i heard he went through a lot. ):

Power Rangers Living Together Headcanon

Created with the help of the lovely @catyz101 and the wonderful @vintagecarter go ahead and give them a follow please.

- Two years after the attack, when the rangers graduate highschool, they decide to build a house together in the mountains near the ship.

-When goldar went down billy managed to save a lot of gold
“Like my dad said, you find it you keep it”
Needless to say they’re fucking loaded.

-Kim and Trini adopted a cat courtesy of her brothers. The twins found him and managed to keep him for a week before their mom found out and he was sent to live with Trini.
“Take care of gato for us”
“Wait you named i-”
“GATO, is in great hands”

-The cat loves everyone but Zack and Jason. Every time the cat cuddles up to Billy “traitor” can be heard faintly whispered through the house.

-Zack goes to the kitchen at 1 in the morning and finds the cat just sitting there staring at him, they have a staring contest for two mintues until he slowly backs away back into his room.

-They rotate dinner every night. They all make something thats authentic to them but the weekends are take out nights. It an unspoken rule of the house

-Zack almost breaking his neck doing a double take on Trini leaving from Kim’s room in the early morning

-“ITS NOT A WALK OF SHAME IF ITS YOUR OWN HOUSE” Kim passing by headed to the kitchen “you are definitely doing the walk of shame babe.”

-Billy quietly comments from the back “why are you so surprised, thats the 5th time this week.”
“Billy, its tuesday”

- “Hello, yes, i found your number in the yellow pages i was calling to tell you that MY BEST FRIEND JUST GOT LAID also a large pizza please”

-Trini watches a novella one day outta habit, and suddenly Jason and Zack are addicted. “No, trini you cant change the channel we are watching that!”

-Kim puts pink hair dye in her shampoo to figure out who keeps using it. The culprit was Jason…… and Trini

-“Who the fuck put jello in the toilet”
“You see its not actually jello its this silicone-”
“I’ll take it you’re upset with me….”

-Theyre the hardware stores best customer. The owner thinks they own a construction company. He is yet to be corrected

-One day the boys come back from the store early and hear a scream in the house. They all barge in too kims room and walk in on the girls.
“Oh my god GET OUT”
Billy closes his eyes and runs smack into the wall putting a hole in it while jason and Zack are running out dodging pillows.

-“Steve come here girl” “Zack we are not naming our dog Steve” “what about zordon?” “you wanna name my daughter after wall dad? How dare?” “you were about to name her Steve?!” “Personally i thik she looks like a Steve…” “Thank you billy”

-“Oh well if it isnt satan himself coming to visit my room when it does not belong here!” “Guys the cat isnt that bad”
“Billy do not speak on matters that do not concern you”

-“Who taught you savages to do the laundry?” “Trini relax.” “Relax? Jason, Isnt it bad enough my hair is pink but now my white tshirts are too because Zack put your shirts in with mine.”

-“Hey yellow, pink, your hell cat just attacked steve.”
“Do you dare slander my cats good name?! YOU CAN MEET ME IN THE PIT!!”

-They have color coded bath Towels. Zack likes to steal someone elses each week which isnt a problem until he struts out the bathroom in pink towels when Kim’s parents come to visit.

-“I know DAMN well i had last nights episode of Rupauls drag race recorded who DELETED IT?!?” “Sorry Zack that may have been me, but dont worry i have it recorded on my tv too” “Billy, you are my hero”

-Gato steals steves bed all the time and its the leading cause of argument in the house.

- “Satan’s spawn please, my daughters bed is too big for you and she cannot sleep in your small bed” hiss hiss “Okay that was rude” hiiiisss “TRINI! CONTROL YOUR SON AND GET HIM OUTTA MY DAUGHTERS BED RIGHT NOW”

-Fire alarm goes off at six in the morning. Multiple voices are heard screaming “KIM” from 4 seperate rooms

-She was just making toast.

Yuuri and his Decision Not to Retire in ep 12

So I was doing some thinking and realized that while I’ve talked to death about Victor’s career decision in episode 12, I’ve never really delved into the intricacies of Yuuri’s. He makes a career decision that’s just as important as Victor’s – to not retire.

This might sound odd since he’s never taken a break like Victor did but Yuuri had been planning all season to retire after the GPF. He feels his time in his career is limited, and we see him come back to this multiple times throughout the series. That itself spawned from the fact that even before Victor came, Yuuri had been considering the idea of retirement. Then, in episode 12, he made the choice not to retire but to continue skating. Why?

I’ve heard multiple people’s interpretations of the reason(s) for this decision and I’ve gotten a lot varied responses, so I figured I’d share mine! Let’s start from the beginning of the episode and work our way through!

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I’m really excited about the Louis record because it’s like the… I usually write a lot of my own music and in this case I didn’t. He sent the record over to me through email and he was like ‘just check it out’. So I listened to it and in the first five seconds it immediately caught my attention. I went to go take a shower and while I was in the shower I could not stop thinking about the song that I just had heard. So like after I got out of the shower I went back on my phone to listen to the link and the link expired after like one listen or something and I was texting my manager like 'I need the song! I need to hear the song! Please, send it back to me! I need the link again, I need the password.’ Ever since I heard it I was obsessed.

And working with him as well was just… it was such a cool experience. Very nice guy. Because you just don’t know what to expect. Especially like you know, he’s a part of One Direction and you don’t know… but he is so chill and like so cool and like just still seems grateful and humble and that’s I think really really cool.
Sasuke Uchiha.

- Likes animals?? Literally pets most animals he sees.
- Doesn’t follow the rules just because. Challenges authorities.
- Risked his life and chances of accomplishing his goals to save his precious person.
- Deep voice™
- All he ever wanted was justice.
- Was willing to sacrifice himself so no one would go through what he went through.
- Loves tomatoes… my heart.
- So intelligent and resourceful? Appreciate him.
- Graceful and elegant. 

 - Uses his opponent’s hands to complete the hand motions for a jutsu. 

 - Helped Konoha and the other villages during the war, he didn’t owe them anything. But he helped them nonetheless. (and saved their asses, too).

 - Best style award. No one had better outfits. 

- Trained for days restlessly to strengthen his katon no jutsu when he was a little boy.

 - Loved his brother. 

 - Loved his mom so much. 

 - “What I’m calling for, what I’m bringing forth, that is, REVOLUTION!”

- His story and ambitions were swept under the rug, I’m still heartbroken. Deserved better. 

 - His small little “heh” when he chuckles. 

- Will end you with one arm.

- Hair style icon. Name a more iconic hairstyle than his duckbutt, I’ll wait.

- Not here only for shipping material, a complex, beautiful character that stuck to his morals even as he was inches away from death.

- Not to be dramatic or anything but if it hadn’t been for him team seven would have probably died in part one.

- Had to rewatch his brother (and favorite person) murdering his family approximately half a million times throughout his life and y'all still have the nerve to call him “dramatic emo”. Leak your address I just want to talk.

- Went through everything I’ve mentioned and more through the first seventeen years of his life. Had to grow up a lot faster than anyone else.

- Defended Naruto when Sakura tried to say he was lucky for not having parents. Went to look for him because he was worried that he didn’t show up for breakfast. Spent the night training with Naruto and semi carried him home afterwards.

- Have you heard him saying Niisan.

- I love him.

on self-diagnosing

when i was about 14, i went to a mental health service and was diagnosed with major depression and generalized anxiety disorder. i got put on antidepressants that didn’t work and went to a few therapists that didn’t help me. my parents wasted hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars getting me treated for disorders that were not my true problem.

when i was 21, i went through the hardest break-up of my life. i went to a counselor who didn’t diagnose me at all - she talked to me like she didn’t care what my mental health issues were and that’s when i realized it doesn’t matter what your diagnosis is, as long as you’re getting treated for the problems that lie in front of you.

last year, when i was 21/22, i experienced a few bpd episodes. on new years, i got someone i was barely friends with to drive me over 30 minutes to my ex’s house to punch him in the face over something stupid. i couldn’t believe how manic it made me feel - i felt totally on top of the world. until the next day where the guilt swallowed me alive and i was stuck in yet another bout of depression. a couple months later, i found myself breaking down in the college stairwell over drama with another boy, calling my parents and telling them i was going to kill myself after he blocked me. they had to come pick me up because they didn’t think i would be okay if i drove.

i didn’t understand what was up with these symptoms. why did all of my depression stem from my relationships? why did i want to fling myself off of a bridge after the smallest disagreement? i was more than depressed - i was angry. i was so, so angry. for as long as i can remember, i’d cycle through the worst emotions followed by mania followed by the worst emotions. but it happened so fast, i could barely remember it by the time i got a chance to tell anyone.

i got back into therapy, into medication. i got put on a different antidepressant. i told my doctor, “you don’t understand. i have bouts of anger. do you have anything for that?” she prescribed me an anxiety medication for panic attacks.

the point is doctors do what they can to treat you. they don’t know what is going to help. they’re stumbling around blindly until they find something that works. they don’t truly know what’s going on in your head. they try to diagnose you on your first appointment at a mental health service and if you don’t portray all of your symptoms perfectly, you WILL get an incorrect diagnosis.

i never did my own research. i fed into the lie that psychiatrists/psychologists will do anything in their power to give you a correct diagnosis. i never self-diagnosed until i heard about bpd. luckily, i was already going to a psychiatrist when i heard about it, so i brought it up to him. he said, “huh, yeah, you’re probably right. that does sound like your symptoms” and prescribed me an anti-psychotic. still no diagnosis.

let me reiterate: i could have been getting the help i needed for YEARS, and i didn’t, because though i went through quite a few therapists and psychiatrists, none of them could figure out my diagnosis. it took the couple of “bpd freak-outs” i had for someone to take me seriously. for someone to finally say, “you have a lot of bipolar symptoms…” still not the right diagnosis, but it was getting closer, at least. if i didn’t have those freak-outs, i can guarantee you i still wouldn’t even have a “huh, yeah.” because in the world of psychiatrists (and a lot of times people who are anti self-diagnosis), your symptoms don’t matter until you have the worst possible symptoms, until your symptoms are outward, and that’s unfair and ridiculous.

so this is where the line gets blurred. to those who are anti self-diagnosis: am i allowed to say i have bpd because my psychiatrist told me i did but didn’t officially diagnose me? i ultimately stopped going to a psychiatrist and therapy because i spent another thousand dollars (out of my own pocket this time) to diagnose myself and i didn’t agree with the medication i was on. should i go back for one appointment just to satisfy your need for me to be officially diagnosed?

thinking back on the counselor i had when i was 21, i realized that the diagnosis doesn’t matter. but nobody takes you seriously unless you have a diagnosis and this is what’s wrong, not the fact that people self-diagnose. maybe if people took the symptoms seriously, people wouldn’t find the need to self-diagnose. maybe if mental illness wasn’t this exclusive club, people would feel more comfortable talking about their symptoms, even if they’re less drastic than yours are.

the point is this: somebody self-diagnosing doesn’t affect you. the only reason people knock people for self-diagnosing is because they want to feel powerful and elite. congratulations - you have an official diagnosis. i have three if you count adhd. but my most important number four diagnosis is being left untreated and tumblr has helped me get though a lot of my bpd-related issues and to that, i am thankful. because the resources are always going to be more important than the diagnosis and i am happy that those who self-diagnose are getting the resources they need.

anonymous asked:

If it's okay with you, and I will absolutely understand if you delete the request, but how do you think the RFA + Saeran would react if MC confessed to them that she never liked herself? ~~it's fine if you don't want to, and thank you ❤️~~

Sure! We hope you enjoy this one:) 


  • You were so confident and bright
  • But he also appeared that way on the outside
  • He had some suspicions in the way your confidence faltered when you thought no one was looking
  • He approaches you about it when you spend a little too much time frowning in the mirror
  • You try to brush it off and say sometimes you don’t feel like a somebody next to someone like him
  • He shuts you down right there and tells you not to compare yourself to anyone
  • It’s enough to make you open up and confess that you never liked yourself ever
  • He gives you a little pep talk, but nothing too deep
  • He knows from experience that talking doesn’t always heal those insecurities
  • But, he compliments you every day on little things
  • If you’re doing your hair, he’ll say how cute it looks, or if you’re cooking a meal, he’ll praise you on how capable you are
  • After a few months of this, you come back to him with a smile, “You know…I think I’m beginning to think I’m okay.”
  • It would still be a little longer until you truly liked yourself, but he was so happy at the progress


  • You had this bad tendency of beating yourself up 
  • Usually it was small comments here and there, but Yoosung noticed
  • He asked why you always tore yourself down and it came tumbling out that you really couldn’t stand yourself
  • You’ve never seen him look so hurt
  • He starts spitting out compliment after compliment
  • Somewhere in the middle, you found the air being squeezed out of your lungs as he hugs you
  • He apologizes that he didn’t realize it was so serious
  • He starts this little tradition every day where he makes you name one thing about yourself that you like
  • If you name a body part, he’ll kiss it
  • “I like that part of you, too!” he would say. “But I love every part of you.”


  • They say people inexplicably open up to each other after midnight
  • Well, you and Jaehee were sipping tea together past midnight, and you just slipped
  • “Do you ever feel like you don’t like yourself? Because…I do all the time.”
  • Jaehee falters for a moment, but she’s very calm
  • She asks you what you don’t like about yourself
  • You start stating some traits
  • For each one, she asks the same thing: Why don’t you like that about yourself?
  • This little back and forth goes all night until the sun comes up and you’ve gotten to the root of some things
  • You resolve to at least attempt to love yourself more
  • And Jaehee promises to do her best to help you see what she sees


  • You were always so strong, so he always assumed you were confident
  • But then one day, he bought a floor length mirror for the house and you did not look thrilled
  • “I thought you might like something to see your full self in,” he says when you rush out of the room
  • You reply that you don’t really like looking at yourself in the mirror
  • The more you look, the more flaws you see and you already despise yourself enough
  • The confession just keeps tumbling out of your mouth, and soon you’re admitting that you feel you don’t deserve the gifts he gives you because you probably don’t look the best in the dresses, and jewelry and the rest of the things he showers you with
  • Jumin’s chest just ached…He hurt so bad because he could see that you were hurting
  • He takes your hands, “Have I ever lied to you?”
  • “No…”
  • “Then believe me when I say you are absolutely beautiful inside and out. You have so many great qualities, that it would be a shame if you couldn’t see them yourself.”
  • He makes a vow to help you love yourself, and for once you try to put in the effort


  • “Saeyoung, do you know how we promised we were going to be honest about our feelings?”
  • “Yeah.”
  • “Well…I don’t like myself.”
  • He was surprisingly calm about it
  • He had been there himself, and freaking out would not help
  • He sets everything aside and has you talk about it
  • It takes some digging, but he tries to find the root of the problem
  • When you’re done, you’re a mess of tears
  • You admit that you want to love yourself, but you really can’t see any good qualities
  • This is where he steps in and starts listing your qualities one by one until you’re even worse of a mess
  • He knows it’s a process, so he tries to remind you daily of reasons to love yourself
  • He makes you list one you like about yourself in return
  • He also programs the robot cat to spit out compliments when he’s not around
  • You can’t shut it off unless you say a nice thing about yourself


  • It slipped out as a morbid joke actually
  • You were doing something, and you messed up so you chuckled
  • “Ah, I hate myself.”
  • Saeran’s attention snapped to you right away and he asked you to repeat that, since he wasn’t sure he heard right
  • When you say it again, he gets really upset
  • He went through years of actual self-loathing and he doesn’t like that you’re making a joke about it
  • It’s at this point you confess that it was a joke, but with a lot of truth behind it
  • You admit that you never really liked yourself
  • For some reason, the confession causes your emotions to burst and now you’re crying
  • He apologizes immediately, because he felt he was a little harsh before
  • It gets quiet except for your crying, and then he murmurs, “You’re worth a lot to me, and you should love yourself too.”
  • You were so touched by a simple sentence
  • From that point on, you tried to see yourself in a better light, and he tried to help you do so

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We Tried To Get Keegan Allen To Spill All The "Pretty Little Liars" Spoilers
Try again, sweaty. (This post may or may not contain spoilers, you've been warned.)
By Tahlia Pritchard, Jemima Skelley

A.D.’s storyline definitely makes sense.
“The whole storyline makes sense to me now. It’s like filling in the golden puzzle piece for sure. Fans will have the biggest, mind-blowing, exploding heads… it is the absolute bookend the show needed, it answers a lot of questions, it puts a lot of things into perspective, and it’s a great send-off.”

Toby will be in a scene with A.D during the finale.
Remaining tight-lipped on this one, Keegan simply answered that he will share the screen with A.D. in the last episode.

And when asked about the Spencer’s twin theory, Keegan talked a lot about Toby and his beard.
BuzzFeed: “We haven’t seen Toby since he slept with Spencer in the cabin, and now his phone is switched off. Is this because Toby actually slept with Spencer’s TWIN?”
Keegan: “You know I’ve heard a lot of theories about this kind of stuff. I feel like at the end of everything, all these theories will be debunked, answered, and everyone will have what they want. I can tell you though, I was rocking a pretty sick beard during that scene – it was a real beard – and then in the finale I was going to have an even BIGGER beard but I had to shave it. I went through three-and-a-half hours of makeup to have a huge beard, and I went on the set and no one could take it seriously, because I looked like I was from Castaway… so we took it off. So in the finale, I don’t have a beard anymore, like I might get fired but the show is already off the air… um, I just told a big secret, I don’t have a beard anymore in the finale! Anyway, that was that.”

Just like Ezra’s stress stubble, Toby’s beard was symbolic of his grief and stress.
“I remember really badly wanting to keep my beard for that scene in the cabin because I was like, ‘man, Toby’s really gone off the deep end, like his wife has died, I mean c’mon, he’s not gonna shave ever again!’ I can grow a beard within like three days. Like a FULL beard. I just squeeze my face and my pores shoot hairs out. A lot of people think Toby’s beard is A.D. and it’s gonna come off and be like 'I’ve been here all along’. But that’s just a Tumblr thing.”

Even Keegan is unsure about Toby’s police training.
“I feel like Toby decided to be a cop one night, around 8:30pm, logged onto his computer, went to RosewoodPD.com, printed off his diploma, went to work the next morning, and was a police officer. The only reason I think that was a reality was… the fact he’s such a BAD cop, he’s not a terrible person, he’s just a better carpenter you know? He’s a better carpenter than he is a cop, and he is an OK carpenter. I think that’s why he ultimately retired!”

Apparently Toby’s partner Lorenzo just moved on up in the police force.
“Ahh Lorenzo…. Uh huh. So he became a detective in the beginning of Season 6, and I remember going into work and being like 'hey man, why do you get to wear a suit?!’ and he’s like, 'well I’m a detective now’, and I was like 'what the hell man? I’ve been a cop for like three seasons why don’t I get to be a detective?’ So I think he just became a detective and he just worked his way up and he’s important now, he’s on like Lethal Weapon now or something!”

Toby’s experience with the drugged gummy bears ~probably~ got him “fired”.
“He was high AF and ended up being like 'Where I am?’ and the police officers all around him were like, 'Dude you can’t be a police officer anymore, cause you’re high’. He was just lit, and then he got fired, pretty much,” Keegan joked.

And Toby wearing a du-rag in the earlier seasons was a complete accident.
“That was actually a mistake that scene! My hair was really long and I had to look like I had a shaved head. And they put on the du-rag just to keep my hair down, and they were gonna take it off when I was about to shoot, and my hair would be slicked back and I’d look really dangerous and juvenile. But when we were shooting, Michael the director was like, 'OK we’re gonna shoot the rehearsal’, and I had the du-rag on, and I didn’t take it off, I was just in the middle of the scene. Then months had gone by, and the production editor showed Mandy (the wardrobe person), and she was like 'what the hell is this, why is the du-rag on his head?!’ and everyone was like 'what are you talking about? This has already been in production for months’ and she was like 'oh my god NO!’ It ended up staying in… It was nobody’s fault, just an accidental mess up!”

It was only during filming the finale that Keegan started to piece together what was going on, and he was definitely shocked by who killed Charlotte.
“The truth is, I wasn’t really keeping the storyline straight. I couldn’t keep up. What ends up happening when we were shooting most of the time was that we’ll have the writer and you’d be like 'hey, what’s going on?’ and they’ll give you just snippets you need to know for your character, because there are so many storylines that your circuits would get crossed and you’d go crazy. Then if you dare, later you could go back and start to piece things together. But up until the finale I hadn’t been piecing anything together, then I started to when we were shooting the finale. I remember reading last week’s episode when there was all this info that was dumped on the audience. And me being part of the show I was like, 'wait, WHAT… Who killed Charlotte?!’ I was so enamoured by our show in that moment. Because you’re part of a show and you love doing it as much as people love watching it, but then you also get sucked into the fandom and canon of storytelling and get shocked by it.”

He even said there were some plot holes you could “literally drive a train through”, when asked about Detective Wilden covering up Marion Cavanaugh’s death.
“Jessica DiLaurentis bribed Detective Wilden to cover up Toby’s mom’s death, after ~Bethany~ pushed her off the roof at Radley. According to our calculations Wilden would’ve been a young teen at the time, so there’s no way he could be a detective. Is that right?”
Keegan: “I don’t know. That’s more a question for Marlene King. Because there are some plot points during the show that you could literally drive a train through… until the end of the show, that is. The finale will make so much sense to so many people, because they’re like, 'This show has plot holes the size of Swiss cheese!’ and like yeah, but it will make sense at the end. There’s something that happens and just collectively you’re like, 'oh shit that makes total sense now, of course!’ and that’s what will happen. Hopefully.”

And Keegan mentioned while he did get a laugh out of trolling his PLL fans, he’s been dropping clues this WHOLE time.
“I love trolling the fans! But I also love placing little easter eggs, because there is sometimes truth to things I’m saying. When the show ends, I can go back and be like: 'I said this and nobody picked up on it!’ I’ve done interviews and I’ve totally divulged things but nobody picks up on it. Once the show ends I’ll do an entire investigation into my own past stuff that I’ve said and I’ll be like, 'haha, I told you guys!’.”

BTW, he loves memes.
“I don’t really have friendships, they’re just direct message memes, so I love trolling fans (with memes). I think the sweaty thing, the misspelt sweetie meme, is my favourite thing ever. I kept doing it and fans were like 'you misspelt sweetie, what’s wrong with you!’ and 'I’m like, no, no that’s the meme guys!’.”

Why Choose Him?

Anon asked: can you write something about michael getting a boyfriend and jeremy being super fucking jealous??

Haha, can I? I think absofuckinglutely. I fucking love this prompt

Jeremy wasn’t happy that he lost five bucks on a bet- the bet being who could get a boyfriend/girlfriend first. But as much as Jeremy kept telling himself he needed those five dollars to pig out on Doritos, there was something else putting a bitter taste in his mind.

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About a Girl [2]

Originally posted by bangthebae

Part 1 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Final / Epilogue

Meet your new employer.

“Who are you and what are you doing in my home?”

You stared at the man like a deer in headlights. Was this Mr. Kim? “My name is Y/LN/FN.” You took a moment to bow. “I’m Jangmi’s nanny.”

“Hm,” the man seemed to relax a little, placing his hand on his hip. “I didn’t realize Jungkook had found someone.”

“That wasn’t you that I spoke to on the phone?”

He chuckled, “No. That was my assistant. He’s in charge of these kinds of things.” He turned to fill up a glass of water. “I don’t have time for these things. Incase you haven’t heard I tend to go through a lot of nannies.”

You felt a twinge of anger at his nonchalant tone. Being as that you were new, you pushed it aside to give him the benefit of the doubt. He might seem uncaring, but maybe that was only because it had been a long day. “Ah, I see. I thought your voice sounded different.”

“Did Mrs. Choi give you Jangmi’s schedule?”


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“I hate this island, and I hate you.” (Peter Pan x Reader)

Title: “I hate this island, and I hate you.” 

Pairing: Peter Pan x Fem!Reader

Word Count: 1,081

Summary: Y/N hates Neverland, and Pan doesn’t take too kindly to that hatred.

Warning(s): Cussing, being locked in a cage, mention of kidnapping?

A/N: I do take requests, so feel free to send in some!!

Originally posted by straightillmorning

You hated Neverland with a passion. You hated that time stood still. You hated that the entire island was a dense jungle. You hated the pirates that would come to shore for the sole purpose of fucking shit up. You hated that you were the only girl on the island. You hated that you were taken from your home, from your loving home. You hated the rambunctious Lost Boys. You hated their leader, the self-proclaimed king of Neverland. You hated Peter Pan more than anything. You didn’t belong on Neverland. You never did. The island was for the lost, and you weren’t among those who felt that way.

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Scars, Marks, and Tattoo’s.

Wayhaught Fluff - Sorry about this. Enjoy! 

The first time they had sex Nicole was focused. So focused on giving Waverly everything, that she didn’t have time to memorize every freckle, and scar on her girlfriend’s body.

So the second time they had sex she made sure to examine every inch of Waverly’s body. She was determined to find out everything she could about this woman though the marks on her body.

She kissed the small birthmark she found below her left ear.

“What about this scar?” She asked as she gently kissed the white mark near her elbow.

“Bike accident when I was 9.” Waverly smiled as she stroked her fingers through her girlfriends hair.

She continued to kiss down her body, smiling as she found three freckles on right hip. Nicole’s lips traveled to the other side of her hip. And then they stopped.

She pulled back to examine the colorful ink on the smaller woman’s hip bone. It was small but Nicole still wondered how on earth she had missed an hour ago when they stripped each other naked.

“Waves, what’s this?” She smiled as her fingertips danced over the bright tattoo. It was a feather, one that looked somewhat like a peacock feather. It was colorful, and detailed, and beautiful.

Waverly leaned up on her elbows so she could see Nicole’s face. “Oh that…it’s nothing…it’s stupid.” She stuttered a bit, trying to dismiss the ink.

Nicole’s eyes didn’t move from the tattoo. Her fingers continued to moved back and forth over it. “It’s not stupid, it’s pretty.” She said as she brought her lips to the feather tattoo. “Does it mean anything?” She asked looking back at Waverly with that warm encouraging smile of hers. Nicole saw Waverly’s expression change. She knew it meant something but she might not be ready to talk about it. “You don’t have to tel-”

“No it's…” Waverly sat up a bit and took a breath. “I don’t remember a lot about my dad.” Nicole could hear the hurt in her girlfriend’s voice. She rested her arm across Waverly’s hip and then rested her head there as she watched her talk. “He died when I was so young that most of the memories I have of him are just a blur now. But…when I was little…” Waverly smiled as she lost herself in the moment. “He would always pick me up and say ‘my little Wave is as light as a feather’. Eventually he just started calling me his little feather.” She shrugged. “I don’t know it was just always the one thing I remembered. The one thing I held onto, ya know?” She looked back at Nicole who nodded her head, tears welling up in her eyes. “And then on my 18th birthday, I was walking to my car in the morning and this feather was sitting on my windshield. It was so beautiful and bright, like a peacock feather but…but it didn’t make any sense, I had never seen anything like it. 

“Waves, I have chills.” Nicole’s chimed in.

Waverly laughed and nodded. “I did too. So I got in the car, and drove right to the tattoo shop. I brought the feather in with me and the next thing I know…” she motioned to the ink on her hip.

“Baby….” Nicole smiled. “I love that.” She looked back at the tattoo. 

“Champ hated it. He said it was gay and that girls shouldn’t have tattoos.” Waverly said as she watched the way Nicole admired it.

“Yeah, well Champ is a walking talking homophobic dude bro stereotype that wouldn’t know beauty if it smacked him across the face.” Nicole rolled her eyes and Waverly laughed. “Baby this is beautiful.”

“I think so too.” Waverly nodded feeling the tears well up in her eyes too.

“Plus…I always found tattoos on girls kinda hot.” Nicole smiled up at Waverly before kissing the ink again.

“Oh yeah?” She smiled back.

“Yeah, its badass.” Nicole giggled.

“Would you ever get one?” Waverly asked with that mischievous glint in her eyes.

Nicole thought for a minute. “Yeah I think I would.”

“What would you get?” Waverly asked as she brushed a strand of hair out of the redhead’s face.

“I don’t know…..” she thought again. “Maybe a wave.” She laughed as she glanced up at Waverly.

Waverly felt her heartbeat quicken. She stuttered out a “really?”

Nicole’s nodded as she said “yeah….I really love the ocean.” Waverly laughed and smacked her in the arm. Nicole laughed too and continued to kiss her hip bone. “Did it hurt?”

“Not really. But us Earps have a pretty high pain tolerance.” Waverly grinned.

“So I’ve heard.” Nicole’s giggled.

“You know, no one’s ever asked me about it before.” Waverly commented.

“Really? Not even Champ?” Nicole’s asked.

“No, all he said when he saw it was ‘what’s that’ ‘looks dumb’.” Waverly lowered her voice as she impersonated him.

“What an intellectual.” Nicole’s said sarcastically.

“I mean not a lot of people have seen it. I guess a couple of the girls I went to a lake house with a few years ago, Champ, and my aunt saw it once…but no one ever asked about it.” She said as she ran her finger through Nicole’s hair again.

“Well I’m glad I did. It’s a great story Waves.” Nicole gave her another smile. “I like learning about you.”

Waverly laughed and leaned forward to kiss Nicole. “There’s a scar on my knee from a wall ball tournament in 5th grade.” She whispered against her girlfriend lips when they pulled away. Nicole laughed and found the scar on Waverly’s right knee. “15 stitches but I won and that’s what matters.”

“I bet you were a crazy kid.” Nicole’s laughed as she let her fingers touch the faded scar.

“Had to live up to the name somehow.”

Nicole lifted her chin to showed Waverly a small scar. “Freshman year of college, fell in the shower.”

“What?!” Waverly laughed.

“I may have been a little drunk but yeah slipped and cut my chin pretty bad.” She explained.”oh and this finger.” She said holding up her ring finger on her right hand. “See how it’s kind crooked.” Waverly examined it and nodded. “Slammed it in the car door at 16.”

They continued to talk about all the scars they had, the body parts they had broken doing stupid things, the genetic and oddly shaped birthmarks on their bodies.

The love they made after that felt intimate, almost more intimate than their first time. Because now they knew things about each other, things no one else did. There was a vulnerability that came with learning about someone else’s scars and marks, someone’s past.

Before they fell asleep that night Nicole found herself stroking the tattoo again, her eyes fixated on the ink. “He was right, you know.”

“Who?” Waverly was laying on her side facing Nicole, her sleepy eyes transfixed on her girlfriends face.

“Your dad.” Nicole smiled as she looked back at Waverly. “You are light as a feather.” Waverly couldn’t help the smile that spread across her face. “And I don’t just mean physically.” She laughed “You…you have this way about you Waves.” Nicole brushed the hair out of Waverly’s face and let it linger on her cheek. “When I’m with you I feel light. I feel like I’m floating.”

“I feel that way too…when I’m with you.” Waverly nuzzled her face against Nicole’s hand and closed her eyes.

“You really are like this feather. Colorful, and bright, and so…so beautiful.” Nicole spoke and Waverly opened her eyes again. Her eyes immediately met Nicole’s and all she was was love. For the first time she saw someone that understood her. Someone that just got it. Yes it was just a tattoo but Nicole knew what it really meant to her. She got the real meaning behind it. She could feel the tears well up again. “It fits you Waves.” Waverly nodded and then curled her body against Nicole’s.

Nicole held her in her arms that night, strong but delicate, as if she was hold the most precious feather.

My friend Andrew has less than 12 hours before he know longer qualifies for the drug that could save his life.
For most of us, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. But it isn’t just a Hallmark holiday. Tomorrow is a really big deal for my friend Andrew, who was recently d...

edit: i’ve just heard now (at 10:30EST) through mutual friends that he WILL be receiving the necessary coverage to participate in the clinical trial! thanks to everyone who sent an email or reblogged this!!!

i went to university with andrew kantor, a graduate student at vanderbilt who has recently been diagnosed with a particularly aggressive form of AML (leukemia). i don’t know him well, but we have a lot of mutual friends, and he’s supposed to be in my best friend’s wedding this december.

andrew has the opportunity to participate in a clinical trial that could potentially save his life. the pharmaceutical company funding the trial will be paying for the drug, which is called midostaurin. however, andrew’s student health insurance, which he receives through vanderbilt, is refusing to cover the standard care associated with the trial, including his stay in the hospital. from andrew:

To be clear, the clinical trial is funded by a pharmaceutical company and does not need to be covered by the insurance company. The insurance company solely has to pay for the ROUTINE STANDARD care that goes along with the clinical trial. I am a Vanderbilt student/employee being cared for in a Vanderbilt hospital with Vanderbilt insurance that needs to enter a clinical trial that is administered by a Vanderbilt principal investigator. To be clear, the medical care that I have received throughout the past week has been exceptional, but I MUST continue to receive this medical care in order to survive.

we’re really hoping that nick zeppos, the chancellor of vanderbilt, can help. andrew needs insurance coverage by noon EST today, february 14th–as i write this, he has a little less than 4 hours to receive coverage. if you have a minute, can you please reblog this and send an email to Chancellor@Vanderbilt.edu

sample email~

To: Chancellor Nick Zeppos at Chancellor@Vanderbilt.edu

Subject: Urgent: Andrew Kantor Clinical trial coverage denial

Body: Dear Chancellor Zeppos,

I’m writing to you to advocate on the behalf of graduate student Andrew Kantor. He is being denied coverage for costs associated with the clinical trial that may be his only chance at surviving his recent diagnosis with AML. The student health insurance made available to him has denied his claim for care that supports the clinical trial, which in itself is fully funded. I hope Vanderbilt realizes that students such as Andrew are an asset to the community and that you are willing to advocate for his continued care at Vanderbilt’s hospital system.

Tales From the Continental: The Marker- Prologue

John Wick Imagine

Reader x John Wick (kind of? more friendly)

Synopsis: You find John in your house, coming to you for help… you think…


I was enjoying my night out on the veranda, drinking my sweet tea, curled up with a book, when I felt the air change, felt the temperature rise ever so slightly, the tension in the air increase. I can’t say it was a surprise. I’d been waiting for it for a few days at least, shocked, if we were being honest, that it hadn’t happened earlier. I’d told Rico three days before that this was going to happen- he’d been reluctant to leave on his trip because of it.

I let the silence go on, excruciating in its depth, for longer than I probably should have, but I’d always had a flair for the dramatic, and so had he. Finally, I relented.

“John.” I said only one word.

“Y/N.” And so did he. He never had said much. This time, though, he continued. “You don’t seem surprised. Or concerned.”

I still hadn’t turned around. I lifted my glass to my lips again, ice cubes clinking, sweet tea on my tongue. “I’ve been expecting you.” I finished my drink, setting it back down. Closing the book. “And we both know I can probably take you.” I still didn’t turn around. “Come sit down, John. It’s been a long time, and it’s rude to linger in doorways.”

A few silent strides and he sat, diagonal from me so that his back wasn’t exposed to the French countryside below, but instead to the wall of the garage. He’d seen better days. He appeared to be bleeding from an abdominal wound, his suit was torn, and he had a black eye. It appeared that he hadn’t slept in quite a while- the bags under his eyes were huge and his face was pale and drawn. Not the best of times for John. I poured him a glass of tea. I’d thought to set out two.

“You really were expecting me.” He grunted. I nodded. He took a sip, set the cup down, and proceeded. “So, you’ve heard then.”

“About the contract? Yes. I got the message, same as everyone else, a few mornings ago.”

“Right. And what did you do when that came through?”

“I turned off my phone and went back to sleep, John.”

“Fourteen million is a lot of money.” He sounded more uneasy than he looked. We both knew I wasn’t about to try to kill him.

“It means nothing if you’re too dead to spend it.” I refilled my glass nonchalantly.

He leaned back in his chair. “You said yourself that you could kill me.”

“I said probably. You know I don’t take a contract unless it’s a sure thing. You are far from a certain kill, John. Besides, I could never kill Jack’s brother.” We were both silent for a second, lamenting the dead.

“I haven’t heard that name in a long time.”

“I haven’t said that name in a long time.”

More silence.

“You came here for a reason. I assume it’s for help.” I finally continued. He nodded once. “You’re bleeding. You need a place to sleep.” He nodded again.

“My stitches tore out. And I haven’t slept in three days.” He downed the rest of the tea.

“I’ll get my med kit. There’s a guest bedroom upstairs. You’ll be safe here.” I stood. “You’ll have to tell me what else you’re here for eventually. You didn’t fly to France to get patched up by a non- doctor.”

John stood, wincing at his injuries. “I will.”

I turned to lead him into the house, opening my phone to text Rico and assure him that John had not in fact come to kill me, when I paused. I turned around. “John… do I hear a dog whining out front?”

To be continued….

anonymous asked:

I hc that Lance went through A LOT of 'phases' growing up, like the boy was so into getting people to like him he fit into every kind of clique; he learnt guitar b/c he heard that's what every teen girl dreamed of, he can skateboard b/c he wanted to hang out with the skaters after school, he can break dance b/c someone in class said it was "so cool", he's half fluent in a bunch of languages so he can make friends with tourists, etc; I'm talking extreme Jack of All Trades Master Of None Lance

I love this and can totally see it??

Daryl x Reader - You’re not alone (30 days series) [SMUT]



–> DAY 1

–> DAY 2

–> DAY 3

–> DAY 4

DAY 5: Doing something funny

–> DAY 6

So, I want to do this challenge with the pairing “DarylxReader”.

I’ll try to upload a story everyday, I hope you like it!

–> Requests are open by the way

Fandom: The Walking Dead

Pairing: Daryl x Reader

Warning: SMUT, SMUT, SMUT (Shower smut because it’s probably the only way to persuade him to take a shower)


(it’s my first smutty fanfiction so please don’t kill me if it sucks)

The atmosphere in Alexandria was oppressive.

All this situation with the Saviours was making everyone nervous and annoyed by everything.

Even Glenn, the most cheerful among us, became serious, no more jokes or nerdy conversations.

All of this made me uncomfortable, I mean, I know it’s a serious situation, but I really want to forget everything for a little.

That’s why I started to sneak out Alexandria, I wanted to free myself from all the negative thoughts and enjoy the silence.

Almost every day I head to a little lake, not too far away from home, I cleared it from walkers the first time I came across it.

It’s really beautiful and calming, and, after I make sure that there isn’t any walker around, I just sit there enjoying the silence.

I thought that my absence went unnoticed but I was wrong.

Even if Daryl busy himself working on his bike or hunting, he started to notice my disappearance, and since he’s really protective, he’ll make sure I’m okay.


 I was spending another day at the lake, sunlight caressed my skin.

Everything was perfect until I hear footstep on the mud that surround the lake.

Turning around with my knife, ready to kill a walker, my (Y/e/c) eyes meet blue ones.

Daryl was stalking towards me, he seems really angry: “What the hell are you doin’ here? Are you fuckin’ crazy?”
Irritated by his behaviour I answer angry: “I wanted to be alone, I can handle myself pretty well around here”.

Daryl stays two steps away from me, stare straight into my eyes: “What if you are too distracted  and a walker bites you huh? What if saviours found you in this place? Now c’mon let’s go back to Alexandria”.

He step close to me, while I step back: “No! I don’t want to! I don’t want to stay close in a place where everyone are annoyed by anything!”.

Daryl continue walk towards me, he really want to grab me and take me away so I did something stupid.

I take some mud and throw at him, hitting him on his right cheek.

“Oh no, you didn’t”

I grin at him “go away or else…” I show him my fist full of mud.

However Daryl keep walking towards me and I keep throwing mud, until he tackle me down:
“Payback time” he said while he put mud all over my face and body.

Laughing I do the same with him.

When finally we stop laughing, the only sound that could be heard was our heavy breathing.

We look at each other, smiling, he on top of me his face dirty with mud, mine as well: “(Y/n), why you keep sneaking out?”
“It’s just… I know that it’s wartime but…we went already through a lot…The Governor, Claimers, Terminus, Wolves and now this! I thought that we were finally safe, that we can have a normal life…well as normal as possible can be during a zombie apocalypse.” I didn’t notice I was cry until Daryl starts to touch my cheeks.

“So you wanted an escape right?” he said getting up and pulling me with him.

“You know (Y/n),I feel the same, that’s why I keep busying myself with my bike or hunt… keep in mind that you’re not alone”.

I can’t help but smile at him, he’s right, I’m not the only one feeling that way.

When I notice him getting close to my lips, I turn my face away “eew don’t you dare, you’re covered in mud”.
He laughed “so are you!… shower?”
“Daryl Dixon wants to take a shower? Oh my God are you okay?” I said, making fun of his “relationship” with the shower.

“ah ah very funny”.……………………………………………………………………………………………

The feeling of hot water on my skin it’s so good!

While Daryl was taking his time to take off is clothes, I undress myself quickly because I couldn’t stand the feeling of mud on my body.

While I was under the stream of water I feel Daryl entering the shower and starting to massage my scalp with his big hands.

I let out a whimper and lay my head on his shoulder: “Keep up with that and I’ll fall asleep”.

Spinning me around we start to wash each other.

I wash him on his chest and on his arms while he start to roams his hands along my hips, up and down.

This closeness and the feeling of his big hands on me turns me on so I start to lay kisses on his jawline until I reach his neck where I start to mark him.

Groaning he slam me against the shower wall: “I need you”.

Feeling his erection on my hips I can’t help but giggle: “Oh I can tell”

Grinning he just say: “smartass” and then start devouring my lips.

Feeling his tongue parting my lips, we start battling for dominance but it was obvious that he’s going to win.

After a while, I take his bottom lip between my lips and I start to sucking and bit it.

This apparently turns him on, with one hand he start to play with my left breast, with the other he plays with my clit.

“Daryl…please” I moan while he detach from my lips to bite my neck:

“Please what?”

I try to answer but all that came out from my mouth is a scream  when Daryl entered me with two of his fingers: “Please what (Y/n)? Answer me?”

“Daryl fuck me, please I can’t wait anymore”

Without a word he took my legs and wrapped them around his hips while I put my arms around his neck.

With one swift trust he entered me and keep a rapid movement.

It doesn’t take long to approach my orgasm: “Daryl, I’m going to…”
Moaning and grunting in my neck he said something that was like “me too” but I wasn’t sure, all I could think about was Daryl’s hard thrust and his hot breath on my neck.

I couldn’t take it anymore and I came, my moans muffled by his shoulder.

After two more thrust he came too, saying my name continuously.

I lift my head to give him a peck on his lips: “so much for a shower”

Grinning he put me down but my legs where so weak that I almost fell: “whoa sunshine, stay with me”, he said, hugging me and kissing the top of my head.

We finish to shower and then we lay in our bed cuddling; we didn’t bothering to get dressed.

Daryl interrupted the silence that reigned in our bedroom: “Not that I didn’t enjoy to get dirty at the lake and in the shower” we both laughing at that, then he continues:” But seriously, the next time you feel discomfort just talk to me, remember that I’m here for you (Y/n).”
I kiss his chest than I look up to him: “I know, I’m really sorry Daryl, I’ll talk to you more about that”.

Now I know, I know that I’m not alone.

Playing With Fire

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Based on: Playing with Fire - Thomas Rhett

Word Count: 798

Warnings: drinking, angst, cursing, implied smut

Originally posted by adoringjensen

Dean was on his way home from a hunt, Sam riding shotgun and already trying to find another case for them. The younger Winchester didn’t notice when Dean took a slight detour, passing by the house he’d spent many a night in, tangled in sheets, sweaty and grinding against her.

They pulled up to the bunker and climbed out of the car, Sam heading straight for bed while Dean popped open the liquor cabinet and poured himself a glass. Pulling out his phone, he began looking for a distraction, anything to get his mind off of her.

Scrolling through his phone, he found her name again, his finger hovering over the highlighted words. 

“Fuck it.” He muttered, the pad of his thumb gently tapping the contact, phone dialing her number.

When she answered, the conversation was short. Two words from him, in the form of a question, followed by a single, simple word answer from her. The he was on his way to her place. Again.

As his headlights bounced off her house, he caught a glimpse of her shadow through the curtains upstairs. Shutting down the Impala, he ripped the keys from the ignition and headed for the door. He didn’t need to be let in, he knew where the key was - hiding under the mat. 

“Not safe.” He mumbled, making a mental note to tell her to move it later.

Another week rolled by, and he found himself at the little dive bar where they’d met. He knew she’d be there. She always was.

“Hey there.” Her voice came from behind him. 

Spinning, he saw her grinning at him, hair pulled half up and the rest billowing down over the cut shoulders of one of his shirts. 

Damn, she looked good. 

“How much longer are you planning on staying?” She sank onto the stool beside him.

“Finish this drink, then I’m heading out.” He lifted his bottle.

“My house?” She smirked, sipping her own drink.

“I… I don’t think so. Not tonight.” He shook his head, licking his lips and waiting for the worst.

“Did I do something wrong?” She leaned back and looked him over, furrowing her brow. 

“No, no. Not at all. I just… Maybe we should stop?” He winced at his own words.

He didn’t want to stop. Of course he didn’t. But he was afraid of what was happening. He was falling for her, and that terrified him.

“Stop? Stop. Okay…” She fished in her pocket and dropped a few bills on the counter, enough to cover her only drink, and then strutted toward the door, catching the eye of a few men on her way out. 

One of them followed her before Dean had the chance to go after her. Then he heard her yelling through the open doors. He sprinted for the parking lot, running to her and catching her as the ugly son of a bitch who went after her shoved her to the ground.

“You better get the hell out of here, buddy. If you know what’s good for you.” Dean glared up at the man.

He scoffed and spun on his heel, heading back into the bar to go after some other poor girl. 

“Didn’t have to follow me.” She mumbled, pushing herself up off and away from him, then brushing the gravel from her hands and backside.

“I heard you yelling. I wasn’t just going to leave you out here on your own.” He explained.

“Well… you should have. I thought we were stopping.” She mocked his tone.

Dean crashed his lips into hers and pushed her back against the trunk of his car. Between kisses, he murmured against her lips, “Does this seem like I want to stop?” 

She reached around and fumbled for the handle of the back door, opening it and climbing inside, pulling Dean with her. As she arched up into him, he rolled his hips against her, the two of them knowing exactly what the other needed.

Waking up next to her, Dean leaned over and kissed her forehead before leaving the bed.

“Stay for breakfast.” She groaned sleepily.

Dean flinched, his whole body jumping when she spoke. He knew he shouldn’t, knew that if he stayed, he would only come to love her more. When he turned back to look at her, the tiny smile on her face was enough to pull him back. So what if he got burned? So what if this could end at any second and he’d be crushed? Right now, this was what he wanted, and he’d be damned if he was going to let one more good thing get out of his grasp. He’d fucked up enough times to know that playing with fire will get you burned, but maybe he liked the scars.

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Jimin Scenario: Take Me Away.

Request: Where jimin is a photographer, & Y/A is a writer. They meet in a train, & ending up stoping in unknown destination, they get to know each other, & start to like each other. Thanks

Genre: Fluff

Jimin heard the muffled rustle and took his eyes away from the lens, he’d been trying to get a nice shot of the train station and capture that sort of nostalgic feeling of it, the lighting was right, the quiet coming and going of the passersby was too, but something was bothering him and stopping him from snapping the picture, so he looked back at the sound with the hope of clearing his mind  and saw an employee from the train talking to a girl, Jimin distinguished a few apologies and the rest of the conversation couldn’t be good news for the look of it.

He wasn’t usually prying but he heard there was a problem with the seats assignments and since the train was about to leave the station you wouldn’t have time to fix it and then come back. Jimin inspected you better, his trained eyes took in the shape of your face and its angles, you would do well in portraits he thought, your eyes were expressive without being forced, your hair was tied up in a stylish bun and he liked the curve that your neck drew exposed like that, he was certain that with your head titled a little to the side your neck would stand out beautifully in a photograph along with your cheekbones. Your lips were nicely shaped and feminine, you had a bright sort of coral red lipstick that was vivacious and Jimin wondered if your personality was like that.

You started to walk with the employee towards Jimin’s seat and he busied himself with his camera, pretending he didn’t make a full study of you just seconds ago.

– Excuse me, we’re trying to solve a situation, there was glitch in the system and apparently some seats were given to two people at the same time – the employee called Jimin’s attention, signaling to the seat in front of his. –Is this seat occupied? –

Jimin denied with his head, looking from the man to you. –No, as long as I know…–

–Well… you could sit here meanwhile miss – the employee turned to you and then went to the other passengers, leaving you standing there looking a little uncomfortable.

–I’m sorry if you wanted to travel alone…– you said looking at him while taking a seat and Jimin laughed, denying with his head. –Things sometimes don’t work out the way we expect them to be, or as smooth as they go in books… oh, sorry, I’m rambling –

You giggled a little when you noticed the way Jimin was looking at you and he laughed again, his eyes still on you. –Did you want to start this like a story from a book? –

You met his eyes again, you looked curiously at him. –Well, kind of… maybe a story of my own, I must sound like crazy I know–

Jimin noticed the stain of blue ink on your ring finger and pinky, then the notebook with a lot of color notes sticking out from the pages and looking like you used it every day so he suspected you wrote those stories you wanted to be part of.

–You can start a story about you since the moment you sat here in from of me, wouldn’t that be nice? – he smiled kindly at you, usually Jimin was really comfortable around strangers and he hoped you didn’t think he was making fun of you, but he found endearing what you said about starting a story of your own.

You looked at him with a smile too, one that lighted up your eyes and Jimin would have loved to catch that expression with his camera for how genuine it was. –I guess it could –

–Then we are set, don’t you think? – Jimin held onto his camera, the train stared to move and you laughed, nodding, a thin lock of hair escaped your bun and you tucked it behind your ear. You had delicate hands, a soft laugh, a somehow bright air about you and Jimin told himself to stop staring or he was going to go from level friendly to level creeper real quick.

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Originally posted by hohbi

Hi! My request is a fluff for Jungkook where the reader (his best friend) always says I love you in another language, she loves him more than a friend, and jungkook always wonders what that means. So in one bangtan bomb she calls him and hangs up saying I love you and he asks army’s to say what it means and one army tells him on twitter. He loves her too and army’s are supportive, thanks!<3 


 After a long day at work, you laid down in your bed finally getting some rest. Work had been an absolute disaster and you were suprised you actually made it through the day. The phone started buzzing next to you on the bed, making the sheets vibrate. Groaning, you checked the screen to see who could possibly be annoying you when all you wanted to do was sleep. However your face lit up when you saw who was calling, The screen read the famillar name “Jungkook”. He had been your friend since childhood, but you rarely got to see him because of his increasingly busy schedule, all thanks to him being an idol. The two of you still remained close, dispite rarely seeing eachother inperson. You quickly pressed the accept call button and pressed the phone to your ear, relaxing when you heard his sweet voice flow through the speaker. 

 “Y/N! How are you?” Jungkook asked excitedly. After spending alot of your time travelling to different countries, you had picked up a lot of languages, so it took you a second to adjust to the korean he used. 

 “Ive been great, I missed you so much.” You responded, all the tensions seeping out of your body. The conversation went on, both of you talking about what happened since the last call, and about Jungkooks sudden success abroad.

 “Y/N, Im really sorry but I have to go now, We have to go on stage soon. Ill call you again really soon, I promise. Goodbye.” Jungkook said, the saddness evident in his voice.

 “Okay, Du bist derjenige, den ich am meisten lieb habe, Goodbye.” you responded, adding an i love you in german. It had become a habit for you to say I love you in various languages at the end of your phone calls. It always annoyed Jungkook, because he only really knew korean, he tried to learn english at school but… it didnt work out. He didnt know what you were saying each time. 

 “One day im going to find out what you are saying.” Jungkook said before he hung up. Sighing you placed the phone back on the bedside table before falling back onto the bed and slipping into a hopfully peaceful sleep.


 The sound of your alarm blaring woke you out of a fitful sleep. Thought of Jungkook’s voice kept you awake, when all you wanted to do was rest. Throwing your hand onto the bedside table, you rummaged around finding your phone. Sliding the phone open, you turned off the alarm and began mindlessly scrolling through social media, as you did every morning.

 After checking what was trending on twitter you found something out of the ordinary. There was a tag trending in korean, and after reading it you gasped in surprise. The tag read “who_is_jungkooks_mystergirl”. You hurriedly clicked on the tag and the first tweet was a video. It was one of their bangtan bomb but it was of jungkook on the phone. Towards the end, he put the phone on speaker and you hear your voice saying i love you in german. After he hung up he looked at the camera and asked.

 “International armys, can you please tell me what this means?”

 Your heart dropped as you scrolled through all the tweets, exposing what you said. 

 “who ever this person is, they love you a lot!” 

 “awww that’s so cute”

 “She’s so lucky!!”

 “It means ‘you are the one I love the most’ most simply it means I love you” 

The screen blackout and the caller ID came up. Jungkook was calling you. After panicking for a little while you hangup, pressing the red button and sighing while collapsing back onto the bed to wallow in self pity. The secret was out. 

After lying on the bed in utter mental exhaustion the door bell rung forcing you to get out of bed. You swung the door open to figure out who was dragging you out of bed, when your mouth fell open in disbelief at who was in front of you. Jungkook stood in the doorway. 

 “What the hell, why are you here?” You shout in shock.

 “I told you I would figure it out.” He said a smile playing on his lips. Unable to look him in the eye, your eyes were glued to the floor and your hands were playing with the hem of your shirt.

 “Look at me” He demanded gently, his hand caressing your chin and tilting your head to look at him. He slowly leaned in until his lips were ghosting over yours, causing you to freeze in place. He pressed a chaste kiss against your lips, nothing too passionate or lustful but it made your heart run a marathon. 

“Du bist auch der, den ich am meisten lieb habe”

 (I hope this isn’t horrible because i literally wrote this in an hour on my phone under my desk in math class) //admin hayley//


By: Thatcrazymage

Title: In a Heart Attack

Jonathan was babysitting his little cousin. Their parents were out visiting a sick friend, thus leaving them alone at home after picking up the girl from daycare, and the little one couldn’t seem to stop talking about her day. Not even for the sake of bedtime.

“We saw a movie today in School..” she said at some point while Jonathan closed the window and turned on the nightlight “…It was about a girl and a boy that were going to get married but he got lost with dead people, and Ms. Lecoeur told us to draw something from the movie. I couldn’t draw the boy and the girl, so I drew you and your boyfriend!” Jonathan blushed deeply as he saw the girl open her messy backpack and take out a crayon-drawn picture with unproportioned stick figures, incomprehensible at first sight. “This is Sherwin. He’s wearing a tuxedo with sparkles because they combine with his freckles” She pointed to a mass of glitter over some black mass of color. Well, there were spirals on top of it, those had to be Sherwin’s curls. “And this is you” she pointed to another mass of color, this time it was all grey. “I made you a silver dress, but I didn’t have silver crayons”

“Why a silver dress?” He wondered

“Because you would look pretty and I can use it later too. Like your pajamas and sweaters and shirts and your tiger costume.” Jonathan almost facepalmed, this meant he would have to explain to her that not all her clothes had to be passed from him and, more importantly, she couldn’t just decide about his wedding without Sherwin knowing about it (not like they were going to get married anytime soon; they were 13, just out of elementary school).

“Chrissy, just go to sleep.” The dark-haired boy ordered half heartedly as he quickly checked his phone for any messages.

“Only if you tell me the story.” She declaredd as she covered herself with her blancket.

“Again?” The teenager sighed.

“Pretty please! It’s my favorite!” begged the child with her cute lost-kitty eyes.

“Alright…” He left the phone in the nightstand and began his tale… How many times would this girl be needing to hear the same story? Well, time to try to be the best storyteller. “This is the story of how I almost died of a heart attack…”

“Jonny!” She laughed, wanting the story to begin already.

“OK, this is the story of how I met your mo… I mean, your brother-in-law. Quiet down!” He cleared his throat and his mind drifted to the memory of that day. “That day was a nice one: partially clouded sky, not too hot to need to take your sweater off nor too cold, birds chirping and I arrived to school on time. Unfortunately I was reading while walking…”

“Grandpa always say you mustn’t do that, you must pay attention where you’re going”

“Shush! Respect the storyteller!” He retorted and, then, proceeded “I had heard something the moment I walked to the school’s gate but I ignored it. Then, out of no-where, right in the moment I was going to bite the apple I was carrying, someone pulled me hard by the hand and I ended up looking right into a pair of brown eyes”

“Sherwin took your hand!” Chrissy squealed from her spot while hugging her pillow.

“Who’s telling the story?” He said with fake anger “Where was I? Oh, yeah. He had me by the hand and I was about to ask him what did he want when he started to follow something I couldn’t register. I think it was behind me because he kept looking and even started to chase it until he ended up hugging me. When he realized what he was doing, he jumped inside a trashcan! In other circumstances, that might have seemed funny; but, right then, I was very confused about Sherwin’s behaviour”

“Go to the next part!”

“OK, ok. The bell sounded and I went inside the building. I was just inside when something collided with me and almost made me fall. I turned around and something climbed up my body, encircled me several times and made me lose my balance. I fell on my butt and it hurt, but just enough to make me close my eyes. When I opened them there was something rubbing against my face. A few seconds after, Sherwin came inside and took the thing away from me, but it clutched my hand hard. It wasn’t until Sherwin started to pull that I could pay attention to what was happening: IT was a heart that had attacked me,”

“His heart attacked you!”

“YES! I discovered Sherwin had a crush on me. The heart didn’t want to get away from me, but Sherwin seemed really embarrassed and the other judging guys in the hall were not helping at all. I could see him look very desperate and nervous and anxious… and then… he pulled his heart with more strength and it broke right in the middle. Then, he ran away.”

“Poor heart!”

“I know. I said the same when I saw the half he had left behind. It wasn’t his fault it broke. It was mine for being a clueless idiot. So, I decided I should do something good and right: I decided to go after him”

“So he’d be the prince and you his knight!”

“Y-yeah… kind of…” the black-haired blushed at that comparison and cleared his throat “I found him behind one of the biggest trees in the schoolyard, he looked so sad and hurt that..”

“Duh! Of course it hurt, his heart broke!”

“Would you let me finish?” Demanded the boy given the sassy tone his cousin had somehow acquired “Anyway… I found him and gave him the half he had left behind… and it felt so weird yet… warm when I put the pieces together… The heart was back on business, it looked happy and healthy. And this is where things get a little embarrassing: my own heart started to beat faster until it was beating in the same rhythm as Sherwin’s.”

“And you found out you were made for each other!” Yelled the child

“Chrissy!” The boy tried to calm her down or, at least, get her to stop bouncing on the bed,

“ And you fell in love! And you are going to get married! And live in a giant house with five cats, three dogs and a room for me to come and visit!”

“Chrissy!” he tried, once again and with no effect, to get her attention.

“ And I’m gonna plan your wedding!” Jonathan finally caught her and put her back down and under the blankets

“That’s enough plans for the future, first go to sleep and, maybe, tomorrow we’ll talk about it” The girl obliged and the boy left her to sleep. He took his phine and was pretty much surprised to find it in the middle of a call… Apparently he never noticed when he had speed-dialed Sherwin…”Oh-uh…” He muttered right before he dared to speak through the phone. “Sher?”

“Hey, Johnathan…” the redhead replied.

“How much did you hear?” the teen anxiously questioned.

“Not a lot… Jonny. Just how your heart attack went, oh! And a 4-year-old is planning our wedding” Great. He heard his cousin. “I do think you’d look great in the silver dress” .

“She’s not planning our wedding. And I am not wearing that silver dress. I bet she’ll forget about it in the morning”

Twelve years later, he wished he’d never told her that story. But Sherwin looked classy in his sparkly tuxedo.