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Suprise Me (Ben Platt X Reader)

WC: 2039

Warnings: Kinda smutty (not actual smut, but it’s seriously implied)

Summary: Y/N has found out that her lovely boyfriend is an aphrodisiac, and decides to use it to flip the tables a little.

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A/N: Combining two requests again, woo! Enjoy, children.

“Mmm, good morning.” Ben said, his voice still low and gravelly. I rolled over and smiled at him, placing a hand on his chest.

“As much as I love this sight.” I said, gesturing to Ben’s naked form. He smirked at me and pressed a kiss to my neck.

“I have to get to work, and so do you. It’s Sunday, Benjamin.” I said, pulling the covers off of us. Ben groaned and wrapped an arm around my waist, pulling me close to him.

“Ben!” I whined, earning a chuckle from him. He took his arm off my waist and put his hands up in the air in a mock surrender.

“I love you!” Ben called as I walked into the bathroom. I chuckled and turned on the shower, sighing as the warm water poured over me.

I picked up the new body wash I bought recently, and poured some of it out into my palm. The scent of raspberry and vanilla filled the bathroom as I used it, and I was almost reluctant to wash it off.

I turned the shower off and dried myself, getting dressed quickly. “The shower’s all yours, babe.” I said, walking out of the bathroom.

Ben smiled at me, but suddenly I noticed something dark cloud his eyes. “Is, uh, is that a new body wash, babe?” Ben said, his voice slowly creeping up an octave.

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Request Anonymous: “Sebastian pulls his 6 year old step son out of school early to come visit the reader at her office job and they come when she is stressed out? Sorry if it’s long but I love your stuff!”

A/N: I hope you don’t mind, but I changed it from Seb to Bucky, mainly because I don’t feel comfortable writing for actual people. Also, this turned-out way longer than I anticipated

Dad!Bucky x reader

Word count: 1772

Summary: Bucky and his step-son went to give the reader a surprise visit in the office, but things do not go as planned.

Warnings: stress?  idk(GIF not mine)

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Calling to Say

A/N: Here’s Luke’s Holiday Special!! This was inspired by a Serena Ryder song, let me know what you think!x

You watch through the half frozen window as your younger cousins run around the backyard throwing snowballs at each other. Watching them be so care free, you can’t help but feel a little envious, you miss being able to run around without a care in the world.

“You know,” Your mom starts, coming over to stand by you, a smile forming on her face as she sees the kids having fun, “You’re never too old to go play in the snow,” She tells you, wrapping an arm around your shoulder and squeezing you affectionately.

“I know,” You offer her a sad smile, leaning into her embrace momentarily before continuing, “But I think I’m gonna go make a call.”

“Really,” She gives you a look, knowing exactly what you meant by ‘make a call’, “Are you sure?”

“It’s Christmas, mom,” You shrug, not bothering to explain further.

Filled with determination, you make your way out of the kitchen and upstairs to your old childhood room, closing the door as you enter for more privacy. Nervously, you sit on the edge of your small twin bed, fiddling with your phone briefly before finally dialling the familiar number.

“Hello?” The voice you’ve been craving to hear for the past few months answers.

“Hi,” You squeak, cringing at your lack of composure, “It’s me,” You tell him, as if he didn’t already know.

“I know,” He chuckles lowly the sound pulling at your lonely heartstrings, making dozens of little butterflies flutter in your stomach, “I wasn’t expecting you to call, that’s all.”

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A drabble in which Katniss works a shitty retail job and has to help a lost little girl find her dad. I bet you can guess who the dad is. Basically I’m just prompting myself at this point.

“Hey Catpiss,” Clove greeted with an ugly smile.

Katniss scowled but said nothing back. Twenty-two years old, and it was like she had never left high school. She had hoped once she graduated and entered the working world, there’d be less catty girls, but it seemed there would always be girls like Clove.

“So rude,” Clove chastised. “Have fun this afternoon.” She wiggled her fingers and drifted off toward the backroom.

Katniss groaned when she saw the mountain of unsorted clothing sitting in the shopping cart. Clove hadn’t bothered to hang anything up. Katniss inspected the dressing rooms and found three still full of clothing.

Damn it. Clove was useless. She had likely spent her entire shift sitting on her ass, playing with her cell phone. There was a rumor that Clove had a trust fund, and her father had made her get a job to learn the value of hard work before she inherited millions for doing nothing.

It didn’t seem like the message was getting through.

The only reason Clove hadn’t been fired yet was because she was sleeping with their manager, Seneca Crane. He was alright looking, but he was almost twice their age. Katniss was pretty sure Clove had some daddy issues to work through.

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