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School  Explained By Rick Sanchez


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Dazatsu Dance AU Thingy

Dazai is a popular dance teacher and he is coaching Akutagawa, suddenly one day he quits and dissapears from town without telling anyone.

4 years later he meets Atsushi in a house party where they end up dancing together (somewhat in a competitive manner) and eventually start practising together for days and its wonderfull and gay.

Then one day Akutagawa and Chuuya (Who is currently coaching Akutagawa) catch them together and salty Akutagawa challenges both of them into a stupid dance battle and Dazai is into it but Atsushi is scared.

((More to come???maybe??Yes))

“Tell me about your first kiss.” John says one night Sherlock slept over his house. They’d stayed up late to watch a ninety minute documentary about carnivorous plants, Sherlock’s idea of course.

“Why should I?” Sherlock moves to prop his chin up on his palm. “Isn’t intimacy a private thing?”

“Friends can tell friends about these things.” John, traces shapes on the duvet with his fingertip. “You…have kissed someone, havent you?”

“What of it?” Sherlock’s young face begins to frown. “What does it matter if I’ve touched mouths with someone? Exchanged saliva with them. It’s all for naught.”

“So you haven’t?” John studies Sherlock’s face. “Yes or no?”

No response, Sherlock just looks annoyed.

“Just tell me what your first kiss was like!” John says, then suddenly Sherlock’s face was close and John felt Sherlock’s lips against his own. It was brief, too brief for John to even realise what was happening and-

“My first kiss was with an idiot called John,” Sherlock breathes the words over John’s mouth. “His lips were dry and his breath smells like the fizzy drink his mother would scold him for having before bed. It lasted no longer than 2.6 seconds and it felt…warm.” He pulls back enough to see John’s eyes. “Are you satisfied?”

“No.” John replies quickly, flooded with emotions he didn’t know he’d been quietly harbouring. “Why’d you…? I don’t…”

Sherlock sighs and rolls his eyes. “If you’re wanting to kiss me again, do it quickly.” He casts his eyes away, as if it’d hide the blush on his face. “I didn’t collect enough data during the first one.”

John breathes a laugh. “No, neither did I.” And then, he kisses Sherlock again.

[a quick fic, definitely not my best work? but i thought of this scene after thinking about what might cause taakitz to grow as close as they did in such a short amount of time? i concluded late-night cooking :^) (maybe i should make this a mini series bc theres no actual cooking in this one) 

anyways read away. spoilers for lunar interlude 4 and everything prior to it i guess. also its 6am and i havent slept, take pity on me vghjbjn]

Taako stares up at the ceiling of his private quarters. He’s so, so tired- the Director has them all training heavily for something she won’t even tell them about. She seems unsettled, though; maybe even frightened, so even Taako agrees to the extra training. Still, despite his aching bones- Thanks, Magnus- he can’t sleep.

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