i havent decided if i like these or not tbh

!!! They finally released the Valentines DLC for iOS tonight ((even though my game crashed like 15 times))!!! I’ve been waiting FOREVER UGHH – also I couldn’t sleep until I drew a quick fan CG so here we are ;;v;; !!! ♥ ♥ ♥

!!! I haven’t done 707 route/afterend yet pls don’t send spoilers ;;0;; thank you!

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uhh i'm sorry for bringing in sheith to platonic kl but i'm currently reading a fic with shitty wingman lance and tbh i love it so much?? lance is just like "i love ya buddy but you need my professional help ;)". "lance no". "don't worry man i'm here to share my expertise". "oh my god"

nO WINGMAN LANCE IS SO GOOD I AGREE!!!!! omg what fic is this im so curious i’d love to check it out. 

im currently working on a fic where keith and lance become new roommates and it’s mostly about them becoming friends and keith finding a friend and opening up to lance. i havent decided if im gonna do a spin off or if it’ll be a chapter, but then they’re hanging out one day where shiro works and shiro and keith are best friends and lance clocks onto keith’s crush on shiro immediately and is like “what was that.” keith is like “what?” lance just “…… okay listen i know things so follow my lead and this will all work out great here’s what we’re gonna do” “we?” “yes we im invested in this now” 



((Ok… guys.. so uhm I havent checked my followers in like a month now and when I went to check.. I now I have 2000+… tbh i am so happy yet so guilty but i wont go further into that.. just thank you to all of your love and support and i appreciate it.. also i did not know what to do as a thanks so i decided to do this little taejin thing ye hope u all like it ha))


I cannot stop listening to the song “Every Shining Time You Arrive” by idk who and I really truly can’t decide if I hate it or love it but right away the guitars caught me and they’re very ‘Verticle Horizon’ and when the piano starts up at the end I get goosebumps on my legs so there’s that.

Shit... I get it. I’m in trouble.

Some Hellblazer: City of Demons inspired Ghost!Constantine… GHOSTANTINE.

Yeah you see what I did there 8) Not originally were my url came from but it is what my url is and I love the comic and the ghost bits ^^
Also went with Matt as reference cos yeah he’ll be my John face forever :’)
I had so much fun with the ghost effecting and background figures~

Jason didn’t know exactly what he had expected to hear. But it hadn’t been that.

Jason comes out to Thalia. He doesn’t mean to.

none jasico w left pipalia (you’re welcome maia and i hope to find a place in your heart again but i will never renounce thalianca)


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I’m Just Thinking Bout You

[prompt: 2009/10 D&P skyping & P tells D that he’s going to go take a shower & D can’t stop thinking about P hot, naked, & wet in the shower so he decides to finger himself & hump into a pillow in front of the camera. P took a quick shower & walks in on D moaning his name & say things like “faster please” “don’t stop” “harder phil”. P doesn’t announce himself bc he really wants to hear this through & he starts masturbating too. they finish at the same time. the author can decide what to do from there~~]

this one is nsfw af (and short) but whatevs tbh (also the title is a ariana grande lyric lol i love her)

holy shit i havent posted a fic in so fuckin long im so sorry you guys aaaaa
ive been trying to write a fic but i keep losin inspiration :// but hopefully ill be writing fics regularly again !!

[Contains: masturbation lmao, pillow (talk) grinding, possible exhibition??]

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arceus may be a pretty cool guy but its battle theme invokes such a primal terror and awe in me that i’m always just gonna be a tad hesitant when dealing with it tbh


get to know me meme → [1/5] favorite male characters: Matt Murdock

I’m not trying to be a hero. I’m just a guy that got fed up with men like you and decided to do something about it.

I was tagged by @vrepitspa tysm!!!

name: charlotte

nicknames: char, lottie, tbh i respond to anything

gender: it’s wednesday my dudes vine but just the scream

star sign: aries

height: 5’3″ 

sexuality: bi/pan! im cool with either label i havent decided which im more comfortable with yet

hogwarts house: hufflepuff!

favorite animal: dolphins!! or sea turtles/dogs!

average hours of sleep: 5-7 ish?

cat or dog person: honestly both but i like dogs just a bit more

dream trip: honestly everywhere!! if i had to pick a place to go first it would probably be italy or costa rica!

dream job: archaeologist!! 

when I made my blog: august 1 2017!! 

followers: 1364 (i lorbve all of u guys sm)

why I made a tumblr: i wanted to stop spamming my main blog with so much vld and then i started using this more than my main laksjdl

reasons for my URL: allura is beautiful and the love of my l i f e 

i tag: anyone who wants to do this!! you can say i tagged u im sorry im just really tired and i love u guys sm

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This one's for all the mods who want to answer: So if Blizzard were to decide to make one of the ships canon, which ship would you want it to be?

genyatta tbh… - mod genji

honestly? either pharmercy or pharsymm. theyre cute ships (EDIT: OOO MAYBE A POLY SHIP OF ALL 3???)  -mod mei

i think it would be pretty neat if reaper76 USED to be canon….. like back in overwatchs glory days.. but it wouldnt work now………… i dont ship anyone else because i havent read much of the lore but mei and zarya look cute together….. - mod soldier 76


hi so i havent done a follow forever in like ages so i decided to do one now because its nearly spring and my birthday aka best time of the year

im actually gonna do this really organised unlike lAST time so yeah if you’re on this follow forever you’re either a mutual or a blog i admire from afar but you’re all really great people with amazing blogs and im probably jealous your blogs are better than mine.

special mentions:

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non-mutuals who you should all follow tbh:

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u r taylor swifts child. how do u feel

She never really visits me that much, in fact havent met her at all. So suddenly she’s decided to come into my life via tumblr. 

Tbh, kinda wish she would come down under to visit me more. She’s always away on business and doesnt have any time for me. I respect her job and i believe shes a wonderful person but just not the best mother. Like come on, she ordered me to go to my room but she hasnt even met me.

where is her dignity. where is it.