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we finally have a girl who does :”^) 


The KTD. Magazine : Meet the most notorious criminals in Ketterdam

skam fic rec masterpost

here’s a huge fic rec list of some fics that i have read and am currently reading and im in love with

big thanks to fic writers! yall are amazing and so important to the fandom <3

(ps i’m so sorry i had to shorten up the summaries on some of them so it wouldnt be too long!!)

(pps i update this very frequently as i read so feel free to come back from time to time to look for any new fics!)

make sure you read the trigger warnings for some fics as they can get angsty

okay here we go :) happy reading <3

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manbroo  asked:

Have you ever drawn Ushijima or Semi

 i have now!!

dan is a good and lovely person pass it on

Ya know what? Shoutout to supportive ass friends.

To friends who have no idea what you’re talking about but will listen to you ramble about something you love.

Friends who send you things about something they don’t even like/follow just because they know you like it.

Friends who make sure you take care of yourself.

Friends who let you know its okay to feel sad, angry, unhappy. Who let you feel safe when you’re vulnerable.

Friends who will go anywhere and do anything with you with the barest bones of a plan.

Just. I know sometimes we forget to say thank you, to say i love you, to say i appreciate the little things you do. So this is just a general thank you for being my friend.

truly blessed to have thirteen angels who continue to reciprocate our love & work their butts off, we love ya✨

and happy valentine’s yall!

“Dio is such a shitty villian with no motives or morals behind his actions other than being cruel and coldhearted!”

“Dio never cared about anyone but himself!”

“How can you even find Dio attractive? He looks like an ugly banana fuck!”