i haz pie

Hi everyone! 

I’ve finally reached my goal! 

Honestly, I can’t believe 1,000+ people decided to follow me. Like, wow. I really feel like I should thank you, guys. Thanks for appreciating my lame jokes, my questionable sense of humor and my TERRIBLE editing skills. 

I’m sorry if I don’t talk much, sometimes I would like to but I always feel like I’m not cool enough. Thank you, you all are very special to me ∩(︶▽︶)∩

And now, the list of all the blogs I’ll follow forever ✿ thanks for making my dash a really cool place, you’re basically the reason why I’m not doing anything productive with my life, lmao. As I said before, I’ve probably never talked to you but I’ve grown really fond of all of you, so thank you. 

( my faves are bolded )

~ 1998-rainbow

A ~ a-not-so-young-fangirl, aberharry, adidasftburberry, adidhaz, aintnosaintlouis, akisdoodles, alexistenial-crisis, all-larrylittlethings, alwaysinmyheartsincerelylouis, alyssaemilie, amazingphil, amortentialarry, andyouknowitis, angelic-emoji, ankles-louis, aperlistrophe, arthoehrry, askfuckboydan, astronomicallester, avvelenami, awhoreforhoran, azusasong

~ baby-you-are-a-boat, babyoflouis, baltimoresweethearts, baserunning, beautifuldreamtimemachine, betternwords, birthdau, boxqueen, brendanciccone, brennacarverz, bromanceshmomance, bulletproofhalo, @buttplugau

C ~ cameronmansel, cardboardharrystyles, casparlee, cercasiaffetto, chaesecakes, chihuahualou, chillarry, chopsueyforstyles, ciarashipslifewithpizza, clever-grl, clywasiaa, consulting–assassin, corpidicarta, cuddlyfrancis, cuddlylarents, cupcakeandsweetcheeks, cupidsbower, cute-larrie, cyrilliart

~ daggerftrose, damn-hxwell, danisnotonfire, danisontnonfire, danlikesphil, dansdramallamathings, darkhorton, darrencriss-gifs, demiphilim, dmdhoe, donniedarhko, dreamyletters, dulcetdan

E ~ edward-wakemeup, elou-nono, engravepoems, escapadetotheseaside, extremeharry

F ~ fairestofthefrogs, fangirlin-all-the-time, fascinatingphan, fatelovelarry, fire-ben-winston, fireworkphil, firstmatesheeran, fleeharry, floppyflamingoharry, floridlouis, flowercrownlarrystylinson, fookinglouzer, forlarrysake, frustratedgalaxy, fuckablestyles, fuckyeslilyandjames, fukcinglouis, fxckofflouis, fyeahgleeclub

G ~ gdnervecenter, genderfluidez, getmesometacos, ghostf1ngers, giveitupforlarrystylinson, giveusdetonation, gottabeyouvevo, grandesunrise, greglestrade, grumpbear, grumpyharrys, gryffinlarry, guardianlock

H ~ halfsleeper, happpilystrong, happylittlezalfie, happypandaparade, haroldnlou, harolds-indie-tits, harrehgurl, harrioluigie, harry-tommo-things, harryaf-louisaf-larryaf, harryisindanger, harrylouisw, harrymakeslouissmile, harrysblowjobs, harryshdtitties, harrysredwine, harryun, harrywisher, hazandlouaf, hazzink, headband-stylinsons, headscarvesandtattoos, heckyeahakyeon, heckyeahgleecastfacts, hedgefrogbabies, herculou, hickeylouis, highheelsharry, hoetra, holy-hazz, holy-howell-smile, home-is-somewhere, houirry, how16met18, howdidifallintothis, humansofnewyork, humourstaff, hunterofclones

I ~ i-actually-have-no-life, i-haz-pie, iamnamelessgem, iamnotlostjustundiscovered, iceaire, iconsicats, ijustwontactmyage, iknowtrouble, ildemonedagliocchiazzurri, illegallylesbianing, im-ahighfunctioning-sociopath, imagine-stucky, imagineyuorotp, imlovingthewholeblueeyesthing, infernalserpent, infinitelymint, inkedupspouses, isicolfer, its-all-in-the-whiskers, its-jxst-a-ride, itssopunkrock

J ~ jeccaroo, justalittlebitoflouis, justtido

K ~ karukara, kaykeee, kengha, kerensel

L ~ laanneee, ladsandstuff, landofrunawayangels, larriesvip, larry-aeterna-story, larry-isreal-stylinson, larryaf-louistops, larryandstiles, larryaumeme, larryequalfeels, larryftyoutube, larryfuckedmeup, larryinfinitelove, larryiscanonaf, larryisland, larryissherlocked, larryisstrongx, larryphandom, larrys-not-scared-of-the-dark, larrysamour, larryscissorhands, larrysharbor, larryslove, larrysmol, larrysons, larrystylinson4eternity, larrystylinsonbullshitlover, larrystylinsweet, latenightlester, leamichele-news, leedshappened, leedshusbands, legitimatecroissant, light-a-fire-inside-his-eyes lightninglouis, lilaxlarry, liloury, littletummo, llamasllamasllamas14, lock-screens, lou-makes-me-strong, loubuggy, loucutie, loueharrie, louehhbearr, louisandharryfreckles, louisliamwheresharry, louissallmighty, louisthighs, louistoml-ass-on, louistomlintummy, louistommo602, louisvills, louiswillian, louisxharry, lourrybebe, lourryflowers, lourrystylinsonblog, lovedrunklarry, loverlylittleimagines, loving-larry-loads

M ~ marcexualharry, mayitellyouasecret, memelympics, mindbloun, monochromeflowerprincess, multifandom-and-machiavellian, music-my-religion, mychemicalzebra, myghostlou

N ~ n-y-c-q-u-e-e-n, nayarivera, nerdevon, next-to-you-always-ls, nialllproof, niallxylove, nightofthedemon, no-control-larrie, noblehumor, nobody-at-all-really, nofiltersquad, nonbinaryharru nonbinarylous, notheartbrokentshirt, nuggetsoflarry, nurizzabella

O ~ of-course-i-do, ohthefond, onarashii, oopshiclothing, oouis

P ~ packmalik, pandalester, pastybxtch, peachesharry, perks-of-being-chinese, pewphanpie, phallfish, phan-ate-my-cake, phan-esia, phan-is-phucking, phan-you-not, phanbelovephanbelife, phancriss, phanfictioncatalogue, phanftjonnor, phanicatthefalloutboy, phanlockholmes, phanoffcial, phanout, phansupremacy, phantastic-dan, phantheraglama, pinkfloydlouis, plaiddict, posting-ed-sheeran, poweredbylouis, princesalou, proudoflou, psych2go, punkrock-phan, purr-larry

R ~ readstars, reito-tan, rockthekitcat, rollnecklouis, rpbabyderek, rydenlarrie, ryphanhawley,

S ~ sam-fucking-winchester, sappyfic, sassmeetcupcake, sasss-butt, scarvesandsecrets, schmabe, shadowhunters-italia, sheeranslittlethings, shittylarryblog, since-he-was-eighteen, sinlouis, smilingforpayne, smolcinnamonbunlou, so-close-yet-so-far-larry, so-kissper-me-where-i-lay-down, softlouisaf, solarpolarize, soulfatelarry, staff [i hate u], stanslarry, starseas, stephanievex, stilesanderek, stilesross, strawberrystarshine, stylesgonecrazy, stylinhome, stylinsketchy, stylinson1975, stylinsonbubble, stylinsoney, stylinsonstorm, stylinsonxtrash, stylslou, sugarbabykink, suggletwife. sunflowermikey, sunshine-lou

T ~ tagliarsicongliorigami, tardis-phan, taylorswift, teenwolf, textsfromphan, th3-m4d-sh1pp3r, the-fangirl-within, the-shipscompass, theawkwardvegetarian, theboyfriends, thefondoverwhelms, thekingstylinson, thelarrytattoos, thelouistomlinsonproject, themarsparade, therecklessandthebravery, theshipofhope, thestylespromenade, thetommo-1d, theycallluslarrystylinson, theycalluslarry, theycantalk, theywereneverjustfriends, thightat, tinyangellouis, tiredlarrie, tomlinfinitys, tomlinlovestyles, tomlinsonmeetsstyles, too-old-for-this-ship, traegering, trashkingsugden, troye-sivan-be-trippin, troylerphandom, troylerxalmighty, tyleroakley, tyleroakleylsqueen

U ~ um-larry-and-stuff, un-boh-lie-vable, unbrokengraphics, unexposedsecret, untrumanpink

V ~ vallarry, vansandburberry, vapordrake, verymuchblue, vibeystyles, viplarry

W ~ wdbhgvevo, we-love-stardust, what-happened-in-wellington, whateverlarrywants, wherethefuckarni, whimperinglou, wilend, word-stuck

Y ~ yeahlarrylove, yolough, yourssincerelylarry, yslboner, yslboyfriends

Z ~ zarah5undercover, zealous-lilac, ziallrh, zoella

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ i can’t believe i’ve just spent three hours to write all these urls

Hello! I’ve recently hit 1,5k followers, which I’m more than thrilled about, so this is me saying a massive thank you to everyone who’s been with me, making my tumblr experience remarkable! Thank you for always making my dash exciting, you’re awesome! Faves in bold <3


fightmeloueh harryspotlight fuckablestyles dangerreus bitchaz horanuds donckasters donny-cheshire blondeyniall hickeystyles chopsueylou cheshirewink hogwartzlou are-you-quite-finished birdsnotbeards hopefularry blckveilbrds haroldsdimps cooliolarry ashton-irwin bowllickerlouis aberharry frogsons haroldless girlalmihgty bangpayne


louloutwinklinson i-haz-pie larryandstiles larryperfection larrytilldeath louisngl louspanks miniature-lou  loiustyles painkinklarry louisharryaf mrsextape louisblogger imthinkinoutloud louis-almighty powerlessandobvious larrieclouds larentals mutualboyfriends itstedsheeran louistommoscum nocontrol2k14 louvestruck nialler-probs ofteacups


since-he-was-eighteen thewhiteskimos topharrybitch the-larry-crew thunderlouis wheelbarrowlarry 2k11lou 2k15ziall 17blackstyls tornbytomlinson shadylourry teacuphaz secretsfortwo tomlinoui spazzstyles stylinson-howlter zarentsofficial sohppily wandererharry wonderflou teatommo 16met18 wellington-syndrome rosetomydaggerviplourry stylishhazz urfookinjob stronglourry tinyhedgehogandgiantfrog

non-mutuals (admiring from afar)

daggertat yourssincerelylarry twinklouls  donnysoldier coconutwishes tommosloueh larents greenlght uptownlarries girlwiththetea lovehalsey likesboys vansau hsoneandonly 

Shameless Birthday Happenings

no1curr but imma tell y'all bout my birthday-ness whether you like it or not (complete with pictures!)

The big joke at our place is that I was born on Thanksgiving weekend when my parents were hosting a studio of all their art. So eeeevery year people are all I REMEMBER WHEN YOU WAS JSUT A BABEE. So my mom thought it would be hiilarious to put up this little sign on an easel and give me a birthday ribbon (I was able to talk her out of making me wear a party hat)


And for the first time in pretty much ever, it was warm enough on my birthday to have a barbecue so we used that to our advantage. So dinner was deeeeelish


The custard didn’t really solidify…so the second we cut into it, it fell apart…so it sort of turned into a trifle on our plates… but i didn’t give  a shit because it tasted like heaven.

And finally I couldn’t have asked for any better gifts:

-$50 in itunes gift cards. Giant music spree here i come.
-MODERN FAMILY SEASON 1 & 2. This was the only thing I had hinted at that I would like either for birthday or christmas. We sat and watched the first few episodes after because my parents had never seen it. I think my mom is hooked :D
 -A new Panasonic Lumix point-and-shoot camera. I have an ancient kodak one that is basically useless nowadays, and I LOVE my Nikon, but its not necessarily easily portable. So now I am set with a pocket camera and my art camera. And my dad doesn’t need to get me any presents for the next 5 years. lol
-2 tickets to a camera show/conference. Went to one earlier this year and heard some interesting lectures so if its similar then it should be pretty cool.
Box Set of the LION KING TRILOGY. Yepp. It is a little ridiculous because it has Blue-Ray 3D, Blue-ray, dvd, and digital copy of the original and then blue-ray and dvd of Lion King 1 ½ and 2. O_o
But the box is soo cool its all artistic, and then inside is an ‘african drum’ that opens up with the dvds inside.. again over the top but who cares.
My mom has been hearing me lament over the past few weeks about how I was reliving my childhood with Lion King being re-released in theatres and she remembers when i was little I ALWAYS had to have some kind of lion king connection with my birthday cakes.

I find it ironic- last year for my 20th birthday my parents got me the collectors Woody doll from Toy Story, and for my 21st they got me the movie that defined my childhood. The older I get the more my parents give me stuff that revert me back to my 6 yr old self. I am more than okay with this :D.

Oh! Also, Spark gave me her present last week..


Freaking Doctor Who poster of Van Gogh’s exploding Tardis. Hell yes. 

And Thank YOU to all the lovely people who wished me a happy birthday, it was delectable :) Can’t wait to go out with ma friends when they’re all up in a few weeks :D

Love y'all.

Now excuse me while I go watch Modern Family and eat birthday pie for breakfast like a boss. 

Okay so, I’ve never done anything like this before, but this year has been very exciting for me in tumblr, I’ve made a lot of new friends and mutuals, and, well, this is me thanking every single one of them for making my dash always busy and never dull! Favourites in bold :)


awpayne x damndatash x bangpayne x birdsnotbeards x dreamlouis x bangincraic x are-you-quite-finished x darkzayns x christmukeaf x blondeyniall x bangtomlinsn x cinnamorollouis x cherrypoplou x bitchaz x horanuds x fuckablestyles x girlalmihgty x haroldsdimps x hogwartzlou x hickeystyles x  flockalame x hopefularry x harrysperflegs x actuallychristmas x diagonialler x hotelcaloufornia x camilashairflip x hologramzayn x donckasters


louloutwinklinson x louisfucksharrysenseless x louisblogger x imthinkinoutloud x louehsaintlaurent x larryandstiles x  i-haz-pie x louisharryaf x larrysomes x  louisyes x lourryexpress x louwithhazz x louspanks x larrytilldeath x nachoniall x mrsextape x misteloutoe x ofteacups x nilldos x larryperfection x  larryisbraveforever x the-larry-crew x platonicpenetration x owlourry x loutomlinqueer x irwnpls x nialler-probs x


since-he-was-eighteen x tommocatt x thewhiteskimos x stockholmlourry x shadylourry x teacuphaz x stylslou x thirstycurls x twrklarry x stylinsoz x  vodkashtonic x 21maliks x 2k11lou x tomlinsonaf x sirhxrold x sweaterpawsloueh x 17blackstyls x tornbytomlinson  x sparklingtomlinson x zaynshearteyes x thwellingtoncurse x ziamstyls

Hey everyone! I’ve recently hit 2k, which is very exciting, so to celebrate my goal and, of course, the release of “BADLANDS”, (purchase on itunes) I’ve decided to make a follow forever! These are the people that make my dash exciting every day, and you should all check them out! I love you!

First of all, #se7enteenblacksquad. I haven’t known you guys for long, but all of your blogs are incredible, and I hope we can be amazing Halsey trash friends for a long while!

frangashleybarnsbuckhalslayshauntinghvlseyinyourhooodqueenlysmoakhowescameronlxvelxkewxr joshduunrevamppedhvlseystreetstormshalseysardxthiens

Second, the chat that is nobly named “petter smells like ass”, you guys are kind of incredible and a little bit insane but that’s okay bc at least it’s never boring. Love u I hope I didn’t forget anyone.


Next, my amazing mutuals. I’m sorry for those that I didn’t include, you still are all gorgeous, and I’m incredibly thankful that every single one of you actually chose to follow me - even though 2k might not be a lot to some, it actually blows my mind that 2 thousand people want to follow my trash blog which is literally nothing but 1d and Halsey thirst. So thank you!


bitchaz froglarents hickeystyles horanuds donckasters cherrypoplou haurens angrylesbian bangtomlinsn cinnamonrollouis fuckablestyles adoredick hayslaay herculou girlalmihgty haroldsdimps harryndlou buttplugau bravesweetcheeks australianharold daddieslarry ashton-irwin eatlouisout goodbyemodest bowllickerlouis aberharry haapydaays hzlou countingstyles cloudszouis harlotbabyharry goldbootsoldvans frogsons gallifaerie aimhlarrie froggieandhedgie flowerpotharry har-and-lou booblouis blue-tomlinson harryslays flopsyharry amortentialarryharoldless harxlds eighteened fightmeloueh harrielewie hipsterpls freelarry adidasfic haztrash arthoehrry allthatniall hazstyzles harrehleh harrytomlinsun hazums halseyboob chopsueylou hvrricane halseyjrhalseytbhharoldliam





non-mutuals but u still awesome