swayed around slowly.  He held me close and it was just a nice silence.  I’ve never felt so calm, so at peace.  Especially when ten minutes ago, I was sure that my life was shattered into pieces that could never be glued back together.

But here I was.  And Stiles was putting the last piece back into the puzzle.  I pulled back from him for a second, looking him in the eye, then raising my hands from where they were draped behind his neck, tangling them softly into his hair on the back of his head.  I tilted forward, softly pressing my lips into his, and closing my eyes tightly.  His hands tightened slightly on my hips as he kissed me back, and I smiled against his lips before he pulled away from me.

“What was that for?” He whispered, and I shrugged a shoulder and shook my head.

“I just don’t want to forget what that feels like” I murmured back.  A short smile pulled on his lips for a moment.

“Yeah well you don’t ever have to” He said, pecking my lips then cheek before pulling me against him again, almost in an embrace.

Our moment was cut short when Madi waddled up, tugging on Stiles’ pant leg and telling him that he owed her a dance.

“It’s- it’s enough true loves with mommy” She said, crossing her arms sassily.  I giggled and released Stiles, slipping back into my heels.  I waved them off to go dance.  I watched as he pulled her up to stand on his feet, just as I had been previously held, and he held her hands.  She was giggling as he danced all around wildly.  I just laughed and walked over to our table for a drink of water.  Surprisingly Allison was standing there as well, looking over the crowd of people.  When she caught me, she grinned and waved me over, so I picked up my pace and went up to her.

“Hiya” SHe said, raising her eyebrows a few times in a suggestive manner.  I blushed instantly as I grabbed my glass.

“Hey” I responded before taking a few drinks.  “How’s your reception going, Mrs McCall?” The brunette chuckled.

“It’s going wonderful, and if my assumptions are correct, you and Stiles are going steady?” I nodded with an uncontainable grin.

“Why yes, yes we are”

“Everything’s sorted out, correct?”

“Correct” I confirmed, smiling even wider.  Allison smiled too, and held her arms out for me to hug her.

“Let’s collectively be proud of each other” I laughed and pulled away, smiling over at where Madi was up in Stiles’ arms, being spun all around.  Allison looked between my line of sight, and she smiled just as I was.  “Hey, I’ve got a little surprise for you” SHe said softly, but the grin that grew on her lips told me it was something huge.

“What is it?” I asked, quirking an eyebrow in curiosity.

I unzipped the back of my dress as I entered my room.  Stiles came right in behind me a few moments later, already in a more comfortable set of clothes.

“Madi go to sleep?” I asked as the dress slipped onto the floor.  Stiles grinned and nodded his head.  I had grabbed a tee shirt from the dresser and turned to face him again.  “Did you have to sing to-” I froze, I didn’t expect him to be standing right there.  “Well hi there” I said with a small smile as his arms circled around my bare waist.

“Mm she’s sleeping” He hummed, dropping his head to plant his lips just below my ear.  I felt myself blush immediately and ran my hands up his chest to grip onto his shoulders.  Stiles seemed to like that because he began to suck gently on that sweet spot that makes me grin.

“You’re sure… she’s asleep?” I asked between breaths.  He bit gently and as soon as I whimpered his tongue ran over the red area, already back to sucking and making it better.

“Mhm” He answered.  I pushed him back and in seconds he’d lifted me up, my legs on either side of his waist and our lips already locking.  

When I fell back onto the bed he pulled his shirt up over his head and settled between my legs, propping himself up slightly on the bed with his elbows.  My hands tangled in his hair and he kissed down from my chin and throat, planting wet kisses down further.  Through the valley of my breasts all the way to just below my belly button and above the hem of my panties.  But I yanked him back up to me for another fast and sloppy wet kiss.  His tongue ran over the seam of my lips and I gladly allowed him entrance, parting my lips and letting our tongues mesh.  It wasn’t so much a fight for dominance, rather exploring each other’s mouths.  He leaned up, and I did as well, both of us sitting on our knees on the mattress.  His arms raised so he could cup my cheeks, then slid down my neck into my shoulders, traveling again down my arms and settling in a comfortable spot on my waist.  I had my hands clasped around the back of his neck, softly brushing into the ends of his hair here and there.

I let go of him, reaching my hands back behind me and Stiles pulled his lips off of mine, watching as I unclasped my bra and let it fall slowly down my arms.  I tossed it to the floor by the bed before looking back up at him.

He hastily shoved me back down to the bed, scattering hickeys in my body once again.

To say I was out of breath would be an understatement.  To say Stiles fucked the daylights out of me would be an understatement as well.  Now I get why some people say you won’t be able to walk properly the next day.

I was currently on my side, curled up against him in nothing but his tee shirt.  Stiles was lying on his back, an arm around me as I snuggled into his chest.  His other arm was across his stomach, our fingers linked on his toned skin.  We’d been laying like this for the past few minutes, just resting under a soft blanket.

“So I have some news from Alli” I hummed, tracing patterns in the slight trail of hair on his chest.

“Hm what?”

“She’s having twins” Stiles’ eyes widened as he looked at me, a big smile on his mouth.

“Wow… really?” I nodded, and he fist pumped the air.  I giggled at his excitement.

“I didn’t think you’d be that thrilled” I said, rolling over slightly but enough to look down at him.

“Well it means I’ll have to be Madi’s favorite now!” I raised my eyebrows in surprise.  “She’ll be so busy with her own little Scotts or Allisons running around the house, that Madi will have to spend the leftover time with me, and like me more!”

“Stiles…” I sighed, and shook my head.  “You’re crazy you know that?” He smiled sheepishly.

“At least I own it” He responded, and craned his neck up to place his lips on mine.  I smiled when we pulled away, and gave him one more quick kiss.

“I love you, you crazy” I said, and he smiled softly, caressing my cheek.

“I love you too” He responded.  I snuggled back into his chest and closed my eyes.  I fell asleep to his hand running up and down my back.

And finally, I’d found that state of mind, the one most people spent their entire lives looking for.  Luckily mine just came in the form of a family.

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so i wrote this on a car ride back home for the holidays, and i legit cried when i finished and my family was just kinda awkwardly going ‘it’s ok… it’s… it’s ok..’ but it’s not, so many good things happened in here.  Theo got his ass kicked, Scallison got married, madi and y/n got the family they rightfully deserved, it all made a full circle and everyone (minus that lying ass bitch manipulative abusive theo) and I just want you all to know i love you all so much

and that is why i will be making you an epilogue :)

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love you ~ jordie

Am I Enough PT 5

Am I Enough PT 5

Bucky X Reader

Warnings: angst and fluff, Tony being well Tony

Summary: The truth is out but will the rest of the team ever find out and how will it change their decision to bring you back?

A/N: So I thought I’d give you a brief but necessary break from the angst to start the chapter off. Sorry about any delay in posting I just want to make sure each chapter makes sense to you guys. Also I love all the feedback and comments I’ve gotten makes me smile like a goofball even while at work.

“Why haven’t you said anything? You’re just standing there. Do I mean so little to you that you can’t even come up with some excuse. Unless everything I’ve said is true. I was some kind of novelty to you, something to help build you back up but you didn’t have to really love? If you knew you loved her why drag whatever this is out? Answer me!!! You have a mouth use it. Never mind, I give up alright, that’s what you want I’ll go.”


Your alarm startled you both awake, jerking up you proceeded to flop around looking for your phone. Finally hitting it you lay back, sighing, with everything that had gone on you had forgotten you had work this morning. Rolling over you push yourself up and head to the bathroom. You can hear Wanda shuffling around. When you exit she is at the stove cooking, you didn’t have much in the way of food so you wander over peering into the pan.

“Whatcha making there Wandaroo?” You slip your hands around her placing your head on her shoulder.

“Well you didn’t really have anything but I made you a breakfast sandwich of sorts.” You raise your eyebrow. How on earth did she manage that? There was toast on the plate with some of your left over lunch turkey which was now seared off, she proceeded to slide some eggs with melted cheese on to the plate. Flipping the top price of toast on she handed it to you.

“Holy Cow, I should give up men altogether and just date you.” She chuckles and hands you a cup of coffee.

“I don’t know how well Vision would take that?” You nod in agreement. They had such an interesting relationship.

Finishing up you lean over and give her a peck on the cheek. “Well thank you darling for the food, but I must be off.”

Wanda chuckles at you and pushed you out the door. “You so dumb, off with you. Let me know when you’re done and we can meet up.”

“Will do.” Walking down the stairs you hear the chatter coming up the stairs. Suddenly your face to face with the guys, well most of them Tony is not present but you can guess where he is.

“As, perfect timing. Would you and Wanda like to join us for breakfast?” Steve asks drawing you into a hug.

“Unfortunetly, I have work. These bills aren’t going to pay themselves. Also the new love of my life has made me the most wonderful breakfast a girl could ask for.” You pull away and greet the other giving each their own tight squeeze while you work your way down the stairs. “Wanda though, I’m sure would be happy to go with you.”

With that you turn and hop down the remaining steps. You head into work with a little spring in your step. This is the first day that you truly felt like everything was going to be ok. This traveled over into your work and even to your boss. So when your ever eager and meddling friends showed up.

“Oh wow that’s so cute.”

“You like it let me get it for you.”

Your head whips around the corner. There in the store is was every single one of your friends. Shuffling around looking at everything but also trying not to hit anything. Wanda has picked up a few things and Tony is glancing and making comments on the quality and the “sellability” of the products.

You come out and wave your hands stopping most movement from them. “What are you doing here?” You try to keep it down so your boss doesn’t come out. “I told you I would meet up with you after work.”

“We got bored and wanted to see this new work location. I must say it’s pretty decent. Good products. Hey Wanda what do you think about this for Pepper?” Tony got distracted looking at something in the jewelry case. “May I see thus piece here?” You shuffle behind the case. Pulling out the one he wanted and set it on the top.

“Excellent, now would you recommend a matching necklace for this?” He continued to shop taking you through out the store. Finally he was done and you wrapped up his purchases throwing Wanda’s in as well. While your back was turned he began to seduce your boss. By the time you were done she told you you could leave early. You sigh no point in arguing now. You rush to the back gathering your things and head out. You practically had to push them out each intrigued by different things in the store.

“Ok now that I’m free who’s hungry?” Some groans of approval went around. The group chatted while wondering for a place to eat. Deciding to take it all to go and enjoy the outdoors you continue your trek to the nearest park.

Dinner was great until by some twist of fate Bucky and yourself came up again. You tensed shooting a glance at Wanda.

“I’m just saying (Y/N), it’s not a bad place to work and live but you have to come back.” Tony says.

“Yeah, thus isn’t where you should be.” Steve nods in agreement.

“Guys I’m not staying here forever just a little while so I can heal. I could never leave you guys.” You hang your head. Hopefully they would let it go. Of course they didn’t.

“It can’t be all bad what he did. You shouldn’t just give up your life because he broke up with you.” You see Wanda tense, just as you were. Steve was trying to help you knew that but it made you angry. They were friends and he had picked you but it wasn’t that simple.

“Its not something that I can just forgive and forget, Steve.”

“We can work this out, as much as I don’t like Metal Arm we can fix this.” Tony interjected.

“Tony please don’t push it.” Wanda urged. It didn’t work because they both continued.

“What was so bad that you left?”

“I can make it better just tell me what you need.”

They pushed until you snapped shooting up. “Stop!” They both shut up. “Bucky cheated on me alright, he cheated on me with Natasha. Ok?!”

They stared at you mouths open. You passed away and came back. “He left me, told me to get my things and not come back. I just did what he wanted me to do.” Again you walked away running your hands through you hair. So much for a good day. You feel the tears build up again. Letting out a choked sob, you feel a pair of arms come around you pulling you in close. “Thanks, Sam.”

You glance up to see his eyes filled with tears. He forced your head against him. “I didn’t know, we shouldn’t have pushed you.” You hug him back nodding into his chest.

You glance at Tony, his face filled with rage. “I’m going to kill him.”

Bucky POV

He knew something up when he hadn’t heard anything from the team in a few days. Steve was still pretty clingy, he liked to check up on him. So far he hadn’t heard a peep from him in a couple days. He made his way to the kitchen to find Natasha hunched over in a kitchen chair. Her head in her hands. She hadn’t spoken to him since that night. He knew she was torn up.

“Hey you alright?” He tried to place his hand on her shoulder only to have it rolled off.

“I’m fine.” She muttered.

“Oh ok, have you heard anything from the team. It’s unusual to not hear anything from them by now.”

“Their not on a mission.” She stands up and drifts toward the hallway back to her room.

“What? Where are they then?” He asks following her.

“Can’t you tell? They went to go get her. Did you honestly think they would just let her go like that? She is as much their friend as she is ours? Or was.” She continued down the hall no longer able to look at him. She paused once more. “I can’t do this anymore, Bucky. It was wrong and I think you know this but it was and always will be her that you need. You need to go get her back.” She walks away.

He stares after her. He knows she’s right. Ever since (Y/N) had been gone he had noticed everything he loved about her. The way she would snuggle up in her sleep one foot out because otherwise it got to warm. Or the way she left her things in random places and then forget. He could always count on it bringing a smile to his face when she huffed around looking for whatever it was only to have him point it out in 3 seconds.

Even with all those things he couldn’t help but think why. Why had he gone and slept with Natalia? She was perfect. In every way and in everything. He didn’t have to rush around with her to find things. Didn’t ever hear her complain about what she should and shouldn’t eat to avoid getting pudgy. She was simple to be around, he didn’t need to think about anything.

He growled in frustration. Why was this happening? It should be easy to pick, it was sound logic to pick Natasha but something was holding him back something told him that it just wasn’t the right choice. He ran his hands through his hair entirely to annoyed with what was happening. With a grunt he headed off the to gym. Maybe beating on something would clear his mind.

After 2 hours of beating the sand bag, breaking 3 and the last hanging by a thread, he still was pent up and frustrated. He began to pace the gym trying to release any bit of the anger or frustration. Finally he snapped and let out a yell. All the emotion came out, each second granting him a little more clarity than the last moment.

Digging in his pocket he pulled out his phone. Swiping through he found the one name that he never called but maybe just maybe he would be the one to help. Dialling the phone ran just as it was to go to voice mail he picked up.

“Man you have terrible timing you know that?” The voice said sounding slightly agitated.

“What? Sam I…. I need….. I need your help.” He felt sick just asking but knew that if this was ever going to be right he needed him.

“Well that might be hard because Tony and the rest just found out what happened and it looks like the only help you’ll need is planning your funeral buddy.”

“Oh, crap!”

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part 2 of “prompt request  #2″

Request from anon: Can I ask a part 2 of “Prompt request #2”? With numbers 8, 9, 16, 38 and 42. 

Part 1

8: “I don’t have to have a reason.”

9: “Please just do it, I don’t care anymore.”

16: “Who told you that??”

38: “You can’t and won’t stop me.”

42: “There’s an obvious difference here.”

i really want to write this one since everyone enjoyed part 1 so much, i will get back to the order i said i would do after this one! its kinda short and it goes in all sorts of directions im sorry sahugjkfnvbcjf

Word count: 938

Warnings: swearing, minor smut? mentions of it at least

The morning after the events of that horrible night, word spread fast. Everyone in camp knew what Bellamy had done, and how you had reacted, but nobody knew what would happen about it. You weren’t sad about yours and Bellamy’s split. You weren’t sad, you weren’t mad, but you weren’t happy either. You had felt so much hurt and pain and longing at first, that you shut your emotions off. You turned the switch and hoped you would never have to turn it back on. But, you couldn’t turn them off forever. When you let yourself feel something again, the first thing you’d felt was the longing, and the desire to be with someone. 

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I'll Make You Believe

Tyler Joseph Imagine

Part 3

Pairing: Tyler Joseph x Reader (as best friends and maybe a little more)

Request: The reader is suicidal and wants to commit, but doesn’t want to hurt those that care

Warnings: Suicidal thoughts, suicidal actions, depression, panic attack, fluff

Word Count: 1,659


Reader’s Point of View

The next few actions you did were clouded over, as if you were watching them unfold from behind a fogged up window. A tweet was sent out to the boy you loved but ran away from. That tweet was soon deleted after regretting what you said. Maybe he didn’t see it. After all, he didn’t save you from yourself when you ran.

Funny how the one you love is the one who breaks you.

“He didn’t break me, it’s my fault. It’s only me and my infested brain. I don’t know what’s wrong but it’s too late to fix it.”

You remember running back towards home again. You were standing in the kitchen of your house. A pencil and a piece paper were clutched in your hand. A note was being scribbled, a note to be found by your angel, your everything. The one person who could save you but couldn’t at the same time. It was placed on the dining room table, a single decorative pebble holding it down.

You were running again. That was all you ever did now anyways. You ran from your family, pushing them away from your life. You ran from your problems, thought that only caused more issues. You always ended up veering towards them again. Most importantly you ran from the person who crossed your mind the most. You didn’t understand why, you didn’t want to run but you did and there was no going back. He didn’t know what you were going to do.

Run little rabbit, run towards the wolf.


Tyler’s Point of View

I ignored the questions being thrown at me as I ran out of my home. Ignored the confused stares my family shot at me as I raced through towards the front door. I ran towards her house, the only place I knew where to look. She wasn’t responding to any calls or texts from either Josh or me. I was blocked out completely from her.

The only thing I could think about was whether or not she was still alive. I tried to push away the thought that I was too late, that a gruesome site would be left for me to discover at her house. I couldn’t get rid of it.

The front door of (Y/N)’s house was unlocked but I was hesitant to open it. I was scared. There could be a variety of things waiting for me behind this door.

I pushed my fears aside and opened it. It was silent and worry consumed me again. The house was too quiet, almost in an eerie sort of way.

“(Y/N)?” I called out. Of course there was no response.

I continued walking into the kitchen. Everything seemed in place, except the reflection of something caught my eye. there was a piece of paper on the dining room table. I frowned and walked closer. It was her handwriting, scribbled all over in a rushed manner.

I’m sorry Tyler I love you I promise I do. Please don’t be sorry because this isn’t your fault, I’m broken I can’t fix myself and neither can you. I’m tired of feeling like this. I don’t want to be trapped anymore. Please remember I love you, I love you, I love you…

Find me in the lake we used to hang around. I’m sorry you have to see me like this. I’m sorry this letter is for you. Tyler please promise me you’ll get over me quickly, I’m sure I never meant much to you anyways.


Tears spilled from my eyes. I didn’t want to forget anything. I should’ve followed her when she ran from me. I should’ve noticed the signs. I should’ve cared more, admitted that I loved her. I took the piece paper and ran out of the house towards the forest, towards the lake and to the unknown.


Reader’s Point of View

It was approximately 1 o'clock pm judging by the sun’s position in the sky. A bad time to do what you were going to do. Night would’ve been a better choice but of course you realized you chose to write that suicide letter to Tyler. If only you could’ve made it longer, time was ticking though. You had a matter of minutes to do what that note said. Tyler was probably discovering the letter right about now.

You didn’t understand why you wanted to do this. It didn’t feel right but at the same time it was the best decision. Like it was the only thing to do and backing out would make you look even more weak.

Quickly, now.

Drowning seemed like the easiest thing to do. It wasn’t quick, but thinking about the sight of any blood made you feel sick. You sat at the edge of the dock, looking at the water and surrounding trees. Rays of sunlight fought through the thick greenery from the forest. The water looked sparkly and glassy in the places where the sun reflected. What a beautiful place to die.

Hurry up, you’re taking too long. Don’t want him to get to you first.

“I got it, you want me gone. So you won. But the joke’s on you because you don’t get to invade my head anymore,” you said to the voice.

You took of your backpack and placed it beside you. You took your shoes and jacket off and stood up. The water looked so luring. It was crystal clear but deep and dark at the same time. You inched closer to the edge of the dock and saw your distorted reflection peering back at you. Suddenly, you were scared. Confused too. Why were you here again?

Don’t do this.

The voice was soft and quiet, unlike the one that frequently invaded your mind. It was very faint, under a whisper. You wanted to listen and back away from the water. It made you want to run away from the lake, away from the forest, and find Tyler. You wanted to run into his safe arms and never let go of him.

“No,” you whispered, “I’m gone, gone too far.”

And finally making up your mind you sat down on the edge of the dock, your feet skimming the surface of the water. Then your feet were immersed and then your ankles. You kept inching yourself down. Suddenly, you heard a loud rustle of leaves and a strangled yell. You had a visitor and a good idea on who it could be.


You pushed yourself off of the dock and your whole body was submerged in water. The cool crisp water engulfed you.

Before you could stop yourself and truly understand what you were doing, the voice spoke one last time

Open your mouth and breath, darling.

You listened and closed your eyes. You began to inhale. Almost instantly, something grabbed your body and pulled you up and out of the lake in one swift movement.

You coughed and sputtered, desperate for air yet also wanting to stop breathing at the same time. It felt as if your lungs had been drenched in gasoline and set on fire.

“Let go of me!” you managed to get out.

You felt lightheaded and nauseous, but tried to push away the person who stopped you. They pinned your arms down and you gasped as they pressed their mouth against yours in an attempt to help you breathe. You relaxed, trying to allow them to help assist you, oxygen slowly filling your lungs again. The person’s grip on you released and their lips parted from yours. You opened your eyes carefully and Tyler’s bloodshot eyes met yours. He rescued you.

You wrapped your arms around Tyler and clung to him, your breathing still shallow and uneven.

“Oh God, please don’t ever do that again (Y/N). Please promise you’ll talk to me, don’t ever leave me. Your note is wrong, I care I really do. I want you in my life, I love you so much,” Tyler whispered. “Breathe, you’re safe here. You’re okay, I’m here and I’m not letting you do go or do anything harmful to yourself ever again.”

You wrapped your drenched arms tighter around Tyler’s middle, clinging to him and his words.

“Hey, you know what I write in this dumb book that I have with me all the time? Well it’s all me talking about you, how I’m too scared to admit that I’ve liked you for a long time. How I’m terrified that it could ruin our friendship or whatever it is we have. But right now I just want you here and it was idiotic of me to be scared because I should’ve told you. I should’ve told you I loved you sooner,” Tyler finished.

You felt him reach for something and then nudge you. You peered up at Tyler and he had a page of his notebook opened up. You scanned the pages as he flipped through. He wasn’t lying, it was about you. There was your name with words of admiration about you jotted in the various entries.

Tyler placed the book down and shifted so your head was on his lap and you were facing him. You closed your eyes and moved closer to Tyler.

He spoke again, “So now I’m going to continue what I was singing to you yesterday because uh- well, I truly put my heart into those words and I want you to believe them.”

Your breathing finally evened and you waited for Tyler’s sweet voice to engulf you.

So you laid there on Tyler’s lap. A perfect end to an imperfect day. Tyler sang and you listened. You listened for him because he truly was your guardian angel. He was your savior and your protector and he made sure you knew he was.

“Won’t you stay alive?”

“I’ll take you on a ride,”

“I will make you believe you are lovely.”


So there’s your conclusion! Pretty short, sorry for that. Hopefully not many people hated the ending (but with my luck possibly everyone despises me now).


Joker imagine : Obsessed


stimahagen said:Could you please make an imagine where the Joker sees the reader and he grows an extreme obsession with her?💗💗

/Here it is! Thanks for requesting :)

Originally posted by miladyofwar

Joker’s P.O.V.

‘’Boss there’s a fight at the dance floor’’ One of my workers at the club informed me nervously. Usually they didn’t tell me about these kinds of things, but since I decided to come down tonight and have a good time, they did. I sighed and stood up from the soft couch and left my business friends behind. ‘’What kinds of idiots are there this time’’ I growled because I was a little annoyed that some people had to fight in places that they shouldn’t.

If the fight was at the bar I wouldn’t mind, but it was on the dancefloor. Many people could see and in the worst case someone would call the police. After stepping out of the fancy VIP area, I saw people in a circle, watching as obviously two persons were ready to rip each other’s faces off. The music was loud, blasting through the building, but I heard the fight.

Then the biggest surprise stepped forward. One of them was a girl, fighting with this way bigger man. She had clawed his face and it was obvious that whoever this girl was a good fighter. Instead of stepping in between and throwing them out, I stayed by and watched. It looked like the girl hadn’t gotten one punch. Her make-up was perfect and her H/C wasn’t really messy.Tough one.

People that saw me walked away or ignored me, both from fear. No one wanted to mess around with me and it made me smile. ‘’Okay that’s enough’’ I chuckled and decided to would be better to stop this and perhaps get to know this pretty lady’s name. She turned to look at me with E/C eyes full of anger. The man didn’t stop. He tried to jump on the girl and take her down, but I was quicker. I grabbed my gun and pointed straight at him. It didn’t look like it stopped him so I pulled the trigger and the bullet pierced his leg. The loud music muffled the worst bang and it didn’t catch much attention.

‘’Get him out’’ I demanded and pointed at two of my henchmen who had followed me. They nodded and picked up the guy that was now yelling in pain and getting soaked in his own blood. The girl had frozen onto her spot, probably shocked. People started dancing again because they were too drunk to even care. ‘’How about we move to a quieter place? I’d love to have a chat’’ I asked her with a big smile. She stared at me coldly and seemed like she wanted to leave. Oh not on my watch.

But she wasn’t dumb. She gave in and then nervously walked away from the scene with me towards the VIP area. ‘’What’s your name pretty?’’ I questioned her as we walked. ‘’I’m Y/N’’ She let me know -finally. An imagine twisted in my mind, but I tried to keep it away.I could already see her in a different way. I stopped to take a good look of her a little secretly. She was perfect. Every curve, every little mark and her face, there was nothing that was wrong. But she could be even better as a crazy one.

‘’That’s a pretty name’’ I let her know and then knew that I wouldn’t let this one run away. ‘’And I assume you’re Joker’’ She cracked a smile after looking so though for a long time. ‘’Yes, but you can call me Mr.J or simply J’’  I told her but I continued the sentence in my head ..or whatever you feel like because you won’t get rid of me in a long long time.

‘’What got you so angry? He looked like he had made the worst mistake in his life’’ I chuckled and then sat down on a bar stool. Y/N stood there a little nervously, but as soon as I patted my hand on it, she took a seat as well next to me. Oh she’s so good. ‘’Em, he was my ex. He uh, you see he’s strange. He wanted me back but I ignored him and it turned into a fight where I had to defend myself’’ Y/N explained shortly and that’s when I heard her voice well. It was so beautiful. Damn. I don’t know what it was but she made me feel like I had found the rarest gem on earth.

She couldn’t just disappear. I had to find a way to make her bad, to get on my side. I already knew that Y/N was badass, but there was something else that I quite couldn’t put my tongue on. It’s like I was obsessed already.

‘’Well hopefully he learned not to do that again’’ I snickered and found it funny that I got to shoot someone. Instead of running away, she stayed. ‘’At least he won’t run back to me now that you shot his leg’’ She giggled and hid her smile behind her hand shyly. She was too good to be true. 

As the days passed, I found myself thinking about her all the time. At night I dreamt about her, at day I thought of her by my side. I could imagine me teaching her how to shoot, how to pick locks and all kinds of important things. Her face was in my mind, distracting me from work. At first it was annoying because I found it as a weakness, but if I could turn her crazy she could become a strength. I had to get her no matter what!

‘’Frost’’ I grunted and slammed my fist on my desk. The door opened and my most trusted and loyal man walked in. ‘’Yes boss’’ He spoke so seriously. I smiled as I saw him standing there in his suit and tie.’’Won’t you prepare the torture room? I need to get something of mine’’ I nearly purred from joy because my plan was perfect. ‘’Sure. And if you’re talking about Y/N, I found her address so it would make your mission easier’’ Frost smiled a little evilly. He was the perfect guy to work for me. He seemed so serious and smart, which he was, but no one really thought of him as an evil guy.

‘’Oh Frost that would be amazing. What would I do without you?’’ 


Talking with Baby Bats

Every goth out there has their own tips for baby bats. It’s not hard to find videos, blog posts and articles that give plenty of advice to people new to the subculture. But there is something pertaining to baby bats that i think a lot of people need. And thats advice on how to talk to/with them.

“Shouldn’t you talk to them just like any other goth?”

Not necessarily.

“I find baby bats annoying and i can never accept them as goths because they are so uneducated.”

Well you can always help educate them.

“I tried to discuss classic goth music with a baby bat and after i told them that Marilyn Manson was a shitty artist, they got really upset and started making a big deal. This is why i hate baby bats!”

To be perfectly honest, you really should not hate them and the problem is that you just dont know how to talk to them.

These are the types of comments i have heard from goths within the scene for years, which seems kind of odd considering that almost all of us have been baby bats at some point in our lives. So why is it so hard to talk to baby bats? Why do some of us resent them? Well it actually has a bit to do with psychology.

You see, most goths become interested in the scene during their teen years and many people over the age of twenty have issues with communicating with teenagers. Being a teenager comes with its own set of challenges and its your teen years that you start developing and becoming your own person. For many of us, our teen years are in the past and with new trends and changes, we start to loose the connections we have with younger people. This goes the same for people in the goth scene.

Goth changes and evolves little by little every year and the more it changes and the older we grow, the larger the divide between young and old goths becomes. If you are a goth over the age of 40 or 50, you may really struggle to communicate and find common ground with goths who are still in their teens. This is because you were most likely around during the original scene, back before the term “baby bat” was coined. Goths in the 80′s learned of the music and sub culture through friends and through attending clubs.

Goth today is typically discovered through fashion, so already there is a bit of a divide. Back in the 80′s there wasn’t media portraying shitty pseudo goth characters on TV. There wasn’t a lot of bands that portrayed a goth image but made non goth music like there is today. With all of this misinformation about goth, its understandable that not a lot of baby bats would know any better before doing some research. Alas this can be frustrating to older goths who just want to discuss the subculture and music with the new blood.

So how does an older goth go about talking to baby bats? Well first lets go over what not to do.

First, never tell a young goth that their music is shit. This is a big no no. Its bad enough that they probably get this from their parents all the time. Instead ask them if they have heard of the bands you listen to. Let them listen to them, tell them how that particular band contributed to shaping the scene. We have all been teens at some point so remember how much you hated being told that your interests and tastes suck or that your opinions are wrong.

Second, dont be hard on a kid for acting immature or trying too hard to seem edgy. A lot of kids do this. They are young and inexperienced. They are either looking to be accepted or they want people to see them as cool so they act in ways that you may not agree with. Emotions can suck when you’re a teenager. They can be crazy and make you doubt yourself. Many teenagers have low self esteem and are struggling to find themselves. At 16 they may try to act really vulgar and edgy but 5 years from now, they could turn out really laid back and polite. It’s important that you let a teen be a teen. Dont try to make them grow up too fast. Guarantee they will loose that edge lord mentality by the time they are an adult, so dont patronize them.

Third, don’t bash a baby bat for their clothes and makeup. Again they are inexperienced and are still learning. They have yet to figure out their own style or how to do their makeup.  Also many teens dont have money for a lot of fancy clothing and makeup. I know a lot of goths find Tripp pants to be very unflattering but to a lot of teens they look fucking awesome. I know, I used to own a pair. most young goths like looking intimidating. So spikes and chains are a great way to express that. Eventually many goths ditch this type of jewelry or learn to tone it down but dont insult a baby bat for wearing an abundance of it. Instead give some light fashion advice or tell them what you think they might look good in. Giving a young goth some of your hand me downs is a great way to help a goth figure out their style and they will definitely appreciate it so it will probably strengthen your relationship with them.

Fourth, Dont ignore them or pretend you are better than they are. This pertains to my own personal experiences. As a young teen, I longed for the only goth in town to talk to me. She was older and more experienced than i was and dressed really well. I was shy and didnt know how to approach her. I longed for her advice and friendship. She had quite a few friends and was better at talking than me. But every time i she saw me, she would either give me a weird look or just completely ignore me. It made me feel bad because i just wanted to connect with her. This is the case for a lot of young goths. There arent always a lot of goths around and it can be hard to make friends or get into the scene so showing that you care about a younger goth is one of the best things you can do to preserve the subculture. Recently i saw the only other goth in my town (other than my friend Emily) This girl was clearly young and inexperienced with goth and  was standing outside a coffee shop. I walked right by her and would have kept on walking if i had not been reminded about the time i was a teenager who wanted to make friends with an older goth. So i turned around and started a conversation with her. It turns out, she had seen me before and thought i was really cool and pretty. I was flattered and asked for her facebook. I hope in the future i can teach her a thing or two about goth and that we can be friends. That day i saw myself in a teenage girl and it felt really good to do the thing that i wished that older goth had done when i was a kid.

Now, i could go on for days about this but i think I have covered the most important stuff. It can be hard to relate to someone so much younger than you, but you need to put yourself in their shoes. Be kind to them and never too blunt. You can be subtle with your lessons and always keep in mind that you were once in a similar position as them. The best way to learn about goth is to be around other goths, so show you care and respect baby bats. One day they will grow up and become the best goth they can, and hopefully they will show another baby bat that same respect and kindness.

Young goths just want to find a place to belong so show them one. Understand that teenagers are not adults. Dont dumb yourself down when you’re around them, but dont try to act like their parent either. Just be a good person and let them listen to their music and be kids. They’ll find themselves eventually and either grow out of goth or grow into it. For some, goth is just a phase and there is nothing wrong with that. For others, its a big part of their life so help make it a positive one.

Descent: Prologue

Word Count: 1117                                                                                   Trigger Warnings: This fic is going to be dark. I mean were talking about the joker here. I cant give you exact trigger warnings because I haven't written out the entire story, I just have an idea in my head. If sadness, death, betrayal, cruelty/physical violence etc all put you in a bad place then please DO NOT read this fic. If  you choose to read my fic after my warning then you wont get any sympathy here.                                                                                   Disclaimer: I don’t own any characters portrayed in this fic. Whilst the reader is a part of the story, and im going to let you picture what she looks like.  i just want to stress that the character is 20+ in this story; for the sake of legality. Authors Notes: So this is supposed to act as a prologue to what will hopefully be a multi-part fic. Your character will obviously feature heavily as will the joker, but i just wanted to set the story up, hence you may not have as much interaction as you would have probably expected. Please give it a shot and as always if you like where its headed please tell me. If I think people aren’t interested then I wont write more. This is my escape as much as anyone else’s.  Im so nervous, but I hope you enjoy it! eeek.

Lets begin!!

Descent: Prologue


The faint sound shoes hitting the ground stirs you from your sleep. Your head spins as you sit up,  gradually acquainting yourself with your new surroundings. Your eyes struggle to adjust to the dimly lit room. Cold concrete flat against your legs.

You’re still in last night’s dress, the delicate black lace was now ripped from your arms. Pushing a strand of now unruly hair away from your face, you notice now, rather late, that your hands are bound together in handcuffs. You can’t understand how any of this has happened, you had the best security at last night’s ball, your father made sure of that. Yet you have absolutely no recollection of how you got here.

You didn’t even want to go to that stupid ball anyway, but being the mayor’s daughter, you had no choice but to observe your ‘duty.’ You dig deep trying to spark any memory of last night. You retraced your every movement, the drinks, the laughter, extravagant clothes, and then….nothing. Your mind goes blank and all you can see is the room before you. It was nothing short of a concrete cell. A tiny window in the metal door to the hallway is all the separates you from total isolation. Kicking off your kitten heels you walk groggily towards the window. Looking out into the hallway you can see there’s a flurry of movement outside. Flamboyantly dressed henchmen, deep in discussion. Each one wore an animal mask, a clever way to keep their identity from being revealed. Either way, you didn’t need to be a rocket scientist to know you had been kidnapped, and you knew exactly who was behind it.

20 seconds of insanely stupid bravery caused you to shout out to the henchmen. If you were going to die then you sure as hell wouldn’t go down quietly.

“You dumb fucks better tell me where the FUCK I am. I swear when my father finds you, and I promise, he WILL, I’ll make sure you’re all castrated” You shout out, not looking at any of them in particular.

One of the goons manages to let out a hearty chuckle before walking over to your door.

“What was that princess?” He asks, blatant mockery in his tone.

“You heard me” You scowl, trying not to show your instant regret at bringing all of their attention onto you. “You won’t get away with this. Neither will your boss. Batman will find you all. You hear me?! You’ll be dead by the end of the day”

Then you hear it.

That blood curdling laugh that made every hair on your body stand on edge.

You hear the clicking of shoes around the corner, edging ever closer towards your door and you can’t help but to recoil. Taking a few steps back you turn to face the wall. Every ounce of bravery leaving you in an instant. You pray to whichever god is in the heavens to save you from this hell.

“Oh no, no, no, no, no kitten. Don’t be scared of me. I only mean for us to have some fun” His tone was light and airy, as if he were merely an old friend you hadn’t seen in a while. You could almost feel his wide grin burning into you. You hear the metal door creak as it opens behind you and you daren’t turn around. Biting down on your lower lip to stop it trembling, you hope he ends you quickly.

“Come now. The last thing I want is for you to be scared of me” His voice lower now, you can hear him get closer to you.

He’s standing behind you now.

You’re entire body is rigid with shock. You’re willing your limbs to move but you stay frozen. Eyes shut willing yourself to wake up from this god forsaken nightmare.

But you don’t wake up, and this is no dream.

His hand on your waist made that very clear.

“Come now Y/N. We have much fun to have. God I do think you will be my favourite new toy” Toy. You hear his words, but you could never comprehend what he meant. His lips brush against your earlobe and now you start trembling under his touch. Distinctly aware that you can do nothing, to protect yourself from this monster.

He would use you and throw you away when he saw fit.

Your usually logical mind races in a desperate attempt to find some sort of solution…maybe you could beg. Beg for mercy from him…but you’ve heard all the stories. You can’t appeal to his conscious if he doesn’t have one. All you can do is co-operate with him. Your father once told you, the Joker feeds off the chaos of minds. You at least wouldn’t give him that pleasure.

Stiffening your back and raising, you release yourself from his grip and he allows you to step away from him. Wiping tears from your eyes you turn to face him for the first time.

You feel a shiver ripple down you back as your gaze met his crystal blue eyes. His green hair slicked back. A smile so welcoming, yet laden with such dangerous intentions beaming at you. He was at the ball last night, as quite obvious from his rather flamboyant matching gold suit jacket.

You ask him the only thing you need to know right now.

“What do you want from me you asshole.”

Your words bring a soft chuckle from his lips. Immediately, he closes whatever distance there was between the two of you.

Cupping your face delicately in his hands he answers, “You see my little pretty poppet, your father has something of mine, or should I say someone who belongs to me. He’s been very mean you know, keeping her locked away somewhere. Until I get her back….” You feel his grip tighten, his smile fading in seconds. The malice on his face was enough to tell you weren’t in for a luxury stay… ‘’You’re staying with me’’

Now you realise why none of his men have looked him the eye.

His stare is terrifying.

Releasing your face from his grip, he takes a look around you, an over exaggerated look of despair on his face.

“We can’t have you staying here. Oh no, no, no, this simply will not do. You won’t be leaving my sight from now on, kitten.” His wide toothed grin was back and you didn’t know which of his looks was worse.

“Come along now.” He purrs, taking a set of keys attached to the waist of his tailored trouser, he frees you from the physical shackles around your hands, and wraps an overly gentle arm around your waist.

“We have much to do.” He chuckles mockingly as he leads you out of the door.

To where, you have no idea.

All you can do is trust your wits, to get you through it.

The beginning of your descent to madness.

5SOS Preference #26:: Leaving (Part 2, Happy Ending)

Part 1 here


It was the night of the concert. The night that was supposed to be the best night of your life. Instead, you and your best friend, who was going to go to the concert as well, but stayed home with you, were sat on the couch, practically mourning. You were both wearing sweats and tank tops, with your hair in messy buns, ice cream and pizza in front of you. The doorbell rang and you groaned, throwing your head back and standing up. You walked to the door, your best friend shortly behind you. You threw open the door, and your jaw dropped when you saw who was. Black hair, maroon sweater and all stood Michael Clifford, who you assumed was supposed to look as bad as you, but still looked unbelievably handsome.  He grinned faintly at you, and nodded at your best friend, who glared at him. “You guys should probably put something a little nicer on. Not that you don’t look hot, as is.” Michael said, his voice gravelly. “Why should I do anything you say?” You scowled at him, and his smiled faded a little. He fumbled in his pockets for something and pulled out three laminated passes. “Um, these are…” He trailed off, holding them out to you. VIP passes to the concert that night. “Oh my God, Michael.” You gasped, gently taking the passes from his hands. “I just wanted to tell you how sorry I was. I shouldn’t have taken your money, and I should have paid more attention to you when I could. So, I’m sorry, and I hope you enjoy the concert, and maybe you can forgive me.” Michael sighed, shrugging adorably and turning to walk away. Guilt nagged at your stomach, and you knew what you had to do, “Michael, wait,” You called somewhat reluctantly after him. “What are you doing?” Your best friend scolded from behind you. “There are three passes,” you explained to the both of them. “We wouldn’t want one to go to waste, and we can’t sell them now.” You sighed, holding out one to him and one to your friend. “Fine,” she grumbled. “But that doesn’t mean I have to like you.” She snapped at Michael, whose smile wavered a little. “Well, if you’ll go change, I believe we’ve got a concert to get to.” Michael said giddily.



“(y/n), it’s me.” Calum laughed nervously.“I think this is probably the forty third message I’ve left you, but I’m not going to stop calling. Not until you pick up that phone and talk to me. I need to explain. If you want to talk face to face, I still have your stuff at our apartment anyways. I’ll always make time for you. I love you." You groaned. Why did he have to be so irresistible? Why did you have to be in love with him, even after he’d kissed someone else? You looked up at Calum’s apartment door and knocked timidly. You heard incoherent mumbling from inside and giggled. ”(Y/n), oh my God,“ Calum said as the door swung open. "You look awful," You told him, and he smiled slightly. "Yeah, so I’ve been told.” He said. “Um, come on in.” You sat on the all too familiar couch and Calum sat next to you. You awaited the feeling of his arm around your shoulders, but it never came. “I miss you,” You and Calum said simultaneously. Calum looked genuinely shocked. “Y-you do?” He stuttered. “I hate myself for it, but, yes. I’m not ready to pick up where we left off, but maybe we could start over? As best friends, like we used to be. Because honestly, I can’t imagine life without you in it,” You sighed. Calum grabbed your hands. “(Y/n), if I could do it all over again, I would, and I would make sure that I never hurt you. I would spend all of my time with you and order you pizza when you asked and watch your dumb TV shows with you and hold you tightly every single night I swear. I still will, if you’ll let me.” “I want to. I really, really want to. I want to be lying next to you again, and I want to hug you when I have a bad day, but I’ll never know if you’re going to run off and kiss someone else and I absolutely hate it, Calum!” You cried, and he took on a pained expression. He wrapped an arm around your shoulders, finally, and you relaxed. “I love you, and I will spend every day of the rest of my life trying to get back what I almost threw away entirely.”



You were sorting through your parents’ mail as you walked back down your driveway. You felt fantastic, and walked with your head held high, even though you were only walking a few feet. You saw basically bill after bill, until one in particular caught your eye. It was addressed to you. There was no return address, and your curiosity got the better of you. You set the rest of the letters on the counter and opened the letter carefully.

(Y/n) -

I’ve been thinking about the best way to apologize to you, and I figured this was the best way. That way, you had it to keep. I never meant for us to grow apart. I never realized how much I truly missed you until you were out of my life what seemed like for good. Now, it feels like there’s an aching hole in my chest, and nothing I can do will fix it. I feel awful. I don’t expect you to take me back after this (although a second chance might be nice), but I thought you deserved an apology. A real one. 

- Ashton

You were completely in shock, but not so much that you weren’t able to pick up the phone. “(Y/n)?” Ashton sounded extremely happy. “Ashton… I-I got your letter. I wanted to say thank you.” “Wow, it’s really no problem. You deserved it. I treated you like complete shit, (y/n).” “I know,” You sighed. “But, like you said, a second chance might be nice." 



You were snuggled up to Calum’s chest, you eyes red and your cheeks wet from crying. He had his arm around you as your shoulders shook, and he murmured comforting things to you. "You’re the best best friend ever, Calum.” You sniffed. “I shouldn’t be self pitying like this. God, I’m pathetic.” You sighed, tightening your grip on his waist. You felt Calum tense beneath you, and you loosened your grip, thinking it was your fault. When you heard who spoke, you knew it wasn’t. “What are you doing?” Luke asked. “Why do you care?” You heard Calum’s voice echo through his chest. “Because she’s my girlfriend and you’re touching all over her!” Luke’s voice rose, and you could picture his angry face, the one you saw so seldom. Calum shifted under you, and you finally looked up. “(Y/n)…” Luke’s voice trailed off. His expression was sorrowful. You still held onto Calum, but sat up straight. You didn’t know what to say, and so you waited. The three of you sat in extremely uncomfortable silence, until Calum gently pried you off of himself and wandered to the kitchen. “(Y/n), please, can I talk to you?” He asked, sitting down next to you. His tall frame made him appear menacing, and if it weren’t for his helpless expression, you would actually be scared. “Luke, you’ve been ogling at other girls for weeks. You haven’t looked at me that way in… well, never.” You sighed, your own words feeling like a shot to the heart. “What are you talking about? I would never look at you that way.” Luke said. “And why the hell not?” You shouted, causing him to flinch. “Because you’re so much more respectable than that! I try never to look at girls like that at all! It’s just… I don’t know. I messed up, (y/n). I know I had you, and that was the only thing that mattered. It still is. I’ll give anything up for you. I love you.” You felt your gaze soften as he admitted this. “I-I love you too.” You said. “So… you’re not leaving me for Cal?” He asked hopefully. “No,” You said, confused. “I said I was in love with you, not Calum.” You sighed, and a smile broke out on his face. “I will never, ever, ever do anything to upset you ever again I swear.” Luke smiled, leaning in and pressing kisses to your neck. 

Celebrities really suck, and here's why.

Before I go any further, I’d just like to say that I definitely enjoy movies, television shows, and music as much as everyone else. The actors, musicians, artists, and performers who contribute their time and energy to these aspects of popular culture are inarguably talented, and the content they create is (to put it simply) awesome. I’m not trying to undermine the value of their work by any means, and I’m not trying to put any of them down as individuals. This post isn’t intended to demean celebrities as people, it’s simply meant to express my confusion and frustration with the fact that most people voluntarily place themselves at a lower “tier” than a very small faction of the population for literally the worst reasons. It’s extremely unhealthy for both groups, and honestly needs to be changed. Hopefully, if anyone even reads this, I can sway at least one viewpoint on Hollywood. 

I don’t get the hype with celebrities. To say people put them on a pedestal is a huge understatement. The way they’re talked about and treated annoys the living hell out of me. These are human beings, and people act as if they’re demigods. Biologically and behaviorally speaking, they’re exactly like everyone else. The only difference is that they appear on TV or in magazines, etc. Because of this reason alone, society has literally placed a higher value on them than other “average” people. Their lives matter more than yours or mine, and I think that’s complete bullshit.

If you think that’s an exaggeration, look at the Paul Walker crash. There was another living, breathing human being in the car who was killed in the exact same way. Can you tell me his name? I highly doubt it. Where are his thousands of tweets and Facebook posts? And if you’re thinking that the only reason for this was because Paul Walker was an actor and therefore was widely known, then why were there shockingly more posts after his death than after Nelson Mandela’s?? The latter literally changed lives, and some people didn’t even know who he was, nor did they care. Paul Walker was good-looking, rich, and appeared in movies that lots of people watched. People who had never met the man acted as if they had lost a lifelong friend. I can’t even tell you how many posts I saw that mentioned how great of a guy he was. How do you even know? You never knew him. He might have been the best person ever, but you have no basis to say that since you’ve only seen him in interviews or in movies. The line has been sufficiently blurred between the persona an actor takes on in movies, television, etc. and their real identity as an individual. 

Does anybody realize that by placing so much value on these people, you’re giving them immense amounts of power over you? By making Kim Kardashian famous for literally just being good looking and rich, you’re doing nothing but solidifying the idea that people who meet certain standards of beauty or who have huge amounts of money are actually worth more as human beings. The average young adult could tell you more about Josh Hutcherson’s life than they could about the bills being passed in Congress right now. People have stopped caring about relevant things because everywhere they go, they’re bombarded with the idea that the only thing that matters is being rich and beautiful. People are so enamored with trivial things that they can’t be bothered to think about things that genuinely matter. We’ve developed a shallowness and vapidness as a society that Huxley would scoff at.

How many of you could tell me who wrote Game of Thrones, Marvel Comics, etc? A number of you could name those people easily, but the vast majority of people enjoying these stories give no notice to those who actually created them. There are no t-shirts or posters of JRR Tolkien, Gene Roddenberry, Stan Lee, or George R.R. Martin.. However, I could find five websites in under a minute that have pictures of Chris Evans shirtless. If him and Stan Lee were standing in a room, people would be flocking to take pictures with Chris Evans and would be competing to get a chance to talk with him about how much they “loved Captain America” while completely ignoring the brilliant mind responsible for creating the character in the first place. 

People who are good looking are better than you are because society has made it that way. Hardly anybody cares who wrote the stories they love, they care about who looks good acting them out. We’ve placed creators underneath actors, and that’s baffling to me. 

Why do people wait for hours outside of Justin Bieber’s tour bus in hopes of even getting a glimpse of the guy? Is he really so high above you that you’re willing to waste huge portions of your time in order to hopefully get even a millisecond of his? Why do young girls make Twitter pages dedicated to the guys in One Direction and post tweets begging them to follow back? It’s just degrading and humiliating, to be honest. You don’t know anything about these people. You just like them because they were fortunate enough to get good genetics and a record deal, and those are no reasons to literally grovel for them to tweet you back. 

On top of this, famous people are scrutinized relentlessly. Being famous both adds and, in my opinion at least, severely detracts from their quality of life. Those who fall into this category can hardly leave the house without the Paparazzi in their face or fans flocking to them for autographs. I’m sure Emma Watson doesn’t appreciate going to the grocery store in sweat pants and then seeing a picture of her show up in the next issue of People magazine under some ridiculous caption like “Is Emma Watson Letting Herself Go?” Why are we so fascinated with everything these people do? Shouldn’t we be more concerned with learning about the world we’re living in than we are with finding out who’s dating who in Hollywood? Why should pictures of celebrity weddings sell for thousands of dollars? Why are we, as average citizens, surrendering our own value by placing so much more on celebrities? 

This close attention gets especially harmful when these people (emphasis on the fact that they’re people) make a mistake. They mess up once (as human beings are wont to do) and suddenly it’s front page news and the world is analyzing every detail of what they did. They have to sit there helplessly while thousands of strangers make horrible comments and pass judgement, sometimes even going so far as to blame them for being a “bad influence.”

Take Dylan Sprouse for example. So he took naked pictures and sent them to someone. I hate to break it to you, but tons of people do that literally every day. Why is it such a big deal when he does it? The guy’s what, over 20 years old? Who are you to judge him and to blame him for “being a bad role model” for your kids?? Why don’t *you* be a good role model for your kids instead of putting that responsibility in the hands of a stranger who happened to be on a TV show they liked? “But since he’s famous and popular with a particular demographic, he should know that his actions are judged more heavily than those of an average person and should act accordingly,” you might say. That’s the most bullshit rebuttal I’ve ever heard, no offense. Because he enjoys acting and was successful in Hollywood, he now owes it to you to be on his best behavior at all times since your kids look up to him? The entitlement in that argument is baffling, and yet I’ve heard it so many times. You should teach your child that television stars are just people. You should also teach them that one should choose who to emulate based on qualities that are more important than just looks and fame. I’m sure Dylan Sprouse would probably agree, as would all of the other “horrible Disney stars” that got older and did things that older people tend to do. How dare they?

I don’t know about you, but when I eventually/maybe have kids, I’m going to make sure they understand that people in Hollywood are human beings, just like us, and are therefore no better than us. I’m going to do my damnedest to teach them that there are much more important things to value in yourself and others than just looks. I’m going to teach them that there’s a difference between a character someone plays and that person’s real identity. I’m going to do my best to get them to see the value of literature, of learning about the world, and of caring about things that matter in the grand scheme of things. I want them to know who Nelson Mandela was and why it was such a tragedy that he passed away. I want them to know to model their behavior after the behavior of people they *actually* know. I hope that they would get more excited about Neil DeGrasse Tyson following them on Twitter than Miley Cyrus, for the reason that maybe they could discuss ideas with the former and learn something from him. 

I just feel like this obsession with celebrities is distracting and is one of the factors that’s “dumbing down” society. It’s created this barrier between the “average” person and famous people, and has made people okay with the idea of placing themselves beneath someone else. If young people looked up to teachers, parents, politicians, or authors the same way they look up to celebrities, our country would be in a completely different place and our generation wouldn’t have the reputation that it does.

Obviously I can’t do much to change the situation, but if anyone actually read this and understands where I’m coming from, then that’s good enough for me.

He Overhears You Talking About Him // 4/4 5SOS Preference

*G/N = Girl Name*

Part 2 HERE


This day had been going great. I was with the people I cared about the most and having a great time. I had G/N over with the rest of the boys and Y/N. I brought G/N with me today because I was planning to ask her out, but I needed my best friend’s thoughts on her just to make sure. At the end of the day I waved G/N because she needed to be back home. While I was walking back to the room where the other waited I heard my name come up and stopped to listen in.

“Cal deserves so much better.” Y/N spoke.

“So you don’t like G/N?” Mikey asked.

“Definitely not.” She said firmly.

Luke sighed, “Why not?”

“Can’t you tell she only likes Calum because he’s Calum Hood from 5 Seconds of Summer? She’s not genuine.” She assured.

“You said that about the other crush Cal had.” Ash pointed out.

“And was I right?” She said.

“Yeah. But boys, if we’re being honest as well, we don’t really like G/F either. But you seem to have something against her.” Luke added.

“It’s nothing.” She muttered.

I breathed in deeply and stepped into the room before more could be said.

“So you guys don’t like her? I was planning to ask her to be my girlfriend…” I said. I watched their surprised faces.

“Cal-“ Ash spoke but I cut him off.

“Can I talk to Y/N, alone?” I asked.

The boys quickly scurried away and she stayed silent while I sat next to her. “Why don’t you like her?”

“It’s not just me-“

“Or why don’t you like all these other girls I’ve been with. Why do you always have to be a bitch?” My angry tone caused a heavy reaction from her.

“Why am I always a bitch? I don’t know Cal, maybe it’s because you’re a blind idiot. You’re always going from girl to girl saying ‘she’s the one’.” She snapped.

I gave a frustrated groan. “Why do you care so much?”

She glared at me. “Maybe because I like you. It’s probably because this guy that I’ve liked for years is getting with all these girls while I’m just hoping that one day he’ll care for me like I do for him.”

I had nothing to say as I watched a tear fall quickly down her face. She wiped it away in a quick second. “Y/N…”

“You know what Cal? You can go get with G/N, I’m tired of this.” She said before I watched her walk out the door.


My stomach hurt from laughing to shits. I had just explained the hilarious story of her to the boys. Nearly got myself crying at it. When I left to go get water from the kitchen I heard my name so I stopped and listened.

“He didn’t mean it, I swear.” Luke sighed.

“I know I know.” I heard her whisper. “But it still hurts.”

Ash only snorted. “Screw him. I mean like you already do literally, but forget what he said. He made it out like you’re some dumb bitch but you’re obviously not.”

Calum didn’t fail to agree with him. I stared down at my feet. “Guys just leave it.” She said. I took this as a cue to step in and make my presence known. “Hey.” She smiled up at me but I knew it was forced. Fuck. I felt bad.

The rest of the day didn’t go so smoothly because I knew she was partially avoiding me. At the end of the day when the others left I decided to avoid them.

“You know I didn’t call you a dumb bitch right?” I said out of nowhere. She turned around and looked confused. “Oh don’t pull that face, I know what you guys said when I was gone.” I didn’t mean for my tone to turn harsh but it did.

“Well you heard the part where they all think you’re a prick?” She snapped.

“Yeah I caught everything.”

She rolled her eyes. “Then it won’t be news to you when I say that you’re a dickhead who doesn’t think about anyone else but yourself!” She said back. I didn’t say anything but my fists balled up. “Fuck it I’m leaving.”

In a few moments I heard the door shut. I’m a fucking idiot. An idiot who didn’t do anything. When she left I knew she needed time to calm down so I let her. I went to sleep. I woke up to the sound of footsteps in the room. When my eyes finally adjusted to the light, I noticed her shuffling through the room, throwing things around.

“Babe?” I mumbled. Her head snapped in my direction and her eyes looked glassy. But she quickly looked away and continued what she was doing. She was packing up a bag. My eyes shot open and I quickly got up.

“Well that’s the fastest you’ve ever gotten out of bed. Broke the all-time record.” I heard her mutter.

“What are you doing?” I said.

“I think I just need some space or something like that cause everything right now isn’t working and-“

“No.” I said firmly. I pulled her down to sit on the bed next to me. “I’m sorry. Okay I’m a piece of shit. I don’t think things through, I’m sorry I made you feel like crap. I’m sorry I yelled at you. And I’m so sorry you had to sleep alone last night. Just hear me out. Just don’t leave. please.”

She flopped back on the bed and pulled me down with her. I smiled when I noticed her sigh. She’ll stay. Hopefully. She said, “Get me a pizza and we’ll call it even.”


Today was a rare day of days off. Usually the boys and I would do something out of the ordinary but today we wanted to keep it ordinary. So it was just us with Y/N, hanging out at Michael’s place.

Somewhere in the day Mikey and Calum decide to play the Xbox and I agreed to one game. Y/N and Ash decided to hang around, just talking. After one quick game with the two I was making my way back to the room that Y/N and Ash were.

“I honestly thought you were crying.” Ash laughed.

I heard Y/N laughed too. I quickly stopped before entering the room and just hovered out the door to eavesdrop. “Why would I be crying? I was just smiling and I was happy.”

“All because of Luke, right?” Ash said cheekily.

“Oh shut up Irwin.” She said.

“No seriously, I know you like Luke.” He said.

I couldn’t help but smile to myself. “I mean, what’s not to like. And plus, I’ve known him since forever. It’s kinda a given for me to fall for him at some point, right?” She said. Her voice grew softer as she kept talking, “Do you reckon he might like me back?”

There was a quick silence and I waited for Ash to say something. “I think he does. Well, I mean, he’s a very chill guy and stuff. But you’ll never know until you ask him, right?” She only mumbled something before there was silence again. “Okay, I can tell you’re over thinking. Let’s distract you before you explode. You’ve turned so red right now.”

She giggled and Ash laughed along with her. I took this time to step inside and smile.

“Hey guys, what ya doing?” I asked and took a seat with them.

“Just catching up.” Ash said and gave her a quick glance.

“Yeah, just catching up.” She smiled.

I watched the two exchange looks and Ash stood up. “I’m gonna go play with Mikey and Cal.”

Y/N’s mouth hung open and she chucked a pillow at Ash. “That little shit.” I heard her whisper. I stared at Y/N for a few moments, probably longer than I should because she gave me a confused look. “Is there something on my face?”

I shook my head, “No, there’s nothing there.”

“Oh, then why were you staring at me?”

I bit my lip. “Please don’t hate me. But I uh… I heard what you and Ash were talking about before I walked in here.”

Her eyes widened and she began to go red. “O-oh. And?”

She was fiddling with her fingers nervously so I held them with my own hands. “Would it be weird if I said I liked you too?”

Her nervous expression quickly changed and she grinned widely. “Of course not. It would make things perfect.”


We had just got into our hotel room and I ran straight to the bathroom. While I washed my hands my ears perked when I heard my name.

“Is your arm alright? Ash should’ve noticed.” Luke muttered and I heard her hiss.

“Don’t touch it, it hurts.” She mumbled.

“Someone get a band aid.” Luke said and Cal volunteered.

“What happened?” Cal asked.

“After a few of us got in the hotel, she got mobbed at the back. Someone got hold of her and scratched her or something.” Luke explained.

“What the fuck?” Mikey said.

“Geez, I’ve been hurt before, no need to worry.” She laughed.

I tip toed out of the bathroom to hear better. “Who were you with?” Mikey asked.

“Uh, no one.” She replied.

“Where was Ash?” Cal asked.

“Who the fuck knows? Top boyfriend right there.” Luke said. Fuck. That hurt.

“Luke, no need to be rude.” She snapped.

I sighed, time to walk in. When I did I immediately laid eyes on her. “What happened to your arm?” I asked. I knew the answer, but I wanted to hear her say it.

“I don’t know, my bag might’ve scratched it or something.” She lied.

I frowned. I was gonna speak but got interrupted by the knock on the door. I was too distracted to listen but all I got was that the boys had to leave to get some sleep for tomorrow’s performance. When they left, I turned to her.

“Are you sure you’re alright?” Her eyes widened and nodded. I sighed and ran a hand through my hair, “You don’t have to lie to make me feel better or whatever. I heard what happened. Hotels got some real thin walls.” I said.

She was silent but sat down. “Don’t feel bad, it’s not your fault.” She said.

I quickly went to her side and took her hands in mine. “Yeah but I could’ve stopped it. Why didn’t you tell me?”

She bit her lip. “I didn’t want to worry you, you’ve got a lot on your plate and I didn’t want to make it worse. But it’s too late now since you’re an eavesdropper.”

I wrapped an arm around her. “Next time can you tell me, ‘cause either way I’m gonna worry because I care for you.”

She smiled lightly and kissed me. “Thank you.”

I kissed her back and pulled her closer and mumbled ‘I love you’ against her lips. I kept kissing her, making her laugh. She pulled away.

“But babe,” I whined, “we’ve got a hotel room to ourselves.” I winked.

She rolled her eyes and got up. “But like you said, they got real thin walls. Now get some sleep.”

The Deal

Summary: A series of coincidences lead Asexual!Phil (who is still mostly in the closet) to learn that his flat mate/best friend has just figured out that he too is ace. And that they have a shared desire for their relationship to become more-than-platonic.

Genre: AU, Angst, Fluff, Asexual!Phil, Asexual!Dan

Warnings: sex mention (but no actual sex)

Word Count: 2.9k

A/N: If anyone has any Ace!Dan, Ace!Phil, or Ace!Both prompts, send ‘em in, because I love writing these! I may or may not have a chaptered soulmates AU with Ace!Phan on the way oops

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Punk Series: #20 The Breakup (His pov)

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Louis: He couldn’t believe he had fallen into this mess. He tried so desperately tried to steer away from his troubled past and the demons that still seemed to haunt him, even thought that escaping away with you for a romantic getaway would make things seem like his life was perfect. A year ago, after the experience with Tamara that had managed to drastically change him, he was dumb enough to fall in with the wrong crowd, never assuming that one day this would come back to bite him. At the time, joining a gang seemed fun. He had become best friends with the other members to the point where there were more like his brothers than his fellow gang members. It started off as fun when they would just go around and just cause a bit of havoc in their neighborhoods but, as time went on, it soon became serious. One by one, it seemed like the other members kept getting arrested for much more serious crimes than Louis had known they were doing. Vandalism was one thing but robbery or assault was definitely another. His mother was so worried about her son. She couldn’t bear to lose him. She tried so hard to talk him out of it, convince him to quit. But it wasn’t possible to just quit a gang. It wasn’t that easy. Louis’ mother was not only worried about Louis’ future but also her own wellbeing and the rest of her family’s. They were forced to pack up and leave, without a word to anyone else in hopes that this would cut all ties and teach Louis that his actions affect everyone around him as well. And he had never actually believed that until he was forced to ruin your getaway by rudely telling you that you meant nothing to him. He felt like he was breaking apart with every word he said to you. Part of him wanted to sit you down and explain to you the truth about how he didn’t want to drag you into any unnecessary trouble or make you a target since it was clear how much you meant to Louis and that was always the easiest way to break a person; destroy what they love. And he couldn’t take that risk so he had thought it was better to push you away. But now, he just wished that you knew that it wasn’t his decision to push you away. Being with you made him feel as light as air. Nothing seemed rushed or forced. And he never wanted to forget that feeling since he knew he’d most likely never find it again–not without you by his side. He had forced himself to make you return home when he had started receiving these unknown messages. At first, he hadn’t thought anything about it but the messages didn’t stop and his breaking point was when they’d send him a picture of you two at the store, stocking up on some junk food for the hotel, followed by a vague threat directed towards you. Do you think she’d feel the same after she knew what you did? Whoever it was, they knew about you; they knew where you were and didn’t care about what happened to you. They probably wanted to hurt you (or even kill you, if necessary, but Louis couldn’t bear to think about that possible outcome). It was around 3:15 in the morning when he finally quit trying to sleep. He reached for his phone and dialed your number; he just needed to hear your voice once more then he could let you go. He just had to make sure you were alright without him there by your side. It rang five times and Louis felt stupid for automatically assuming that you’d answer your phone at that hour but he froze when he heard you actually answer. He choked out his words, nervous since he didn’t want to let you on to the threatening messages he’d received or the fact that he knew that it had to be his old gang members catching up to him, wanting to make him pay for betraying them. Louis knew he had to choose his words carefully but he failed to think of anything to say. “I-I messed up, y/n.” In every way he had managed to screw up. He very well could’ve ruined your life just because he had loved you and ditched you along with the fact that his former gang members apparently knew that you were associated with him. “What’s wrong, Louis?” His chest tightened when he heard how concerned you were for him. After how bad he had treated you, you still cared. Did he deserve that kind of treatment? Probably not but he was thriving on it. “I did something that I shouldn’t’ve.” So many things that he shouldn’t have done. He should have never joined a gang when he had no idea of the consequences. Never should have been so cold to you after you gave him everything, never should’ve pushed his family away when they only want to help and love him, never should’ve kept such important things from you. “Louis,” He heard the fear in your voice and suddenly wished he hadn’t called. Louis just wanted reassurance that you were fine without him but it was an awful idea to intrude and ruin your task of forgetting him. He always managed to screw up everything he tried to do–no matter how innocent his intentions were. “I-I can’t tell you.” He couldn’t drag you back into this. This call was a ridiculous idea and he couldn’t believe that he had actually thought otherwise. “I wasn’t supposed to tell anyone but I don’t know if I can get myself out of this one this time.” “Louis.” He heard you sigh and wished that he hadn’t called you at all. “No, please, y/n.“ He interrupted. This was the last time he planned on speaking with you so he wanted to say everything he needed to in order for each of you to hopefully receive some closure. "I know that after everything that went down you probably hate my guts and maybe one day down the line you’ll be able to forgive me for being such a shitty person but I’ve probably done the dumbest thing I could’ve ever done and I don’t know what’s gonna happen to me–” “Louis, you’re scaring me. What’s going on? Are you alright?” He cursed for this idiotic idea. He thought this would be closure for you (and him as well) but instead all he was doing was worrying you and he just prayed that you wouldn’t chase after him because of this single call. Louis had to end this before it got too far. "I, uh, I’ve got to go. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t even be calling you now but I’m sorry for everything, y/n. Please f-” He hesitated finishing his sentence and decided to hang up before he caused anymore unnecessary damage. He lay back against the hotel’s lumpy bed. Louis felt that something was going to happen and he knew that he definitely wasn’t ready for whatever it would be. He only hoped that you’d be safely out of the way.

Liam: He was glad that it didn’t take very much to convince his mom to move. All he had to do was explain how you two had broken up–being sure to leave out the part of him breaking up with you–and telling her that he couldn’t live day to day and see you with someone else without going crazy. While that was only partially true seeing as he truly didn’t want to stay in that town because he was the one who made the conscious choice to end your relationship before things got too far. He hadn’t felt this way before and he’d never heard any good outcomes to many relationships. Cheating, divorce, deceit and lies are all that seemed to happen from relationships. There weren’t many positive outcomes of love and relationship in this day and age. He was terrified of something like that happening between you two and, therefore, change you forever. His mother seemed to understand this and helped Liam pack all their stuff, occasionally reminiscing on an old photo album or home video that reminded them both of a simpler time. Things were never this hard when Liam was just five years old and only wanted to bring happiness to everyone around him. Now they were forced to, yet again, move to another town to escape his past. He had almost everything packed in his room, besides a backpack that he wanted to leave out during the ride when he noticed a duffle bag still stuffed in his closet. He felt his blood run cold as he instantly knew that it belonged to you. Despite all of his efforts to escape the grip you had on him, he still couldn’t find his way out. The right thing to do was return this to you, but that also meant having to have some sort of conversation with you and he wasn’t at all prepared for what emotions this would uncover for each of you. He needed to do this. He decided that it was easier to just walk over to your house, giving him time to rethink his decision to move and he instantly regretted ever coming to this decision. Liam seemed to suddenly regret every decision he made in the last month. He had his enemies, multiple enemies in this very town who knew that you were connected with him and most likely had no problem using you to get to him. God, he was so stupid for breaking your heart in such a careless way. You would never use him or cheat on him like he had previously thought was the only outcome for any relationship. He took your virginity as managed to break your heart all within a week and he still thought of you as the one who was going to wreck him. God was he a hypocrite. By the time he reached your driveway, he had come to the decision to apologize and explain everything; maybe there was a chance you’d understand and welcome him back with open arms. There had to be a chance. He knocked on your door with a lump in his throat but he froze when he actually saw you open the door. “Hi.” He muttered; it was really all that would out of his mouth at that moment. Holding out the duffle bag to signify why he had come, he shuddered when he saw that tears had sprung to your eyes just from seeing him again. This would never work like he had envisioned. He had already ruined you and what you two had shared. You managed to stumble out his name, not really understanding why he had to return just as you were beginning to recover for your nasty breakup. He was selfish and you both knew it. “I’ve, uh, I was cleaning out our-” He had practically drilled it into his head that he planned on living with you and almost found it normal to call it your shared home but instantly kicked himself at his mistake now. “My– house and I found some stuff that you left there.” He handed the bag to you and you quickly tossed it behind you before he spoke up again. “I hope you’re doing well.” But he hadn’t meant that at all. He wanted to know that you were suffering just as much as he was. He wanted you to give him any reason to even doubt that he had made a stupid, reckless mistake by letting you go because he was ready to jump at the opportunity to win you back. He just needed a glimpse to see if you wanted him back. But you stood frozen and Liam suddenly wished that he had just left the bag on your porch for you to stumble upon at a later date, to avoid this entire conversation. “Well, I, uh, I guess I’ll see you around then, y/n…” He turned to leave since it was clear that you weren’t at all interested in this conversation. Leaving now would save both of you so much pain. But he froze in his tracks when he heard you speak up. “Probably not, Liam, I mean, you’re moving away and I can only leave the house for school, which you just skip now. So I’m guessing that this’ll be the last time we really see each other, ya know?” Nodding in agreement, he made the rash decision to hug you for the last time, counting to ten in his head before he even considered releasing you. Liam sent you a small smile before he turned around to start his journey home. His plan was a bust. He was so stupid for even going there. It only made him regret him initial decision to win you back seeing as he opened himself up only to see that he had caused you to build your walls back up. Now, who knew if those walls could be broken or if he’d even get his chance to be the one to fix them.

Niall: He was a ball of nerves after he dropped you off home and was forced to return home. He knew he had put his mother through so, so much but he hadn’t even thought to give her a call just to tell her that he was alright. She was probably worried sick because he was too caught up in his perfect little fantasy to even consider those who cared about him. He knew he was selfish, he always had been but it had never really matter since it had never really harmed anyone but himself. But he was pleasantly surprised when his mother jumped to hug him the second he walked through the door although that was quickly replaced with scolding and multiple harsh punishments that Niall was positive he deserved but that didn’t make them any better. “I wish you would understand, Niall,” She sighed, not even knowing if she was getting through to her son anymore. She had finally thought that he was changing for the better—that you were the one helping him become the best version of himself possible—but now she wasn’t sure if the effect you had on him was very positive anymore. He did run away with you after all. “Everything I do is to give you a better life but none of that matters if you don’t seem to care about bettering yourself.” She sighed, wanting more than anything for him to realize that she would do anything for her son but he had to contribute once in a while too. She couldn’t do this alone anymore. When Niall saw a single tear slide down her cheek, he had enough. He couldn’t put her through this anymore because he was reckless and too self-absorbed to care about anyone besides himself and his relationship with you. After she had had enough and decided to retreat to her room for the night, Niall quickly found a notepad for the junk drawer in the kitchen and scrawled out a messy note in case his mother woke up, telling her that he was off to go check up on you but promised to return home and not to worry. He had to make up for all the things he screwed up in his mother’s life. It was pouring rain which only seemed to add to Niall’s bitter mood; it was as if Mother Nature felt the exact same way that he did but he managed to calm instantly when he reached your home. Your driveway was empty so he safely assumed that you were home alone. You bounded into his arms the second the front door flung open and, thankfully, Niall reacted quick enough to catch you and instantly wrapped his arms tightly around your waist. He nuzzled into your neck for a quick moment before you pulled him into the dry house and sat him down on the couch, and entwined your hands together. Niall didn’t quite understand why you weren’t fuming at him for ruining your life as well but instead you seemed fine. It must have been because you still looked as if you were on cloud nine from the getaway while Niall felt like a kicked puppy. “You should’ve come sooner, Ni. My parents aren’t punishing me. I just think I’ll have to be a little careful when I see you because I don’t want my father to repeat what happened last time.” He nearly broke when he heard that. Everything would’ve been fine if he didn’t have to do this. If your parents were still mad then this would be so much easier since there would be a reason for this separation but now things seemed to be falling perfectly place and Niall would have to break that off before either of you could even enjoy them. He explained everything; how he couldn’t continue to treat his mother so poorly anymore when all she wanted was to protect and love her son. He couldn’t be selfish anymore. Things have to change. “My mum’s upset.” He sighed, wishing that this conversation never had to happen. He was about to push away the only thing who had ever made him feel like he wanted to be a better person, the only person who made him what to change his ways. And now he definitely was changing his ways. “She didn’t even want to let me out of her sight to come see you but I had to tell you this. I think running off was the final straw for her. Before, she would always put up with it but I hadn’t even told her where I was off to and now she’s really fed up with it.” Niall forced himself to look away when he saw tears well up in your eye, knowing that he was the one doing this to you. “Does this mean we’re…?” He nodded, feeling like the world’s biggest jerk for making the girl he so desperately loved feel like she was more alone than ever before. She had let him in and, in turn, made both of them become better people and this was how he thanked her for that. “I can’t see you anymore, y/n. You know that I love you, y/n, and I don’t want you to ever forget that but I can’t go against my mom any longer. You’ve opened my eyes and made me into a somewhat different and better person but I can’t put her through this anymore…” He reached out to wipe your tears that had finally overflowed down your cheeks but you jerked away from his touch before he had the chance to. And he shouldn’t have been nearly as offended as he was because he knew that he deserved it but he still didn’t want to be the cause for your tears. Niall just had to do what he believed to be the right thing for the first time in his life, no matter how much it hurt him. “So that’s it? We’re over then?” You snapped, clearly angry after everything he had put you through. He weighed his options, he could either apologize again to make sure you knew that he truly loves you and that this wasn’t all a game, it was as real as could be, to him or he could push you further away in hopes that it would allow you to move on from him easier when you realized that he was an asshole. He apparently took too long to decide and you spoke up again. “You should go, Niall.” He nodded and showed himself to the door but not before he heard a quiet, muffled sob leave you. Everyone who interacted with him always managed to get hurt. It didn’t matter if he tried to avoid the inevitable; it always caught up to him. The rain felt like it was mocking him as he walked home. Everything that he had taken granted for only a month ago was now gone and it was unlikely that he’d ever get it back. He remembered how sassy you were when you were first assigned to be partners and you snapped at him for flirting and calling you babe. You had quickly set the terms for working with him and, even then, he knew that you’d be a tough girl to crack and he was definitely up for the challenge since he had nothing to lose. But, now, it felt as if he had just lost everything.

Zayn: He took you back home expecting trouble; he just hoped that he’d be able to wriggle his way out of this like he has with every other troubling event he’d ever encountered. Though he wouldn’t admit it, he was scared. Jail time was never something he had planned on whenever he thought about his future but he knew that avoiding it would only make things much, much worse. He slightly hoped that you’d be able to talk to your parents and change their biased view of him but he honestly wasn’t expecting much. That entire thought came crashing down upon him when he had been dragged out of the safety of his home and into some dark, dreary room and was questioned about everything about the peaceful escape from this small town drama he had shared with you. The police claimed that it wasn’t an interrogation, just a friendly questioning to try and determine what the truth was and what was not. Zayn knew that it wouldn’t matter what he said—they’d take one look at his appearance and add that to what they’ve heard about his reputation and instantly think that he could only tell lies. But this friendly questioning seemed to look like every police interrogation that he’d seen on those crime shows you always loved to watch. He’d try to text or call you every day—sometimes twice a day—but would receive no response which only made him more nervous. If this is how they were treating him then what was it that you were going through? He had lost all his basic liberties as the police controlled his schedule and practically monitored who he did, or in his case didn’t, see. He’d see you at school and sigh, knowing that you were so close to him at school but would face serious repercussions if he was caught even attempting to speak with you. This was never what he wanted you to have to go through. He was well aware of your father’s social status and connections to all the right people but he’d just assumed that he would be the one person who would be forced to clean up the mess, but now he knew that you were cleaning things up just as much as he was. Every day, he could see the events wearing on you and felt like an egotistical jerk for dragging you into it all. While it made him feel self-centered when he noticed that you were also upset about not seeing him, he also liked knowing that you missed him as much as he missed you. It was about a week or so after your return home when he finally decided that he was fed up and decided to visit you. It was like there was a flame burning bright inside of him that seemed to be fueled by you but dulled the longer he went without you by his side. He parked a few houses down, across from the park so nothing would look suspicious and circled around to your back yard to avoid getting caught. It was easy to jump your backyard fence but seemed to be much harder to capture your attention without attracting any unwanted attention from loyal neighbors who would be sure to rat him out. He planned this visit when he was positive your parents weren’t home for this particular reason as well. “Y/n,” He shouted and felt his heart pounding within the moments that it took for you to peek your head through the window. You spent a moment taking in his run down appearance that was a moment that he couldn’t waste. “C'mon y/n, I can’t afford to be caught here. I’ll only get into even more trouble.” You quickly nodded and retreated back inside and Zayn rushed back to retrieve the car. It’d be much easier to talk in private, where he was sure nobody could eavesdrop and get him into any more trouble. He pulled up just a minute before you came bounding outside and climbed into the passenger seat. Zayn hadn’t really planned out this conversation yet but he knew that there were many things that needed to be said but not all would be able to be discussed at that time. He’d never broken up with someone before—he’d never been in a serious enough relationship that required a conversation about it. He was used to fucking some girl and just leaving before she could even question his nonexistent feelings about her. So he really just knew about that stereotypical ‘It’s not you, it’s me’ sort of break up scenarios. “We’ve got to talk y/n.” “Zayn…” You protested but if Zayn let you apologize—like he was sure you would do since you were never the type of person to place the blame on someone else—he would lose the only bit of confidence he had been saving for the purpose of this conversation only. “No, y/n, please.” He interrupted before he estimated several miles away from town to be a proper amount before he pulled off to the side of with road that seemed perfect for cover seeing there weren’t any streetlights for onlookers. “I know that when we left I said that I don’t care how much trouble I got in for all of this but I never expected this much to happen. I’m capable of dealing with everything that they throw at me but I think it would be much easier if we don’t see each other anymore…” Zayn twisted a bit to face you and dared to reach forward and intertwine his fingers with yours before you shut him out forever after you heard what he had to say. He watched your facial features change as you tried to understand where he was going with this conversation.  “You mean…?” He nodded before you even finished that thought, both of you knew what he was talking about though neither of you expected this to come so soon—if at all. He tried to make this easier for you and hide his true feelings but it wasn’t as easy as he had expected it to be and took much more focus that it should have. “But you have to understand, I wouldn’t be doing this if I had another choice.” “W-What do you mean?” He heard your voice crack and decided that it would be easier to focus on your entwined hands rather than glance up to presumable see your tear stained cheeks. This was for the best. It might not seem like it at first but, in the long run, it definitely will be. He had to be direct so there would be no more confusion and you’d be able to move on without dealing with repressed feelings for him. “I mean that I can’t drag you into my troubles anymore.” “But Zayn, it’s not y-” “No, y/n, I can’t protect you from everyone’s harsh words as well as protect myself. I’m doing this for us. I want you to be able to go day to day without worrying about me or what I got us into. I started this and I’ll be the one to finish it.” This was definitely a spur of the moment thing, considering that he had decided to see you to replenish his craving to see you but quickly and unexpectedly changed. “Zayn, Zayn, no, no, we can’t. We’ve overcome so much in the short time we’ve been together and you know that I’ve never had anything that felt like this before and you said it yourself that you’ve never been so open with anyone else.” You shook your head as if you were trying to shake of this idea and Zayn had to force himself to stay focused on the task at hand. He had to stay strong and do what was best for you as well as him. Staying together, sneaking around, constantly avoiding being caught by anyone wasn’t something either of you planned on having to encounter in your relationship but this wasn’t what he wanted you to have to deal with in order to simply stay together. This was too much trouble for a relationship that should feel effortless. “Y/n, I’m only looking out for you. That’s all I ever wanted to do.” He sighed, thankful for the sudden rainfall to distract him for the tension in the car. The rain was thick and thudded heavily against the windows and Zayn felt that this sad weather perfectly reflected the atmosphere in the car. Why did reality have to be so harsh? This wasn’t like any of movies where all his problems could be solved with a single kiss from you. “Please just trust me, y/n. We should get going. It’s getting late.” He was tired, emotionally and physically drained. Not bothering to wait for an answer, he started the car back up and turned around, back towards your house before anyone had noticed your absence. This would hopefully be the best for both of you and, if Zayn happened to be wrong about this, then he hoped you would eventually find it in your heart to forgive him for all his idiotic mistakes.

Harry: He already felt so weak after he had made a scene in his car. Harry was never one to cry let alone the type of person to let someone else see him cry. He opened himself up when he was weak and careless but he wasn’t going to let that happen again because there was no telling what else he would reveal without thinking again. You were his obvious weakness and he wanted the best for you, even if it meant the worst possible outcome for him. He meant every word he had said to you in that car and now every word seemed to haunt him and fuel his decision to keep some distance from you. It was much harder than he had expected since he hadn’t quite realized how much of his time he had actually spent with you so now his days were void. A week went by and Harry was listless as he opted to hide away at his house instead of doing all the productive things he actually should have been doing. He hadn’t even realized how badly he had become at taking care of himself. He’d sleep only three hours a night if he was lucky since even when he was tired he couldn’t find sleep. It felt awful since he had nothing to do when he was awake yet, no matter how hard he tried, he just couldn’t sleep away all his problems. He felt like a ghost and he just wanted things how there were with you. How had he managed to take those moments for granted when they were all he yearned for now? It almost seemed like a God send when he heard the doorbell ring and saw that it was you on the other side. As soon as he opened the door, he regretted not glancing at his appearance quickly since he knew he looked awful but he still didn’t want you to know he was feeling this way. He made this decision on his own so why was he having such a hard time dealing with it? “Y/n… Are you alright, did something happen?” Assuming that you’d never even want to see his face again, he was surprised to even see you, let alone having you be the first one to approach him. He automatically assumed the worst because of that idea and expected there to be some sort of danger behind you. And he was more than prepared to defend you if it came down to it—not that it would be that hard of a decision to protect you. He stepped outside, ushering you into the safety of his home while he scanned the neighborhood for the assailant. When he saw nothing strange, besides that old man who always sat on his porch to feed the birds at all hours of the day, he retreated back inside after he made sure he dead bolted the door. He could never be too careful. “Are you alright?” He repeated as he sat on the opposite side of the couch to give you space since he wasn’t sure how you were feeling and he didn’t want to push his luck and cause you to leave. “I’m fine. How’ve you been?” You reassured, though he didn’t feel reassured at all. If you were fine, why would you come to the first guy who broke your heart? Most people would curse that person’s name but you willingly came to visit him. He didn’t understand this at all. While a part of him wanted to treasure these extra moments with you, he also didn’t wanna lead you into something that he couldn’t finish. “Why’re you here, y/n? I thought that I made my intentions on our future together clear.” He was gruff but he had to convey his points. He couldn’t let you fall back into his grasp again, no matter how much he would love to be able to hold you again. This was how things had to be. He noticed you tense and take a moment to absorb what he said before coming up with your own response. “C-Can we just talk? I don’t really think we ended on the right foot.” Your voice shook and Harry couldn’t even bare to look at you without feeling guilt eat him alive. All he wanted was sitting directly before him yet he couldn’t do anything about it. He was a selfish dick ninety-eight percent of the time but this time he couldn’t let himself destroy your future. Harry had to get this through your head one last time so that he wouldn’t have to endure this type of situation ever again. “There’s nothing to talk about, y/n. I chose what was best for you and that is why it’s better if we’re not together. I carry a lot of baggage and skeletons in my closet and someone like you shouldn’t have to deal with that. I’m sorry if you don’t agree with me now but I know that, one day, you’ll be thanking me for not dragging you into all my problems.” It was clear that you hadn’t expected that from him, probably coming here with the idea that maybe things could be repaired even if that meant remaining as friends. This moment would be it. Harry could manage to finally seal this relationship up once and for all. But he would end it on a high note. He crossed back over to you, hoping not to upset or anger you but sighed in relief when you didn’t cower away. “Don’t get me wrong, y/n, you’re my dream girl and I’ll probably spend the rest of my life regretting that I let you go but I’ll just have to remember that everything I did was for your future and to keep you safe. I just want you to have the best possible life you can have and, I know, that life doesn’t include me.” His mother had always told him that honesty was key and he was finally going to live by that rule, even it if was just for a few minutes. His forehead pressed so gently against yours and his eyes bore into yours and he wanted to pretend the breakup never happened but that would be stupid and greedy. “It’s for the best, baby.” Maybe he was reassuring himself more than he was hoping to reassure you—though he hoped you would feel a bit better by his words as well. He wasn’t thinking rationally when he pressed his lips to yours. It was more living in that fantasy of his and craving for love and comfort again than considering all the consequences this would cause. He traced his tongue across your lips, begging for excess while he tangled his fingers in your hair to keep you close to him. He wasn’t ready to let go just yet but when you finally allowed his tongue access, he couldn’t live a lie anymore, no matter how perfect that lie was. It wasn’t real. “You should go.” Harry choked out, feeling upset about his behavior in every way. He always thought he had a good amount of self-control but this event just reiterated the fact that he was a selfish dick who only cared about himself. He stood up and headed toward the front door because if he didn’t move away from you then he never would have had the incentive to stop. “Harry…” You said, following him while he couldn’t even stand to gaze at you again. His mother always wished he had found a nice girl who could tame him. And he did. God, he loved you so much but for once in his life he was determined not to be a selfish dick. It wasn’t like him to really care about reciprocations to his actions but he couldn’t stomach the idea of something happening to you because he was a stupid idiot who forget to think about others. That one kiss would have to be enough to last him until he could get himself out of this rut that breaking up with you had caused. As soon as he returned to his normal, selfish self, he’d find some willing girl and release all his anger and jealousy by convincing her to spend a single, lustful night with him. But for now he’d have to deal with these gross, longing feelings that made him want to cringe. “Maybe I’ll see you around, y/n.” He watched as you left, hoping that you both got what you needed from this.