i havent found him yet


anonymous asked:

can i req a list of all the songs that haechan has ever reccomended/mentioned that he was listening to? if not, dyou know where i can get one?? ^^

actually i saw the compilation post ONCE and I HAVENT FOUND IT YET im so sorry but I remember him recommended Dean (What 2 Do) and various Michael Jackson’s song!!!! I’ll dig up some more, I’m sorry I couldn’t make a proper list… 

(btw i saw it on twt)



I am looking for this horse. I use to own him. His name is Jack, he is a registered Appendix horse, colour is black but some would say brown cus he fades. He is tall about 16.2-16.3 hands give or take. Last i knew he was in San Diego, Ca. He could be anywhere now.
He is 12 officially his birthday is April 1st. I am looking everywhere but havent found him yet.

Please if he looks like a horse you know of or have seen let me know. Boost the signal please ive had him since a foal until a year ago