i havent seen you blog in so long

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Can I have your cutest gifs of the two of them, thank you!!! (It can be ones you've seen or made I don't care :) )

both of them:

Just Dan(ce):

Just Phil: 

and my ultimate favorite gif ive ever made….

((i could watch it for 100 years its so pretty????))

forgive me i havent made as many gifs of dan but this is a phil gif blog soooo

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I'm looking to thirst follow some folks (I have a problem I know) so could you name a few Hot™ yoi blogs?

ok well first of all, u should be following me so jot that down

ghskdgjkdsf im kidding but all my mutuals are gorgeous!! i haven’t been on tumblr very long so i havent seen the selfies of very many people but off the top of my head, @otayuriism, @daddybek, @otabaeee@crescendotayuri, and @severeminx are incredibly beautiful and so you should check them out bc not only are they beautiful they are also all extremely talented and lovely people :’’’’)

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ive been looking for a five? im sorry i don't really remember it but like blue and lance get really close and lance is only ever around blue? he doesn't really talk to the team either, and blue is the only girl lion? lance can like talk to blue too. the team confronts him and blue gets super protective??? it was on ao3 and i can find it anywhere it's making me so mad i stg!!! please help!!! thank you, i love ur blog 💗

(Pt 2, poorly formatted bc I’m on mobile: gosh i sent my ask yesterday but i also remember lance having a sister who died in a car accident and his dad blamed him? he like disowned him and he had to live with hunk. it was rlly long though?? sorry these are like a lot of spoilers for people who havent read it but i cant find it anywhere i’ve been looking for WEEKS!!)

I could’ve sworn I’d seen something to do with the first part of your ask but I can neither recall that one nor any with the added details :’( I’m sorry,,you gave a whole ton of helpful info too; maybe someone else here knows? [Edit: kyasuu in the replies suggests Finding Your Place by Ninke_A? :O]


okay but I can totally imagine calum on tour and not warning you at all that he’s planned on shaving his head and the only reason you knew was because your twitter mentions were blowing up about it so you’d immediately face time him and you were so damn nervous but you didnt even know why because its just hair right? but your thoughts were interrupted by his face appearing on the screen and sure enough, the rumors were true and you didn’t really know how to react so you’d just mumble a quick “why?” and he’d rub his freshly shaved head, only to say “I needed a change” so you’d nod and sorta space out a little and he’d give you a lil smile “you still love me though, right?” he’d ask and you’d just give him the biggest smile because you havent seen his face this bright in so long and all that mattered was that it was still calum and wow im crying idk why I did this call an ambulance

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I was concidering starting a blog that rebloggs fan art from all over the bandom, like an online art gallery of sorts (all reblogged from the original artist of course). Do you think that's a good idea?

Yes!! I know there used to be a blog like that but i havent seen it around in a long time, so that would be a great idea!!

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seeing u blog about ur love for ur gf is so healing and im so so happy you two are happy together !! i havent been following u for long really but gosh its always so nice to see you gush about her. love like u two have is truly a powerful and blessed force in these dark times 8')

aaAAAAAAA thank you luke!!!! i know u are a good judge of this too- i have seen you blog about your bf and it is a pure, wholesome, and rejuvenating force as well.

tbh sometimes i get nervous that our pda will be annoying but tbh i love rob too much to care anyway so i shrug it off and post that obnoxiously sappy shit. fuk yea.

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I watch you for a quite long time now but havent talked to You yet. I just want to say You seem to be kind and good person, I highly value your blog and your Kuro analysis. I have learned lot of new things about it and You helped me to open my eyes and notice things I havent seen yet. Keep on doing that amazing work, please <3 Have a nice day too <3

omg omg thank you so much! i am both flattered and afraid that you’ve been following me for a while, i look back at my old posts and cringe at how awful my phrasing is. it’s typo mania :D

nonetheless, i’m super glad that i could be useful to you! that’s really the only thing i aspire to do (not that i have any sense of direction for this account lol) and i look at the other kuro theory blogs like >:o those guys r so smart… #insp

i hope you have a nice day too! i shall try to post more things <3 <3 :D

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Story time. So I'm having an issue with a neighbor stalking me. Some weeks ago, I was browsing this blog, letting scrubs play in the background. My neighbor started to walk around my apartment and looking in the windows like he does. The second I notice him, I run to my bathroom and hide. So I did so, but left the blog up....I must have heard scrubs play over and over that day at least 25 times with having to be in the bathroom so long.

holy shit

i dont say this about many, but your neighbor sounds worse than karamatsu

advice: print out massive pictures of karamatsu and tape them to your windows.  putting karamatsu’s disgusting face on your windows will ward off any unwanted visitors. however, it could also scare away wanted visitors to your apartment, such as the pizza delivery worker or a friend you havent seen in 3 years. be sure to notify them of the eyesores beforehand.

note: you may feel a burning sensation while handling the paper with his image on it. this is normal. if the burning sensation is too bothersome, wear gloves. do NOT wear gloves that are leather and/or fingerless. your experience will only be more painful.

what if i made like

a lifehack blog for autistic people? like autistic people can submit ways that they ease their sensory issues (substituting __ with __ in a recipe to make it less spicy for example, or using a certain brand of toothpaste)

is there already a blog for that? i havent seen one, but please tell me if there is !

reblog this if you think that it would be a good idea :>

*sips coffee* man i can’t believe i havent had coffee since last year *texts friend* dude, its been so long since we talked! like last year wow times have changed *posts on blog* I haven’t blogged since last year *hugs mom* we haven’t even hugged since last year *trips* wow i haven’t tripped since last year *looks in mirror* its been so long since i’ve seen you, since last year

phandom reposter PSA

so idk if you guys know this already, but a quite popular blog my the name of “dans-moth-shirt” has been reposting alot of art and gifs, and not crediting the original posters. Not only has this user been active for a very long time (4+ months) but I havent actually seen anyone call them out on it. The worst part about this is that their posts are getting thousands of notes and are getting reblogged by popular phandom blogs. The orginal artists and gif makers do not deserve this, and it would mean alot to me, and the creators in the phandom, if you reported this blog, and stopped reblogging posts from them.