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Some people have felt pain and heartbreak and then go on to claim that love doesn’t exist. That’s wrong. Everything you felt — the resentment, the hurt, the depressionit all stemmed from love. The more passion, the more pain. That’s love. You felt it. And it k i l l e d you.”


SANVERS AESTHETICS - foreign exchange high school au ( coming to fic theaters near you soon ) - maggie sawyers family has travelled all over the world due to her fathers military job. alex has been stuck in midvale as long as she can remember. now maggie’s lucky location gets her a chance to spend a few months with the danvers’ meeting alex in midvale. alex is less than amused.

i just logged on to tmblr.notgood and saw that people were apparently against the term m-spec? heres some points.

its not a spectrum of how many genders you like. the spec means that you can experience attraction to multiple genders in different ways such as: liking nb people and men, liking women and men, liking women, men, nb people, and many many more!

it is used by people who uncomfortable with the terms bi/pan/ply for whatever reason. 

idk when you saw the term and immediately decided to go against it because you dont understand it but please. take it from someone who has been using the term for months, it does not mean what you think it means.  tagging some people. i tagged people who are discoursing about it

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edit: the amount of people in the replies telling me to use bi or pan or ply. like. thanks. thats real helpful, like i havent fucking tried that. and also! coming up with terms to describe my experiences is not harming you in any way. if your argument is that people arent going to respect the community as a whole, your argument is dumb. if they stop  respecting you because more people are now comfortable with their sexuality and our describing it in a way that works for them, they never respected you in the first place! thats pretty simple and i thought we were past that level of discourse!

edit2: the argument has now changed from “its biphobic to use because i dont understand the meaning” to “its unnecessary because i dont use it”

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