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this is a sfw blog what have i done


  • he didnt know youd just gotten out of the shower
  • he really didnt
  • he himself had just gotten home as you were laying out your pajamas
  • he expected you to be in the bedroom since he didnt see you elsewhere as he walked through the apartment
  • he was right, at least…?
  • you were in the room, ass naked and looking at him over your shoulder with a smile
  • “zen! welcome home!”
  • you turned around and at the new sight, he booked it, running outside and slamming the apartment door shut behind him
  • “dont let the beast out, dont let the beast out, dont let the beast out…”
  • he heard you call from inside
  • “oh lovely zen~”
  • screw it
  • he spun on his heel and closed the door behind him, locking it


  • you were actually just about to get in the shower when he saw you
  • he was trying to figure out what to cook for dinner and wanted your input, so he waltzed into the bedroom, but didnt see you
  • then, without thinking, he checked the bathroom
  • “mc are yo-oooouuu…”
  • he trailed off, voice cracking, face in flames when he saw your delicious, beautiful naked body
  • true to form you saw an opportunity to tease him and smirked
  • “yoosung! how is dinner going?”
  • he couldnt properly respond, only nodding, looking as if his brain had short-circuited on him
  • nevertheless his dumbfounded look amused you greatly, and you stepped closer to him, swaying your hips
  • “why dont you bathe with me, yoosung? i can get your back for you~”
  • again, he only nodded, and closed the door behind him and he stepped in the bathroom


  • she gets all red and cant breathe right and is just struck with the beauty of your body
  • help this poor woman 1 like = 1 prayer
  • you were changing into some day clothes for work after bathing early in the morning when she walked in on you to tell you breakfast was ready
  • “mc, food is- ah!”
  • you just kind of look up at her as she begins apologizing, then casually drop your towel, and she freezes
  • “food is ready? ill go get some then~”
  • you start to walk towards your door, expecting her to reprimand you
  • but instead she grabs you by the shoulders and pushes you against the door, shutting it, and kissing you feverishly
  • “dont…tease…me this way….mc…”
  • you had a bit of time before work, anyway

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Anyone Else or Just Me

I am so behind in SWD games. 

Lost Alice: Ive only read kyles story and ive been slacking on alll other routes. ive only read a small handful of spin offs and events but thats it.

Blood in roses: Ive only read lionel and havent finished him for months. All other characters other than the 3 new ones are completed. I’m just a little behind on spin offs and event stories

DN2: IM SO BEHIND! i havent played since march and i probably have around 200 things i need to read there are so many characters i havent even done yet.Like they drop stuff soooo fast!

Oz: i havent read norton or heartman or crowlie yet spin offs and events a little behind but most of my attention is for wesley only.

pirates:ive done only 2 routes and i wanna do more.

guilty alice: Read every character accept the new stories that nobody will upload.

Arabiean dream:*Don’t think i even spelled that right … who cares* I only got a little of valfa done like omigosh he is such a babe! but like debra made the recordings too slow and i got to impatient so that ended months ago. but i will redo it.

ninja love: only did geomon and a few spin offs and events hes the only character i read and i just didn’t feel like reading more.

scarlet fate: i tried reading 2 characters but i didnt really like the game in general.

love tangle: they need to slow down. Ive read like every character but carter and naoki. im a little behind on events and spin offs… okay alot behind! *i actually fell in love with oliver the moment i saw him*

magic sword: oml the checkpoints are impossible i havent played in months i started one character and never finished.

ninja assassin: Hotaka is the only route i read i love the shit out of him! he is my whole world!

my sweet prince: started like 1 route and i still havent finished

mononoke kiss: ive done every route and spin off but 2

niflheim: working on 1 charachter currently . Jean and Leon i finished and loved them! ive read a lot of spin offs and events.

ninja shadow:Like im a little behind but mostly the new stuff im trying to catch up on.

Guard me sherlock: i finally decided to start this game 3 months ago and halfway through sherlock oml i love this game i thought i wouldnt but i do!

cinderella: 1 character finished behind on routes spin offs and events.

lost island: havent even started

Angle or devil: im on ladis last chapter and ruvel i need to start. Im like all caught up on spin offs and events accept for these to stories.

Wizardess Heart: MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE! So i have read 8 stories and compelted the spin offs and events of characters i like. Stories i havent read are yukiya, vincent, leslie, mel, guy, cerim. im in the middle of sigurd and i love him!

so whats the point of all this you may be asking?

*I play 21 SWD games i dont recomend doing that ever*


reset theory theory

so i’ve only seen posts about the theory for mainly seven and some for jumin. but i feel like it hurts a lot for the zen too. usually people recommend to play zen first, so that would mean that zen would have to sit back and watch you fall in love with all of the other members. It also might just be his flirty nature, but it seems like he loves you in every route too. maybe not in a romantic way, but he for sure cares for you. for instance, in jumin’s route zen was always skeptical about jumin’s actions and constantly made sure you were okay with what jumin was doing. i see this as him wanting you to be happy even if it’s not with him, but he can’t help but worry about you. he starts off flirtatious with you as a means to get you to chose him again, but when you dont, he goes on to badger the person you do choose to make sure that they’re treating you right. 

can we stop complaining about the new mercy ult?? my experience with it has been great. i like it so much more than huge rez. only issue i have is the cooldown time on her ez, but, other than that shes fine. there’s literally no point in soiling this new ult for people who havent tried it yet. i have seen a lot of people trash it without even PLAYING it, and thats because theyre going off of the popular OVW blogs opinions.

i have gotten 2x more kills, heals, and damage boost with this. people are just salty because they cant bring their whole team back anymore. so what

this is what happens to ya titan bastards when jackaboy is here *blows smoke off of literally steaming sword*

ahh i havent even finished watching him play aot and yet this still happens cx (sorry the tags are kinda long)