i hear ya justine

What does Damon look like first thing in the morning?

Justine: (Coyly) How would I know that? It’s separate beds round our place! No, Damon actually looks gorgeous in the morning. I sometimes stare at him thinking “How dare you look so nice this early in the day?”

Do you ever wake up and think “Where am I?”

Justine: Sometimes on tour I get blind drunk and think “What town is this?” in the morning. But normally, I’m very good at getting home. I’ve got Damon waiting for me, so I have to really.

Do you feel horny in the morning?

Justine: (Sounds utterly mortified) You’re just being pervy! You just want to know! No, I feel extremely unsexy in the morning. Sex is the last thing on my mind. Damon is very sexy in the morning unfortunately. Do I have to push him off? I’m not telling you!
—  Justine Frischmann [x]