i havent seen this on my dash =(

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this is the true classic vine

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i havent actually seen any aces act like people who have sex are disgusting? like some are uncomfortable with it or pda but thats just "hey this topic personally makes me uncomfortable can you maybe tag it so i can avoid it" rather then "ew dirty gross allogays" a lot of people seem to try and paint it as

unfortunately, the most radical of opinions are the ones most likely to reach people outside of a group. 

i can only speak for what i’ve seen come across my dash, and from my own viewpoint as a lesbian.


Major Lazer - Cold Water (feat. Justin Bieber & MØ) (Official Lyric Video)

“I had been trying to link with Benny Blanco and Ed Sheeran for years to find the right song we could all work on together and the moment I heard this one, I knew that it was the one. The timing was perfect and when we approached Justin, he was also in love with the song we all had written. I thought it would be interesting to incorporate another vocal and seeing she’s family, I reached out to Mø and we decided to try our best to make something fresh and interesting as Major Lazer.” - Diplo on recording Cold Water



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have you seen the video going around that had someone edit shiro out of the scene where keith sees him in the ep about the sword and replaced him with lance? ive seen it several times and its upsetting me because i feel like they took that scene away from us? its a scene i really love and to see others changing it to fit THEIR ship and then praising the video about how it "fixed" the episode is just. so upsetting.

my friend janey told me about it but i havent seen it anywhere near my dash–im glad i didnt though cause i mean “okay cool a kl//ance version” but it’s really upsetting bc they’re just erasing sh//iro to satisfy their needs,,,, aghhh im not gonna bother them tho if that’s what they want then let them have it,,,,,