i havent slept at all this night

School  Explained By Rick Sanchez


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Dazatsu Dance AU Thingy

Dazai is a popular dance teacher and he is coaching Akutagawa, suddenly one day he quits and dissapears from town without telling anyone.

4 years later he meets Atsushi in a house party where they end up dancing together (somewhat in a competitive manner) and eventually start practising together for days and its wonderfull and gay.

Then one day Akutagawa and Chuuya (Who is currently coaching Akutagawa) catch them together and salty Akutagawa challenges both of them into a stupid dance battle and Dazai is into it but Atsushi is scared.

((More to come???maybe??Yes))

“Tell me about your first kiss.” John says one night Sherlock slept over his house. They’d stayed up late to watch a ninety minute documentary about carnivorous plants, Sherlock’s idea of course.

“Why should I?” Sherlock moves to prop his chin up on his palm. “Isn’t intimacy a private thing?”

“Friends can tell friends about these things.” John, traces shapes on the duvet with his fingertip. “You…have kissed someone, havent you?”

“What of it?” Sherlock’s young face begins to frown. “What does it matter if I’ve touched mouths with someone? Exchanged saliva with them. It’s all for naught.”

“So you haven’t?” John studies Sherlock’s face. “Yes or no?”

No response, Sherlock just looks annoyed.

“Just tell me what your first kiss was like!” John says, then suddenly Sherlock’s face was close and John felt Sherlock’s lips against his own. It was brief, too brief for John to even realise what was happening and-

“My first kiss was with an idiot called John,” Sherlock breathes the words over John’s mouth. “His lips were dry and his breath smells like the fizzy drink his mother would scold him for having before bed. It lasted no longer than 2.6 seconds and it felt…warm.” He pulls back enough to see John’s eyes. “Are you satisfied?”

“No.” John replies quickly, flooded with emotions he didn’t know he’d been quietly harbouring. “Why’d you…? I don’t…”

Sherlock sighs and rolls his eyes. “If you’re wanting to kiss me again, do it quickly.” He casts his eyes away, as if it’d hide the blush on his face. “I didn’t collect enough data during the first one.”

John breathes a laugh. “No, neither did I.” And then, he kisses Sherlock again.

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in ts4 if you get pregnant and have a baby, how do you know which hair colour its gonna get when it grows up to a toddler? since there's only EA colours and if you want other colors, you have to download a hair with another color palette. like, the boy twins seems to have pink hair like Been (?), how do the genetics work with cc and so? if this is messy i'm so sorry, i didnt know how to explain it. but i hope you understand! <3

The boys actually got blonde hair from cotton!! My psd just makes it look pink! I haven’t personally tested what would happen if you had the same recolors for both toddlers and the parents but I’m assuming you would most likely need a recolor for every ea mesh, as I’m not sure the game would recognize that some hairs have different colors than others so you would most likely just get the default Black unless the other parent had an ea color! That being said when the twin girls were born they were actually born with green and purple hair, which I manually switched to pink as I’m assuming that’s what would have happened if I had actually had that recolor for toddlers! (Does that make sense??? Prolly not)

I’m not really the best person to ask as I don’t have a consistent recolor I use, therefor I can’t say it is passed on genetically but I don’t believe so!! If you are using a recolor that isn’t ea’s swatches that may be something you have to manually edit in cas yourself!

Day 7 of relaspe of IV Meth and Heroin. I havent slept in 3 days. It looks like I have contracted leprosy. I cant control my bladder and smell aweful all around. My friends called cops on me last night they knew I was on bail and blacked out, wanting to get rid of me. I told the poljce they were buying meth thru the mail and then stayed at the house thinking they trapped me. I ran down to the laundry mat and shot dope to try to normalize myself. Its getting to be too much already…

ps. I do not believe anymore that those bed bugs ever exisited

me: i honestly don’t understand why ryan ross doesnt get more credit tbh. i know a lot of the fans like to pretend he doesnt exist anymore because of the split and because he hasnt released music recently, but like have they forgotten that without him they wouldn’t have two of the best albums of all time + nearly witches, let alone the entire band? also, his lyrics are just so incredibly good and he’s so smart and intelligent and has a beautiful way with words but people tend not to see that because they think it’s either pretentious or nonsensical. ryan ross deserves better

stranger whose house i broke into at 2 am: i’m calling the police

Shawn Mendes-Unsteady

Requested: anonymous
Word count: 1077
Warning: angsty
Summary: Shawn is super stressed with working on his upcoming album and has a breakdown. You comfort him and it’s super fluffy/angsty.
A/N: Sorry its kinda short/sucky. I cut my thumb real good and Im typing on my phone and I use my thumbs for typing…..yeah….don’t play with sharp objects kids.
~ ~ ~
Shawn is leaning over as he sits at the couch in the livingroom, fiddling with  a blue ink pen inbetween his long slender fingers as a mess of scribbled on pages is spewed about on the coffee table infront of him.
His fluffy brown hair is a mess from a few restless nights and there are slight bags under his beautiful hazel eyes.

After a few more moments of unsuccessful thought, he drops his pen and runs his hands over his face tiredly.
“Shawn?” You question as you see his hunched figure on the couch during your venture down the stairs to make breakfast.
He tiredly looks back to you and then sighs softly as he picks up his guitar beside him amd starts tuning it.
“Have you been up all night?” You ask as you come up to your boyfriend with soft pattering feet on the floor.
“All night and have not got one lick of inspiration” he answers in a soft voice.
“Have you thought that it might be because you havent slept, Shawn? There’s a point when you’re brain says enough is enough and quits” you reply and rest a hand on the back of the sofa, right behind him.
“My album release is coming up so fast it’s not even funny!” He says in a slightly louder tone as he locks gazes with you.
“Yeah and I have a paper due next week but you dont see me giving up my sleep to work on it” you retort.
“You dont understand its not the same thing” he says and strums the strings of his guitar once and watches them vibrate.
“Ugh, yeah, it kinda is” you correct, “Both can have success and failure. And you have to work hard too”.
Shawn sets his guitar on the couch in a swift movement, shuts his notebook dramatically on the coffee table and walks off.
You stood there dazed at his sudden actions, but quickly follow after him.

“Shawn!” You say and quickly walk after the 6'2 being.
“Shawn, I didnt mean it by you didn’t work hard-”
He stops and turns around while holding his forehead, “I know, y/n. I know”.
He drops his arm and meets your eyes with his tired and dull ones, “I’m just getting so frustrated and overworked lately that I feel like having a mental breakdown”.
“I know how you feel. Its crappy and hard but you’ll get through it like you have done in the past” you try to explain.
“As the years go by the stress and expectations get higher and higher and I dont know if I can handle it anymore” he continues, ignoring your just said sentence.
He folds his hands behind his head in frustration.
“Shawn, just breathe” you try to soothe.
“No!” He booms and throws his hands out, accidentally knocking a glass vase off the wooden stand and cause it to shatter on the floor.
You just closed your eyes to the sound and re-opened them after.
“You dont get it! Andrew doesnt get it! No one understands what I’m going through!” Shawn carried on in a flustered tone, tears dwelling in his eyes.
“It hurts” his voice cracks.
“It hurts so much” he continued and slowly sunk to the floor as a few precious tears escaped his eyes.
You watched the forever strong man you knew, finally have a breakdown, finally loose it.
You felt so bad for Shawn, but every once in a while, we all loose to the world.

You were careful not to step on the broken shards of glass as you walked over to Shawn and knelt down to him hugging his knees.
You raise your hand to touch his back but hesitate, wondering if you could really help him.
You continue anyways.
You rub circles onto his muscular back with your palm and then give him a hug.
“Hugs release "endorphins” which make you happy" you explain to Shawn.
You feel a few tears drip through the sleeve of your shirt and onto your one arm around the front of him.
“Im sorry you have been feeling this way lately but unfortunately bad feelings are not something we can dodge in life. We are not all dealt the best or easiest of cards but we make them work. And you become happy when your life means something to someone else. And for you Shawn, you have millions who you’ve had an influence on. You can’t break now, you’ve held on for so long and showed so many people that it’s worth sticking around for” you tell him.
“My music has to be phenomenal, y/n. I have to push myself” Shawn argues.
“Yes you may have to push yourself a bit but dont to the point you’re sick. The fans love what is heartfelt and truly yours. It doesnt have to be legendary to be great” you assure him confidently.
“Take care of yourself and the music will come easy” you also add.
Shawn raised his one hand and dried his tears at your words.
Then turns his head more of your direction and reveals his red puffy eyes and nose as he exhales deeply.
“You’re a big boy Shawn. Dont let the little things get to you” you assure again.
“I won’t” he says and hooks his arm around your shoulders so he can hold you.
You smile as you lean into his chest and he kisses the top of your head sweetly.

After a few moments, he gently taps your knee before maneuvering his way up.
He turns back to you and lowers his ginormous hand, you accept and he pulls you up carefully so you dont step on glass.
“Thanks babe, I really needed to hear that. You got some good psychologists powers there” Shawn thanks you.
“No problem. But know what else you’re gonna hear, Mendes? You have this mess to clean up. Lucky for you, Im your loving and caring partner who is gonna help you” you smirk at the last bit.

And turns out, inspiration caused inspiration and Shawn wrote a song about having support during rough times (cough cough, you!) It was a hut and everyone took to social media, writing how they knew it was about you x

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can i put a spell on my cat to make it stop meowing at my door at night lol? (seriously) i havent slept well in months

omg… if i had a spell for this, the dogs next door would have quit barking all night by now XD

I havent slept in like 3 days because of finals so here’s a picture from a couple weeks ago. I am VERY excited about tonight’s episode, although also a little nervous because this is the first time this season we are going in blind. I think its gonna be good though. Happy selfie night guys!!!

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i’d like to thank the universe for making it so the sims won’t start on my computer bc it’s 1am i havent slept at all since like saturday or smth and i would’ve stayed up all night and it would’ve ended Badly i think this is a sign that i should go to bed

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hi q, i havent slept all night ive been up reading dan x reader fics. and now im getting ready for school, what is my life? :(

this used to be me but I think I’ve read every phan x reader on tumblr, wattpad, ao3 and even fucking fanfiction.net so I’m forced to stop :( have a good day at school dude!