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Hybrid Part 2 | {Pack Imagine}

Hybrid Part 2 | Pack Imagine

Warnings: None

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P.S You are Liams age.

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“Here” Lucian Remix By Alessia Cara.


You walk into your first period - history.

“Class we have a new student please welcome her niclely.

Miss Y/L/N you can sit behind Liam in the third row.”

You sit down and a couple minutes later you catch a scent again but this time it was way stronger.

Suddenly the brown haired boy sitting in front of you straightens up and looks around,

He turns around to face you and both your eyes widen.

He flashes his bright yellow coloured eyes as you show him your black blood shot eyes.

You both flash back and he turns back to face the board.

“Seriously? Another werewolf.” You whisper to yourself knowing he could hear you pretty damn well.

Class ended and you quickly took your books and bag and left before you could give someone a chance to approach you.


The whole pack was sitting and eating lunch, I couldn’t stop thinking about that girl I saw in the morning.

I’ve never seen her before.

Suddenly Liam comes up to us.

“Scott! Listen theres a new girl in my class a-and she’s supernatural but I don’t know what she is.”

The whole pack turned to you and Liam.

“Thats what I meant to talk to you guys about,

This new girl, I saw her this morning in the halls and we exchanged looks but not human ones.

We have a vampire here and we have no idea who she is and why she’s here.”

“So what are we going to do?” Malia asked.

“We need to talk to her, alone.”

“But what if she’s dangerous, remember Theo?” Liam said.

“We still need a plan, there needs to be a reason why she’s here.”


“I literally left my home to come to a supernatural warehouse” You thought to yourself.

Your day was over and as you started walking towards the school entrance as the tan skinned boy stood in front of you.

“Can I help you?” You asked sarcastically.

“We need to talk”

“I don’t even know your name.”

“I’m Scott McCall”

“As in THE Scott McCall? The true Alpha?”

“Yes and I know you are supernatural too so me and my pack need to talk to you, alone.”


“Here’s my number, I’ll text you my address and you come over at 7.”

“Fine” You said angrily as he cleared the entrance allowing you to finally go home.


You sat in your car looking out the window to the house a couple feet away from you.

You wondered if this was a good idea, If you should really get involved again.

You gathered up all your courage and stepped out of your car making your way to the McCall residents.

You ring the doorbell and after a couple seconds Scott opens up.

“I’m glad you decided to come.”

You smiled and walked in towards the kitchen to find about 5 teenagers waiting there.

You saw most of them around your school and obviously remembered the younger boy from your history class.

“This is my pack”

“Thats Stiles, He’s human but was possessed by an evil spirit a while ago”

He pointed at the tall pale boy with dark brown hair.

“Hi” Stiles waved.

“Thats Lydia, She a Banshee.” He pointed at  the strawberry blonde haired girl with the bold lips.

She smiled to you and Scott moved on.

“Thats Liam, He’s my Beta and I heard you already met.”

“More like exchanged looks” You said sarcastically making Liam roll his eyes.

“Thats Kira, She a Kitsune.”

The asian girl smiled shyly at you and you smiled back.

“And thats Malia, She’s a Werecoyote.”

The short brown haired girl had a small grin on her face.

“So what brings you here-“ Stiles started.

“I’m Y/N and I’m guessing you all know I’m a vampire.

I moved here about two weeks ago after my pack was killed by hunters.”

“A vampire omega..” Lydia stated.

“Yes, me and my parents moved here to try and avoid anymore dangers or at least towards vampires.”

“Y/N, I would like to speak to them privately.”

“Sure.” You said walking towards the living room.

“I think she should join us, our pack.” Scott said.

“We don’t know her, we can’t trust her.”You heard Stiless voice.

“She’s an omega, she’s doesn’t have anyone” Scott said.

“He does have a point.” Malia said.

“I think we should still give her a chance.” Scott said.

“Fine, but it’s another Theo turn out I’m not responsible for it.” Stiles said.

Scott came over to you.

“Y/N we decided to add you to our pack, come with me and we will explain some more things we need you to know.”

You nodded and you both walked to the kitchen.

“Could I ask something?” You asked.

“Sure” Lydia said.

“Whats your guyss danger right now? I mean, there needs to be some kind of threat to you guys.”

“As of right now, There are a group of supernatural scientists, “The Dread Doctors”, who turn teenagers into supernaturals hybrids.”

“Oh, Okay.”

“Have you been training? I mean with your old pack?” Malia asked.

“We have but not serious training.”

“You’ll train with Liam, Every other day you will meet me and Liam at Dereks loft.”

“And who’s Derek?”

“He’s another pack member, You’ll meet him later on.”


“Now, Its time to go home everyone and Y/N you need to sleep well tonight, Your training starts tomorrow.”


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You have to choose (Liam Dunbar Imagine)

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Request: Can you do an imagine where the reader is a hunter and she moved to beacon hills to start fresh and the falls for liam but liam is with hayden and the reader & hayden fight over liam but in the end liam chooses the reader?

A/n: I’m sorry but i had to involve Sam and Dean in this! If you don’t know who they are, they are two characters from Supernatural and i love them so much.I had fun writing this, hope you like it!

 Sorry if there’s anything wrong, i wrote this at 3 am, so yeah.

 I never liked hunting, i never liked the lifestyle that came with it. Always on the road, sleeping in crappy motels, almost dying. It was fun sometimes because i had my brother Sam and Dean with me but it still wasn’t the same. A 17 year old isn’t suppose to live like this but this is how your family is. They’re hunters and so am i.

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1D Hiatus: Day 220

* Pictures and a video of Louis and Danielle outside the cinema in Los Angeles last night come out

* A few video previews of Louis on America’s Got Talent are released

* The episode of America’s Got Talent featuring Louis airs on NBC

* Louis Walsh speaks up about the boys’ future as a band and says they’re ‘over’

* Pictures of Harry on the set of ‘Dunkirk’ about two weeks ago come out

* The Mirror publishes an article about Niall’s rumoured girlfriend Celine ‘receiving death threats’ over a leaked photo of her with ‘another guy’

* #1DMemories and #LouisStayStrong trend on Twitter

It’s Jul 20th, 2016.

I can't afford.

Liam Dunbar imagine request.

Plot: (Y/N) and Liam get in a heated fight ending up with Liam saying something that makes (Y/N) cry but ends in them kissing.

“Nice seeing you, (Y/N).” Brett flashed me a friendly smile before jumping on his bus to take him home after the lacrosse game.

Brett and I have been friends through both our mom’s. They work together and sometimes Brett’s family would come over for dinner other times we go over theirs. It’s completely platonic between us but that’s just something Liam fails to understand.

“What did he say now?” Liam grunted as he adjusted the strap of his bag as we walked out of the school building. It was only my car and Stiles’ jeep in the parking lot as the boys always took forever to come out each game. I came with Kira who’s with Scott and Stiles inside for the moment.

“He was just catching up with me, we were talking about that time when Brett and his family came round for dinner and afterwards my dad, his dad and himself played a bit of basketball and that was when he broke his nose due to my dad elbowing him.” I chuckled, holding Liam’s hand in mine.

“Deserved it.” I heard him whisper under his breath.

“You two need to stop being so irritated with each other.” I sighed making him stop in his tracks.

“(Y/N).” Liam said stunned, “I tried to be civil with him before the scrimmage but he decided to be a little shit.” Liam had let go of my hand and was looking frustrated.

“I know,” I said softly taking his hand in mine again, “I was angry at him for that and I told him so and he said it’s definitely best if you two never see or talk or make eye contact ever again so he’s prepared to stay out of your way. Told me he won’t even speak of you.”

Liam nodded, “But why do you have to talk to him? I asked you earlier not to speak to him for me just this once because of how angry he made me. But you didnt.” He raised an eyebrow at me and I know he never ever gets sensitive about little things like this but when he has so much hatred for someone, every little thing gets to him.

“We’ve been friends for a long time. And it’s not like I had a choice, my mum and his mum are friends and I don’t have a reason to get angry at him or ignore the boy.” I scoffed.

“All I’m asking is for you to stay away from him, you know he wants to destroy me, you also know I am capable of destroying him and I just don’t want you getting in the middle of that.” Liam frowned.

“What do you mean? Liam, I won’t get in the middle of that, your frustration with each other is between the both of you only. I have no intention of getting involved!” I started to raise my voice already fed up of this pointless conversation.

“Why can’t you just stay away?!” Liam held his arms out to the side before bringing them back down with a slap on his sides.

“I don’t want to!”

“Why not! Do you like him? God, you do don’t you?” Laughing humourlessly he rubbed the inner corners of his eyes.

“Are you fucking kidding me right now? Why the hell would I like him when I lov-” I sighed as I stopped myself. Liam and I have been dating for several months even before he turned into a werewolf and yet we still hadn’t said those three words. It’s not like I don’t love him but I specifically told him that I’d rather not say it so soon given the fact that the word ‘love’ is thrown around too much in this generation. And my last relationship ended so badly and I had told him I loved him, he ended up hurting me incredibly that it felt like I wasted ever loving him and admitting it.

“Well you seem to find it so easy to ignore what I say and you just go out of your way to talk to him.” Liam rolled his eyes and looked away.

He came up to me. Brett asked if I was doing okay and we talked for a little bit! I wasn’t just going to ignore him!” I groaned loudly and ran my hands through my hair.

“You should have!”

“We were friends before I even met you, Liam! He’s basically my brother!” I held my hands out in front of me waving them about as I talked.

“And because of that it makes it okay for you to ignore what I asked you to do? Christ, I just hate him so much and I don’t like it when you talk to him because I never know what he’s going to say next! He has a way of manipulation!” We were shouting at each other now and I was relieved that we were the only ones outside.

“He treats me like a sister! He would never manipulate me or do whatever you think he will purely because our families have been close for the longest time! Fuck! This is pathetic, Liam! Why do you have to get so jealous when you know I like you, I’m with you for a reason! Brett is the least of our worries!” I paced back and forth.

“Pathetic? You think me wanting to protect you is pathetic?!” Liam squinted his eyes, “Oh, well! I am so sorry for trying to be a good boyfriend and protecting my girlfriend from whatever and whoever I think will harm her! I am SO sorry!” Liam said so sarcastically it made me even more angry.

“Fuck sake, Liam! I didn’t mean it like that! Why do you have to twist my words, damn it!” I let out a small scream into my hands but this conversation just made me want to pull my hair out.

“That’s the expression I got! If you had just kept your distance we wouldn’t be having this argument!” Liam dropped his bag in frustration and rubbed his chin.

“So this is my fault!” My voice increased pitch as I clenched my fists just wanting to punch something.

“Who was the one that didn’t listen?” My boyfriend looked at me pointedly.

“I really don’t need this right now, Liam you’re being ridiculous!” I tried to calm my voice down but even though I had managed to say it quietly, I still said it through gritted teeth.

“Well you’re being annoying!” He spat and it honestly kind of hurt.

“Drop it, Liam.” I frowned and the anger started to leave my body and hurt started to replace it.

“I will once you stop being stupid.” He was looking at a different direction with his arms folded in front of his chest.

“I wish I never went to watch or support you tonight.” My jaws clenched and my nails started to dig into the palms of my hands.

Liam slowly turned his head towards me and his eyes were glowing yellow. “Yeah?” He mumbled, clearly still angry and I could tell that whatever he had to say next wasn’t going to lead us into making up and cuddling in bed. “I wish I’d never met you.”

That was it. This was the reason why I never said I loved him. I was expecting this moment to come with another guy but I didn’t expect it from Liam. Of all people I didn’t expect that it would be him that would hurt me the most. It wasn’t just like a punch in the face, what he said struck me hard I brought my hand to my chest and I clutched my t-shirt as if I was trying to rip out all of the hurt that remained in my heart.

I couldn’t even speak, I opened my mouth to try but I started to breath heavily instead. My eyes focused on the ground and and I didn’t know what to do with myself. I couldn’t bring myself to look at the boy I thought I would love for a long time.

“(Y/N)?” I heard from a distance, it sounded like Kira.

“Liam, we heard you arguing and.. (Y/N), are you okay?” That was Scott. My gaze stayed firm on the ground as I shut my eyes tight to prevent my tears from falling rapidly.

“Kira, I think you should drive her home..” Stiles said softly and Kira approached me wrapping an arm around me as we walked to my car.

Once Kira and I got in, I handed her my keys then she started the engine and I watched us exit the school ground. That was my cue to let it out.

I sobbed and sobbed until the sleeves of my shirt were soaked. “Kira..” My voice was raspy from crying.

“Yeah?” Her voice was soft and soothing.

“It hurts.” I leant my head on the window and from the corner of my eye I saw Kira’s face filled with sympathy and concern.


After we got back from the scrimmage, I took a shower and put on an oversized t-shirt, as did Kira and we got into bed. We talked for a little while and I told her about our argument and even she told me that Liam was being ridiculous but also told me that I could have just ignored Brett for tonight.

Kira got to sleep first, as always, but I was still listening to music to help me get to bed. Just as one song ended and it was quiet for a couple of seconds to switch to the next song, I heard a noise coming from downstairs. Looking over at Kira, she was sound asleep and I’ll feel bad if I woke her. I got out of bed anyhow and carefully opened my door and I tip toed downstairs. I looked around my living room and nothing was there.

“Huh.” As I was about to head upstairs I heard a familiar voice whisper my name from the kitchen.

My eyes widened and my heart beat increased. “Whoever you are, you’re scaring the shit out of me so please stop. If it’s you Scott I will beat your werewolf ass, Alpha or not. If it’s Stiles I hope you know I will use your own bat to kill you.” I whisper screamed but the voice just chuckled softly.

Coming out from the shadows it was Liam. Even if I hate him with every fiber of my being right now, he still looked beautiful as the moonlight shone on him as the moon peaked through my window.

“Oh, for God sake.” I grunted and began to walk upstairs until a pair of arms engulfed me in a hug. “Get off.” I whispered and I tried to slap his arm but he had me in a tight grip so my hand didn’t go very far.

“(Y/N), I’m sorry. I didn’t mean what I said and I know you’re hurt but please you have to understand..” Liam let go of me and I turned around to face him. “You know Brett and I hate each other and I was just so angry. I let my anger get the better of me and I really did not mean it when I said I wish I hadn’t had met you because if I hadn’t then I wouldn’t have an achor. I wouldn’t have the most incredible, stunning girlfriend and I wouldn’t have anyone to love and give my all to. I can’t expain enough how much you mean to me and how lost I would be without you. I need you, (Y/N). So bad it hurts, I can’t afford to lose you.” Liam looked at me with such intensity in his eyes I knew these words he meant.

“I believe you, Liam. But you just really hurt me. I can’t forgive you as easily as you want me to..” I pursed my lips and sighed.

“I know I completely understand and I will do everything for you to forgive me. All I’m asking is for you to take me back.” His blue eyes glistened as it filled with hope.

“Of course.” I whispered and I walked over to him and jumped, instictively he caught me as I wrapped my legs around his waist and smiled. “I can’t lose you either.”

“I’m glad.” He sighed in relief. “I promise you, I’ll think before I speak and I won’t bring up Brett ever again and I just won’t be as stupid as I was today ever again.” Liam rambled and I couldn’t help but chuckle.

I connected our lips and my arms wrapped slightly tighter around his neck and we stayed like that, kissing each other with all the passion I could muster. His lips departed from mine and travelled to my jawline down to my neck as he trailed soft kisses.

“Liam?” I whispered, my heart thumping loud enough for Scott and Malia to hear in their own homes.


“I love you.”

Liam pulled back and looked at me in surprise, “Yeah?” The corners of his mouth tugged up.

“Yeah.” I chuckled.

“I love you.” He crashed his lips onto mine this time our kiss was filled with hunger and greed.


I closed my bedroom door behind as I got back into bed. After my little moment with Liam, which still left flutters in my stomach, he went home leaving both of us content.

“Liam?” Kira asked as she turned to me.

“Yeah..” I furrowed my eyebrows. “How’d you know?”

“I gave him the idea.” Kira smiled and turned her back on me once more.

I laughed quietly, “You’re everything.”

#13- Neighbors

“(Y/N)! Let’s go! We can’t already bother these people!” Your mom yelled. “Coming!” You yelled, stumbling down the hall and slipping on your ankle boots. “You look cute!” Your mom winked. “You picked out this outfit. Apparently, jeans and a t-shirt is inappropriate.” You sighed. “It is! We have to make a good first impression. Now, grab the cake and hand me the mashed potatoes.” Your mom said. “Why is the cake so big? Isn’t she a single mom?” You asked. “She said her son and his friend might be over.” Your mom answered, shutting the front door. You nodded and followed her along the cement to the house next door. “Hello, welcome, come in. Nice to meet you! My name is Melissa. You can leave the cake on the dining room table and Scott, my son, should be in the living room.” Melissa smiled. “Thank you.” You smiled, once again following your mom. “I’m sorry about her, her name is (Y/N). You know how teenagers are.” You heard your mom chuckle. You walked to what you assumed the living room was and caught sight of two boys lounging on the couch. “Hi, one of you must be Scott, I’m (Y/N).” You smiled awkwardly. “Oh! Yeah! Hi, hi, I’m Stiles!” The paler one smiled. “So you must be Scott, nice to meet you too though Stiles.” You smiled, holding your hand out for a handshake. Stiles immediately jumped up and hugged your waist. He smiled and let out a purr, “This is nice.” “Stiles! Get off! You’ll scare her away!” Scott exclaimed. “I am so sorry about him, I’m Scott.” “Took you a while there buddy.” You winked playfully. “Sorry, I was zoned out. Nice to meet you though. Stiles and I were just in the middle of picking what to watch, do you have any suggestions?” Scott asked. “So far all that’s running through my mind is chick flicks.” You shrugged. “I’m on with that.” Scott smiled. “Ok well, I’m thinking Clueless.” You replied, hopping onto the couch and making yourself comfortable. Thus the start of a beautiful friendship began! Saturday nights were made for movie nights, since Friday nights were clearly made for lacrosse games.

“I got your picture! I’m coming with you, dear Maria count me in! There’s a story at the bottom of this bottle, and I’m a pen!” You began singing while picking up your room a little bit. You had your windows open to allow the fresh fall air in and just make you feel productive. You sang the guitar and drum parts while carrying your clothes to the laundry room and straightened out your desk. Your neighbor Stiles had just gotten home from some errand or Scott’s house. He smiled, looking at you hopping around and dancing wildly to the music. He’d be lying if he’d said that he wasn’t proud of the music playing. It never crossed your mind to check if your neighbor was home, just because he almost never was, so without thinking you began to undress and get ready for a shower. The song changed to some Sublime song like Santeria. “Oh my gosh you have the best music taste!” Stiles finally exclaimed after he fangirled over his neighbor’s awesome music taste. “Geez!” You screamed, immediately running to the bathroom to grab a robe or towel. Stiles blushed and waited for you to come back so he could apologize. “Hello Stiles.” You greeted after turning down the volume. “Yeah, hi, sorry about that. I really am. I just got really excited when I heard you jamming out.” He smiled sheepishly. “I was in a bra and underwear Stiles.” You chuckled. “I didn’t want you to think I was a peeping Tom! Why did you have your window open anyways?” He asked you. “My window faces the house of a cop, my bathroom window faces the house of a cop, my room is two stories up, so I figured I was safe from perverts.” You answered. “What a very logical answer, but yeah, I wanted to say that you have good music taste and sorry again.” Stiles waved. “Hey! How about you come over in about 20 minutes and we can share our music? Not trying to make it sexual or awkward but nobody’s home and I’d feel safer with you and your bat here.” You suggested. “Yeah, yeah, ok. I’ll keep look out. Just text me when you’re done.” Stiles replied. “Great.” You smiled, quickly shutting the window and shutting your blinds. Then finally sending a wink in Stiles’ direction.

“Yeah, mom. I’ll just stay in tonight.” You heard Liam lie through his teeth. You knew the routine now. He’d go to Scott’s and then to your house at around 10:45, but the joke was on him tonight. Lydia and Malia were spending the night at your house. Would he really want to expose his clingy, needy habits? Every night Liam would sneak through your window and cuddle with you until he fell asleep, then wake up at around 6 so he could sneak back into his house. The whole ordeal was confusing but it helped both of you sleep better, but mostly him. He was a crazy sleeper, meaning he kicked or hogged the blankets and had no control over his leg actions. After about 10 minutes Liam texted you, letting you know he was going to Scott’s. You didn’t reply but rather began straightening out your room. “Mom! Lydia and Malia will be here in about 15 minutes, can you order the pizza now?” You called out. “Sure thing, honey!” Your mom replied. You ran to the kitchen to set out snacks and make sure everything was in order. “(Y/N), your friends are here.” Your dad called out. “You guys are early,” you laughed, “come in, come in. My room is this way.” You led both girls to your room and immediately they asked if anything had happened between you and Liam. They were obsessed with you two. After a while, the pizza showed up and the three of you began to do the stereotypical sleepover things. Face masks, pedicures, manicures, and watching chick flicks. As told, at 10:45 Liam knocked on your window. “Is that Liam?” Lydia asked, her head immediately snapping towards the window. Malia jumped up and peeked out of the window. “It is! It’s him! How cute!” Malia gushed. “Perks of having a boyfriend that lives next to you.” You shrugged. You leaned out of the window and helped pull Liam in. “Thanks sweetie. This is why I love youuuuu- Hey!” Liam blurted out after pressing a kiss to your cheek. “Ew, your nose is cold.” You giggled whilst Liam nuzzled his face in your neck. “What about our sneaky cuddles?” Liam sighed. “Maybe you can sleep in your own bed for a change.” You whispered. “No, I can’t sleep without you now.” Liam whined. “Maybe I’ll sneak over instead at around 11:30.” You whispered in response. “I heard that.” Malia snapped, causing you to laugh. “Sounds like a plan.” Liam winked before hopping out of your window and slipping into his room.

“Are you kidding me right now?” You sighed. The neighbor above you was so annoying sometimes. Based on the music he blasted twice a day you presumed he worked out. Why else would some one wake up at 5:30 in the morning and blast EDM? You took a deep breath and turned your music up even louder and attempted to finish your painting. Eventually you finished and decided to bake. “Ooh! Chocolate chip cookies!” You exclaimed. You began pulling out the ingredients, then mixing and eventually putting them in the oven. Since you had recently moved into the spacious loft, you still had a lot of decor to add to make it YOU. So you began nailing up some family and friends pictures and some posters that you absolutely adored. You hadn’t even heard the music from your neighbor go off, until there was obnoxious knocking at the door. You stopped your actions and tiptoed over to the huge doors, peeking through the tiny peephole. There stood a handsome man, looking very sweaty. “Hello.” You answered after sliding the door open. “Hi, I’m Derek, the neighbor from upstairs, I was wondering if you could please stop the hammering or whatever it is you’re doing in here.” He smiled. “Oh so it’s mister body builder huh? I’ll make you a deal. You don’t blast your music so loud or too early and I’ll only use the hammer for 20 more minutes.” You offered. “That doesn’t sound very fair…” He trailed off. “Well then do you have any suggestions?” You asked. “I could train you!” He exclaimed. “Psh! Yeah right, good try buddy. Maybe just help me move furniture or cook me dinner.” You scoffed. “Ok! We’ll switch off, once every other week I’ll cook. In the weeks that I’m not cooking you will. And if needed I’ll be here to help you move your furniture…” He smiled. “Sounds like a deal Derek! My name is (Y/N) by the way.” You replied. “Nice to meet you too. So I have 10 minutes left of my workout. I’ll be back in 20 to help with that furniture moving, so by then you’ll be done with your hammering.” Derek stated. “Yup sounds about right.” You nodded. “I’ll order pizza too.” Derek added before he jogged up the stairs. “Cookies are done.” You said to yourself quite meekly. “He’s so freaking good looking!” You screeched. Completely unaware that your new neighbor felt the same way and had heard your little comment.

“Theo, I’m coming over. My sister is annoying me, and we have Biology homework to work on.” You sighed into the phone. “No! Not right now. My dad- uh my dad just hurt himself.” Then rushed out. “Where are you? Your parents aren’t even home. There are no lights on at all.” You told Theo. “Yes we are! Family night.” Theo chuckled nervously. “Theo! There are no leaves in your house! Tell me where you are right now!” You yelled through the phone. Theo flinched away from the phone and sighed. “Yeah, I’m taking leaves outside.” Theo laughed. “It’s the beginning of call in California! There’s no leaves on the floor yet! Tell me where you are right now, or I’ll march right over to your house right now and knock until somebody picks up. After 2 minutes I’ll call the cops and tell them that you were home only seconds ago and now nobody’s answering the door.” You growled. “Ok! I’m not home! Geez! What’s so wrong that you need me right now?” Theo yelled. “Theo, I have cramps and you’re the only person who can make them go away!” You whisper yelled into the phone. “All you had to do was say so, I’m on my way.” Theo laughed, before hanging up. Stupid best friend. Dirty lying best friend. What was he doing that was so secretive anyways? Hiding bodies? No, he was way too transparent for that. He was too nice and he would tell you. There was knock on your door, to which you immediately rushed over to. “Finally!” You screamed, throwing your arms around your neighbor/best friend’s neck. “Now let’s see where it’s hurting today.” Theo sighed. “Carry me to your house, please?” You asked. “And what about your sister?” Theo chuckled. “My mom is here.” You sighed into his chest. “Ok fine hop on my back, but I’m bringing you back home by 10.” Theo laughed. “No, my mom knows your house is the only place I go to other than school.” You sighed. “Maybe my parents won’t like it.” Theo said. You licked his neck, “You have the chilliest parents ever, calm down.” “Ew, you nasty! Why’d you lick my neck?” Theo asked. “Because you’re my favorite neighbor.” You smiled, pressing a kiss to his cheek.

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They Ship Us (A Liam Dunbar Imagine for stydia-rgents)


“Hi can you maybe do a Liam Dunbar imagine where the girl (Can you name her Alina? My name is Alina but its okay if you don’t want to do that though) is in Scott’s pack as some kind of supernatural creature (you choose) and Liam has a crush on her and she has a crush on him too and the other pack members totally know this and subtly make fun of them for it which drives Liam to one day just kiss her to get it over with ??? THANK YOU ILY”

I hope you enjoy it!

“Did you hear that?” Scott asked as I walked into his house for the pack meeting.

“Hear what?” I inquired, wondering if there was another supernatural bad guy to be on the lookout for.

“How Liam’s heartbeat went up when you walked in.” Scott gave me a joking smile, accompanied by the laughter of the rest of the pack.

“That’s probably not the only thing that went up,” Stiles added, causing the laughter to get louder.

Liam and I rolled our eyes at this, as we were used to and sick of this joke area. Since Liam and I were the youngest pack members and we spent a lot of time together, the older members started to “ship us”, as they put it. They were constantly making jokes about us liking each other, which mostly upset me because it was true and they knew it, and it made it more likely that Liam would find out about my crush.

“Can we all act like adults, please?” I shot back, sitting down with them all at the kitchen table. I saw that Liam was seated right beside me and gave him a small, discreet wave, which he returned.

“Oh, we’re just kidding, Alina,” Malia assured me, lightly pushing my shoulder.

“Well it’s not funny. You don’t see us making fun of you guys for inter-pack dating.”

“You can’t, because we own it,” Stiles replied, wrapping his arms around Malia. “We’ve admitted that we like each other.”

“We don’t like each other!” Liam and I exclaimed simultaneously. I stole a quick glance at him and saw that his cheeks were tinted pink.

“Denial isn’t just a river in Egypt,” Lydia commented. “And how can we help but want for you two to get together? You’re so cute! Werewolves and kitsunes go together so well.”

“I can attest to that,” Kira said, and Scott pecked her on the cheek.

“You’re all disgusting,” I said simply.

“Yeah, if this meeting is going to be all about us as a not couple, then I’m going home,” Liam announced, standing up from his chair. “I’ve got homework to do.”

“Me too,” I agreed, following his lead.

“Aw, come on!” Stiles called. “How do you know that you don’t like each other?”

“Yeah!” Malia grinned. “Just kiss, and see if you like it.”

“Excuse me?” I scoffed. “You expect us to kiss just because you guys said so?”

“Do it,” Lydia insisted. “If you want to get us off your backs, you’ll test it and see if you like each other.”

“Aw, what the hell,” I heard Liam say before I felt his arms around my waist, pulling me flush against him. In the next moment his lips were on mine, kissing me with so much fervor that it almost took my breath away. I locked my arms around his neck, tugging him closer to my level.

“Don’t forget to breathe!” Kira’s voice rang, causing Liam and I to pull away from each other, but we didn’t look away.

“So, do you, um…” Liam began.

“Like you?” I finished for him. “I do.”

He gave me a wide smile. “Good, because I do too. Would you like to—”

“Kiss again? Absolutely.” We relocked lips, pretty much forgetting about everything around us.

“I thought they had homework,” Scott said. I smiled at his comment, but didn’t acknowledge him. I didn’t wanna separate from Liam again for even a second (at least until I ran out of air).

Backstabbing 2 (Brett Talbot ft Liam Dunbar)

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Request: Do a part 2 on Backstabbing please was amazing please.

 ;please do a part two of backstabber

 ;PLEASE DO A PART TWO OF BACKSTABBING I LOVE IT!!! Could you somehow have the reader end up with Brett and there’s lots of fluff? Thanks xx


 A/n: YAAY PART 2 IS HERE! thank you so much for requesting a part 2! Should i make this into a series or something? You guys let me know.  I hope you guys enjoy it x

Part 1 : http://allthings-imagin3s.tumblr.com/post/127117127298/backstabbing-hayden-romero-imagine-ft-liam

 You never cried that much before in your life. You have never cried for a guy or for a best friend. I have never felt this way about anyone before. I only wish he felt the same way about me, instead of her. But sometimes you can’t get everything you want. That’s just life and boy did life sucked.

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ya'll photoshopped it to make it look like zayn said brave, that's not real.

ANON, DID YOU SEND THIS TO MAKE MY DAY? It did; I laughed a whole lot.

Anyway! That moment was captured on one of those newfangled recording devices, and I suppose it’s possible someone in this fandom has access to a Zayn hologram, programmed him to coyly whisper “brave,” then inserted him into a video to make it look like he adores Liam… But why go to the trouble when real human Zayn ACTUALLY DID IT. (Because he really, truly, actually did it; I’m sorry.)

Have a good one! x

Concert report thingy- Croke Park, Dublin - 23.5.14

So I spent half an hour writing this, then tumblr ate it, so this is my second attempt.
Apologies if it’s crap - I m pretty tired.

So first of all I met up with Robyn and Tara ( stylesforstiles and we-regonnadreamoutloud ) in Temple Bar for drinks. It was so lovely and has made me want to meet more people from tumblr.

This is gonna be harryandlouis centric cos that’s who I was watching majority of the time ( and Niall obviously ) and I’m not gonna run through all the songs - just tell you the harryandlouis stuff I saw.

I arrived about 6 pm. Was already very busy and filling up quick. I didn’t see any family members. But by the looks of Lottie s ig - she was sitting pretty near me. I haven’t heard if she who shall not be named was spotted.

5sos were fab. I think they were a little overwhelmed at the sheer size of the crowd, but their set was fantastic.

The staging is different to The SA leg. It’s got all these ramps and bars like a skate park. It’s a death trap when wet though - as they found out tonight. I know who my money’s on to hurt themselves.
It’s cool but very “busy”. It’s hard to see what the boys were doing with all the bars and stuff. There’s a smaller stage just below the main stage, a catwalk and a middle stage. This elevates up a bit and there’s all these graphics and lights underneath. It’s very cool.

The boys came on about 8.20. There was talk of delaying the start because of the weather and traffic, but Croke Park has a 10.15 curfew, so I’m pleased they didn’t start later and have to rush through. It was nicely paced and they finished about 10.10.

Now, my seats weren’t brilliant - they were ok, but I took binoculars. I tried to watch harryandlouis when the focus was on one of the other boys while they were talking to the crowd.
I think they might have been warned tonight. There was someone filming bits on stage which I think would have made a difference. There were looks definitely, but often when they walked past each other they kind of skirted away to avoid touching each other. Now I was disappointed as I really only saw 2 interactions, but I went in naively thinking it would be like SA. It wasn’t. I hope the rest of the shows show us a little more. They may has been nervous as it was the first night, but I felt they were consciously being careful.
I’m hoping the videos that we get will prove me wrong on this. I m hoping I missed lots of moments that the videos might show - hell I missed the lbd power couple strut!

Little things just made me sad as Harry and Louis are sitting on opposite sides of this skate bar looking out at the audience - so they are back to back. No chance for sneaky glances. And this was my go to song for harryandlouis stuff :(
I’m assuming it was deliberate - but maybe it’ll change.

One of the things I saw between them happened when Louis went off for a wee and Niall followed him. Harry was whispering to Liam and looking off stage. Zayn was talking to the audience. Niall came back and Harry was doing the same with him. When Louis came back Harry tried to talk to him but he was shouting stuff at zayn. Harry went to walk away but changed his mind and went back to talk to Louis. I think Louis was cold as he came back wearing a hoodie. It seemed as though Harry was worried about him as he feels the cold. It was really windy and wet.

The other moment was when Harry was telling Louis to do something and Louis laughed and pointed at him - Harry ran away.

Everyone’s probably heard about the crisps by now - but Louis did say Harry would be salt and vinegar. I was laughing so I didn’t catch what Liam said ( I’ve heard since he said ” you like to eat them/him???) and then I heard Louis laughing.

Let’s face it this was Nialls night. He was very overwhelmed and I did see him looking teary eyed a few times - as was I - but I blamed the rain.
Liam was very upbeat tonight - I saw him give zayn a look during you and I. Zayn was very quiet - but his voice - holy fuck! It’s unbelievable.
Harry was his usual bouncy self, all legs and mad dancing. He took his headband off and hung it in his back pocket, and just before they started one of the songs he was shaking his hair cos it was wet and he said “I think I need a haircut” I love Harry’s voice and it sounded really really good tonight.
Louis was quiet too - but seemed happy, his voice gives me goosebumps. And he looked so good. Those jeggings? Dear god, his thighs were crafted by the gods.

I’m sorry I’ve nothing juicy to report, but as I said my seats weren’t brilliant. I’m so grateful I got to be there, to share in nialls first night back in croke park. It’s an amazing venue and the atmosphere was incredible. To anyone who is going over the next two days: you ll have a blast!

im half expecting a joke denial on stage tonight like… liam just being “so tommo i heard you were gonna be a dad” and louis just going “well payno i havent got the slightest clue what youre on about” with a cute lil smirk

#15 - You're Best Friends, He Likes You


Liam: I heard a soft knock on my door at ten past midnight. I glanced up from the email I was reading from management, confused but glad for the welcome distraction. I opened the door and there she was, cheeks tear stained and all dolled up in a beautiful dress. (Y/N), sobbing at my doorstep.

“Li… he…” She choked out, “He cheated on me…”

I gasped quietly, feeling anger burn through my chest, “He what? How?”

“I was going to meet him at this restaurant…” She paused and gasped for air, “And I saw him making out with this… this girl… I just…”

“Hey, come here.” I pulled her into the apartment and hugged her as tightly as I could, “You deserve better (Y/N), so much better.”

“Why do I always end up with the assholes, Li?” She wailed into my t-shirt, “What am I doing wrong?”

“Nothing, (Y/N).” I protested, pushing her away gently so I could look into her eyes, “Nothing at all, the guys just take you for granted. They don’t know how lucky they are to have someone like you, who’s beautiful and smart and kind and funny and amazing.”

“I’m sick of it. I want a guy to love me. Like actually love me.” She sniffed and my heart broke. Seeing her like this was awful. I couldn’t take it, she was hurting me so much.

"A guy does love you, (Y/N). Actually love you.” I took a deep breath trying to calm my pounding heart, “I love you.”

Niall: I waved quickly to (Y/N), who had a front row seat on the Alan Carr Show, where the boys and I were now having our fourth interview. (Y/N) was sitting front row, and she waved back, smiling. I turned back to Alan who was talking to the other lads while we were on an ad break, but I was too distracted to join in, I was watching (Y/N). Man, she was beautiful.

“So, who’s still single?” Alan asked, jumping straight to the question after the break was over. This question was so over asked that I raised my hand almost subconsciously.

I didn’t want to be single, but it just worked out that way. Besides, there was only one girl who I even thought about that way. (Y/N)

“Niall! How come? No one wants some Irish Cream?” Alan teased and despite everything, I bust out laughing.

“I’m not as popular with the ladies as the other lads.” I said simply, “Personal preference I guess.”

“That’s not true!” Louis blurted out, “It’s because of (Y/N)!”

“(Y/N)? Like, your best friend?” Alan continued, “Ooo, this is getting juicy!”

“Well, uh…” I felt myself turning beetroot red and turned my eyes up to hers, which were flashing with confusion and uncertainty, “I love her.” I said directly to her, “Really, really love her.”

Louis: I knocked on (Y/N)’s door, hungover and disappointed with myself. I’d had, what, like three one night stands this week? If I was disgusted, I hated to think of what she would say. But she wouldn’t turn me away. She was my best friend.

I wish she was more.

The door opened and there she was, still in her pajama pants and no make up, looking exhausted but still beautiful, “Lou? What’s going on?”

“(Y/N)… can I come in?” I asked, “Please?”

“Yeah… sure…” She opened the door wider and let me into her tiny student-housing apartment, “Want a cup of tea?”

“Yeah, thanks.” I smiled shakily at her, “I’d love one.” I saw her start to pour water from the kettle into a mug, but her eyes didn’t leave my face. Even though I came over here a lot, I never came here this early. She was clearly confused.

She dropped the teabag into the mug and handed it to me. I held it and watched the water as the teabag began to steep into the water, trying to avoid (Y/N)’s eyes.

“I had another one night stand, (Y/N).” I admitted, “I just left her apartment.”

“Louis…” She muttered, disappointed, “Why do you keep doing this?!”

“I want someone in my life, (Y/N)! I feel empty! No one loves me anymore! Since Eleanor left everyone looks at me like I’m a sad, lost puppy! Like I’m not a human anymore!” I tugged at my hair angrily.

“I know you’re human, Louis.” She whispered.

“Then why do you ignore the fact that I love you, (Y/N)?! You know I do.” I frowned, “I do love you.”

Zayn: “I can’t do this…” (Y/N) pressed her hands to her temples, her head thudding onto the textbook pages, “Zayn, I can’t do this.”

“Yes you can, (Y/N), you can!” I encouraged her and pulled up a chair next to my best friend. I gently pried one of her hands out from underneath her head and held it tight, “You know this.”

“That’s easy for you to say, you’re famous and a millionaire. You never have to study again. So zip it, Mr. Big Shot.” She muttered bitterly. Even though I knew she was just upset and she didn’t really mean it, it still hurt quite a bit to hear her say that. To hear her dismiss me entirely. Apparently the hurt showed on my face, because she immediately backtracked, “No, Zayn, I didn’t mean…”

“No, I get it.” I said, shrugging, “You’re just stressed out. No worries.”

(Y/N) smiled at me gratefully, “Sometimes, I wonder why you stick around.”

“Maybe it’s because I-” I started, but she cut me off.

“I mean, I’m grumpy all the time, and I’m always complaining.” She laughed to herself.

“But, (Y/N)…” I tried again, but was interrupted.

“I just feel like sometimes you don’t even want me around anymore.” She sighed and I interrupted her, louder this time.

“I love you, (Y/N).” I squeezed her hands, “Really.”

Harry: I dialed her number, almost subconsciously, the moment we landed in New York. She answered after two rings. ‘She’ was my best friend, (Y/N), who I was more than a little in love with.

“Harry!” I could hear the radio playing in the background, which meant she was on her way to uni, “How was your flight?”

“It was good… yeah it was really good.” I smiled softly even though she couldn’t see, “I had a lot of time to think.”

“Oh yeah?” She said dismissively, clearly not giving her full attention. Not that I minded, of course. (Y/N) was always easily distracted. I could imagine her now, trying to park or turn or something fairly basic, “About what?”

“About what I want…” I mumbled, “More specifically, who I want.”

“What do you mean?” She asked.

“I think I want a relationship, (Y/N), with a very specific girl.” I was hinting heavily, waiting for a response, but (Y/N) being (Y/N), she didn’t quite catch on to the hint.

“Who’s that?” She said, and I could hear the smile in her voice.

“You.” I admitted finally, and it was met with silence, “I love you.”


Just a quick one this time. I am 100% sure that I will not be writing a part two to this preference! I will leave the ending to all of your imaginations! Secondly, I will be starting another preference tonight, but I have to sleep 'early’ tonight so we’ll see if I finish x) I might not post it, maybe I’ll just queue it for the 9th of Jan.

Feedback is always welcome!

Big hugs.

Tarini x