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Ishida-sensei's replies to fans - part 2

Ishida-sensei is sweet, hard-working, and smart.

Fan: I made Kaneki-kun’s mask ^^ But I don’t know whether I made it correctly… I hope to see lots of him in future chapters! w

Ishida: Good job!

(This was actually Yokota Mamoru, from the anime team, responding to the 2016 Calendar previews)

Yokota: A tear-off calendar! You must have drawn a lot.

Ishida: I’m far from finished, and recently I’ve been in a daze… !

(These types of riddles are pretty much impossible to translate without explanation as they rely heavily on Japanese synonyms.)

Fan: Hello Sui-sensei! I’ve thought up of a riddle. What do you think? [Paper] What do Arima and twinned eggs have in common? Why, they are both “kishou.” (貴将 = (Arima’s given name) Kishou, 希少 = rare)

Ishida: What do Arima Kishou and a toupee-wearer have in common? They both avoid “tokutou kaigi.” (特等懐疑 = skepticism on Arima’s rank as Special Class, 禿頭懐疑 = suspicions of baldness)

Well crafted, sensei, well crafted. Appare.

Bonus: the same person replied with another riddle. What do Nishio Nishiki and mayonnaise have in common? Why, “kimi” is important to them both. (貴未 = Nishino Kimi, 黄身 = egg yolk)

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