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Question for mun ( Hi Jay!!) I was just wondering, is Zack in this au? I can't remember if we've seen him or not. Is he missing like in KH canon or, spoilers for people who have not played ffvii or anything related to it, dead? Or does he just live far away? ( also it's so good to see you again! It's a little weird tho, usually when ever I think to myself ' hmm I wonder how Jay is doing?' You update.. it's weird.)

hello anon!!^O^ YES, zack is absolutely here!! i just havent gotten around to drawing him in anything yet… i’m a fool… i have answered a question or two abt him over on my ask.fm, but basically fret not!! zack has a pulse!! he’s married to aerith in liverpepper, making him leon’s brother-in-law since leon and aerith (and yuffie) are adoptive siblings ^O^ cloud and zack meanwhile are childhood friends who moved to radiant garden (where the gang all live now) when cloud was 10.

(and AHH! 💕💕💕 it’s so good to be back, and so lovely to reply to your ask! maybe i’m telepathic. maybe… it’s magic..!!)


Élodie Yung discusses “The Defenders” & “The Hitman’s Bodyguard” on BUILD.

You'll Be Okay || Peter Parker x Reader ||

Characters: Peter Parker x Fem!Reader

Fandom: MCU


Requested: Yes! Thank you! <3 xx [hey I was wondering if I could maybe have an imagine where y/n is Happy’s daughter and she’s like “I know how my dad is so if you ever need anything I’m here for you” so when tony takes the suit from peter he goes to her and she comforts him? thank you!!!!!]

Prompt: After Peter gets his suit taken off him by Tony, he comes to you for comfort knowing that you were always around to look out for him given your dad, Happy, was too busy to do that. 

Tags: @rafeadderall @butterybra  

 Word Count: 1,954


Today had been a hell of a day for Peter Parker. In fact, it had been a hell of a week for him. For two whole months since Berlin, he had been the ‘friendly’ neighbourhood Spiderman like he intended to be. But this last week, discovering a black market for alien tech weaponry, he couldn’t just let it slide without doing something. 

Then there was the incident at D.C which he felt guilty about. Knowing he could’ve done better to prevent it from happening in the first place. And now he felt guilty about the whole ferry incident earlier today. He didn’t blame Tony for taking away the suit, and he couldn’t be mad about it either because what happened today; Was all on him. 

Peter wished that Tony could see that he was trying his hardest, he was always trying his hardest to do what was right. The only person who managed to see that was Y/N, she had been around since Berlin to watch over him given her father, Happy, was too busy to do even that. 

He sat in his room, the wet curls of his hair sent water droplets onto his desk as he hung her head low. To add to the guilt he felt for those people on the ferry, there was evident guilt for not answering Aunt May’s texts or calls and making her worry unnecessarily. Despite the fact he wanted to call Y/N and let her know what happened and even vent his frustrations out to her, he decided it would be better to remain in his apartment so that May wouldn’t worry any more than she had. 

Fortunately for Peter, Y/N was currently in a heated argument with Tony Stark about how he treated the young teenager earlier today. “-Are you kidding me, Tony - you can’t just take away his suit!” Y/N paced around the floor, in the Avenger's tower. Her father grumbled in complaint, trying his hardest to ensure all of these precious items were boxed accordingly and safely in preparation for ‘moving’ day.

“Actually I can, and I did, he obviously can’t be trusted with it.” Tony argued, he eyed the young girl, she was no older than Peter and hadn’t the slightest of clue why she cared so much about what happened to Peter. “Yes, he can, Tony! You haven’t been watching him for two months like I have. He’s trying. That’s all he’s ever done is try and try to impress you.”

Tony scoffed, “You think almost killing an entire ferry of civilians is going to impress me? He isn’t trying hard enough-.” Y/N cut him off, “He is just a kid! He is only fifteen and you expect him to have as much experience as you? As Steve? As Bucky? He’s going to fuck up, it happens, and I sure a shit know for a fact you did as a kid too.”

“What was I supposed to do Y/N?” Tony looked at her sternly, his arms folded angrily over his chest. “You weren’t supposed to take his suit, You’re supposed to discipline him but encourage him. If you let him know how disappointed you were that would be enough because he cares about what you think of him…” 

She felt she said enough, marching over to the counter and snatching a set of keys. “And where are you going?” Happy finally looked up from what he was doing, Y/N headed toward the elevator, not turning back. “To go see Peter since I’m the only one who actually cares about him.” 

“Oh, and you think I’m going to let you take the car-.” 

“I’m taking the goddamn car.” She spat and got into the elevator, letting her anger seeth through her until she was calm again. Tony and Happy were left in the room looking at each, “what the hell was that?” Tony pointed accusingly at Happy at that rebellious spout from his daughter. Rarely had Y/N acted out and in fact it wasn’t until she was ordered to look out for Peter had she started to act out more. 

Happy shrugged, “how the hell would I know? Hormones or something…” He averted his eyes down at the inventory list before looking back up at Tony with an unimpressed expression, he met his gaze and both men sighed in unison muttering, “Peter.” 

Y/N knocked gently on Peter’s apartment door, her thoughts were interrupted by the relentless buzzing of her phone. She didn’t spare a glance, knowing it was either Tony or Happy. The door opened by the typically happy May, but today she didn’t have that spring in her step. 

“Y/N.” May’s kind eyes widened at the sight of Y/N. She waved warmly, “Hey May… I’m sorry I couldn’t help you find Peter… But thank you for letting me know he’s back and all right.” May shifted to the side, allowing Y/N inside the apartment. “Please, you don’t need to apologise, I’m just glad he’s okay… you’re just in time for dinner actually, maybe you could get him out of his room… he lost the Stark internship.” May’s voice was quiet in fear that Peter might hear. 

Y/N nodded, “that would be lovely May… Thank you, I’ll see what I can do.” She crossed through the kitchen with May not too far behind her, “Can I just ask you something?” May gripped the young girl’s wrist lightly. Turning to May she nodded, a slight smile on her lips. “Are you the reason Pete sneaks out every night? I just - I’ve noticed a change in him. I’m not mad, I just want the truth.” 

Taking a deep breath as a blush crept up on Y/N’s cheeks, honestly, she wished she was the reason but fighting crime was always a first with Peter. “I-I’m sorry May… I should’ve said something-.” May cut her off, a breath of relief expelling from her chest. It was a lie, a huge lie but Peter wanted to keep his hidden life as far away from May as possible. 

“No - no, it’s not your fault, I’m actually so relieved you said that… Thank you, Y/N.” May puffed out a nervous laugh, if she wasn’t so upset and annoyed then perhaps she would’ve been excited to discover a blossoming relationship between her nephew and the kind girl he befriended some months ago. Standing outside of Peter’s room she nodded at May, “It’s no problem, May.”

Her fingers gently rapped on his door, at first Peter groaned, not wanting to deal with May and the guilt that was sure to loom over him once he saw her. But then he could sense that it was Y/N at the door. Rising from his chair, he wasn’t sure he could face her after what happened. A sickness filled his stomach and negative thoughts plagued his mind as his shaky hand gripped the door handle. 

He blew out a deep breath and opened it, his eyes meeting Y/N’s soft ones. Upon just seeing her, the tears welled up in his eyes as he waited in anticipation to see her reaction. Was she going to blow up at him? Yell at him? Scold him? Well, she did neither of those things. In fact, she pulled him into a hug once she saw the first tear slip from his eyes, “I know…” her voice was soft, understanding as always. 

She held him tightly, her fingers softly brushing through his wet hair in an attempt to comfort him. “It’s okay…” She mumbled into his neck repeatedly feeling him shake in her grip. Peter bit his lip and pulled away from her, although grateful for her and he’d admit that staying in her arms would be preferable but he could feel May’s gaze on the two. 

“If it helps you feel any better I yelled at Tony and took dads car.” She whispered, a slight smile on her lips as she brushes her thumbs across his cheeks to rid them of tears. A dry laugh left his lips, and she was glad to see somewhat a smile on his lips. 

He pulled her into his room and shut the door behind him, “I didn’t want to bother you…” He mumbled, looking down at his feet, the sickly feeling had long left his stomach. She rested a hand on his shoulder, “You’ve never bothered me, never have and never will. That’s why I’ve always said if you need anything to call me.”

Peter looked up at her sheepishly, stepping back and seating himself on his bed, looking down at his shaky hands in his lap. Y/N sat beside him, taking his hand and rubbing his knuckles, an intended friendly gesture but it had both of their hearts pounding. “All I ever wanted was to be like him… A-And clearly that isn’t enough for him… I tried, Y/N…”

She let go of his hand, bringing her arm over his shoulders and pulled him into her side, his head rested on her shoulder as her fingers raked through his hair, yet another intended friendly gesture but lately, neither Peter or Y/N could do anything ‘friendly’ without blushing or becoming flustered. 

“I’m proud of you, and you’ve done the best you could do, that’s all I’ve ever expected from you.” She whispered, her eyes trained on the floor of Peter’s room. Her words warmed Peter’s chest and brought a smile to his face, whenever Y/N was around she always emitted happiness and a positive aura… even now as he felt as though he failed the world, she somehow made him feel better. 

He lifted his head from her shoulder and looked at her, his kind brown eyes no longer brimmed with tears. “You going to come join us for dinner?” Y/N’s eyes met his, her voice was still soft. He contemplated for a moment, knowing he should talk to Aunt May, he couldn’t hide from her forever. “I think so.” He answered, his eyes would trail around her face as if assessing the detail of her expression. 

“Good. Because I didn’t want to shove food down your throat.” She laughed lightly hitting his chest. Peter smiled coyly, opening his mouth and closing it as his mind stuttered to form speech. Y/N had started to stand up when Peter desperately and spontaneously gripped her wrist, pulling her back down beside him. She looked at him questioningly, he licked his lips, “I - uh.. um..” He stammered, his heart pounded in his chest.

A blush crept on his face as he made a complete fool of himself, he had nothing else left to lose after today, so why not make a fool of himself again. He was quick, like a striking snake as he pressed his lips to hers, his heart still beating furiously. He hadn’t kissed a girl before, he didn’t know what to do but it felt right. Caught by surprise Y/N wasn’t sure if it was real or not, her heart palpated inconsistently at the feeling of his lips on her own. 

It was a short, sweet kiss before Peter pulled away. Unsure whether to hit himself for acting out on impulse like he did, but then he saw the smile on Y/N’s lips and the look in her eyes. “You just…” She started breathlessly, looking into Peter’s eyes who nodded. “I did.” He confirmed, his voice barely above a whisper as he leant back in, capturing her lips in his, this time he held her face softly as their lips moved together. 

At least there was one good thing to come out of tonight.

Drunk Confessions { 50&58 }; W O N W O O

[ bestfriend!wonwoo x drunk!college!reader ]

word count: 1032
genre: fluff&angst
a/n: ayo ayo, i finally posted my masterlist so if u havent seen it, the link is in my blog. here is another drunk confessions w/ wonwoo haha. thank you anon for requesting !! 

I felt a pair of warm hands gripped my wrist. Looking up, Wonwoo was giving me a death stare. His eyes were filled with pure anger and concern. 

“Hi,” I giggled, wrapping his arms around his waist. “Can we go now? I’m scared, it feels like the end of the world.” I mumbled on his chest.

“It’s not the end of the world, idiot. You’re just drunk.” He hissed. He pulled away from me, removing his jacket. I felt instant warmth when he placed his jacket around my shoulders, pulling my hands through the sleeves.

I plopped my hands on the side before smiling at him. “Yeah, I’m drunk.” I playfully hit his chest but he caught my wrist.

“Let’s go.” He sighed, pulling me outside the bar. 

We walked towards his car which was parked just a few meters away from the front door. As we reached the vehicle, he opened the door of the passenger’s seat and gently pushed me in. He climbed on the other side before the engine roared to life. His driving was slow that it made me relax my mind.

Pulling my legs, I wrapped my arms around my knees. “Thank you Wonwoo for picking me up.” I waited for him to say something but I didn’t get a reply. So I turned my face to him and saw how focused he was on driving. His hands were tight on the steering wheel, and his jaws were clenched. “Why are you not talking?” I asked with my raspy voice. No reply. “Are you mad?” I moved closer to him.

“Just sleep there. I’ll talk to you when you’re sober.” He finally replied, but bluntly.

I burped in response, tasting the bitter taste of the alcohol I induced earlier. Leaning back to my seat, my eyes felt heavy. I found myself drifting into my dreamland before murmuring, “Okay, I love you.”

I woke up by the sunlight hitting my gentle eyes. I tried sitting up but my head immediately stopped me. My temples aching to death which made me groan in pain. I pressed my palm on my forehead to reduce the pain but nothing happened. Gosh, I’m not drinking anymore.

“You’re finally awake.”

I heard him spoke as he entered the room. He went closer to the bed and helped me sit up. “What time is it?” 

“Four in the afternoon, loser.” He replied, sitting across me.

When I finally adjusted my sight, his face became so clear to me. He’s so attractive. I gave him a smile but he just shook his head at me. 

“What do you remember?” He asked. He reached for my temple before massaging it with his fingers.

“I don’t remember a thing, Wonwoo.” I sighed. “Please tell me I didn’t do something stupid.” I closed my eyes, feeling the pressure from his hand.

“How would I know? I wasn’t there. But you were sitting on someone else’s lap when I arrived to get you.” He explained, circling his fingers to my head. “And you kept saying nonsense to me last night.”

“What nonsense?” My eyes immediately flew open. Oh please, did I confess to him? Did I say that I like him for a long time? Did I say that I love him? Please don’t be. “Oh I remember, I told you about the stray cat on our university.” I lied, chuckling.

“You didn’t tell me a thing about a cat, Y/N.” He removed his hands from my head and put it down. “You told me something that I wish you meant.” He whispered looking down. 

Oh, shit. Did I really say that I love him? I grabbed his hands, intertwining my fingers with his. “What did I say?” I asked softly. 

“Y/N, are we friends or are we more than that?” He asked, bringing back his gaze to my eyes. “You told me that you love me.” He said. “Oh, don’t answer that question. I forgot that you were drunk last night.” He sighed, shaking his head and standing up. “Mingyu made a hangover soup for yo–”

I pulled him down, hugging him tightly with my weak arms. Nuzzling my face to his warm neck, I spoke, “I meant it.” 

“Do you really?”

“I’ve been in love with you for the longest time. I go to the bar with some college boys because I thought it’s the only way I could get over you. Because I know there’s zero percent of you loving me back. I convinced myself that we are nothing but friends. But at the end of the day, I’d always come back to you.” I explained, still burying my face on his neck. 

I felt him removing my body from his. When I looked up, he was giving me a heart-melting smile.

“Y/N, I love you too.” He stated, cupping my face. “Do you think I would pick you up in the middle of night if I don’t love you?” He chuckled, before planting his soft lips on my forehead which immediately lessened the heavy pain. 

I pulled away and gave him a sweet smile. 

“I’m not letting you go to the bar alone again. And don’t you dare drink with the boys! I’m asking Coups hyung to beat those people if I see you again with them.” He taunted.

“Possessive much?” I teased, bopping the tip of his nose. “I won’t drink with them anymore, I promise! Plus they weren’t as warm as you so I don’t like them.”

“That’s my girl.” He smiled, wrapping his arms around my small body. “Come on, you cut me off earlier when I said that Mingyu cooked a hangover food for you.”

We both stood up. His arm around my shoulder as we made our way to the table. 

“Mingyu is so sweet. Should I start dating him, though?” I grinned.

“Don’t you dare.” He said in a serious tone which made me broke into laughter.

lee daehwi as your soulmate

imagine having daehwi as ur soulmate where u have the date u meet written on ur wrist

(as requested!)

  • ur soulmate clue isnt really visible for awhile just bc ure like. a tiny kid for the first majority of ur life lol
  • for awhile u just have a smudge of ink on ur wrist so,,, u dont rlly have a choice but to let it be
  • once u start to get older, the markings on ur wrist start to become more and more clear

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A Midnight Conversation


Notes down the bottom :)

I havent actually read it on here so i hope its alright

Kitty – Post Council meeting of around a week

All characters and setting belong to Cassandra Clare’s The Dark Artifices trilogy 

Kit took a shuddering breath. He had been careful not to leave his room in the house the Blackthorns, Emma, Cristina and himself had been assigned to in Idris unless absolutely necessary, and even if so to do quickly and when he was certain no one was around. 

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“They won’t hurt you as long as I’m here.”

Requested by: titans-see-you-when-you-sleep

hei!!! i havent seen this around yet and i think our girl noora deserves some love and appreciation!! so here it is! from august 7th - august 13th, it is #nooraweek!! here are the days:

dag en - favorite clip
dag to
- favorite quote
dag tre
- favorite style/look
dag fire
- favorite relationship (romantic/friendship)
dag fem
- favorite text message
dag seks
- favorite roast/comeback (oh yes this is new isnt it, shes a bad bitch)
dag syv
- free choice

gifsets, edits, fanfiction, art, anything is welcome to appreciate our girl noora!! make sure to tag your wonderful creations with #nooraweek and #rapgodvaltersen so i can see and reblog them!!

So I finally saw the Spider Man movie and as someone who likes to really likes to look for flaws in movies, super hero ones especially, I have to say that the film was actually really good. Usually movies and tv shows set in high schools are super corny from their language (they be sooo excited to use AAVE incorrectly) to the way they interact etc etc but everything about it was so natural. The humor wasn’t forced (besides the MJ character but I think she’s supposed to be one of those edge lord types) anyways I loved it.M y only problems with the movie were that Peter was so sloppy with keeping his identity a secret! Mans was just running around taking off his mask in any alley or rooftop like cameras in those areas dont exist!!! Besides that the plot was air tight and Im pretty sure his bestie is the first character I’ve seen who’s personality/humor was not surround by his weight. I’ll stop here cause I dont wanna put any spoilers and ruin it for those of you who havent seen it yet but y’all definitely should!

Its always been us two - Carl Grimes imagine

Word Count: 1.126

I decided to combine two anonymous requests:

Anonymous: Hi :) Could you please do an imagine where Carl and reader have a crush on each other but they can’t admit it. Enid likes Carl too and she try to be with him a lot of the time. At the end Carl and reader start dating and something smut if you prefer it.

Anonymous: Carl Fluff!!!!!XD

A/N This is my first “long” imagine, so i really hope you enjoy it. Another thing is that since i live in Scandinavia, I havent seen the season/episode where Enid gets introduced, I only know what i’ve seen on Tumblr wich isnt alot. But i hope it makes enough sense. :) I also hope that the anons who requested it likes it aswell. FEEL FREE TO REQUEST ANYTIME <3 :) Request here

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PSA about outdoor cats. today my friend called me to come get this little rabbit that the cat had brought inside, she didn’t know that it was old enough to be on its own so she gave it to me. I will be letting it go after letting it settle down for a bit. I’m going to be going out of town because this town is full of so many stray and outdoor cats that it’s likely this baby will just get eaten. please keep your cats indoors as they’re destructive to Wildlife. and please do not pick up baby rabbits that you see, if their eyes are open they are ready to be on their own.

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beep ((ooc; here to pick up my son- your son))

|| 19. A bad idea text

[6:30 pm] I appreciate you doting on my kid like he’s one of your own. His mother died when he was really young, so he didn’t really have a mother figure around.
[6:33 pm] But suddenly taking him out for ice cream or whatever without my consent is not okay. I think I lost 20 years of my life because of the stunt you pulled.
[6:35 pm] ‘But I missed him so much bec I havent seen him for so long’ is not an excuse.
[6:35 pm] You just saw him last week.
[6:37 pm] And on top of that, you’re always joking about taking my kid from me.
[6:38 pm] If you weren’t Chrom’s sister and my friend, I would’ve sent you to jail right now.
[6:38 pm] I can’t live like this anymore. Always paranoid.
[6:39 pm] So how about this, why don’t you just live in my house?
[6:39 pm] That way you get to see Roy everyday and I can keep an eye on you.
[6:40 pm] Think about it. I’m serious.

Admittedly, that idea sounded a lot better in his head. Maybe he should’ve consulted this with someone else before deciding.

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Can you plz tell me about all that drama that is going around lately about Jack and Aspen? I gave myself a break from social media when everything happend and I don't have any idea what is going on.

Why do y’all always think I have all the tea lol (not trying to be rude btw, it’s all good)

I already answered a few asks about that so I’m just going to link those here:



I hope this will clear up any confusion and if you still have questions just hmu!! xx

But you're my flame

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Hello :) Could you share some pictures of Byron from Midnight Cinderella? Thanks ^_^ Btw have you finished all 3 routes for Byron?

Hello! I am afraid I dont have anything that you haven’t seen before. I havent play any of his bday special stories :(  Check here for a few additional CGs. 

I am currently on a break from otome right now, but if his bday event rolls around, feel free to drop me a msg and I’ll go play all 4 version of the game XD

The app thinks I have finished all endings lol, I was reward the triple ending statue from a previous campaign. In fact I only did Sugar and Secret ending, the Honey ending has the same story as Secret ending so I didn’t bother.

Enjoy and thanks for dropping by!

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LOOK THAT WOULD BE AN AMAZING THING TO DO TO HIM. Because he’s literally just being a lil shit and gaming for the last hour while you laze around on him in all sorts of different positions in an attempt to win over the attention he’s purposely not giving you.  “Babe,” He’d say, pausing the game, and your head would perk up from his shoulder, because “does he finally get I want his attention” and he’d just adjust your legs on his lap, “Your calf was digging into my junk.” And then he’d go back to playing the game, leaving you say staring at him in a bit of annoyance now, and he’s just trying not to crack any kind of smirk.  He loses his cool finally, when your teeth gently dig against the crook of his neck, and the game is forgotten as his eyebrows raise and a smirk blossoms, “Excuse you, I’m not food, baby.” “Shut up, you’re so annoying.” “You really want me, hmm?” He’d chuckle until you would, move properly straddling him and keeping your arms loose around his neck, and eyes locked on his.  “That’s right.  So why don’t you focus on me, and not the game?” The smirk on his face grows wider, and he’d toss the controller to the side letting his focus drift solely to you.