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The signs in class

*check Sun, but Moon can also be used here

Aries: Casually chatting with someone, they get bored easily and often don’t pay attention

Taurus: Tries to pay attention and sometimes actually does, but they often get lost in and their thoughts and daydream a lot

Gemini: Random comments to make other people laugh, somehow stays organized even though they look like they’re not paying attention

Cancer: Usually talks to somebody, either the teacher or other people in class, but stays organized.

Leo: One of the people who enjoy debating with the teacher, doesn’t really keep notes but remembers a lot of stuff.

Virgo: Pays attention and makes notes, sometimes they talk to the teacher, but they’re usually not interested in the subject that much.

Libra: Checking out other people, pays attention only when they’re really interested in the subject

Scorpio: Doing everything but paying attention, usually. They’re good at memorizing but they’re mostly interested in something completely different than what they’re talking about in the class

Sagittarius: Only pays attention if they’re interested in the subject, when they are, they usually talk to their teacher and debate 

Capricorn: Most of the time pays attention and makes notes, but if they don’t like the teacher or the subject, they just doodle or something

Aquarius: Sometimes gets super into the subject and then they can go on about it for the rest of the day, but there are days when they just doodle and don’t really pay attention.

Pisces: Snacks, kinda paying attention but mostly daydreaming. Simiraly to Gemini, sometimes they talk to other people and make them laugh

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son of man

You can make a lot of reasons for why Cat Noir and Ladybug save each other.

  • I’d imagine because neither wants to see the other hurt.
  • Maybe it’s because Cat’s smart and realizes Ladybug needs to last because she’s the only one who can purify the akumas.
  • They care about each other.
  • They’re a team.
  • Secretly, not so secretly, LadyNoir

You could make the list go on into infinity if you wanted to.

Yet, for Cat, I think one of the reasons he essentially sacrifices himself for Ladybug is because Ladybug does this…

She would rather give herself up…

Then see someone else hurt because she couldn’t save them.

It’s probably the reason he’s always doing this stunt…

and this

and even this one

He was so severely distraught when he thought Ladybug had been killed by Animan

And was just as equally relieved when he got her back.

Which is why I think his first thought is always: save her

I think the biggest reason Cat Noir is always throwing himself in harms way for Ladybug then is because he knows she’ll sacrifice herself first before she’ll sacrifice anyone else. So, in his love for her, he stops her from becoming the sacrifice and puts himself in front of danger. So she can stop the villain and save the day, but also because he loves her.

He never wants to have to see her hurt and least of all he never wants to feel the same way he did when he saw Animan clamp his jaws over Ladybug. He never wants to experience that loss (a phantom loss too painfully close to the loss of his mother, regardless of his state of being) ever again.

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Is this maybe more angst but Kat getting hurt and Adena rushing to be by her side after Sutton or Jane call her. Or something happens and it solidifies their relationship

tw: angst, hospitals, injury

Sutton tells Adena when they’re in the cab, pinches the bridge of her nose and tries to keep a calm voice when she says, “Kat’s been hurt. She’s in the hospital,” and hears the confusion and then the panic in Adena’s voice.

Jane grips at her free hand while she tells Adena as best she can, that they don’t know much of anything, other than that a car hit her when she stepped into the crosswalk, that she was taken in an ambulance. That they’re on their way to the hospital now, and yes they’re taking her to Mount Sinai, and yes they’ll meet Adena in the E.R. waiting room.

Adena gets to the hospital almost forty-five minutes later than them, rushing over from Brooklyn, and Sutton spots her at the entrance. She waves her over and there are tears in Adena’s eyes, panicked, when she says, “Where is she?

“With the doctors,” Sutton explains, calm as she can, and Jane paces. “She’s not conscious. She hit her head and she was bleeding a lot, so they’re trying to get that under control and then they need to do a scan to see if there’s any internal damage. Her arm is also fractured pretty bad, but they’re focusing on her head injury.”

Adena squeezes her eyes shut, tears tracking down her cheeks, and Sutton doesn’t think twice before pulling her into a hug.

Adena is clutching at her back, desperate, and Sutton holds her tighter. “Breathe, Adena. Kat’s a fighter, she’s gonna get through this.”

They wait, together, receiving scraps of news here and there that do little to calm them, and Adena becomes more and more withdrawn. She is curled in on herself, knees drawn to her chest and face bowed, and Sutton feels helpless to comfort her.

Then, finally, there’s, “she’s lucky she shielded herself with her arm” and there’s, “the swelling in her brain is minimal, she doesn’t need surgery but she’s got a moderate concussion,” and “she’s asleep right now, sedated pretty heavily to help her heal, but you can see her.”

They all go in to see her, sit with her, but a couple hours later it’s Adena who says she’ll stay the night and only one of them is allowed, so they head home together.

She and Jane both share a bed that night, needing the comfort, and then they’re back at Mount Sinai as soon as visiting hours resume.

They’re all crammed into Kat’s room together, a little past 9 AM, and Adena is holding Kat’s good hand when she stirs, lashes fluttering.

Kat groans, and Sutton swears it’s the best sound she’s ever heard in her life. Kat blinks her eyes open, slowly, squints around. Then, voice coarse, asks, “what happened?”

Adena is crying again, they all are, but this time they’re smiling and Adena leans forward, strokes Kat’s face.

“Some asshole ran you over when you tried to cross 42nd,” Sutton says, and Adena chokes on a laugh.

Jane meets her eyes, shakes her head even as she smiles.

“That sucks.” Then, “Fuck, my head hurts.”

Jane stands, says, “I’ll go let the nurse know,” and Sutton nods.

Adena is crying harder now, releasing all the pent-up emotion and fear of the past fifteen hours, and Kat reaches up, holds her face.

Adena, shh, babe, it’s okay,” Kat soothes, still groggy, and Adena’s tears keep falling. “I’m okay. Hey, c’mere,” Kat pulls, until Adena’s head is resting in the crook of her neck, at the seam of her hospital gown.

She feels like she’s intruding, like she definitely needs to give them a moment. So she stands, gives Kat’s calf a squeeze where it’s blanket-covered, and says, “I’m gonna go get some coffee, give you both a minute. I’m so glad you’re okay.”

The last thing she hears before she shuts the door behind her is Kat, whispering to Adena, “I love you too.