i hear they have fish

Promised Land

Summary: Dean separates himself from Sam and Castiel while they search for a solution to The Darkness, and meanwhile crosses paths a fellow hunter he has never gotten along with.
Pairing: Dean x OFC
Word Count: 2215
Warnings: Language, implied smut. 

A/N: This is my entry for Mimi’s (@deansdirtylittlesecretsblog​) Trope Challenge. My trope is ‘enemies to lovers.’ It will eventually be a choppy sort of mini-series, but I wanted to try and get at least one challenge in on time, even if I’m cutting it close! So here is the first part. Side note, if you read Angeles, this is the story I imagined for Dean and the reader’s character during that story. If you haven’t read Angeles, you can still read this and not be lost at all. 

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anonymous asked:

I have a question for you! I was thinking about getting a betta and putting him in a 5 gal with a heater. Do I really need a filter if I take a very little bit of the water out each day and replace it with clean water? Is that sort of the same thing? Would my fish be healthy and happy in that situation? I hear bettas like low-flow, and my local fish store doesn't have sponge filters, and I really have no idea how to set one up or get one. Thank you for your time!!!

Hi there! They do need a filter. Taking some water out each day won’t be enough to clean it, especially since the bioload and uneaten food will fall to the bottom of the tank. A filter is also important for holding beneficial bacteria. If you can’t find a sponge filter at your store or are unable to buy one online, other filters work well too, just try to put a sponge over the intake to lighten the current and keep your betta from injury. I’ve heard rubberbands work well to keep them on. Don’t forget to still do water changes at least once a week! Hope that helps :)

fourteen--steps  asked:

What's your opinion on the safety of non-clear quartz in fish tanks? I hear conflicting things sometimes. I have a little fishie named Ametrine, after the crystal, and just bought a little actual ametrine sphere that I'd love to put in with her. I know in general the main risk with amethyst is usually the matrix rock, but since this is just the plain polished crystal is there still any danger?

It SHOULD be safe. Amethyst is said to be bad if you have the rock it grew on with it in there, and even then it isn’t fatally toxic. And as far as I know citrine is safe. :)

anonymous asked:

psst I hear you like merfolk lore... so what about a merman rick au?

Okay, I’m just gonna put it out there that while I’m all for this, I feel it may be worth noting before we head into “Rick would be a beautiful merperson with a pretty colourful fish tail” territory -which is great and all BUT- merfolk Rick already has a canon design and it’s literally The Creature from the black lagoon- 

Which may also happen to be canonly one of Stan’s long time favourite monster movies-

Also… I may already have drafted out a Mystery Trio meets The Creature from the Gravity Falls Lagoon AU about Aqua Rick ages ago that I’ve been squirreling away for a rainy day cause of my undying love for cryptids… *cough* just saying. >_>

  • Bruce : Do you bleed?
  • Bruce : I bet with that dress 9 out of 10 men would let you get away with anything.
  • Bruce : So you're fast.
  • Bruce : I hear you can talk to fish.
  • Alfred : Have I taught you nothing about talking to people, Master Wayne?

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idk if you're taking prompts right now and i'm really really sorry if you're not and i'm being a pain but i just had a massive surge of energy for Beacon Hills High security guard Derek Hale because who else would take that job

i read this as security guard for Erica’s art gallery where there is a ~vandal driving Derek cray. oops. kisses everyone’s face. bai.


“Damn,” Boyd snaps his gum, circles behind where Derek’s crouched and clucks his tongue. “He got you good this time.”

Derek sighs, pinches the bridge of his nose as he glares down at the glittery foot prints leading across the floor to one of their perhaps more… boring paintings. Or, at least, Derek with no eye for art, and no taste at all according to Erica, would call it boring. It’s just a canvas painted blue. He maintains it’s not exactly interesting. He can tell the little shit that’s been winding their security team up for a month thinks the same because glittery footprints. They’re making a mockery of the painting. This person, this insane gallery obsessed vandal has been making a mockery of Derek for too long. 

Originally, he’d thought Boyd and Isaac were winding him up. When he’d revealed he wanted to move from security to the police force; he’d thought they were setting up tricks to test his detective skills. 

A top hat on a bust of Shakespeare by the staircase leading to the first floor. 

White chalk etched into the floor in the shape of a body beneath a painting of a small girl holding an axe. 

A stuffed tiger toy sitting beside a landscape portrait of a jungle. 

One morning, Derek came in to discover fake moustaches attached to each of the photographs of the gallery’s employees. Derek’s photograph had also been given additional eyebrow fuzz, and a gigantic pink heart around it. Erica declared the accessories an improvement. She’s kept all of the additions this individual’s been leaving after dark. 

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You say it’s good to get a change of scenery. What scenery? New buildings? New cars? New freeways? New shopping malls? Go to the woods or a park? I saw a tree once. The new ones look the same, which is fine. I even remember what the old ones look like. My memory isn’t that short. But it’s not worth going to see a squirrel grab a nut, or fish swimming around in a big tank if I must put up with the ugly contemporary human pollution that accompanies each excursion. The squirrel may enliven me and remind me of better vistas but the price in social interaction isn’t worth it. If, on my way to visit the squirrel, I encounter a single person who gains stimulation by seeing me, I feel like I have given more than I’ve received and I get sore.

If every time I go somewhere to see a fish swimming, I become someone else’s stimulation, I feel shortchanged. I’ll buy my own fish and watch it swim. Then, I can watch the fish, the fish can watch me, we can be friends, and nobody else interferes with the interaction, like trying to hear what the fish and I are talking about. I won’t have to get dressed a certain way to visit the fish. I needn’t dress the way my pride dictates, because who’s going to see me? I needn’t wear any pants. The fish doesn’t care. He doesn’t read the tabloids. But, if I go out to see a fish other than my own, I’m right back where I started: entertaining others, which is more depleting than visiting the new fish is entertaining.

—  Anton Szandor LaVey