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Andrew flicked him a cool look. “I told her what would happen if she raised her hand again. She had no right to act so surprised.

I think that the significance of this shot, showing Kakyoin waking up, is both him realizing that he just technically had a sleepover (likely his first) at a friend’s house, and realizing that he has people that care about his general well being. He’s in a nicely prepared room, with what appears to be a cup pitcher of water and a note (?) behind him.

His forehead is carefully bandaged, and his earrings are neatly put away as well.

I’m sure after months of Dio controlling and invading his thoughts, it’s a nice respite for him to just be able to lie in silence and contemplate the events of the previous day.

It’s a really subtle addition, but I’m really glad DavidPro decided to put something like this in, because you can only really appreciate it after learning Kakyoin’s backstory.

i always laugh and hate on the official art for toa percy because they aged him up like 30 yrs trying to make him so ridiculously handsome but like… if they really wanted to make him excessively handsome they could have done it while keeping him age appropriate and it would have been passable..heres proof.

(edit: i’m adding in the toa art crop under a readmore bc a lot of you havent seen it)

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better days

a lil fic about bad days, and how people can’t make them go away but they can make them hurt less.


There are bad days.

Sometimes, all Nico can dream about is Tartarus. He wakes up with the shadows slick against his skin, slimy and cold, like something dead.

Some days, he feels eyes upon him, never leaving. Everybody feels like a threat. Feels like even his own shadow is trying to run away, when it spreads out beneath his feet as the sun burns down.

Some days, Camp Half-Blood still doesn’t feel like home at all.

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“There are so many things I want to say to you…”

Katsumura + Yamaneko || Kaitou Yamaneko ep.6

Jamie got worried, when Michael didnt come back past midnight, and decided to go out and find him. That same night, Shingo came over late at night drunk determined to get some that same night.

Shingo: Oh? Wheres Jamie?

Jaydelyn: Youre getting awfully close to your boyfriends twin sister bud. You reek of alcohol.

Shingo: Oh shut up about him already. Why dont we have some fun tonight? While your brother is gone

Jaydelyn: Are you shitting me? You have a boyfriend. That is my brother. Fuck off.

Shingo: What a waste youre such a hottie too, too bad youre such a whiny bitch. Whatever-

Jaydelyn: Did you just fucking kiss me?

Shingo: Havent had one, Princess?

Jaydelyn: Watch where youre touching. Get your fucking hands off of me. Why dont you just leave?


anonymous asked:

will meito be released at all? sorry if i sound demanding or something but it's been a while since you last spoke about his dl ;w; if you aren't planning to, or aren't looking to any soon, it's okay, i just wanted to know ^]^d

good question

jk idk i need to redo his face or smth but i havent been doing genderbends for a while bc i lost interest oopz (unless u count from my most recent nero/dell)

so for now, well i obviously can’t say i’m not gna release him bc i mean i’m pretty known as someone who releases most of my edits so i dont think i even have the right at this point so i’ll most likely release him esp to replace my old shitty edits hehe (and 2 b more exact on time i’ll probably release him once may redoes luki and that can b my final genderbend thing until i’m into it again)

thnx for asking and no need to apologise meito’s been rotting in my folders and he’s kinda stinky and i think he wants out too i ain’t gna keep him imprisoned

okay. so. that sad comic, made people pretty…….upset and some wanted me to continue…..even tho i said i wanted to work on my game (and study, PFT. JUST GIMME A 4 DAYS ALL NIGHTER THEN i’LL PROBABLY LEARN IT AND DIE)

i’ll continue it. not this timeline but the timeline before where they’re happy but that’s where i’ll stop. the more emotionally attached they are to each other, the more brutal it’ll be for the ending. 

@soloisttris @anon @isisariasaleolv here. have a sticker.

hey hey. i know another way to get you reallllllllll pissed. make a video out of it. hmmmmmmmm -raise eyebrows???- yeh… i havent edit in a while….

@fivenightsatgabis @whispandjordanforever @anon

since i wont be continuing dat timeline, i might as well just type it here. sans remembers the resets and each one he witness his brother’s breakdown. (watching from GHHHOOOOSt form) of course, he couldn’t bare to see his bro like that SO, instead of worrying about his own feelings, he didn’t want papyrus to love him like a lover (becuz he’lll be more emotionally attached to sans) so when he dies, papyrus won’t be as violent in battle and won’t well…breakdown that hard?? (he still believes anyone can be a good person if they try)

in another timeline. he accepted papy but, oh gosh. LETS LEAVE IT THERE. 

alaricehawthorne  asked:

i'm gonna chime in here on the discussion, i definetely believe there's some underlying racist/racial stereotypes around when people fancast ronan as black and blue as east asian. because if ronan were black he'd fit the Angry Black Man stereotype (even tho we know why he is that way), and i definetely think there are some negative reasons to why east asian blue is the most popular version of racebent blue in the fandom, i just can't put it into words. cont.

[cont’d] like i saw another blogger point out that nearly every racebent of the gang has some negative connotations, but clearly it just doesn’t work in canon either. like i don’t get racebent gansey because he’s the whitest guy to white, like the books only seem to talk about financial privilege and not white, but gansey is the epitome of privilege, so him being a poc is weird, and like you pointed out, blue is most definetely a white feminist, i mean her feminism is written so white and 1-dimensial tbh and (2/3)

im actually very fond of your reasons why you fc every trc group member as white because if you’d fc them as poc it’d sent the wrong idea, a while ago i saw someone ask for books with asian, preferrably east asian (female) leads and someone replied with “well i havent read the books but every trc edit i’ve seen featured an oriental girl as blue”, and like, people could easily find stuff which states the ethnicity of the characters but it could still happen they dont and get disappointed (3/3)

adel i am sorry this is such a long ass response. be warned it is long. like, SO LONG

two anons who sent me asks about reading blue as east asian: replies to you are in this text!!

before i address what adel is saying

i am not claiming racial diversity in the series isn’t possible, i am saying it is not written into the text. arguing it is canon that ronan is Black or blue is east asian is ultimately more harmful for pocs, in my opinion, for a number of reasons

  1. people who see edits and read the book on the assumption their heritage is represented will likely be disappointed when there is no canon evidence of this representation (proof that edits have influenced reader interpretations under the cut)

  2. it may give the impression that hints and vague descriptions of skin colour are adequate representations of minority groups which homogenises entire groups of people.

    a “brown” girl cannot represent south asians, and latinas, and Black women, and arab women, and some east asian women - like 90% of women in the world - and thus doesn’t accurately represent any woc.

    similarly, blue, who is not only never described to be a asian but also lacks any east asian cultural heritage, can also not be expected to represent east asian women accurately or well. while fans can interpret her any way they want obviously, she cannot be touted as great representation for woc in ya lit as it devalues actual explicit east asian/whatever characters in other books 

arguing racial diversity exists canonically in a series where is doesn’t is not the way to attempt to ‘fix’ the lack of racial diversity in ya. to some extent, it may take away the initiative to write explicitly diverse characters who go to mosque, or speak spanish to their colombian grandma, or are bullied for the colour of their skin and actually represent racial minorities’ appearances and experiences if “brown” and “dark brown” are seen to be sufficient descriptors in representing pocs. 

to summarise: i don’t want to give the impression that the characters cannot be poc. they can. this is a series where magic and dream things exist. Black and asian people can exist too so why don’t they. you can imagine them how you want. no one, including me, can stop you from seeing what you see. i would probably cry tears of joy if you made a “everyone is south asian” au fancast and i saw my culture represented in edits too 

but please don’t claim the canon represents me because i am brown-skinned, or any one else from ethnic backgrounds. ultimately it undermines the drive for explicit representation. 

under the cut i have also put an explanation for why “dark brown” and “brown” also don’t count as good representation if you are interested 

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