i havent brushed it today

Two Takes CAre of You

You had caught the stomach flu from Pony, and were home sick. You were mostly throwing up whatever you ate, you haven’t even showered in days. You were bedridden and havent seen anyone but your mom all week. That is until Twobit, your somewhat boyfriend came over. You were kinda dating, you do everything couples do but you two havent come out as official yet. 

You were laying in your bed watching some movie, huddled under your blankets when there was a knock on your door. “Come in mom.”, but to your surprise it was Twobit. “What are you doing here? You’re gonna get sick.” 
“I probably would have caught it from Pony anyways.” You chuckled and moved over to make room for him. He leaned in to kiss you but you pushed away. “ You’re gonna get sick, I threw up 8 times today, and I havent brushed my teeth yet.” You said warningly. “Ok fair, but as soon as you brush your teeth, you’re mine.” You just cuddled close and watched the movie. Here and there, you would throw up again and he would hold your hair, and hand you a napkin to clean up. “Sorry you’re so sick. I’m gonna beat Pony’s ass.” 

“Shut up!” You said lightly hitting his arm. When the movie was over you got up and headed for the shower. Since it was your first one in days, you took your time and made it extra long. When you got out you smelt something cooking and walked into the kitchen to see Twobit at the stove making grlled cheess and tomato soup. “Go get dressed and we’ll eat.”