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Flashing Lights - Justin Bieber imagine

Request: ‘imagine where you are kinda starting to date justin and you and justin, your bff and his friends are hanging out at the nice guy (it’s the restaurant in la) and being all cute and the paparazzi catches y'all leaving together and he kisses u in the car not realizing the flash

Warnings: maybe some language

A/N: finally, an imagine after a million years


“Hello and welcome to the Nice Guy! What can I start you guys off with tonight?” The waiter questioned, getting out his notebook to write down what we were going to order.

“I’ll take a soda, um Sprite to be exact.” I responded, smiling up at the waiter. Justin ordered the same and now the waiter was waiting on Ryan, my best friend, and Chaz. 

“Guess I’ll take a s—”

“She’ll take a water, as will I and him.” Ryan spoke up, not allowing {Y/F/N} to finish what she was saying. 

“Ryan what the hell is your problem? You’re literally cheap every single place we go!” {Y/F/N} yelled at Ryan.

“Are you paying? I didn’t think so,” He replied, taking his phone out and going through out. Every time we went with them anywhere, it was always an argument. And it was always about something stupid.

“You two goof balls do know that I’m paying, right?” Justin said, easing the tension that was present at our table. 

“See! I told you Justin was paying Ryan but, no! You think you know everything under the damn sun!” {Y/F/N} continued, not seeming to ease up off of Ryan.

“I never said I knew everything, what the f—”

I kicked Ryan in the shin before he continue what he was saying and said that the drinks were here. Ryan rubbed at his shin while the drinks were being passed out. We thanked the waiter and he left, soon coming back to give us the menus. 

“Call me when you’re all ready,” I knew he was hinting at the two dysfunctional lovers sitting across from us but, they assumed he was talking about us or Chaz. Poor Chaz having to deal with all of this.

I picked up my menu and began scanning through it for something that caught my eye. “I think I’m gonna go with the penne vodka. I heard it was good here.” 

“Order what you want. No one is here to tell you you can’t except for Ryan maybe,” Justin rolled his eyes and looked through his menu as well. “Guess I’ll go with the chicken parm. What is everyone else getting?”

“We’ll go with the penne vodka,” Everyone else collectively agreed. The rest of the night would hopefully go smoothly, right?

Justin paid the bill and we all left as a group. {Y/F/N} and Ryan were lying off of each other and not arguing for once—shocker! The paparazzi was already outside waiting for us, well Justin to leave. I already knew they weren’t here for me because I wasn’t the celebrity. The troublesome thing was that Justin hasn’t gone public with our relationship, meaning he hasn’t told the general public we were a thing. Justin told me to exit the building before him in which I did. I wasn’t taking any chances.

{Y/F/N}, Chaz and I got into the car first leaving Ryan and Justin behind. They eventally got in but, we were getting nowhere because the paparazzi was blocking us in, literally. Everyone sat with their designated dates except Chaz, he sat with the driver up front. I sat with Justin and we were just talking about dinner. 

“I had a good time tonight, besides Ryan and your friend bickering but, other night, it was pleasing.” Justin said. I smiled at him, lightly chuckling to myself. Justin went in for a kiss, as did I, not wanting to leave him hanging. The flashing lights outside went rampant outside but, we chose to ignore it. After our kiss was over, I felt a cool breeze blowing into the car.

“Is there a draft in here or something?” I questioned, rubbing my hands up and down my arms for some warmth.

The driver shook his head no, and I was left confused until that’s when it hit me.

“Oh crap, I left the window open!”

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