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Inspired by Harry Styles’ song ‘Kiwi’. Just an one shot without any connections to other stories I’ve written. Hope you enjoy!

Warning: Smut

She’s driving me crazy, but I’m into it, but I’m into it
I’m kinda into it
It’s getting crazy, I think I’m losing it, I think I’m losing it

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Becoming Human... Almost

Summary: After finding Jack, Sam and Dean bring him to the bunker for you to watch him while they are taking care of business.

Words: 1468

Pairing: Jack x Reader

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Warnings: None, really. Spoilers for Season 13 at most.

As soon as the Bunker door opened, you looked up. Cleaning and repairing the Bunker while Sam, Dean, and Mary were out to find Castiel and Kelly before Lucifer did. You were sure that “somebody needs to take care of this mess” wasn’t the only reason they wouldn’t let you come along with them.

Dean was the first one to come into view. He looked exhausted, sad. The next person was someone you didn’t know and after him followed Sam. No Mary or Cas.

“Who’s that?” you asked, making all three men look at you, the stranger furrowed his brows.

“Y/N… oh, uh… this is… this is Jack. Lucifer’s son,” Sam explained, trying a smile but you only quirked a brow.

“Lucifer is not my father,” Jack had said, earning a sigh from Dean.

“You’re trying to tell me this grown ass man is Lucifer’s child? Shouldn’t he be a baby?” you only quirked your brow even more.

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Chapter 4

╳ Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

╳ Genre: fluff, smut, angst 

╳ Summary: Being the Duff has really changed you.”“Excuse me, the Duff?” I asked, my voice rising a little at the end.“You know, the Designated. Ugly. Fat. Friend.”

It only takes 10 minutes to get to my house but it’s feeling like 10 hours. First of all, being in Yoongi’s car is enough to make me nauseous. Second, the fact that Yoongi was right here next to me made me almost pass out.

 The drive has been completely quiet, the only noise coming from the radio and even that could barely be heard. I wanted to say something, anything, but I couldn’t bring myself to speak. 

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Growing Up

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Requested: Yes by @aesthetictrashxd

A/N: Smut warning, unprotected sex (pls don’t do this at home, you will get pregnant and die)

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“Stiles,” Your boyfriend of two years had his back turned to you, his head buried in a book. He’s been so caught up in the Supernatural that you never got a chance to celebrate your two year anniversary last week; he said he’d make it up to you but so far, nothing.

Deciding to do something bold for once, you skipped to the bathroom and changed your outfit from a pair of boring leggings and a jumper to the lingerie you had hiding underneath, you grabbed the silk robe that you stuffed in your bag earlier and threw it over the black underwear. Fixing your makeup and puffing your hair up slightly, you smirked in the mirror at how beautiful you looked.

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songbirdghost  asked:

RFA+V+Saeran finding out MC is an amazing singer? I love your blog so so much, all of these scenarios make me so happy!!!

* He hears you sing one time by accident
* Cue MC screaming because she was getting out the shower when he saw and heard her
* He heard an angelic choir ???
* Because:
* 1) tiddies
* 2) his gf is better than Beyoncé holy crap ???
* Gets vvvv upset when MC says they can’t sing
* “???”
* Never say you can’t sing or you’ll get vvv angry yooyoo

* He came home one day heard you singing
* “Yo… I didn’t realize I left the radio on this morning”
* He went into the room and saw MC singing
* He dropped his phone in shock bc
* Omg
* What
* A
* Babe
* He eventually joined into the song, which scared MC
* “Babe, you have such a beautiful voice I don’t know why you said it was bad”
* Now MC is helping him with his songs

* Okay so
* One day she forgets her phone, right?
* MC was getting ready to go to work
* Jaehee comes back to get her phone when MC steps out the bathroom
* Why was she so beautiful even when singing?
* wait but didn’t MC say she couldn’t sing?
* ok anyways, Jaehee can sing a bit so she hums a bit
* “MC… you’re a great singer.”
* “Thanks but it’s not my strongest feature”
* “Shhh ur good ok”

* He never really pushed since MC said she never really liked to sing
* He respected MC
* Kosmopolitan said to always respect your partner(s). Never push
* Of course Jumin listened
* Anyways, one day he wanted to surprise MC so he came home early
* He had a big ass smile and a bouquet of roses
* But where’s MC ???
* Where is Elizabeth???
* He finds MC in Elizabeth’s room
* And guess what
* MC
* Is
* Singing
* To
* Elizabeth
* He feels so blessed ??? How did he get such an amazing partner ??
* He hugged her and gave her bouquet
* “You should sing more. Your voice is amazing”

* He’s heard you singing before
* You just don’t know it
* He’s a Sneaky Ninja™
* He recorded it and listens to it when he gets upset
* But one day
* MC drops that “I can’t sing” bomb
* He’s gone
* Boom
* Done
* “But you never heard me sing before ???”
* john cena makes a hole in the wall and peeks through it
* “are you sure about that”
* :000
* Anyways he tries to convince MC
* He failed but he failed with pride

* One time he had a very bad dream and when he woke up, he accidentally woke up MC too
* MC tried to calm him before he would get a panic attack
* She patted his back and softly sing him back to sleep
* She thought he would forget since it was so late in the night and that’s what usually happened
* But instead
* He asked MC to sing for him more
* “What do u mean fam I can’t sing”
* “You sang for me last night”
* in the end they ended singing for him every time he was feeling down

* one day he was supposed to be taking his mid-day nap
* But he wasn’t
* But MC thought he was since he wasn’t making any noise
* MC decided to cook :0
* So they started cooking up a one person feast
* Meaning a sandwich and fries
* While they were cooking they decided to sing
* pink season plays in the bg
* Saeran comes in to turn off the music
* Why is she singing ???
* She’s good but she’s burning the fries ??
* “Yo MC if you’re going to sing then don’t burn the fries”
* “Nah”
* “But… you’re going to get grumpy”

Secret Singer

Tom Holland x Reader

Request:  Can you do one where the reader is Tom’s costar in homecoming and one day he sorta finds out that she can sing but he doesn’t say anything then at like a panel where fans are asking questions they ask if any of them have secret talents and he says oh yeah yn can sing and she tries to deny it and rdj is like how did I not know this I wanna hear you now and she sings and she later thanks tom cause she says she wouldn’t have had the courage to do it herself if he hadn’t said anything please please!

Word Count: 485

Requests are OPEN

A/N: thank you for requesting! I hope you all enjoy. 

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“Please welcome the cast of Spiderman: Homecoming!” The announcer cheered as you and your fellow castmates walked onto the large stage at a convention. You looked out at the crowd and gave them a wave before taking our seat next to Tom and Robert. 

“Normally we start with my questions, but the audience was so reponsive we want to open the panel with questions from the fans,” the announcer said, taking a seat in his chair. 

“Sounds great, let’s do it,” Tom smiled, shifting in his chair. 

You sat there listening and answering the questions, most of them were hilarious, having Robert and Tom playfully argue with each other. Tom dismissing rumors that Anthony and Sebastian actually liked him. You grinned as a cute girl wearing a Spiderman themed dress approached the mic. 

“Does the cast have any hidden talents?” she asked, a charming smile on her face. Tom’s face instantly lit up “Y/N can sing!” he shouted. You covered your eyes with your hand as you laughed from hearing the loud applause. 

“How do you know this?” You laughed, looking over at him. 

“I heard you and Zendaya singing along to the radio the other day… your voice took my breath away,” he explained, placing his hand over his heart. 

“I really can’t guys,” you say, looking out to the audience. 

“I want to hear this for myself!” Robert scoffed, “you kids keep everything from me.” 

“No, no,” you whispered into the mic playfully, keeping your head low. 

“Well what do you guys think?” Tom asked the crowd. He was met with a roar of claps and cheers for you to sing. You felt the heat rising to your cheeks, you didn’t want to disappoint them. 

“Fine,” you dragged out the ‘e’ sound “What should I sing?” 

“Do the Spiderman theme song,” Robert suggest with a smile. 

You rolled your eyes, of course, they would pick it “Spider-Man, Spider-Man…does what ever a Spider-Man can,” you started, trying not to laugh. You looked over at Tom who was giving you a reassuring look. You sang the rest of the theme song and put your own spin on it. “Spins a web, any size. Catches thieves just like flies. Look out! Here comes the Spider-Man!” 

You stood up and gave everyone a bow, and received high fives from your castmates “Get her in the studio,” Robert said as he gave you a big hug. 

After the panel you stepped behind the curtain and grabbed Tom’s arm “I can’t believe you did that,” you said to him. He turned around to face you, only to give you a sad look. “But if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have had the courage.” 

“That’s exactly why I did it, Darling,” he grinned. 

You laughed and shook your head at him “I hate you,” you laughed jokingly. 

Tom leaned in and kissed your forehead softly “I love you too.” 


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In which Y/N joins the AV club and Mike gains feelings for her/him

Y/N felt nervousness start to form in her/his stomach as s/he looked at the small sign hanging on the door that read ‘AV Club’. Y/N slowly opened the door and eyes immediately fell on her/him. The teacher in charge of the club, Mr. Clarke, walked away from the four boys that surrounded the large radio on the table and greeted Y/N with a short handshake.

“You must be the student that turned in the form yesterday about joining.” He said.

“Y/N smiled and nodded ‘yes’.

“I heard you say that you needed help fixing your radio transmitting system yesterday so I thought I could help out a bit.” S/he replied.

Mr. Clarke smiled back and led Y/N over to the table.

“Well, we are a bit of a smaller club but we all want to welcome you. Why don’t you boys introduce yourselves to Y/N?” Mr. Clarke said as he looked over to the boys.

“I’m Dustin.” A curly haired boy with a lisp greeted as he eagerly shook Y/Ns hand.

Y/N shook his hand and said a small ‘hello’ to him.

“I’m Lucas.” The second boy said as he waved at her/him.

“Hi, I’m Will.” A shy looking boy said as he simply smiled at Y/N.

Y/N finally looked to the final boy and felt her/his face turn pink. The way freckles danced across his face and the subtle curl in his hair made Y/Ns heart skip a beat.

“My names M-Mike.” The boy said as he stuck his hand out towards Y/N.

Y/N greeted Mike and shook his hand when Mr. Clarke spoke again.

“You must know a bit about this type of stuff, huh?” He asked as Y/N pulled a case out of her/his bag and looked at the inside of the radio transmitting system that  had its front screwed off and lying to the side.

Y/N nodded ‘yes’ and replied to him.

“Yes, sir. My dad taught me what I know and I read up on quite a bit of information on these kinds of situations.”

Mr. Clarke smiled.

“Well, just work your magic then!”

Some time passed before Y/N finally stopped and screwed the front of the machine back on and turned it on. And, as Y/N had predicted while working on the clunky machine, a signal was reached and they could all hear the radio clearly. Everyone, including Mr. Clarke, screamed in excitement and celebrated by toying around with their new radio.

After a few minutes of messing with the radio, the meeting came to an end and Y/N was walking with the boys out to the bike rack in front of the school.

“Ill see you guys tomorrow.” Y/N said as s/he began to walk away from the group.

“Wait!” Mike said as he pedaled over to where Y/N stood.

Y/N turned and looked at Mike who was now beside her/him.

“Do you not have a ride home?” He asked.

Y/N simply shook her/his head ‘no’.

Mike then twisted around to pat the space behind his bike seat and turned to Y/N.

“Hop on. Ill take you home.” Mike said.

Y/N blushed and replied.

“Are you sure? I wouldn’t want to be a bother.”

Mike shook his head and smiled shyly.

“No, really. I want to.”

Y/N then felt her/his cheeks heat up before they hopped onto the back of mikes bike and wrapped her/his arms around Mikes torso. Y/N felt Mike tense up and S/he began to move her/his arms and apologize when Mike interjected.

“No! I mean, no, you can keep your arms there. You just surprised me is all.” He said as he turned bright red.

Y/N said a small ‘okay’ and Mike started to peddle on.

Y/N gave Mike directions to her/his house and Y/N hopped off of his bike when they arrived at Y/Ns house. Y/N thanked Mike and was about to walk towards her/his house when Mike spoke.

“Hey,” he started, “Would you wanna hang out sometime? Like at the ice cream parlor or something?”

Y/N blushed and smiled before replying.

“Id like that, Mike.”

Mike grinned and said his good-bye to Y/N before pedaling off in another direction.

Y/N was on her/his front steps when s/he heard mike let out a happy scream like the one from the AV Club and Y/N couldn’t help but laugh as s/he began to think of her/his upcoming date with Mike Wheeler.

Ring of Fire

Summary: AU. An all-consuming love like theirs can either keep them warm at night, or burn everything they know to the ground like a wildfire.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 2,471 (without lyrics)

Warnings: angst, language, wounds, more angst, love, fluff, implied sexytimes, no smut, song fic style

A/N: This is my one-shot entry for @caplanbuckybarnes‘s Song Challenge. I was given “Ring of Fire” by Johnny Cash. This is my first attempt at (almost) canon.

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Authors: @2moms-0fucks and @piecesofscully

Rating: Teen

Chapter Word Count: ~6,000

“Like watching a dream, the sounds and movements around her are exaggerated with each passing millisecond. Muffled sounds. People moving in slow motion. If Dana Scully is ever asked one day to explain the events on the bridge, she won’t know what to tell them.”

Notes: This is our gift to the fandom. Patty and I have spent 8 months working on this monster, and while there were times when we didn’t think we’d be able to finish it, we believed in the story we were telling – and even more so, we wanted to share it with you all. It’s our love for the show, its characters, and our desperate needs for redemption in their emotional arcs that led us to write this. And so, we share it with you. A special thanks to @bohoartist for helping to beta this beast, giving us your honest feedback and helping us to write to the best of our abilities. Countless love and appreciation to everyone else who listened to our bitching and moaning these last 8 months. We couldn’t have done it without all of you. 


Cars sit bumper to bumper along the two-way road that leads to the bridge. The night ahead of them is flooded with a sea of red lights, glowing and flickering as the cluster of drivers tap on their brakes to scoot ahead inch by inch. For miles and miles, horns blare angrily as fearful motorists do all they can to move. Gridlock enslaves the city and it’s outskirts as everyone attempts to evacuate, all too fearful of being the next victim, the next target.

The weathered truck sits idly and its headlights reflect off the car only inches from his front bumper. Years of being parked under the hot sun has aged the blue paint of the truck’s hood, oxidizing and chipping the once vibrant color, leaving it stripped bare and dull before its time. As the owner of the truck scratches his thick and prickly beard that was quickly becoming more gray than brown, he smirks to himself that his beloved truck isn’t the only thing aging prematurely. He lifts his chin to look in the rearview mirror, and his blue eyes stare back at him, their edges lined and wrinkled from harsh living conditions under the sun. When did he get so fucking old?

“This will be our final broadcast before we head off air here in a sec–” a shaky voice speaks to them from the speakers. “The station wants us to play a clip on a loop…something about a vaccine being made…I don’t know–” the announcer trails off, and the older man in the cab reaches forward to turn up the volume. His young passenger sits up, eyes glued to the green numbers on the small radio.

“From everyone here at KDCR, we wish everyone…,” the voice pauses, and the radio silence is dead air for seconds on end. Finally, the shaky voice returns, his message simple. “God help us.” Then nothing.

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comic-khan  asked:

leyla..... greaser!tom..... u got any headcanons ?

zoe pls you know i have so many thoughts about this like the outsiders????? stay gold ponyboy????  fuck me the fuck up!!!!!!

  • yall meet at the drive in
  • you’ve definitely heard of him bc like who hasn’t he’s the most notorious and infamous kid at your school
  • and not to say that you’re the Good Girl™ but you’re like the complete opposite of him
  • the soc
  • skirts passed your knees. curfew at 10. family radio nights and dinners together where your dad rants about how this generation has no sense of value bc they didn’t have to suffer in the war
  • anyways
  • you’re at the drive in with your friends and you’re at the snack bar getting popcorn
  • tom bumps into you (on purpose)
  • and spills your entire bag of popcorn and drink (not on purpose)
  • listen you’re v v aware that tom is cute but that popcorn and drink cost a whole 75 cents so you’re a little chapped
  • and tom for all his smoothness and bad boy image is like. slightly horrified that this attempt at flirting has gone so wrong
  • he makes it up to you tho bc an hour later you’re behind the building with a whole new kind of snack as rebel without a cause plays in the distance
  • the entire student body is confused and shook™ by the fact that someone like you and someone like tom were going steady
  • he picks you up every morning in his 1948 convertible 
  • much to the distaste of your father
  • you’re not allowed out on school nights but on fridays tom picks you up and you go for milkshakes at the local diner then to the drive in
  • and make out a bit
  • your dad is always waiting in his arm chair when tom drops you off
  • “you can’t date someone like him, young lady, i forbid it”
  • “someone like who?”
  • “someone from the wrong side of the tracks”
  • “but daddy i love him!!!!!”
  • the trope of bad boy for everyone else but heart of gold for you
  • “are you cold, baby? here, take my jacket”
  • (you steal the jacket. it smells like leather and gasoline and boy in the best way)
  • after a few months he gives you his ring to wear
  • he sneaks into your bedroom so you can clean him up after fights
  • you don’t approve of the fighting and always try to convince him to stop
  • (secretly you think he looks good with a shiner but you would never let him know that bc “tom seriously you’re going to get yourself killed”)
  • “baby i have a reputation i can’t have someone start something and not finish it myself”
  • then he kisses you and you kinda forget what you were mad at him for
  • side note: works in a mechanic shop and looks amazing in the jumpsuit
  • top tied around his waist. white tank on. covered in grease and sweat
  • did i have a point to this??? i had a point

anyways. just. greaser!tom.

i need a shower

When We Collide (Part 16)

Pairing: Assistant!Y/N/CEO!Luke

Rating: NC-17

Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15

Summary: He is the definition of high class smart ass, swimming in Dom Pierre Pérignon champagne and has never seen the shadow of poverty. She is underprivileged, lives in a messy dorm room on sale and struggles working as an assistant after being thrown out of college. But how will they collide when Luke makes Y/N pregnant after a drunkenly one night stand?

When We Collide on Wattpad

“Out of all the days we could have possibly done this, you chose this day to be the one?” You looked over your shoulder tiredly to see Luke hover over a few brown boxes, the concentration on his face showing he barely heard you. 

“When I need something to be done I want it to be as fast as possible.” He shrugged like the heat outside wasn’t causing him any distraction at all. Maybe it was just the hormones making you sweat like a monkey.

“You’re insane.” You mumbled more to yourself than him and continued to go through the many CD cases he had in one of his drawers, you didn’t even know they were there in the first place.

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tales-of-stories  asked:

Would you be interested in some Summer of Mutual Pining + Yurio? Like, Victor texts Yurio some of the many beautiful things Yuuri does and Yurio is deeply disgusted, but when the updates stop he immediately freaks out and calls Yuuri to find out what's going on.

“What did you do to him?” Yurio asks, by way of greeting.

“Um,” Yuuri says. He’s been getting that question a lot lately? But usually not quite so accusing. And he can’t say he expected to get it from Yurio after weeks of radio silence.

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Boyfriend Shawn blurb with mild smut elements

Heaven Ashley. Yes, that was her real name.

It was the number one question she was asked multiple times a day. The follow up always, “Well how did you get that?”

Southern parents.

She managed to answer every time with a smile, letting her soft Tennessee accent through to charm them further. She’d tell them her mother named her Heaven because she swore Jesus Christ himself sent her down from heaven to bless her life. Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! Amen!

She’d save the eye rolls for her dressing room. Six years in the music industry and she’d heard it all. The first two years playing bars meant she had the luxury of hearing her favorite pick up line nightly. “Is your name Heaven cause you’re an angel?” At this point she felt like her eyes should be stuck in the back of her head from all the eye rolls. Thanks Mom and Dad.

The industry knew her as Heaven Ashley. Her friends knew her as Evan. He called her Ev.

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Constant | Part 2

Vernon x Reader

3013 words

Synopsis: After moving in with you, Vernon needs some help controlling his reactions to you. He deals with it in the only way he can think will work.

Warnings: a wet dream what has my mind done I’m sorry

I update this series every week on Sunday close to 6 pm EST

Part 1

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Summary: Very carefully and skillfully, you have been stealing from the Saviors for over a month now. Until one day you allow your ego to get the best of you and you challenge Negan to try and catch you, himself.
Prompt: I had one of the Hide and Seek prompts! I decided to put a twist on it and incorporate more of a cat and mouse type of game.
Word Count: 4,265
Pairing: Negan/Female Reader
Chapter: One-Shot
Warning: NSFW, Smut, Language
Author’s Note: I’m so sorry this took so long to complete! Thank you Ash for extending the deadline. Congrats on 2,000 followers! I’m not sure if I’m 100% happy with this but I hope you enjoy!
Tags: @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash @negans-network

“God-fucking damnit!” You heard the loud, thunderous voice of the Saviors leader, Negan, roar out into the woods. “Someone better catch that little fucking thief, TODAY!”

Laughing to yourself, you hurried through the woods, maneuvering your way through the series of trees.

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Bets & Regrets 5

Pairing: Jimin x Reader (ft. Jungkook)

Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 END

a/n: There will most likely be two or three more parts before marking the end of the series. I also feel like Jungkook is somewhat rude in this one. One more thing, Please if you have any request to make feel free to do so because I would like to try new ideas!

The night air felt really thick at the moment, Many events were happening all in one , The risk of you and Jungkook losing what you once had, and finding out Jimin had really just used you for a bet. You sat and stared at the ground, waiting for Hobi to pull up. You no longer knew what emotion to feel. There was a dull but painful ache in your chest, but couldn’t process what you felt most of.. Pain? Confusion? Anger? You no longer felt happiness.


What was the meaning of it again? It felt foreign, more foreign the it should have but that’s just how life is, Its cruel.

When Hobi pulled up you got in the passenger seat and avoided looking him in the eye. You really wish things would be different. Nothing was said on the way to his house, Just the sound of the radio playing and the engine. You didn’t even notice you showed up to his house until you heard the sound of the door closing. You sat for a bit before getting out yourself and following him. Once stepping into his house is when he finally spoke.

“So what happened…?”

You looked up to him with a frown on your face. “Really, We were just laying in my bed… He fell asleep and he got a message so I looked at it, Thinking it was important.. It was just a text from Taehyung saying ‘Damn its been 4 months? Keep it up and I will owe you’ Then I walked out… He’s been trying to text me..”

He shook his head and sat down. “It’s wrong of him.. But the best thing to do right now is just wait till tomorrow.. How about till then, e watch a movie?”

You smiled slightly and nodded. “That sounds perfect…”

He ruffled your hair before turning on the TV and choosing a movie randomly.

By time the movie ended you were beyond tired. You were sprawled out on the couch, Your head laying in Hobi’s lap as he played with your hair, Something that made you very calm.

“What do you plan on doing now?”

You looked up at him. “Maybe move on? If I can even do that…”

“Smart choice…” He smiled. You sat up and yawned. “I think i’m going to head to bed.. Its been a very long and frustrating day…”

“Then I should be doing the same.. I have to go in tomorrow for work..”

You chuckled and stood up heading to the spare room.

Thats when an idea occurred to you, There was left nothing left for here, and despite wanting to just move on, It would take a hell of a long time. You turned to Hobi just before the door and looked at him. “I actually have a better idea.”

He raised an eyebrow at you. “That is?”

“I think I will move back to my hometown…”

You smiled then quickly vanished into the darkness of the room with no words being said.

Days Away ~ Shawn Mendes Imagine

Request ~  ‘Hey!  I was wondering if you could do an imagine where a couple days before their wedding Y/N and Shawn are getting irritated with each other and one night while they’re out, a guy flirts with Y/N which starts a fight between them.  At the end they resolve their problems.  Sorry that this was a lot.’

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You needed a break. Ever since you and Shawn had been together, his anger and jealousy were always something that you despised.  He did try and stop himself from being angry around you, saying he didn’t want you to see him like that.  Now, having been with him for over 5 years and days away from being wedded you could honestly say that, that was one promise he did not keep. If it was after a long day back at work, or his jealousy combined with rage you had witnessed it.  You two did fight through it though, realising that you both had your issues but you both helped each other and worked through it.

Now, days away from your wedding with the stress of everything you both had a short temper. Considering you both were with each other pretty much 24/7 the only people to realise this anger out on was each other, and that is exactly what you did.  You had just come back from making sure everything was set to be taken to the wedding.  You knew in the end this was going to be a perfect day.  You walked into your shared home with Shawn and kicked off your shoes. It was just shy of 5 and you were already too tired to function.  With the meal, out in only a few hours you were unsure on how you were going to cope. Nevertheless, you pushed yourself few with a few caffeinated drinks on the way and made your way upstairs to get ready.

Before you left, you and Shawn hadn’t left on the best of terms which meant that the likelihood of an argument is very high.  It was over nothing really, you forgot to kiss him goodbye before you went to work which then lead to him sending you a long paragraph on how his day is ruined because of this one small thing.  You would have found it cute at the beginning of your relationship, but now?  You found it rather childish which lead to you completely ignoring all his calls and texts.  Some would say that was also childish I just say it’s even.

You stepped out of your shower, humming a tune you had heard on the radio which you quite liked the sound of and wrapped a town round you before making your way into your bedroom. Glancing down at the outfit on the bed you had set out before with a satisfying hum you dropped the towel and put on your under garments.  That is when you heard the front door close rather loudly and bags clattering on the floor. You just sighed while pushing a stray hair behind your ear and continuing to get changed.  You put the radio on low just for some background noise.

You put your hair in a bun while you went about setting out your makeup for the night, before deciding on the best look.  Just as you sat down your bedroom door opened to reveal Shawn’s stern face.  You had already decided earlier this evening that you were going to stay calm during the confrontation.  Realising that you were going to have a good night and not let Shawn ruin it even before you stepped out the house.  

“Do you find yourself funny? I have been trying to ring you all day and you decided to completely blank me off.  Y/N this is not a game for me.” Shawn packed around the room, his hands moving around frantically from his head, to his side.

“Why do you think I do? Shawn, you acted like a child so I repaid the favour.”  You picked up your contour kit waiting for him to continue his irrelevant argument.

“Sorry?  Are you being serious, because I asked you for one thing, not even asked I reminded you that you forgot something.  Ever since we have lived together you have always kissed me goodbye.  So, when you don’t what’s that going to make me think.  It’s going to make me think you are pissed at me.  That is why I said it ruined my day because you did not even bother to come and speak to me on the phone just for some reassurance.  You gave me the silent treatment which people in high school do.”  He went to the wardrobe grabbing some cloths for the evening and began to take off his day ones.  “It made me feel like shit Y/N”

“Shawn, it was one kiss. Ill kiss you right now if you want me too.  How I can be annoyed with you days before our wedding as well.  You really have nothing to worry about, in fact it’s worse what you are doing now, making up a stupid argument because I didn’t answer your calls. I was busy anyway, works demanding and the fact I am organising pretty much everything in this wedding I have no time to check my phone” finally picking up your makeup setting spray you were ready to go, placing everything into a bag before putting your shoes on.

“You know for sure we are spreading out the pressure Y/N.”

“Well right now I don’t want to think about it, were going out with our friends so please just drop it.” You took your coat and handbag down stairs before the taxi texted you to say they were here.  Just on que Shawn was behind you also, ushering you out before locking the doors.

It was silent in the car, not even a glance was shared between you both.  You really wondered if he wanted to go through with the wedding, yes you both had already got everything organised but you did not expect days before your wedding you both would be so far apart.  You expected for you both not being able to keep your hands off each other, except you both were the complete opposite.  You hated it.

You both exited the car, you are rushing into the club leaving Shawn behind you.  Which didn’t last long as you felt his arm slide around your waist.  ‘He probably only did that so everyone would think we were the amazing couple the media showed us as’ you thought.  You put a fake smile on while walking over to your friends who were already in a booth tipsy, knowing you would be like them in a matter of minutes excited you.  You exited Shawn’s arms as you made your way to your girls, Shawn standing next to the boys instantly having a genuine smile on his face.  This knocking your mood a lot, he only smiled when you weren’t by him and he wants to spend the rest of his life with that.  

You grabbed your first few shots, taking them back like they were water.  Shawn catching onto this making sure to keep a protective eye on you. He didn’t want to kill your fun, but also with all the work you had the day before your wedding tomorrow he didn’t want you feeling like shit.  Nevertheless, the shots were quickly finished between you and your two best friends.  You are wondering off out of Shawn’s view which made him uncomfortable.  

You pushed your way through the bodies of people that were in front of you and finally got to the bar. With a sigh of relief, you ordered you and your friends some more shots and paid.  You leaned on the bar, taking some of the weight of your already saw feet. You closed your eyes for a moment as the alcohol hit you making your head spin.  You stumbled a bit until someone court onto your arms, your instincts told you it was Shawn but your heart did not have the feeling Shawn’s touch coursed it which instantly made you pull your arm back.  

“Wow darling, I was only trying to help you” you opened your eyes to a middle-aged man smirking down at you which instantly made you want to run back into Shawn’s arms.

“I’m okay thanks, I can help myself” you looked down at your phone sending a quick text to your friends that you needed help getting rid of a code red.  This was what you and your friends did all the time to help you when there was unwanted attention.  You would have asked Shawn but you knew how he would act.

“What’s up your skirt pretty lady, not getting any recently?  Want me to help to change it?”  His face shifting into a demonic state your anxiety instantly hitting you, this was calmed down with the familiar scent and touch of Shawn’s arm behind you.  

“She’s fine actually, she’s getting plenty from her fiancée actually.  So much so that I leave her begging her for more.  Now if you wouldn’t mind stepping away and leaving her the fuck alone then maybe we won’t have a problem” Shawn snarled, he grabbed the drinks from the bar and pulled you with him.  Placing the drinks on the table and takin you outside with him so he could cool down, or shout at you.

“That creep could he not see the ring on your finger, you did tell him you were getting married in a few days, right?  Is this what I am going to have to do every night we go out for the rest of my life?” Shawn paced up and down the path hands flying everywhere.

“Why do you act like it’s such a chore.  I am so sorry that you are getting married to a liability for harassment but that’s what you signed up too as soon as you put a ring on my finger.  If it’s that much of a pain take it back, because I have had enough of this constant arguing this is not what marriage is about.”

“You think I want it back Y/N?  How about you stop acting like you don’t love me then?  Acting like you only said yes to please me!”  Shawn was stood in front of you now, inched away from your face.  His eyebrows scrunched together and his face hard.

“How can I act anymore in love with you than I already do Shawn? Because I am loving you now, I love you more than I ever have before every single day.  So, if you do not believe that then what even are we?”  Tears stinging your eyes as reality hit that you might lose Shawn.  “You are the love of my life and I don’t want to lose you”

This catching Shawn off guard, his temper instantly vanishing after he realised how much pain this is coursing you.  He pulled you into his chest you instantly hearing his heart beat quicken, the noise of him still loving you as much as you love him.  “I don’t want this to break us Y/N.  I want us to have an amazing wedding tomorrow.  I want us to have amazing honeymoon sex and I want us to live an amazing life.  I asked you to marry me because you are the only certain I can see in the future”

“And I said yes because you are the only person I want to share my future with” you glanced up at Shawn instantly locking your lips.  It felt like all the stress and pressure for tomorrow was pushed away, and the love you both shared was above all.  You knew yours and Shawn’s future was going to be difficult.  But, if you both were willing to fight for each other.  You really didn’t mind.  

Um, so, I dunno how obsessive you all are, but I’ve literally found every song Patrick Stump’s voice has ever been on (and there’s a lot). And I listed the ones that are particularly awesome, in case anyone wants to listen to something new

  • Everything is Alright by Motion City Soundtrack (2006). I literally adore this song, so much. Patrick sings backing vocals, and then a prominent bit right after the instrumental part towards the end. Also, Mark Hoppus is in the video.
  • Cupid’s Chokehold by Gym Class Heroes (2005/2007). This song is awesome, and Patrick does the chorus, and is in both of the vids. I think most of you guys have heard it, but it’s still a great song, even if you’re not a fan of hip hop.
  •  One and Only by Timbaland (2007). I fucking adore this song. It’s so good. It’s mostly Patrick singing, and he says ‘fucking’, and nghh, love this song. To be despised…
  • Clothes Off! by Gym Class Heroes (2007). Again, P. Steezy (Travie McCoy’s nickname for him, eheh) did the chorus. He’s not in the video :c But pre-split Panic! is! In animal suits! (Patrick is good friends with these guys, and he also did a cover of Billionaire with Travie before, as well as The Fighter and Stereo Hearts, all popular songs you probably heard on the radio at some point. Look those up if you want.)
  • Jock Powerviolence by Weekend Nachos (2011). Okay, so this is Soul Punk!Patrick screaming, and it’s fucking hot. Look it up. Please.
  • Second Chances by October Fall (2006). I honestly love this song; it’s really good and Patrick has his own part towards the end right before the awesome banjo part.
  • Don’t Wake Me Up by The Hush Sound (2006). Patrick produced this album. It’s really good - they’ve got a really unique sound that I really like. If you like it too, I suggest Lighthouse. Anyway, this is the only song Patrick’s on; his vocals are apparent right after the breakdown.
  • Everyday by Buddy Holly (cover) (2011). This was for some tribute album but the song is cute and Patrick is flawless and there’s a vid and yeah.
  • One of THOSE Nights (2008). This song is perfect. Brendon’s on it too. Pete’s in the video. It’s just kinda awesome. I listen to it all the time.
  • King of Wishful Thinking by New Found Glory (2007). This is like a duet, and it’s fabulous.
  • Bounce by The Cab (2008). Patrick’s in the video (oh my God, watch it right now; he’s so fabulous), and he does backing vocals, so.
  • I’m a Wonder by The Cab (2008). Patrick produced this album too. This song is swaggy, and Stumpman’s voice is distinct near the end. The backing vocals should never outshine the lead singer, but they kinda do. Really do.
  • Dancing With the Devil by Krewella (2013). This song is awesome, I love it. It’s techno-y and stuff.
  • I Stand Alone by Robert Glasper (2013). The piano on this is awesome, and I love the Common feature too. Patrick’s cute in the video and the making of. 
  • Open Happiness by -read description- (2009). This is for Pepsi or Coca-Cola or something, but it’s so catchy and happy, and the video is adorable, and Brendon and Travie are in it, and Janelle Monae and Cee-Lo Green, and yeahh, this song is cool. Patrick also did the famous Coca-Cola whistle; isn’t that cool?
  • Like, every song on ¡Viva La Cobra! by Cobra Starship (2007). Patrick produced the album, and did backing vocals on every track, and I literally love this album so much. I own it. I recommend Guilty Pleasure (Patrick’s voice is hella distinct and you can hear it near the end), Scandalous (he’s on the last chorus - s c a n d to the a to the l o u s), Smile for the Paparazzi (the gRUNTY PART IS PATRICK AND MY GOD IT’S EAR SEX AHH), and My Moves are White (the whole last minute is Patrick alone, and I love that last minute more than anything, ever). 

There’s other songs, but I don’t like them as much. I’ll put them anyway, ‘cause maybe you have slightly different taste than me.

  • One Day I’ll Stay Home by Misery Signals (2006). If you’re into that screamo shit, this is for you, and Pete’s on there too, I think. Patrick’s singing though.
  • You’re Not in on the Joke by Cobra Starship (2009). Apparently, all these bandom people are on this song, but I don’t hear them. I guess during the group singing part?
  • Feet Don’t Fail by Claude Kelly (2010). This is some pop shit I really don’t like. But eh. And y'know that one post that says ‘you can literally hear the sideburns when you listen to old fob’? Yeah, well, this is the last time you can hear the sideburns, I think. 'Trick does the hook.
  • The Last Hero by XV (2011). Some rapper I’ve never heard of, and I know most every rapper. Cute hobbit man does chorus. 
  • Bummed Out Blues by Murs (2011). I like the soul sound of this but idk. Rap again, guys. Patrick really liked hip hop in '11, I guess.
  • All Your Heart by Transit (2011). Yeah, I don’t like this. Patrick’s at the end. Pretty distinct.
  • If You Could Remember by Damnation A. D. (2007). More screamo shit, with Pete again. I love Patrick’s part in here though.
  • Birthday Girl by The Roots (2008). Not a big fan of this song, but 'Trick does the chorus.
  • Don’t Regret it Now by Tyga (2008). This fucker is a disgrace to rap - I had no idea he was signed to Pete’s label when he was a teenager until recently. Now he’s on Lil Wayne’s. But you-know-who produced his debut, and he did vocals on this song. The chorus is hella catchy, I’ll give it that, but only because it’s delivered by Patrick.
  • Est. (80’s Baby) by Tyga (2008). This shit’s annoying. Patrick’s on the last chorus but it’s kinda not worth it.
  • That’s What It Takes, Dear by Kristeen Young (2008). This song is a mess, but Patrick’s voice sounds so fucking smooth and soothing.
  • Blinded by the Sun by Gym Class Heroes (2008). This has a reggae feel, and I actually like it a little. Patrick’s in the last minute, doing backing vocals.

anonymous asked:


I’ve been waiting to answer this but it’s been hurting me all night so here we go.

He comes off stage and yanks the ear piece out of his ear– admittedly harder than he anticipated. He storms past everyone and towards dressing room. He’s trying his hardest to focus on the task at hand, which is changing quick enough for the next skit, but he can’t.

It was too much. He was too nervous. And he shouldn’t have been, of course. He knew he was rusty and hadn’t performed live in ages but THIS?! This was nowhere near what he was expecting of himself.

The cast and crew buzzes around him, while the costume people follow him into the room. He hears compliments and praises but he only vaguely registers them. All he can think is how bad he sounded.

And then he hears his name, and he’s brought back to attention. His head snaps up while he unbuttons his jacket, and he can feel the costume crew trying to get it off of him. When he meets your eyes, you’re smiling. You’re rushing over to him, trying to get around the crowd. You can’t really get close to him at the moment, but you hold his gaze with the biggest smile. “Baby that was amazing!”

“Yeah?” And the way he says it isn’t happy. You all shuffle quickly into his dressing room as he continues. “Well I don’t know what performance you were watching but it wasn’t mine.”

Your smile drops suddenly. “I… what?”

Harry shimmies out of his shirt while someone hands him his next jacket for his costume. “It was shit,” he continues, cooperating as much as he can with the crew while still talking to you. “Vocals were shit. My throat is shit.”

A voice is heard through a radio on one of the crew member’s belts. “Ten minutes till places.”

You shake your head. “Harry what…. what are you talking about?”

Harry’s pants come down and he steps out of them, buttoning up his new jacket. “You know what m'talking about, y/n. You know it was shit.”

It breaks your heart to hear him being so hard on himself. You sigh. “Well I disagree.”

Harry lets out a sarcastic little laugh as someone combs back his hair to put a new wig on his head. “Course you do.”

Your eyebrow furrow. “Harry, what is wrong with you?”

“Can we discuss this in a moment please?!” And that makes you stop. Harry tilts his head as someone begins putting glue on his face for a fake beard. You know he’s not trying to be an asshole, he’s just frustrated at himself. And you knew it just from watching it on that stage. So you sigh, walking over to the little couch in his room and sitting.

You watch as he cooperates with everyone dressing him. As he transforms into a new character, some type of soldier. He’s adorable and so handsome but he’s frowning. Eyebrows furrowed, lips in a hard line. And you want nothing more than to help him.

Minutes go by until he’s fully transformed, and he giggles a little looking at himself in the mirror, although he’s still grumpy. “Thanks,” he says softly to the crew. “Looks good.”

They remind him he has 7 minutes till places and he nods, thanking them again and again until all of them have left the room. And then…. the silence.

He looks at you with a blank face, and when you offer him a smile, he sighs and slumps into his seat. He is no longer the defensive grump he was minutes ago. He’s vulnerable. He’s sad. And he’s all but verbally asking you to comfort him.

So you sigh, standing and walking over to him. You sit on his lap, reaching under his now beard-covered chin, and tilt his head so he’s looking at you. He’s so hard on himself, and that’s one thing you know all too well. You offer him a smile. “Hey.”

“It was bad, y/n.” His voice is quiet and vulnerable, and you frown. “Really bad.” He shakes his head. “I was so much better at rehearsals. This was so…. disappointing.”

“Heyyy,” you say, rubbing his cheek softly with your thumb. “Baby. That was perfect. It was raw and emotional and….. beautiful.”

He smiles softly but you can tell he isn’t convinced. “You’re sweet. Wrong, but sweet.”

You giggle. “NOT wrong. I mean it. The only person disappointed in you is… well, you.” You lift his little soldier cap and kiss his forehead. “That’s a hard song to sing, baby. For so many reasons. Not one person could’ve done better, do you know that? You did what billions of people wish they could do. You got up there and you sang something so personal to you, dedicated to someone who meant…. god, SO much to you. And it was beautiful.” You give him a quick and smiley peck. “You’re beautiful.”

He smiles up at you as you hold his face. “Baby. How do you always know what to say to me?”

You shrug. “I know you. And I know you’re so hard on yourself and it breaks my heart. I don’t want you to be like that.”

He lets out a sigh, and his eyes lower to your lips. “Kiss me.”

You giggle, pressing your lips to his. He inhales deeply through his nose and wraps his arms tighter around you, pulling you closer on his lap. He smiles as the kiss deepens, and he gives you an affectionate little scratch on your back.

You pull away with a cheeky little grin. “I’ve got some more plans to show you just how proud I am of you, you know. As soon as we get back to the hotel.”

He smirks, moving his eyes slowly between your lips to your eyes and back as he lets out a little hum of satisfaction. “Mm, do you?”

You nod. “Mhm. But for now,” you kiss him again, “you have to go back out there. And don’t let this ruin the rest of your night. And kiss me again.”

He chuckles, lips ghosting against yours when he speaks. “Of course.”

When he pulls away he sighs. “Wanna stay right here.”

“No no, you have to go,” you say softly. “Although…. this costume is…. really doing things for me.”

He snorts this time. “Yeah? Think we could try some war roleplay?”

You giggle, nodding and kissing him again. You bite at your lip when you pull away. “Just….. don’t ever grow a beard like that.”

He pretends to be offended. “Oi. Y'dont like this?”

“It looks silly.”

“Don’t think this would feel good between your legs?”

You roll your eyes, but you can’t deny the sudden pang you feel between your legs. “Definitely not.”

He shakes his head. “Pity.” With one more quick kiss, he rises to his feet. You think he’s going to head out of the room, but instead, he pulls you into him for a long, warm hug. He holds you for longer than you expected, but you aren’t complaining.

“Thank you,” he says quietly. “I love you so much.”

Oh My, My, My - XII


SUMMARY: A love story from start to finish.

WARNINGS: language. fluff.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: short filler, kind of a “look at how time passed” part and also a cliff hanger. soz friends. it’s getting closer to an end. :(



The climb to the top of the mountain was slow. Bucky respected you. He didn’t pressure you to move faster. He had you back and that’s all he could ask for.

Bucky called you every night before he went to bed since he was 3 hours ahead. He texted you silly things throughout the day that would make you smile and giggle like a little school girl. And when you two had the time, you’d FaceTime into the late hours of the night; both dorm mates yelling at you to go to sleep already.

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