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Though born into a pod of sirens, it is simply in not Mirana’s nature to lure sailors to their deaths. She rather enjoys the attention she attracts when she sings but immediately flees before anyone got close to her. Often tortured by her sisters for saving sailors rather than drowning them, Mirana would rather swim on her own. She has a gift of healing and concocting potions with sea ingredients but has been deemed useless to her pod. Despite it all, she remains optimistic that both sea and land creatures would one day coexist.


700 celebration; make me choose: professor mcgonagall or molly weasley for @mugglepuffs

don’t tell me what I can and can’t do, potter || m. mcgonagall

you and brad share earphones
you and brad share earphones
so basically you're lying next to brad or on a bus or a plane and 
you guys are sharing earphones and brad is mindlessly chattering
with you while skipping songs but suddenly you guys' favorite
the 1975 song comes on.

use earphones

i always laugh and hate on the official art for toa percy because they aged him up like 30 yrs trying to make him so ridiculously handsome but like… if they really wanted to make him excessively handsome they could have done it while keeping him age appropriate and it would have been passable..heres proof.

(edit: i’m adding in the toa art crop under a readmore bc a lot of you havent seen it)

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from the moon, to the stars
while lingering in the universe
we got to know each other

— nuest (minhyun + jr) “daybreak” // a present for @trashanon  [insp.]