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jeon jungkook can you please just sit down for a sec and chill?!?!?


“They won’t hurt you as long as I’m here.”

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but with you, my dear, i’m safe

just a little baby bit because i love when killian is happy 

There is a morning not long after his return to Storybrooke when Killian realizes upon waking that he has never felt so wholly content in all of his years alive. The realization floats from his heart to his mind and spreads warmly through his bones, gently coaxing him from his dreams and dropping him comfortably back into his bed.

He slowly becomes aware of the other body pressed against his own, his hand finding a smaller, softer one curled against the bare skin of his chest. Hair is tickling his nose but he doesn’t mind all that much, not when it surrounds him with the familiar scent of coconut and vanilla that he had come to miss so much during his time away.

His time away, that’s what he has taken to calling it in his head. Oddly enough, being dead and then returning once more to the land of the living is not all that simple of a transition, and it’s easier for him to cope with if he just imagines that he had spent his time exploring a different realm. That’s what the Underworld is, really, just another realm – no different from Wonderland or the Enchanted Forest. Or here. Home.

Gods, how happy he is to be home.

Emma unconsciously shifts beside him and presses her nose to his neck, her breath warm on the hollow of his throat as she begins to stir. She is always like this in the morning, restless as consciousness grasps at her, and it never ceases to make him smile. He is unsure if he will ever get tired of the way she insists on sprawling across the entire bed, even if it means nearly suffocating him in the process.

He feels her nose scrunch against him, and suddenly she’s reaching back to pull the covers over her head and burrow deeper into his embrace, groaning as a sliver of light from the window reaches her eyes. “How long,” Her voice is rough with sleep and he feels her swallow, laughing quietly to himself as she attempts to string together a coherent sentence despite her barely-conscious state. “How long have—no. What time is it?”

Killian runs his hand from the crown of her head all the way down to the base of her spine and back up again before replying. “Mm, I’m not sure, darling. It’s early yet.”

“You’re just saying that,” She whispers sleepily, seeking out his hand with her own before finding it and weaving her fingers through his, “Because you think I don’t sleep enough. And you want me close.”

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Rupert Grint and Robert Sheehan in “Moonwalkers” (x)

a rant about david tennant's perfection. please read

hi sorry i need to talk about this man. Someone message me so we can discuss david’s perfection.

so… david tennant… this man is the reason i wake up every morning. I know its sad, but he got me through a really difficult time in my life with his humor, devotion, kindness, atractiveness, and everything about him that makes him a great person. And DAYUM that man can act. First let me get appearance out of the way. I mean goddamn it THAT HAIR just perky enough.i want to run my hands through it before i die,

and THAT BEARD. that scruff is so beautiful, and it fits his face so nicely. i bet its really fuzzy

And his ABS. In What we did on our Holiday he wears a wet white t-shirt and you can see them, its beautiful.  of course i havent actually seen the movie, just gifs. but BAE.

Also his acting skill. He plays a very similar character in in Gracepoint to Alec Hardy in broadchurch and somehow made the him completely different. He also makes grumpy, bitter characters lovable. When he acts, not only do you see the way his character appears to other character, but without him even saying anything, you can see all of the character’s underlying problems.

Now for personality. He is always hilarious on talk shows and he never says anything mean. He acknowledges that he’s still a part of doctor who.  He replied to a letter i mailed to him when i was having a difficult time and sent me an autograph. He’s got a family, i bet he makes an amazing dad. He’s always good to the fans he meets because he understands us. After all, he is one of us. I’ve never met him but i hope too some day, and i know people who have and say he’s delightful. He i a huge inspiration to me. As a kid, obsessed with doctor who, many people thought less of him, or ridiculed him for being different, and many people assumed he would never follow his dream to become the doctor because he would grow out of his obsession, but he proved them wrong. Similar to what i am experiencing currently, and thank god for this man, so i can fantasize about him because of how much he has changed my life. I hope he will see this some day so he knows what an impact he has made on me, and many others