i havent seen these around so here


“They won’t hurt you as long as I’m here.”

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shameless self promotion here but i literally have a blog full of mob psycho hcs called mobpsychoheadcanons so like **pushes that over. hello. have my hcs. also all these hcs you got are g r e a t. good job other people owo i go now.**

I think i have seen @mobpsychoheadcanons floating around a bit! I’ve been meaning to check it out more but i get distracted T-T

faerie-apples replied to your post: ok the coolest part here is that 1) what we’ve…

They already said there were forests and stuff around ala mhigo

but we haven’t /seen/ any of that!

they did show that swamp-y forest area, but that’s the only diverging environment we’ve seen from the vegas gameplay footage! plus a shroud song played during it, so who knows if it’s actually classified as gyr abania or if it’s more on the shroud side

from what npcs have said, i assumed mountains/forests, but we havent really gotten any kind of official support for that (especially given some of the lore book’s descriptions of ala mhigo’s economy and food resources)


Broadway’s Hamilton - Opening Number Homage to Sweeney Todd

Fanfiction Award Show

I’m still up for the fanfiction award show idea if anyone was interested. I kind of forgot about it while I was organizing the Plot Bunny Adoption Center, but I found my original post about it when I was scrolling through my old posts earlier. So, if anyone is interested in that, please let me know. Ever since I found that post this morning, my brain started coming up with ideas again, and now I’m excited to try to start this again! 

Edit: here is my original post of anyone wanted to look at it:  https://shadow-readernwriter.tumblr.com/post/157763606421/ok-so-ive-looked-around-and-i-havent-seen-any


The Vamps - Words (Don’t Mean A Thing)

@trash-tzar said to chimeowrical: Fenris is so pretty in ur style (which is so unique and BEAUTIFUL) and I’ve only ever seen one drawing of him by you so I guess if you have time can I suggest some Fenris + F!Hawke? Or just Fenris tbh. I love you and your art sososososososo much

sadly i havent sat down and made a design for f!hawke, but heres a grouchy slouch elf to make up for it :’^) and thank you!! youre too kind!!

hey so with the next leg of the tour starting soon, i decided to make a concert snapchat for marianas trench! ive seen them for a lot of other bands lately, but i havent seen one for marianas trench

the username is mtrenchfansnaps and if you’re going to be at a show and would like to run it for that night, message me here on tumblr @hobbitwentz, or on the snapchat account, what date you’re going to and i can give you the login for that night! 

please pass this around so people see it, it’d be really cool to see this take off like the ones for other bands