i havent slept at all this night

School  Explained By Rick Sanchez


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Dazatsu Dance AU Thingy

Dazai is a popular dance teacher and he is coaching Akutagawa, suddenly one day he quits and dissapears from town without telling anyone.

4 years later he meets Atsushi in a house party where they end up dancing together (somewhat in a competitive manner) and eventually start practising together for days and its wonderfull and gay.

Then one day Akutagawa and Chuuya (Who is currently coaching Akutagawa) catch them together and salty Akutagawa challenges both of them into a stupid dance battle and Dazai is into it but Atsushi is scared.

((More to come???maybe??Yes))

On Mulan and Cross-Ethnic Casting

First, a few general things:

  • I don’t know if cross-ethnic is the correct term for casting a person of one ethnicity as another– please correct me if I’m wrong. 
  • While my ethnicity is Han Chinese, my thoughts and opinions are by no means representative of all Chinese. I do not mean to talk over or silence differing opinions from other Chinese people, and I apologise in advance if I come off that way. 
  • I have used “China/Chinese” rather than going into the specific countries that the land (that we now know as an united China) was broken into at the time. 
  • I am quite obviously in the “Cast Someone Chinese for Mulan” camp. 
  • This post was made to allow myself to more coherently gather my own thoughts and rebuttals to arguments I’ve seen around. 

Differing Views Within Chinese Community

From what I’ve read, there seems to be three common views, all equally valid:

  1. Chinese characters should always be played by Chinese actors/actresses. No exceptions.
  2. It doesn’t matter– I’m just happy to see more Asian representation and/or Asian actors/actresses shouldn’t be boxed into the sorts of roles like that.
  3. It depends on context, and/or the sort of story being told.

While I do not wish to see Asian actors/actresses being boxed into roles of characters matching their ethnicity, I do not think that we’re at the point where we can do that 100% of the time without it being harmful. As one of the thisisnotchina​ mods pointed out, “Asians are not deracialised the way white European Americans are. An Englishman can be cast for a major role in Les Miserables without people forgetting about the Frenchness of the story, the history, Victor Hugo, etc. (nor the Englishness of the actor!) To cross-culturally cast someone for a distinctly Chinese story (compared with Fresh Off the Boat which I believe resonates and is meant to resonate with many Asian Americans, not just Taiwanese Americans) really plays into the conflation of Asian ethnicities and cultures that already exists in North America.” 

For that reason, I’m part of the third group. There is a huge difference between FOTB and Mulan in terms of the story being told and the themes in it, so I don’t think they should be compared. I see FOTB as a portrayal of the Asian American experience, told through an Asian American family who just happened to be Taiwanese, which is why I don’t really mind Randall Park playing the part of a Taiwanese immigrant. 

Why (at Least) the Main Cast Should be Chinese

Building on what I said before on context and the sort of story Mulan is telling, it would be historically correct and culturally sensitive to cast Chinese people as Chinese characters. 

  • Mulan is an important and distinct part of Chinese folklore that originated over a thousand years ago. To which Chinese ethnic group she belonged is unclear (to my knowledge), but she was Chinese. 
  • Some Chinese people don’t want to be represented what will probably be a hugely successful movie by someone who isn’t Chinese. 
  • At current time, as already mentioned above, casting a non-Chinese into a distinctly Chinese role, may be harmful. I know that Hollywood thinks that it’s okay to cast cross-ethnically, but it could just add to the “all Asians are interchangeable/the same” stereotype. Until that stereotype dies, I don’t think it’s a good idea to cast cross-ethnically. 
  • International relations and historical conflict. To use Japan as an example, I (and some other Chinese people I’ve talked to) would be very uncomfortable if a Japanese person was cast as a Chinese character simply because Japan tried to invade China not that long ago in the past and still deny what they’ve done to this day. It’s kinda just insensitive to cast a non-Chinese Asian in a distinctly Chinese story where the main characters are defending China. 

On White-Washing and Half-Asian/Half-White Casting

Whitewashing is obviously wrong, I think we all know that. Regarding casting half-Chinese actors/actresses, I am against it. Three main points:

  1. A part-Chinese person can identify as Chinese, and in addition, I think that part-Chinese people should be welcome to weigh in on issues within the Chinese community if they identify as Chinese.  
  2. However, I do not believe a part-Chinese actress will be cast as Mulan (or any other Chinese character) with “well, they identify as Chinese so it’s okay” in mind. I believe that if a part-Chinese person is cast, it will be because they are part-White and/or (conditionally) white-passing. It’s an easy way out for people who don’t want to cast PoC because they think Western (white) audiences won’t want to see films with PoC leads, but want to avoid accusations of racism if they whitewash. 
  3. It’s not historically accurate. Mulan wasn’t half-Chinese and half-white, and I doubt anyone was in that time/place. Casting someone half-Chinese would be needlessly inaccurate. 

“Where is the outrage for this white ethnic group being cast as this white ethnic group?” 

I don’t know. Why are you asking me? Why are you asking PoC bloggers this, as if they’re hypocritical or hold a double standard for not bringing this up or it’s somehow their fault? 

I (and many other PoC bloggers, I imagine) try my best to stay in our lane, to voice our opinions only when it is our place to do so. Just as it is not my place to tell a Japanese person to be offended (or not to be offended) at the casting for Memoirs of a Geisha, it is also not my place to tell a French person that they’re wrong when they say that they’re okay with Hugh Jackman being in Les Mis, or tell a Russian person that they should be offended that ScarJo has been casted as the Black Widow.

If (white) people feel the same concern over cross-ethnic casting, then they should be raising concerns, they should be the ones making posts and calling people out. If this is really such a big deal, then make yourselves heard. If it’s not, that’s okay but don’t you dare use it as an way to try shut down people who do care.

Regarding Opinions from Non-Chinese

Whatever your opinion is, do not speak over Chinese people. If you agree with something that a Chinese person has said, cool, go reblog it. If you disagree with something that a Chinese person is said, keep your mouth shut and scroll down.

A non-Chinese person has no right to dictate to a Chinese person what they should or should not settle for or accept. They have no right to tell a Chinese person “it’ll be good enough if everyone’s Asian” or “you shouldn’t settle for less, everyone should be Chinese.”

Between the Foxes tight schedule and Justin’s own terrible class schedule, he could barely remember when was the last time he had got a good night’s sleep. At least the duration. When he did sleep, Justin slept soundly, for real. The only sound that could wake him was the alarm going off to let him know he had shit to do. But actually sleeping in? That just wasn’t in his plans at all. he had a tight schedule of running around to get in time to his classes, carrying snacks everywhere he went and missing lunch by a few minutes, leaving the dorm room with a bunch of things thrown around that he was sure Casey and Cecil tried to ignore as much as they could.

That morning wasn’t out of the ordinary. He’d decided the day after the loss against the Ravens that he just wouldn’t let anything get him down, not without fighting. He knew they could win the next game, there’s no way in hell that he could let the Ravens get him down even more than they already had. So for the last week, he’d been adamant about pumping everyone up and making sure they all felt the same way. What he didn’t know was that it was going to be very short lived. Rarely ever did he get anything in the mailbox. He had his phone for anything that the Fletcher’s wanted to say, buthe checked that one time because he had ordered a new set of headphones earlier in the week.

So once he did, he stepped into the kitchen with a box in his hands and pocketing a letter that he was sure came from any sort of endorsement or it was in the wrong mailbox. He didn’t have classes that day, so he set up to actually get some real food in his body and began made some waffles, evne leaving some of the mix in the fridge in case anyone else was feeling that. He was halfway thorough his plate of food, testing the sound in his new headphones and about to open the envelope when he saw someone out of the corner of his eyes that got his attention. He immediately took his headphones off and raised his eyebrows. “What, did you say something?” He asked quickly.


just slept a looooot, i didnt eat dinner last night haha

tbh havent given much thought into what to do about us, all i think about is you and how much i love you haha…. i love you so much though…

i remember when we first broke up i kept wishing that eternal sunshine of the spotless mind was a real thing. you know id learn from my mistakes and become a better person, i’d forget you and not suffer. but id only choose to forget you bc i really believe we’d find each other and fall for each other all over again, but this time we’ll do things right you know. idk

yup ok we’re getting the titty masks and while we’re doing that we’re gona use the hand mask as well. lesbian skincare101

turned on the ac and i can smell my moms cig smoke and im just tryna inhale all the secondhand smoke i can haha i need to smoke so fuckin badly my god

i have so many things i want to say to you, i miss you so much baby girl, hope youre doing good and eating well.

puzzles are quite fun, theyre like meditative in its own way idk, last time you seemed pretty into them i think you should get a puzzle to work on if youre into the idea, it really gives you something to do and the adrenaline of fitting two pieces together is indescribable LOL. also audio

if you fall asleep down by the water baby i’ll carry you all the way home

supposed to be chill drinking w my friend but i keep losing at this goddamn game, im so tipsy rn i really want to call you god, i am trying so fuckig hard to not fucking text you right now but why are we doing this no jk i know why but godi love you you love me our love reaches the depths of da ocean and the heights of the mountains and beyond wtf cheesy af I LOVE YOU.

i pulled an all nighter last night and i havent slept for far more than 24 hours so heres the fcuking signs as the first thing that comes into my sleepy mind
  • Aries: why must this household be devoid of macaroni and cheese
  • Taurus: what kind of sadistic fuck becomes a teacher and assignsprojects that require all nighters???
  • Gemini: where are memes when you need them the most
  • Cancer: i feel like unironically buying a beanie baby but is it worth the price of my dignity?
  • Leo: if dolphins are so smart then do they have a chance at defeating me in a fight?????
  • Virgo: if dragons are immortal, why would one feel the need to retire???
  • Libra: what if i was a meme and didnt know how fucked up would that be
  • Scorpio: What if snails were more intellighent than we are but theyre just really realy shy and thats why we dont know about it???
  • Sagittarius: can fine art be considered a meme
  • Capricorn: what if we were all just drawings and erasers were considered weapons how fucked up would that be
  • Aquarius: what if cacti could move and they would always try to hug the closest thing and got really sad when they hurt the thing
  • Pisces: what exactly does a friend smell like and how do we know we are not smelling the scent of an enemy

“I kid you not, some girl was outside my window last night trying to serenade me. She was literally out there singing Justin Bieber so loud until Campus Police came over and tackled her to the ground – like full on NFL tackle, the dude should’ve been on the Miami Dolphins, I swear to god. I’ve never been more worried about someone in my life, but all I could do was just lock my window and pretend I didn’t see anything. I still feel a little bad for the poor girl, I’m not gonna lie.”

Alright kids let me tell you why recoloring whitewashed photos is wrong and how getting called out for it doesn’t make the other person “colorist”


Y'all are getting hella bold with your reasoning where you think fansites won’t be able to find you.

This is a long ass post and I encourage you all to…at least skim through it.

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