i havent recovered

NCT is awfully quiet right now and I’m afraid they might drop something out of the blue and I’m absolutely not ready for that. Imagine chillin in your room, reading a book/listening to music and finally having the time of your life but then you receive a notif from them with a teaser and you just-

A Trip Down Memory Lane: The Journey to The Third Star

not sure if Hope Solo or Wonderwoman

clearly both

Pinoe doubles up vs. Australia

Kling’s goal line save vs. Sweden

*collective scream of relief*

when yellow became everyone’s least favorite color

same ^ 

and we all asked this question

that moment that mustn’t be named

and we were all like

when Alex finally got her goal vs. Columbia

thank god our captain can microphone


200th Cap, Captain, Game Winning Goal… Just Carli Lloyd Things

they don’t call her captain clutch for nothin’

when everyone’s hearts collectively skipped a beat or two… or five


when we all got a headache at the same time

eggs, bacon, grits…. MISSED IT

the soccer gods are real

when everyone wanted to give JJ a hug

when Carli Lloyd teaches Sasic a lesson in PK taking

I have no idea what y’all are talking about. she obviously shouted “FIRE.”


footage of everyone:

when the final whistle blew in Montréal





also some sweet goals by the new kids


same, tobin, same







Congrats to the US Women’s National Soccer Team

The best team in the world.

GIF Credits to: iguessyoucancallmev, uswnted, pocholavezzi, koptimism, ughohara, gabsterdreamsafootballobserver, and agent-sarahwalker

okay but did you guys notice Kwangsoo and Jimin’s hand size difference

this is honestly too much just loOK 

avert your gaze to Jimins teeny tiny fist 

hmm whERE DID HIS HAND GO it has been swallowed up by Kwangsoo’s giant meaty claws by e

anonymous asked:

i breezed through all of your family lore stories and the fucking ornamental peach tree gave me an out of body experience which i still havent recovered from hOLY FU C K

I assume this was a good out-of-body experience, but thank you!

UPDATE:  When grandpa died and Grandma sold the house, dad and I dug the peach tree up out of the yard to take with us, and transplanted it first to another yard in CA, then again when we moved to CO.  We’ve had unnaturally hot weather this year, and as of 2/18, the damn thing has buds on it already, when it normally flowers in April.  

Mom is not pleased.  LAST time it decided to flower early (2015), the bees pollinated the fuck out of it because it was the only flower game around, and we ended up having to prop the damn thing up with 2x4′s and ladders to keep the branches from snapping under the weight of the fruit.  There was more fruit than we could give away in a timely manner and mom STILL has peach preserves in the pantry from that.

So I guess grandpa intimidated the FUCK outta that tree.



Ok so! ahg. I dunno where to start.

Ok can we all just appreciate Paul since the boys came into his life. Like he is being a bloody good genuine person, like I can’t even believe him last tonight. Totally became the hero of the show with the things he said to David.

The writers addressed lots of issues in society in this episode, and handled them all beautifully.

David confessed that his idea of a father was someone stern with high expectations, who wanted their son to tick all the right boxes. House, Job, Kids, WIFE. Paul actually looked heart broken that David spent all his life thinking he had to do those things. Like, no one was even there to tell him that that was the norm, David just thought that was the norm all on his own. Which is almost sadder.

Then after the Good Friday ceremony, Paul, admits that once upon a time he probably would have expected his kids to grow up to be like him, nothing else. And David thinks that’s the norm. So Paul corrects him and says well no it’s foolish. He talks about how wonderful his kids are because they aren’t like him. 

Then, Paul. AGH WHAT A HERO HE IS. He gives David the speech of the year!

“David….dont think you have to tick any boxes for me. Or anyone for that matter. Married, single, kids, no kids, doctor, cleaner, I dont care. As long as you choose the life that makes YOU happy. Do you hear what im saying?

*David nods*

“Good. I so wish I could have told you that all your life”.


David REALLY needed to hear that. To know that how he feels is okay. Especially from the allusive father figure that was always holding him back. Paul you bloody legend. Like, seriously that made me so happy.

Ok but also that last scene with David and Leo. BEAUTIFUL.

I think it’s so important for David to admit that he’s gay. You can think things, you can act upon how you feel, but to verbally acknowledge who you are. It’s committing yourself to your decision, it’s having witnesses to your decision. It’s really really hard to do, especially with tough subjects. So it speaks even more of his growth, that he can do this. Also the fact that he’s telling his brother, the person who he sees as his most important person, and by some degree his only family. That validation is extremely important.

BUT OUR OTHER HERO LEO. WHAT A FANTASTIC BROTHER. He never interrupted David once David said this talk was about him, he let David gather his thoughts and talk at his own pace. He turned himself around to properly face David once David started talking about Leo being the most important, and that he had to hear this first.

BUT THE BEST PART. THE. BEST. PART. Was when David said “I’m Gay”, in that sort of worried, quiet voice, Leo before anything else, told him to say it again. Say it again!. Then you watch David’s face change from hesitance, to relief, to some sort of relief/excitement/confidence. It. Was. Beautiful. Then afterwards Leo says “it’s about time Bro”. Then they adorable bro hug. THE END.

I couldn’t even imagine a better way of Leo handling that situation. I think if he had said said something like “I know”, or even said “About time bro” during that first confession, it could have rattled David back a bit. He let David take full control of this chat, and made sure David confirmed his feelings several times. I think that method was a clever way of showing that Leo was totally okay with it. “It’s fine with me, tell yourself it’s okay, tell yourself again”.

David’s mindset that he has to tick all the boxes seems like it means he thinks he needs everyones approval. But really it’s him needing his own approval. Aside from Hiiobaa-chan not approving, everyone has in some way told him to just be himself. David kept convincing himself that it was not okay. So having Paul tell him, as a father, that he doesn’t have to impress him, and having his beloved brother tell him to confirm to himself again, that he’s gay. Ahhhh. IT’S. BEAUTIFUL.

aSIDE FROM THAT, dAVID AND aARON WERE ALSO VERY CUTE THIS EPISODE. Aaron is kinda being a little more forward in how he speaks to David, it’s cute. David was was being vague about his lunch with Paul and Aaron pointed that out - “Dont go holding out on me here” and David’s all “I’m no-” and Aaron buts in saying “No. You are”. Awww lol and that invisible safezone Aaron made and he shuts the doors and David giggles and starts chirping away about finally having a dad. “Leo’s not here, neither is Amy. It’s just you and I, and Im not gonna judge you. Look *slides invisible doors* schhhhwoop This is our safezone” Agh its so cute.

I can’t even begin to imagine what the next #Daaron interaction will look like. Is David gonna tell Aaron hes gay? Will David try and flirt randomly LOL. Will he be a chuffed giddy adorable young guy and Aaron will keep trying to find out why he’s so happy? Agh. Its too cute to think about.

Ok this got a bit long Im sorry xD I needed to vent out my happiness HAHAHA.