i havent worked out all summer

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momma im physically disabled and unless i get a wheelchair i really cant go out. unless my doctor approves it my mom wont let me get one and i have a long history of doctors not believing me. ive been mostly bedridden for all of summer break so far and i havent seen any of my friends since school ended. im getting really depressed. i try to be on social media as much as i can for interaction but its not working and im getting suicidal. if i cant get a wheelchair idk what ill do.

Your mom not letting you get one makes me angrier than is appropriate for this setting. Who hears that their child is having issues moving and refuses to get them the help they need. Make the doctor approve it. Go to different doctors. Talk to disabled rights organizations who can help you get approval. Fight for it. You have to fight, and that sounds exhausting and it is, but you must.

Does anyone know of any organizations that can help anon?

-Lou the Lobster

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I have no need to pressure you, but I'm curious; when do you plan to begin putting out your webcomic?

i dont really have a set date currently…? i want to wait until i at least have a surplus of pages finished ahead of time (so that i’ll be able to post updates consistently if i lag on a page or two in the future and wont stress out over an update schedule), and my summer break doesnt start until later this month - plus it only lasts for four weeks

which isnt counting the fact that i already have a project in the works that im going to be doing this summer, so i cant say for certain. i can say that i have the plot and big plot points mapped out because this is something i’ve had in mind for about…three years, i think? so i really can’t stress how prepared i am as far as storyline and character development goes lmao, but i’ve only just recently (like a month or so ago) begun to put work into the actual pages and cover and such, so who really knows

im also very new to webcomics as a whole as far as actually posting them, so i haven’t gotten down to the specifics of that just yet. currently i’m working on sketching pages and putting colors down for scenes, but like i said, i’m planning on working on smth else during my summer break so we will see if i i have enough time to get the webcomic out over the summer

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so it's summer break where I'm at rn and im. so. bored. i miss school so much, not just for the social aspect, but because i miss the learning atmosphere. i know i can learn new things at home, but i miss learning with other people and talking about our new shared knowledge!! idk i just miss it so much and im going crazy this summer being at home all the time with nothing to do.

hey happy summer! and i totally get you dude, i had no idea what to do with my time in june, it was..awful. but!! heres what ive been doing to stay busy during these next few months:

  • working out: ive started pilates! the youtube channel blogilates provides free videos and calendars. ive started the beginners calendar, im on day 8! it made me feel so much stronger already, and i havent changed my diet as much :^)
  • language notebook: if youre studying a language at school, strengthen it during the summer! and to gain that learning atmosphere you can communicate with other studyblrs. 
  • learn coding: im looking to strengthen my java and html knowledge! theres so many online courses to learn this, and its really run.
  • reading!!! im finally catching up on some big reads, and trying to talk about them on my studyblr. 
  • getting ready for next year: im starting college this fall so i have a LOT to do, but no matter what grade youre in you can always check out homework, supplies paper work, and if youre a senior potential colleges! appblr is a great community to help you attain your dreams.

all of these things can be done socially as well! if you have a studious friend get together and learn something you both enjoy! go to a cafe or even your home and itll be a lot of fun. you can also always turn to the studyblr community, including myself! it creates such a productive and academic social vibe you want.

best of luck!! <3

so as the end of the summer is approaching i havent been able to get any work and havent made any money and my grandma was saying she wants to have an “adult talk” with me and my mom which is all evidence pointing to the fact that theyre definitely gonna tell me i have to drop out again because we cant afford it. great! i love it! really good!


Soooooo, apparently this popular youtuber named “kennie jd” just featured me on their channel. (watch from 4:42) and now everyone on my channel having a heart attack hahha

if you all didnt know, i am “abiribeat” formally known as “dokdokbeats” i make kpop mashups and i also make my own lil tunes aswell. so yall can find all those links to my stuff on my blog~

anyway, yall know im awkward. idk what to say xD i feel bad cause i havent updated since January. i know a lot of you all that follow me, have wondered when will i post something new and im just so sorry. im busy these days with a lot going on. and plus my other laptop’s charger is being weird and wont charge the laptop. so i have to buy a new charger and i dont have any duckies to buy it with.i was supposed to have a summer job but that didnt work out like i planned -ughh. anyway, i mean, i very well could make the mix on this computer but to be honest, the sound on this laptop is annoying. idk how to make it sound less “compressed”. once i figure that i out, i will see what i can do.

SUMMER/BEACH/VACATION [Sterek Support Package]

What better theme for the Sterek Support Network’s July rec package than summer? Here are some of our members’ favorite fics and fanart that deal with the beach, vacation, and other summer themes. Enjoy!


The Newlywed Game [M] [19,569] Captain_Loki

Stiles is (still) single when the pack’s getaway to the Caribbean comes by (oh misplaced optimism); lucky for him Derek is committed to being uncommitted and even after all these years is still powerless against Stiles’ unique forms of persuasion.

Cue a romantic getaway for two: sun, sand, and sarcasm abound…and the two roped into competing in the Resort’s version of the Newlywed game. Only it’s completely obvious it’s going to end in disaster. Probably homicide.

Most probably homicide.

Plot twist: It doesn’t.

I love this fic so much, it’s kind of my headcanon that Stiles and Derek know the ins and outs of each other. Also it has some pack feels and silliness all around. :) - rooming-with-a-narwhal

So this fic is one of my absolute favorites!! I mean derek and stiles are competing against married couples while in a fake relationship to play the game and they just work so well together no matter what and I love it… what I am saying is it is its cute and funny and if you havent you should read it - rocketshipposey

Derek Hale’s Very Bad, No Good (Nice) Summer [T] [37622] stilinskisparkles

“I’m going to kill you,” Derek says to his brother sourly.

“Darling, please, no death threats when you’re off to camp.”

“At camp?”

Talia smirks, “Keep them quiet, at least.”

I love stilinskisparkles fics a ton and I seem to rec them all the time, but seriously they are all amazing!! This one casts the entire hale family (+scott) as addams family esque characters and derek is forced to go to summer camp with stiles made-of-sunshine stilinski and so its all super funny!! my favorite part of this fic is how ALL of the characters interact with each other! - rocketshipposey

Past The Breakers [E] [40729] by thepsychicclam

fanart by Takkun

Stiles and Scott get summer jobs at the exclusive Seawolf Beach Resort, and the last thing Stiles expects is to start taking surf lessons from the hot lifeguard. 

A gorgeous summer fic. The setting and characters are beautiful, the angst and fluff is wonderful and the smut delicious. Plus, naked surfing Derek? Yes please! - stilinskiandthewolf

First of all it is hand-drawn?! Which is so awesome, it is so pretty and the style is amazing. It starts with a gorgeous drawing of the ocean and ends with cute sterek all cuddled up. I love it! - rooming-with-a-narwhal

Move a Mountain [E] [69006] ZainClaw

Stiles goes camping with his friends in New Mexico after graduation where they befriend a biker gang led by Derek: a guy whom Stiles can’t decide if he will be either relieved or devastated to never see again once their week is up.

This fic is actual perfection I absolutely adore everything about it. It’s got everything you need in a fic; fluff, smut, angst and a wonderful ending. - stilinskiandthewolf

God, I love this fic so much. It’s always on my read list whenever I go on vacation. - @kilaem

I adore everything about this fic! It has biker!Derek, post-graduation camping, and a dog named Yoda. There’s also a soundtrack and associated art to make this a well-rounded experience. - prettygirlbpd

To Navigate Your Seas [E] [26010] alisvolatpropiis

Derek is a beach bum/surfer; Stiles is his new neighbor. Feels ensue.

Beautifully written AU. I love the characterisation of Stiles and Derek and the setting is amazing. I can’t get enough of beach bum/surfer Derek! - stilinskiandthewolf

Mermaider [M] [15517] nothing_left_sacred

“So what you’re saying is; you’re a mermaid princess.” Erica concluded.

“Yes, clearly. That is what I am saying. Thank you for putting it so concisely.” Stiles sassed, frowning at her. He wasn’t fucking Ariel; this was so far from being a Disney movie it wasn’t even funny.

Or the one where a perfectly normal Beach Vacation escalates way too quickly, because this is Stiles’ life.

Hysterically funny with a perfect touch of angst and feels! - stilesbansheequeen

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War boys need pajamas too

((Hello all who may read this! Nux is currently in a state of deep sleep and by that i mean he’s dead…. for Halloween of course. *sweats* Since the time this blog has last been updated, Nux has received many more questions that have piled onto the old ones he never even answered; that son of a– While he does intend to keep this blog alive, we do know how piss poor he is at. Keeping. Things. Alive.
But don’t worry! War boys are only dormant for the colder months when Immortan Joe forces them into so much manual labor, they cant possibly have time to persue their dreams and have fun for themselves! That’s why war boys and the blogs they run cherish seasons like summer. They can finally catch a break, crash some cars in the name of Valhalla, and witness the brutally cold citadel weather of 90° rise back up to a safe 110° (Celsius, if that’s what you’d like to believe).

(Tldr; sorry i havent been answering things. School is suffocating and you might not see new content til the summer. I love you all and may you continue to persevere through these busy months!)