i heard symbols you see are different from what the other person's seeing but this was the one i saw idk

TG:re Chapter 31.5 related questions.

First, some random questions:

Anon said: You think about the title of Chapter 31.5? It gives me chills

As far as I know, the chapter title is With the Lord (not “With the Master”), but from around Chapter 100 onwards there’s puns in every chapter’s title; this week’s pun is Rest. Both of them have relationship with the chapter.

Anon said: How do you think the relationship between Urie and Mutsuki will change after the auction? Urie now knows that Mutsuki is a woman, will he use this information against her or will he keep quiet?

Well, they seem a bit closer now. For instance, Mutsuki, who is usually shy, complained about Urie trying to be alone and not helping with the Christmas party; on the other hand, Urie actually went to get the stuff Tooru asked him, when he probably wouldn’t have done it if someone else had asked.

Anon said: Is it just me or does Haise look a lot like Hide in the last scene of chapter 31.5? Before I read the translated chapter, I saw some spoilers on my dash and my first thought was “Wait… Is that Hide?”, even though I knew it wasn’t likely. I mean, we’ve seen Haise’s bed hair before and it looked completely different. I wonder, was Ishida hoping we’d make that association (so that we’d recall the book signing), so he made Haise’s hair similiar to Hide’s or is it just me seeing things?

First time we saw Haise’s bedhair, he had fallen asleep sideways when he was working…

…that’s why his hair is all plastered on the back, a little to the left:

I guess that after the Christmas party he was really tired, so I assume he slept with his face buried in the pillow (it’s the only explanation I could think of for his hair to be that huge cute mess):

Still, he does resemble Hide a bit.

Hirako and Arima.

Anon said: Why do you think Hirako didn’t go to Haise’s party? Initially, I thought Arima and him were pretty lonely, but Arima did go while Take didn’t. Why do you think this is?

Both Arima and Hirako are pretty lonely, but there’s a huge difference: Hirako chose solitude, Arima didn’t. For instance, for the Christmas party, Haise invited them both, but Hirako didn’t show up, even when two of his squad members did. 

Maybe he didn’t want to meet the Quinx, his squad, or Arima; maybe he had something else to do; maybe he felt he would be out of place. Whatever the reason was, he chose not to go.

Arima, however, did. Thing is, I doubt he would be so lonely if he was given the choice to interact more with people. For example, once they got over their initial differences, he and Taishi actually got along nicely:

Still, people see Arima as someone invincible, someone they can’t talk to, as a legend; this leads him to extreme isolation, he is forced into loneliness. It is people like Haise, people who know him, the ones who see for what he really is: a human.

Anon said: What’s your opinion on Arima’s reaction to Sasaki’s gift?

Well, I doubt he had received a Christmas/birthday present in a long time, if he ever did; guess he wasn’t expecting it and didn’t know what to do. 

Also, there’s the fact that Sasaki admires and cares a lot for him, but Arima knows that, despite everything they have done together the last two years, he hurt Kaneki and even owns his life. Maybe he cares for Haise, maybe he doesn’t, but he does show regret when they talk:

Besides, like I said before, most people don’t consider Arima to be human. Giving him a gift, just like he did with the Quinx and Akira, means that Haise sees and thinks of Arima as a human.

Juuzou’s stitches.

theconfusedknightingale​​ said: Hello! So in chapter 31.5, Juuzou’s stitches look different from before, now the XIII of Death is now split into the X of the Wheel of fortune and the III of the Empress, what do you think about this possible new symbolism?

m0nsee​​ said: I was re-reading tgre last chapter and i saw Susuya change the numbers of his eyes, before he have the XIII in the right eye, but in the 31.5 chapter have the X in the right eye, and III is in the left, i found it weird, maybe this has/have a meaning? (sorry bad english)

I assume that symbolices that he got some closure with Big Madam.

The ones bellow his eyes are The Empress (III) - Creativity, right path, abundance, prosperity, emotional security, peace, compassion and Wheel of Fortune (X) - Positive change, knowledge, wisdom, vision, destiny, turning point, time to live. And the one on his lip, Judgement (XX) - reborn, absolved, inner calling, true vocation, new start.

Uta’s true purposes and Touka’s decision.

Anon said: I don’t know if Uta is a bad guy or not. He seemed to have fun with Kaneki’s tragedy,became the host of the auction and messed Hirako around but now, he talks about Clown’s work with Yomo. What’s on his mind? Is he planning a new joke? (Love ur blog)

Thanks for the support! At this point, it is impossible to know his intentions. For instance, after the Anteiku Raid he looks thoughtful over Kaneki’s disappearance…

…and just a moment later he seems to be happy about the whole thing:

I’m not sure whether he is or not an actual Clown (messing around with Hirako could’ve been just part of his personality), but it seems like he cares for Kaneki.

thedirtyknb​​ said: Wait, does that mean that Anteiku is aware of Uta being part of the Clowns?? But??? Either Uta is the boss and lying about it or he really isn’t the boss…? I’m so confused. Also what do you think Touka meant by “I’ll continue doing what I decided to do”? And is “that person” Haise was talking about Touka?

It seems like he is a spy of some sort (just acting like a Clown, but reporting everything to Anteiku), but he might be a double agent (he does tell stuff about them to Anteiku, but he actually has the same ideals of the Clowns). As for him being the boss, I guess it’s a possibility; however, there might be someone else.

About Touka, I think she was referring to this:

She will wait for Kaneki to come back by his own means. And it seems like Haise invited Touka, but she didn’t go (the place was full of CCG investigators, so even if she wanted to, she couldn’t go).

Anon said: Just read the Christmas chapter for tg and I’ve got so many questions and I would love to hear your speculations on them: 1. Waitttt Yomo knows that Uta is in the clowns gang so this implies that Uta is a spy in the clown gang…?! (Splited this in two parts)

He might be a spy or a double agent.

Who sent the presents?

(Continued from before) Anon said: 2. Who the heck is Hysy that sent Haise the mask? Maybe Uta because in the panels before it he mentioned that Kaneki is still a special customer to him but Im just not sure where “Hysy” came from? 3. HIDE IS ALIVE? That signed book…?

HySy ArtMask Studio is the name of Uta’s shop:

Anon said: How do you think sent Sasaki the book and his old mask? I think that was the book Hide got signed for him, but if he sent it I still wonder how he got the mask. Also do you have a clue who Sasaki was thinking about when he thought: “I wonder what’s going on with that person today… a date, perhaps?” (Love your blog btw, but you seem to have a lot in your plate on place take good care of yourself :))

He was thinking about Touka (I think). Thanks for the support! Don’t worry about me, I really enjoy answering questions (I have over 100 to answer now, though); besides, it helps me get distracted (especially lately; I’ve been really sick and it helps thinking about something else).

Anon said: Just a proposition, but i think Touka (+Uta) sent Kaneki’s mask and book to Sasaki. Since it was mailed directly to the Chateau (wich is a secret/secure location for the safety of the quinx squad), only someone who knew the adress could mail them here. It seems that Sasaki invited Touka to come to the party. In this chapter (31.5), he wondered why Touka was not here, impliying that she was supposed to come by herself. She would need the adress of the house for that. Ps: I like your work, T.Y.

Thanks for the support!

So! Touka is deffinetely involved, given the fact that she is the one who knows where the Chanteau is. Uta is involved too, since the mask said “Merry Christmas from HySy”.

First things first, we need to wonder if that’s the original mask or it is another one. In both cases, Uta is the prime suspect. However, in the first case, how did Uta retrieve Kaneki’s mask? While it is possible, there’s someone else who had direct access to it: Hide.

In the sewers, when Kaneki was loosing his mind, he had the mask:

When Hide appeared, he had his Kakuja mask out and the other one was nowhere to be seen:

And when he waked up, when Hide was nowhere to be seen, he didn’t have his mask anymore (he had a little eyepatch instead):

Once again, anyone could’ve found it, but Hide is the one person we know for sure was there.

Now, about the book, there’s four people involved: Takatsuki Sen, Kaneki, Hinami and, again, Hide. 

Eto doesn’t know when Kaneki’s birthday is, but she’s still a possibility. 

The other three have autographed copies of the book, “The Hanged Man’s MacGuffin”. Still, Hinami had hers signed for herself:

We don’t know where Kaneki’s copy ended, but I guess either Banjou and his crew, Hinami or Tsukiyama could’ve taken it. Then again, Shuu doesn’t know that Kaneki is alive, Hinami is probably in Cochlea and we don’t know what happened to Banjou.

That leaves us with Hide, who knows Touka. There’s the possibility that he works with :re now, or he could be in the hospital; either way, it is possible that he gave Touka the book so that she gave it to Sasaki.

Anon said: You mentioned that Hide may be the one who sent Haise the Sen Takatsuki book but I remember in the anime Hinami received the signed book from Eto/the author. I did read the manga, but I just cant remember if Hide was the one who truly got the signed copy… it could have been Hinami who is held at the CCG who asked Arima to drop off the gift in her place you know?

As much as Arima treats ghouls quite differently than other people, I doubt he’d do that. Also, I doubt Arima would give Sasaki a birthday gift, if not so that he doesn’t remember, at least so that he doesn’t get confused. Also, I doubt Ishida-sensei takes the Anime as reference for the manga (I mean, he wrote the story for it, but there’s a lot of differences).

Anon said: Your theory on the birthday / Christmas gift that Haise got?

I think both gifts are meant to trigger some memories, but each takes a different focus. For one part, Sasaki got his mask; we can see it as something that belongs entirely to his ghoul side

For other part, he got a book by his favourite author; he always liked reading, mostly because of the memory of his father. Let’s assume Hide sent it; Hide has always represented Kaneki’s human side.

Getting both things represent that, right now, Sasaki is in equilibrium and whoever wants him to get his memories back would like this to stay that way, further implying that the person who sent this cares for him (or at least doesn’t want him to go nuts).

About the cover.

Anon said: In the released image of child Shironeki and also Ishida’s twitter profile picture, what do you think he’s holding?

Anon said: Have you seen the new cover for vol.3? What do you think Kaneki is holding? Many people assume it’s a head but idk I also read somewhere that it could be a birdcage because of its shape +cages were mentioned before in tg, e.g. by Kanou or anime Ep.9

That’s not Volume 3′s cover (by the way, does someone know anything about that? I think it’s Seidou, but I’m not sure), it’s only this chapter’s cover.

Anon said: I LOVE your blog!!! It’s so amazing!! So I’m sure you’ve seen the cover color page for the next chapter the one with little shironeki? :3 I’ve heard people say it’s a head and others say it’s a bird cage just wanted to know what you think? :DDD

Thanks so much for the support! (*^▽^*)

It looks like a birdcage to me. If you look closely, where the sheet is pressed you can see some bars marked:

As for the meaning behind this, I can think of three possibilities:

  • Kaneki is technically trapped inside Haise’s mind.
  • Hinami is often associated with Hetare, especially because she cared deeply for the little guy; now Hinami is in Cochlea (I think), so this could mean Kaneki is going to protect Hinami no matter what.
  • Kanou mentioned a bird cage once, so this could be a reference to that or Haise/Kaneki is going to search for Kanou to get answers (he has the mask now, so he can go and do things as a ghoul again).

Also, there’s a few petals on top of the sheet; this probably means Kanae and Tsukiyama will appear this Arc.

About Sasaki and Kaneki.

Anon said: So I saw a theory that Kaneki is actually trying to manipulate Haise, so what if creepybabykaneki holding a cage (on the color page) is symbolic of the hold he has over Haise? (That is assuming that’s what he’s holding. Certainly looks like it though)

Not going to deny that possibility, but I don’t think that’s what’s going on here. Kaneki had accepted his weaker side before:

Now, Haise accepted his stronger side:

Also, Kaneki had failed to protect his human side, and now Haise promised to save Kaneki:

Also, that tiny Kaneki is Haise’s mental representation of Kaneki. First he saw him as someone dangerous; the CCG probably told him he was an unstable ghoul:

Then he just sees him as a shadow:

And then, when he finds out his other part is also scared, he just sees a child. Also, while Kaneki was somewhat mean to Haise at first, he’s never once manipulated (or even tried to) no one. Then again, it could be.

Anon said: I love how in the latest chapter 31.5 on the last page, Haise casually is like “He says it’s an eyepatch” while mentally conversing (kind of) with Shironeki haha those two are really cute (I mean they ARE one person) and I love how KAneki is just chilling there with his book. Also is it just me that Shironeki looks a bit wary/worried when he looks over to Haise?

Probably my favourite panel of the chapter (asides from smiling Arima):

He seems a bit worried, probably because Haise is casually speaking to him in front of his squad or because he is wondering who sent the mask.

Finally! Damn, this was a bit hard (I keep getting distracted damn ADHD). Sidenote, this happened:

Thank you so much for the support! Seriously, I appreciate it a lot O(≧▽≦)O Love you all! Have a good night.

BTS’s Run Theory

Okay, since… everybody’s making their BTS’s Run theory, I thought: Why don’t I make my own, too.

This is just on how I see the music video. Because of course… Bighit is the biggest troll ever, and is constantly leaving all of us in this huge mess to make up our own theories.

Honestly, I cannot take credit for all of this, but, hearing many theories, and adding some of my own, I think I can piece this all together.

Well… here it goes:

When the MV first starts, we are met by a figure standing:

Then after, as the figure starts bending backward, it falls down and splashes of water can be seen:

At first, we’re not so sure who’s figure this belongs to, but later, we can come to conclusion that it’s actually V (later into the MV):

I really have no idea what’s going on, but I heard that many assumed that it was him underwater from the Prologue after he jumped (That’s what Admin Venus assumed, :D) but in my personal opinion, I disagree, since… V’s wardrobe is shown to be different compared to the Prologue; He has a hoodie, wore black shoes, and has a yellow t-shirt under. But in Run, he’s shown to be in a black sweater and in white shoes/bare footed. I’m not sure what this means, yet, but we’ll get deeper into it.

After that…. Rapmonster is shown just wandering around but suddenly turns to something and opens it.

But when he opens it, it suddenly opens up an old BTS memory: When they were throwing a party/celebration (Honestly, I don’t know.)

From there, it shows the members having fun and doing bunch of crazy stuff. 

But here’s where it hits:

In the picture above, V and Jimin is shown pushing Jin into the wall as V spray paints over him, painting an ‘X’ over his body. Notices the written words surrounding them: “Canvas High (Maybe their song Converse High?) and “Wasted Youth enter the World (or Void)?” I haven’t really found a good meaning for these words yet, but I feel like I can’t just brush ‘em off because BTS is always so sly. I’m not 100% sure about my translation about the “Wasted Youth enter the World/Void” since the words are always blocked and blurry, so I might be wrong. But this could be indicating BTS wasting their youth, thinking about suicide, depression, rebelling, etc… at such a young age to the point where they literally doesn’t give a single shit about what happens to them anymore.

Then here… it shows V recreating the same thing he does to Jin at the party, and also notices that Rapmonster is wearing the same clothes from when the MV starts. So, this means that the party was all just a memory. This could mean that they miss Jin (the reason why V recreated his silhouette) , so basically, my point is that… Jin’s dead.

Rapmonster turns and sees the police (Offscreen) and notifies V and both of them try to outrun the police. *cough cough* Them rebelling.

I believe that rebelling is one of their action of trying to get over Jin.

We’re than transferred back into a scene of them at the party, and Jin is building a House of Cards. 

And he smiles after putting down the last card.

But then V smashes his hand against the cards and destroys it immediately.

And then Jungkook’s hand from the back can be seen patting his shoulder.

But then we’re stuck against another unanswered scene as Jin looks at the screen. But then again… this is a memory, but Jin might already have been dead, even at this point (Okay, I’m confusing myself, but bare with me) As V knocks down the House of Cards, Jin looks to the camera and realizes something: He’s dead. And then we’ll get to Jungkook’s pat later. (It definitely means something, I tell y’all.)

After the party scene, it shows them running away from something? But you realizes that they’re all running together.

Just after showcasing them together, it suddenly changes to them alone, suffering from their own misery (or whatever they’re suffering from). This shows that they’re actually pretty messed up without the rest.

Going back to the VMon’s plot, right after trying to outrun the police, they’re suddenly caught. But they smiled and laugh to each other as if it’s a joke, or as if it’s funny to them. 

Then V’s face suddenly turned serious for some reason, for which, I couldn’t get. Maybe because he saw the police hurting Rapmon? Or being too harsh on him with the cuff (lmao.. Idk..)

After them being caught by the police, it switches to Jhope.

As he stands up, he sees Jimin. (I believe there’s a special relationship between the two). But goddamn, could you imagine waking up to Jimin? Lord… o_o

Jhope snatches a pillow and hits Jimin, which flashes them back to one of BTS’s old memories: Them having a pillow fight.

And there… we see Jihope, again:

There’s also this scene: Where Rapmon opens up the same thing he did in the beginning, and inside, he found a card that has a Butterfly sign on it. I’m strongly convinced this symbolizes Jin. 

Not too long after that, we’re suddenly brought by shock into Jungkook’s and Suga’s fight scene:

You could obviously tell that Suga is drunk (from Jin’s death) and still refuses to accept the fact that Jin is gone, but… Jungkook, fighting him… has already accepted the fact that Jin’s gone. That’s why on the house of cards scene, Jungkook was the one that patted him. When V knocked down the cards, it was a slap into reality for Jin that he, himself, is really gone, and Jungkook’s telling him “It’s okay, just go, be free like a Butterfly” (I’m also sure that the Butterfly song represents Jin). I’m kind of convinced that Jin is really a ghost that’s just running around and all with BTS because of the fact that they still haven’t accepted his death. And Jungkook is trying to assure and bring the rest back into reality that Jin’s dead.

*Jungkook tries to comfort Suga*

But no, shit… Suga pushes him and threw a fit back.

This is real shit now, everybody! Golden Maknae is angry!

*Boom bitch* Revenge is the best dish served.


 *Yoongi still not believing Maknae was that strong*

“You’re going to get it, Jeon Jungkook.”

“You break my face, I’m going to break your favorite mirror.”

And then, Suga throws a chair into the mirror and it breaks, but then it suddenly turns into the house of cards again. (I think the cards is trying to tell us something about Jin).

I really believe that the cards is trying to tell Jin that it’s his time to go; that he doesn’t need to be with them anymore and that they all need to learn to accept the reality.

Then this scene comes up, and Jungkook is nowhere to be found, but as they zoom in closer, Jungkook is just at the back, sitting down.

But then…………….. they zoomed out, and Jungkook is ACTUALLY shown to be ALL alone. 

This is another hint that Jungkook is alone in accepting Jin’s death.

Then a lot of scenes of them hanging out and having fun shows up.

Jhope then falls back asleep and then… wakes up in Jimin’s lap. (I swear, the Jihope in this MV is strong).

This might also indicate that it’s just Jhope’s dream. Also, Jin is shown kind of special in here as Jungkook looks down and finds Jin laying out there in the grass, it’s as Jin’s odd out. Maybe this is Jhope’s dream and he’s surprised that Jin’s actually there (Because he died). But then Jungkook and Jin made eye contact, again. It’s kind of a sly eye contact like “You’re dead… so, let’s not tell any of the members.” kind of thing.

There’s also an interesting lyric that I’ve found:

“I’m chasing butterflies, so lost in dreams.”

This could represent the BTS members chasing the butterfly ‘Jin’ and being too lost in their own fantasy (Not accepting he’s gone).

The next scene, shows Jungkook on top of a car, which Jin seems to be driving.

After that, it shows them terrorizing other cars, spitting on them, basically trashing it. But V… I’m pretty sure you’ll get run over if you ever do that to my car.

But this is where I found it interesting. V drew the same ‘X’ sign he drew on Jin. This is a ongoing hint that they really miss Jin, or I just don’t know what else to say. lol. Awkward…

Suga then notices the police and notifies the rest and they all try to run away from the police, again…

But Jin came to their rescue and saved them. (This is probably why they like him so much. Cause he protects them and saves them from a lot of things. My guess..)


Yet, we’re brought back to another BTS memory.

As soon as Jin sees Jimin, he pulls him and dump him into the bathtub. Kind of how we see his death in I Need U.

Then it goes back to their scene and now, they all seem to have escaped the police and is now walking as Jin is still driving, but Jungkook looks back.

And gave him a wink and tells him (Jin) that he could go. Probably cause now, all the BTS seems so happy.

Yet, just when we thought it was over, Bighit goes at it again.

At the end, there’s a picture from the prologue of all the 7 members at the beach, but then on the polariod picture, there’s only 6.

Then Jimin burns the polariod photo:

He probably came to accept the truth/or not! it’s either way.

Honestly, I still don’t know what V’s water scene represents. He might be trying to kill himself? Any suggestion?

Woah… this theory took up a whole 2 hours. 

Tell me what do you guys think?

- Admin Hazel