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jaehee headcanons?


  • so shy!! gets flustered easily– this doesn’t happen as often as your relationship grows, but even then, it’s not hard to get her to blush
  • unsurprisingly, jaehee is always stressed– thankfully, even the littlest moments with you make her feel more at ease, whether it be when you give her the usual cup of coffee or the smallest of smiles
  • lowkey likes it when you mess with her hair after she grows it out
  • you always give her back hugs and tbh she gets super embarrassed; she never knows how to react to them

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u probably dont care but i just finished this game and im so frustrated! i just finished firewatch, in just a couple of hours and i feel like the ending left soo much out even though i know it was the 'realistic' ending. it just feels like i need to go back and play but i dont want to because i know how it ends now and im just :/ ugh, just sad. after how invested the game got me with all the characters i want to know what happens to them, not just have to imagine. thanks for letting me vent <333

i feel you!!!!!!!!!!!! i either like an ambiguous end cuz then im like mmmm yes now *i* get to decide what happened or im like hOW DARE U JUST LEAVE IT LIKE THAT!!!!!! what i do tho when i dont want to play a game again but want to see the other endings is i just watch them on youtube!!! its like i BASICALLY played it myself lmao

the_sad_gay and NICHOLASonICE‘s yoi/p5 crossover au is rly cool and i am

w e a k

((and also a sucker for all their aus and art akjfdhskjfhdksgf))

pls don’t repost!

club penguin is shutting down im at a loss like people are tryna tell you that global warming and climate change are ‘myths’ well you know what’s gonna be a myth mate club penguin will be because global warming is killing the penguins and we couldnt stop it. we couldnt stop global warming in time and we’re being punished by having club penguin - the least problematic of sites on this accursed interweb - be shut down bc we’re killin all the penguins. i am shook guys why couldnt we save the penguins why

vld squad playing botw
  • the first time they experienced the blood moon was…. something
    • hunk had just accidentally dropped a rock on a korok and then the animation started up right after that and hunk thrust the controller at lance and cried, “ITS BRETHREN ARE GONNA KILL US TO GET REVENGE”
    • they later learnt abt the blood moon and hunk was like “oh”
    • when they found the great deku tree lance was like “watch out hunk he might eat u” 
    • hunk: not impressed
  • pidge actually likes climbing the cliffs and whatnot. everyone will be yelling at her “use revali’s gale for FUCK’S sake pidge” and “JUMP! UP! THE! CLIFF! YOU HAVE ENOUGH STAMINA” but she’ll just ignore them and carry on
    • sometimes she purposely doesn’t wear the climbing gear just so it’ll go slower. keith almost fought her over it
    • one time it started to rain halfway through and the stamina wheel was nearly all depleted and shiro was like “just drop down and go around” and pidge just stared at him while Not Doing That because she’s stubborn and wanted to climb the damn cliff
    • she ended up falling and getting revived with mipha’s grace but getting killed instantly again because there were 2 silver bokoblins at the bottom and she didn’t have the stamina to run away
  • whenever they get to a shrine and it says “a major test of strength” whoever’s playing will give keith the controller because he’s like, freakishly good at parrying attacks and perfectly dodging to use flurry rush
  • it’s either him or lance who usually fight the guardians
    • keith will just shoot at it til he hits the eye, stunning it, then hack off the legs and attack the weak spot on the bottom and kill it that way
    • lance stares keith in the eye as he shoots the guardian in its eye with an ancient arrow, killing it in less than 5 seconds
    • keith: that’s the coward’s method
    • keith: cant hear u

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