i heard the girl was a genderbend of someone

A little anecdote: I cosplay alllllll the time. My favorite is Rosalina (of Smash Bros./Mario fame) and during a cosplay contest I was called up the judges to discuss different aspects of my costume and such, like every contestant.

However, the first question they asked me was if I always do genderbending/crossplay. I said yeah, that’s all I do (I prefer female characters). They were in shock. They had never heard of a guy willingly and unashamedly dressing as a girl or modifying a girl cosplay. I also realized then I was literally the only male-to-female cosplayer in the entire con and that made me very self-conscious. 

Female-to-male cosplay is very common, but the reverse is almost unheard of. I don’t intend to stop, but when people try to impose or shame someone for doing cosplay it’s a serious thing. Cosplay is like acting, it takes a lot of guts to do it and do it well. In fact, my wonderful boyfriend and I are doing Steven and Pearl for our next con. Do I have Pearl’s body type? No. Am I gonna let that stop me? Also no.