i havent made one of these in a while so yeah... kinda shitty but whatever

English is Full of Really Shitty Metaphors

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It wasn’t something you ever planned. You’re not anywhere near smart enough to plan out something like this. You’re just so fucking lucky you can’t quite believe it.

You guess you might have planned some of it though. You knew staying on a majority troll planet wouldn’t be a good idea once you went through your adult pupation and your blood color became much harder to hide. You’re not a complete fucking idiot either despite how you feel sometimes, so you knew you’d have to get schoolfed on a couple other languages besides Alternian.

There were a couple big ones you figured would be the most useful, Amestrian, English and such. The best way to learn how to have conversations in them was to actually talk to someone who spoke it. Watching movies could only get you so far.

Talking to random shitty aliens online seemed like a good way to go about it at the time.

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