i havent made stuff in a while

Just watched the new riverdale episode and oh man.

So much stuff going on but I got so hyped about the new couple that’ll probably happen. Kevin and that guy from Southside (Joaquin I think?) I mean what kind of Romeo and Juliet shit with Kev being the sheriff’s son and all. And also that comment he made while they were watching the movie and he called out smth like “southside trash” or whatvr i was like “judgmental much?” but now he’ll probs fall in love with one of them and realise theyre just ppl like. It has so much potential basically. I hope they dont fuck it up.

Also the whole thing with Jughead had me like :’(( cant wait to see what happens next.


‘Ezekiel Jones doesn’t do easy


Movie date with JB

Request: Can you do a text of JB asking his girl to go to the movies with him. Then get interupped by the rest of the member and they end up going with them

A/N: I’m extreme trash for JB so yes I apologize if it’s shitty I havent made stuff in a while

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Nickname: some of my anons call me nebby occasionally!!

Star sign: scorpio

Height: 5'6

Time right now: 7:15 pm

Last thing I Googled: tetracyclone molecular mass

Favourite music artists: mcr of course

Song stuck in my head: this has been in my head all day i was singin it in the lab

Last movie I watched: i streamed a korean film called sunny with a could of friends from home on monday ^^

Last TV show watched: cutthroat kitchen

What am I wearing right now: i got this entire pikachu pyjama ensemble goin on rn, n my 707 on top

When did you create your blog: july 2016 (although my original blog was made before that)

What kind of stuff do you post: mental health posts, aesthetic, id stuff

Do you have any other blogs: pokemon: @harnonia mystic messenger: @biyoosung (although i havent used the mm one in a while)

Do you get asks regularly: it fluctuates tbh

Why did you choose your url: i got the avpd and that me

Gender: agender boy!!!

Hogwarts house: ravenclaw

Pokémon team: mystic

Favourite colour: green !

Average hours of sleep: hard 2 say honestly, either way 2 much or not enough

Lucky number: 8 ig

Favourite characters: yoosung!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How many blankets do you sleep with: one duvet at the minute!!

Dream job: pharmaceutical research

Followers: 2354

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reggiemess replied to your post “@staff please please please just put a captcha on your sign up PLEASE”

So I made an account with a fake email that I wouldn’t be able to verify. There was a captcha, but after that, without any sort of email confirmation I was able to start following and reblogging stuff. Adding email verification might help.

@staff why don’t you have literally one of the most basic features any social website has wtf

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1. When was this blog created? February 2012….so it’s its 5th anniversary!? I need a moment

2. Current number of followers? 7,376 

3. When did your blog reach its peak? hum…probably when I reached 7k?

4. What made you decide to get a tumblr? It was around the time the first Hunger Games movie came out. I was obsessed with the books and super excited about the movie coming out so I created a tumblr to channel my feels ;)

5. How many blogs do I follow? 227

6. Do I get asks regularly? Not really 

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I made this drawing because I just finished reading a a fanfic called “some boys are monsters” by this amazing person @earily and I love it!
btw the white thingy around his face and stuff is supposed to be like a spacesuit drawn by a little kid

ALSO Im sorry if he doesnt look like the description of the fanfic but I didnt have internet so I couldnt find any reference :c

anyway I made this mostly because I havent drawn digital in a while and I had to practice and well I fell in love with that fanfic and craig is my beautiful baby so yeah I dont have any good excuse

the character doesnt belongs to me the art does