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drawing some yasuhooooo because i love her! also josuke is there….

Kravitz loves music.

Lup and Barry both play instruments.

How excited do you think Kravitz is the first time Lup pulls out a violin, or Barry sits down at a piano? He’s just watching them super intently and maybe it’s kind of weird at first until he explains. Eventually they all play together and it’s a really nice thing that they share. They’re at each other’s houses after work, and those houses are filled with music and laughter and light.

(All three of them keep trying to teach Taako to play an instrument. Any instrument. It hasn’t worked so far mostly because Taako hates to practice.)

Kravitz has people to talk about music with, people who don’t get lost when he gets to the technical stuff. And it’s like he’s been saving up everything he had to say all this time, because when Kravitz gets started on music he doesn’t really stop. Have they heard this piece? Do they know this artist? The really great thing about this or that period of music is what they did with sound, how the whole tone of popular music changed in response to… Kravitz is adorable when he gets excited about music, his whole family thinks so.

Kravitz has a new family and he couldn’t have picked a better match if he tried.

I would never do this in a play through, but I have to say that some of the best delivered lines in Inquisition come from Jonny Rees/ Greg Ellis in the armory scene after you tell Cullen to go back on lyrium. The heartbreak, is so palpable in the way his voice cracks in the delivery, especially when he says “are you leashed until the day you die, or lyrium takes your mind away?” It’s like Cullen knows that this will be the end of him and his actor just conveys that so well in the line delivery. 

overall Cullen is voiced so well. If anyone else voiced him I’m not sure how compelled I would have been with the character. Like especially if you romance him in the game, I love how soft he is with the delivery in the romance scenes, and how sweet his voice turns compared to the firm, resounding command he has in the war room. 

I flail. So hard.


Full version of the piece I made for the Ohana gallery show yesterday! I wasn’t able to visit the gallery that long since I mostly stayed at my art table, but this one went over pretty well from what I’ve heard!

Yeah I did a really predictable disney crossover for the theme of the gallery lol. Hah I’m not really sure how well I translated Moana into 2d that well (its really hard translating 3d characters into 2d while still keeping the style the same, anyways |D) but I think she at least looks like herself xD

I do have a few (good quality without the watermark) prints of this left, so if ya want one, you can order one from my new Etsy shop here!: https://www.etsy.com/listing/521357778/ohana-moana-print?ref=pr_shop

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Hey Thomas, I volunteer at Teen Line and tonight when I was there I was really excited to see that a bunch of the people I talked to heard of us from you! We get plenty of calls and texts but it's a pretty big deal for us when someone promos us. Thanks so much for that. I'm really glad I got to talk to the people who heard of us from you. :) ❤️

Oh my goodness!!!! That is absolutely wonderful!!!! It’s so great what you guys are doing there, thank you for helping so many who need it!!

sad shit always happens to me so i rarely cry about it so whenever something nice happens i can cry and boi did something really fucking nice just happen

every voice on atla is great

its all engraved in my head

when i read lines from them, i hear it in their exact voice


c'mon // panic! at the disco + fun.

ive always loved @fanartcity‘s oc asshat jones (and super m! what a goofball), but this character development as of late has me feeling many Emotions. anyway ive had a memo on my desk for a couple weeks now saying “draw asshat” in all caps but its never come up til now. hope im not being weird

Lup and Taako notice one day that Barry will eat legit anything, so they decide to test it with the spiciest dish they’ve ever made.

Barry takes a bite and instead of registering the spicy taste, he only notices that holy shit does his mouth hurt, is he allergic to… what is this? Spicy??

The twins realize that Barry just has… no sense of smell, meaning he cant taste anything. He never told them because he was afraid they would be disappointed. He eats anything they give him to make sure they’re happy, even if he doesn’t really know what it is

partially inspired by @whyisbarrybannedfromthekitchen  and Barry’s horrible, horrible food choices.

Full story under cut!

“Taako, you ever notice how Barry will just eat, like, anything we give him?”

Taako is busy with his newly polished manicure Magnus gave him not ten minutes ago. Staring at his cuticles, he responds, “isn’t the whole uh, the whole goal of cooking to like, to have them eat everything? Cuz its good?” Lime green is a good color for him, he thinks.

“Dude Barry is different though. He’s like a trash compactor with the decency to take it’s time and thank the chef. He’s never turned anything of mine down, I think he’ll eat anything, really.”

“I’ve heard your bedroom at night, that man will eat anything.”

They both high five, Taako doing so carefully as not to smudge the fresh polish. Not really like they had a UV light on this tin can.

“But seriously, it makes me wonder-”

“-If he has a limit?” Taako grabs the second half of her sentence. “Lup I may be dense, but I can read your face like an open book cuz we got the same mug dawg. You’ve got an experiment churning in that noggin so spill.”

Lup spends the next ten minutes describing all the meals she’s made within the last week for Barry. One included chocolate pudding with cilantro and garlic in it, to which he ate and complimented its smoothness. Second was a light salad with maple syrup dressing, which was slightly difficult but he didn’t complain. The next was a pasta dish where she substituted marinara for hot ketchup, which he adored the consistency of. And lastly,

“No… No he DIDN’T…!” Taakos eyebrows are raised and he sits back a little, hand to his chest and mouth agape.

“Yep, he ate oreos with toothpaste instead of creme in the middle.”

“That sick bastard…!”

“Taako he didn’t even flinch! I was terrified of the man I love as he proceed to eat my three trick cookies from the sleeve I gave him, then continue to the others without a reaction! So that got me thinking. Is it like a switch? Has he just never learned whats right and wrong on the food spectrum? Is there an end to this?“

“You wanna figure out how much he can take?”

“But what could be worse than what I gave him? The ketchup and pasta one was the most heinous creation I’ve ever concocted.”

“What, uh. What about reactions to, to food that are like the extreme of the spectrum?”

“What, like give him something super sour? He eats lemons instead of an orange with his cereal.”

Taako gags but continues, “nah nah sour is hard to work with. What if we… turned up the heat a little bit, eh?” THAT gets her attention.

That night the twins cook the spiciest meal of their lives. Every chili pepper under the sun go into this curry they’ve made, skipping over caution labels of bottles and suggestions. When they’ve finished, they can’t even look at it without their eyes watering.

Lup calls for Barry in the lab that dinner is ready. She knows he’s been busy so he usually eats while working, but he always makes sure to try a few bites before leaving to show Lup how much he appreciated everything she does.

“Hi Lu, hey Taako, this looks lovely! You’ve both been kinda quiet and Taako doesn’t usually help with one person meals, is something up?”

“Nah honey bunches just some good family bonding. I know you’re busy, but make sure you eat it while it’s hot.”

Taako snickers, vaguely whispering about how it’ll take a lot more than a few minutes to have it not be hot. Lup gives him a swift elbow jab to the ribs and he stifles his laugh into a cough.

“Sure, thanks babe.” He smiles warmly at her and gives her a long kiss to the cheek, and for a moment doubt flashes in her mind. As he pulls away though, the fork is already to his mouth.

Taako leans across the counter to watch and Lup almost tells him to stop, but her curiosity overwhelms her as Barry makes no reaction to the spice.

“As always Lup you never fail to make a delicious- hey why does my mouth… my mouth, hurts?” He looks at them, talking with his tongue hanging out and gasping for air, “guys my mouth kinda huwts, it might be an allergic reaction? Is my epi pen anywhere close by?? Or something cold at least, it feels like I’ve been burned!”

“Barry have you never had spicy food before?” Taako asks wide eyed and unblinking, making no motion to help him. Lup has already rounded the counter towards the fridge for some water.

“W-what no, I l-love spicy food, haha that’s like my favorite stuff! Not sure what this is though, is this made of pop rocks?” His tongue still hangs out of his mouth now as he’s sweating.

“Barry, you’re EATING spicy food.”

There’s a pause as Barry looks down at his plate. Lup has stopped pouring him some water now as both twins look at him with concerned eyes.

“Babe,” Lup starts, “do you have a sense of taste?”

“I…I, yes? Technically, yes. Yeah, I’ve got a sense of taste, how else could I… love your cooking?” He’s breathing is a bit heavier now, “I…I wouldn’t be able to compliment or love it otherwise… see? Like this…” Barry goes to lift his fork again and Lup stops him, holding his hand down and looking into his eyes.

“You could have told me, babe why didn’t you say anything?” There’s no hurt in her eyes, only concern for the human.

Barry sighs and puts the fork down. Taking the glass of water he hands her, he finally says “because I CAN taste things, I just don’t have a sense of smell. This curry is the first thing I’ve actually tasted in a long time, but it was kinda overridden by… pain? I think it was just pain, not really a flavor… But Lup I loved it, really I-“

“Barry.” He shuts up. “You not being able to taste my cooking isn’t anything I care about. I cook because you look happy when you eat it. I just want you to be happy and that’s it, babe.”

Barry looks like he’s going to say something when he’s overwhelmed by the spiciness again and takes a sip of water, prompting them both to laugh again.

“So no WONDER he kept eating all that weird shit! He didn’t know it was weird!” The happy couple is reminded they’re not alone when Taako interjects, “oh thank god, now I don’t have to disown you for eating salad with maple syrup!”

“Wait, I ate what?” He looks up at Lup through the corners of his eyes.



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Genre: Roommate/Best Friend, Fluff, Angst

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Dedication/Inspiration: @taetimewithsuga

The majority of the world’s population would agree with the quote “Nothing good happens after 2am.” but for Y/N… nothing bad ever happened after 2am. The wee hour of the morning consisted of laughs. deep conversations, tons of junk food, and sometimes even harmless food fights with her roommate and best friend Jungkook. Their 2am’s never resulted in not so innocent touches, or an awkward morning of waking up naked next to someone who was supposed to be sleeping in the next room over. For 4 years they became more alive at 2am. the weekend habit of staying up together way past 2am soon became tradition. They spoke of thier pasts, thier present and what they wished to be in their future. They talked of relationships, friendships, and hardships.

 Nothing bad ever happened after 2am….


The cool tiled floor sent a shiver up your spine as you made your way to Jungkook’s bedroom door.

“Kookie?” You whispered from the doorway walking quietly to the bed that held a sleeping Jungkook. The blankets rustled for a quick moment before he lifted it as an invitation for you to join him in a good nights slumber. Without hesitation you wiggled your way under the covers facing his heavy eyes and half awake bunny smile.

“What was it tonight?” He asked, his words coated in sleep and concern.

“Level 7 nightmare.”

“Turn around.” You turned to face the wall as he wrapped his arms around your waist and pressed his chest to your back, his soft breath hitting your neck. This concept wasnt foreign to you; Jungkook allowing you to sleep with him after a bad nightmare or a sudden wave of loneliness that is too overwhelming to sleep alone. Sometimes even he would come and crawl into bed with you if he had something on his mind that was too much for him to handle alone. Its just the kind of friends yall were.

“Thank you kookie..” you whispered softly as sleep began to creep up on you and claim you as its own.

“Shhh Y/N. Just sleep, the nightmares are gone now.” He gave you a reassuring squeeze as yall both dozed off into a dreamless sleep.

The Saturday sun peeking in through Jungkook’s blinds had no effect on either one of you due to the lack of plans laid out for the day. You tossed and turned a bit before eventually burying your face in your roomates chest to try and make the sun go away.

A groan had left the boys mouth as he pulled the blanket over yalls head and adjusted his eyes to you in his chest.

“Y/N-ah, tell the sun to leave.” He whined playing with your hair until you let out a sleepy chuckle and met his brown eyes. “I cant tell the sun to leave but I can tell you to leave and to stop hogging all the mother fucking blankets.” Without any hesitation you shoved the brown haired boy off the bed causing him to land with a thud. You threw your head against his pillow and erupted with laughter at his shocked expression. You looked over at him and watched as his wide eyed expression changed to a forced frown and squinted eyes. Ready for revenge.

“OH ITS ON KID!” He shouted jumping onto the bed and finding every tickle spot he knew you had, he tickled you until you were laughing so hard no sound was coming out, and tears ran down your cheeks. “I hate you Jeon Jungkook. I really hate you.” You muttered standing up and walking towards the door.

“And I really love you too Y/N Y/L/N. I really love you too.”


“Y/N?” His voice echoed laced with excitement, you quickly rushed to the door; in your bunny shorts and and black tanktop, with a smile to match his.

“Whats with the wine?” You asked wiggling your eyebrows knowing damn well he only brings home wine when its accompanied by good news.

“Tonight, we drink like kings! We celebrate my new found glory, we celebrate the profound news.. of me.. getting handed… A PRODUCERS CARD! HE HEARD ME SINGING IN THE CAFE AND HE STOPPED ME AND TOLD ME HOW GOOD I AM AND TOLD ME TO CALL HIM IF I AM INTRESTED IN PURSUING MUSIC!”

You wrapped your arms tightly around his waist as a congratulations and kissed his cheek softly. “Jungkookie, I am so happy for you! Today we do celebrate like kings, tonight we have our famous Jungkook/ Y/N game nights and drink…..the oh mighty bottle.” You looked up at your roomate only to see his mouth slightly drop open and his eyes get as big as golf balls.

“You mean-”

“Yes. I mean we are drinking Chateau Latour 1990.” You skipped over to the kitchen unaware of the quick stares your best friend gave you as you turned.

“But y/n, you said when we moved in you were saving it for the day one of us gets engaged.”

“This is big for you Jungkook. Its huge. I want to treat you like a king in celebration… you deserve it.” Before he could reply you reached for the 1990’s bottle that was set on the highest shelf; your shirt riding up in the back reveling a good amount of your bare back. Jungkook’s eyes raked over your body slowly before he quickly looked a way and mumbled that he was going to change quickly.

While you poured the glasses of wine, and grabbed some blankets from the hall closet you smiled as you heard footsteps headed towards the living room. Jungkook sat down beside you and together yall began the night thst you knew wouldnt be over till after 2.

Jungkook closed his eyes while he took another sip of the dark, complex smelling liquid. Your eyes traveled from his slightly messy hair down to his nicely fit white tshirt , that perfectly complemented his wonderful muscles. It wasnt unusual to stare in awe at the boy sitting next to you, you did that quite alot to be honest knowing exactly why you felt the need to.

Hours went by as yall made yalls way to the bottom of the bottle, laughing at eachothers drunken jokes and bad puns.

“Y/n, you are such a loud drunk.” Jungkook laughed falling over and clutching his stomach.

“You are an ass Jeon Jungkook!” You shouted jumping ontop of him and tickling him where you knew he was ticklish, causing his laughter to increase.

Not realizing that you were straddling your best friend, you shifted until he remained perfectly still, and earned a groan from him. “Oh my god kookie, I’m not even tickling you anymore. Stop groaning.” You laughed causing a slight movement ontop of him. “Y/n.” He groaned again. The laughter ceased to exist as you looked down at the boy and yalls position, before you could realize he wasnt groaning because of the tickling you felt him slightly raise his hips to meet your core. You felt his memeber slightly harden underneath you as you looked down to see his brown eyes darken and his lip caught between his perfect teeth.

Everything felt so unreal, the way his hands ran all over youe body, the way his pink lips attached themselves to your most sensitive of areas, the way yalls moans mixed in beautifuly with each others, but by the time you laid naked next to your best friend, your eyes drifted to the clock on the wall.

3am. Nothing good happens after 2am.


Your eyes fluttered open to find yourself sleeping in the living which never usually happens. You sat up quickly, the blanket falling from your chest allowing a cool breeze to hit. Why do I feel a breeze? You thought. You slowly looked down at your naked body letting out a loud shriek and having realization hit you in the face.

I slept with Jungkook? I kissed Jungkook? My best friend.. I slept with my best friend. My best friend who stole my heart sometime 4 years ago. I slept with him. What if this ruins our friendship? What if he wakes up disgusted that he slept with me?

You quickly sprung off the couch grabbing all your clothes and racing towards your room.

Me: Taehyungie, meet me at the café asap. Its urgent.

You typed as fast as your fingers would let you, slipping on some jeans and a baggy shirt as if you were trying to hide what you had done the nigh prior. Walking over to your mirror to examine the damage done, you gasped as your fingers grazed the numerous dark purple love bites all along your neck.

He sure did mark me good.

Taehyungie: Already on my way precious. I’ll order us some coffee.

Me: Thanks Tae. Prepare for an ear full..

Taehyungie: Baby girl, I’m always ready.

You and Taehyung met a year before you met Jungkook; he was the sill friend that was always up for anything. He was a child in a grown mans body, obsessed with the idea that fun should never die due to the age you are.

You quickly covered the marks as best as you could before you raced out the front door and headed towards the local café, not even stealing a glance at the adorable bunny boy still sound asleep on the couch.

“Okay so you had sex with Jungkook. The boy you have been in love with for a year now, and you stormed out of the house like there was a fire?!” Taehyung asked questioning why you felt the need to run away. He was never the kind of person to run away from his issues, or beat around the bush; he faced them head on and bluntly.

“Tae, you don’t understand-” Taehyung reached over the table and grabbed both your hands in his.

“No y/n, you don’t understand. You are 24 years old and are still so scared of possibilities, you run and hide the minute you get scared when you should be taking life by the balls. You love this boy and you wont ever know if he loves you too until you tell him. You are a beautiful girl and one hell of a friend, if he doesn’t share the same feelings then he is stupid. BUT even if he doesn’t share the same feelings yall can talk about it and keep everything like it was.”

He was right.

“Nothing good happens after 2am..” you mumbled taking a long sip of your Vanilla Coffee.

“I’m not so sure. 2am was always you and Jungkook’s golden hour, and while this time something unexpected happened it still made you work up the courage to tell him how you feel. Its a big step you are taking because of the events that happened after 2am. 2am events are only bad if you make them that way.”

“Tae, how did you become so wise?”

“My hyung’s can be aright sometimes.” He winked, causing you to chuckle and take a deep breathe.

Your phone buzzed softly in your hand as you exited the café, giving Taehyung a big hug and a peck on the cheek.

Kookie: I’m not sure where you went, or when you left.. but whenever you can, could you please come home. We can’t just ignore what happened last night.

Me: I’m actually on my way home right now.

Kookie: Okay.

“K-Kookie?” You managed to shout. You heard rustling up stairs and slowly followed the noise. You followed the noise all the way to his room and stopped. You froze in your tracks scared to meet the face on the other side of the door, without another thought you slowly turned the door handle and peeked inside.


You gasped as he turned around, noticing three dark purple marks on his neck, his hair was still slightly messy, his lips were curved into a tight smile.


You walked forward and met his eyes that were slightly watery causing you too pull him into a tight hug; the tales of yesterday not even coming to mind.

“What’s wrong Kookie.?” The silence that followed that question lasted up to a good minute before his eyes latched onto yours

“Don’t leave me y/n. Its okay if you regret it, or if you don’t love me back but please don’t leave me. Even if this is a mistake to you I don’t want our friendship to suffer or change. I -”

If you don’t love me too?

Did he just say too?

You made your way to him and placed a chaste kiss on his slightly quivering lips. “It- It wasn’t a mistake….I don’t regret it. Granted I do wish we weren’t slightly drunk.” you confessed looking everywhere but at him.

He lifted your chin to look you in the eyes and took a deep breath.

“Y/n, 4 years we have lived together and in those four years I have watched you fall for the wrong guys, I’ve watched you cry and laugh, I’ve slept in your bed just as many times as you slept in mine… during these four years I’ve grown to love you more then a friend. I noticed the way your eyes crinkle in the corners when you laugh, the way you hate making eye contact when your nervous, the way you are scared of everything except me. I watched you slowly fall in love with me at the same pace I fell in love with you. I wasn’t sure if you loved me until you left so early this morning to run away from this. You never run away unless your scared and in that moment I knew you were running away from the possibility of ruining our friendship because you were scared I didn’t love you back.“  He searched your eyes for any sign of confirmation that you had heard him correctly and as though something took over your body, you pressed your body against his and wrapped your arms around his neck.

“Kiss me Kookie. Kiss me sober.” With no hesitation he pressed his perfect rose pink lips against yours and kissed you like it was the last time he’d ever see you. His lips moved at a perfect pace with yours, only fitting more perfectly together as time went on. After what felt to be ages but was actually a few seconds you pulled away to be greeted by the bunny smile you loved so much.

“I love you Jeon Jungkook. I really love you.” You whispered burying your face in his marked up neck.


I still stand by what I said about how Nothing bad happens after 2am, because really its all up to you. Granted our love story started off like a cliché show where the pair doesn’t know they are in love, nor do they do anything to fix it so their complicated romance lasts for 8 seasons until FINALLY the end up together. We took it upon ourselves to speak up and skip past the remaining seasons. Life is too short to wait and wonder, sometimes you have to take life by the balls.. you have to speak up before its too late.

So as I lay here with my head resting on Jungkook’s chest and his arms stay wrapped around my waist as we whisper sweet nothings to each other I thank the bottle of wine that made us act upon our most secret desires. I thank Jungkook for speaking up and handling this like the adult he is. I thank the cliché shows, and stupid phrases that made me what to prove them wrong.

Nothing bad happens after 2 am if you know how to handle it.

(This is my first fan fiction in SUCH a long time. I’m so sorry if it sucks.)

masterpost of all the plant books i own

this is all the plant books i own minus some suuuper vintage ones that dont matter so imma just gonna. put the casual books up top and all the others under the cut

there are many. my interests are diverse. be warned


The Plant Messiah - Carlos Magdalena

Reaching for the Sun - John King

Brilliant Green: The surprising History and Science of Plant Intelligence (Kindle Edition) - Stefano Mancuso and Alessandra Viola

In Praise of Plants - Francis Halle

The Hidden Life of Trees: What they Feel, How they Communicate (Kindle Edition) - Peter Wohlleben

Botany for Dummies (Kindle Edition) - Rene Fester Kratz

Lab Girl - Hope Jahren. This was given to me by my dad because he heard it was about a female botanist and her fun botany adventures but I haven’t read it yet because it’s currently popular and I’m petty and an edgy stubborn teen that must Avoid Popular Things™. that being said its supposed to be really good so putting it here out of the admittance that it’s probably really good and I should read it

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Hi murder-friend Im tired today. Can you tell me a story either involving wolves, embarrassing tony/steve, or a lullaby? I heard you sing really really well. Thanks in advance, and make sure to sleep well, its halloween and nightmares are sure to hit harder

i will give this my very best shot, friend. 

Lullaby and good night
Now the mission is over
Time to slip in to suspended 
animation for a while!

Lullaby and good night
There is plenty to fear
Lullaby and good fight
When you wake you will get wiped!

…was that…not comforting? woopsie. 

Fallout 4 wasn’t perfect and has disappointing flaws, but I’m also thankful I got to make a middle-aged, bisexual woman who’s capability is never really questioned, who’s never really pigeon-holed into “just being a mom”, and gets to write her own story, make her own friends and enemies, build her own political agreements, find her own lovers, and isn’t punished by the storyline for building a rich, developed life for herself.

I can’t emphasize enough how fulfilling it is for me to be able to play an older female character like I can in Fallout 4.