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Pyramid Scheme scammer ends up paying in the end!

(very long story)

About 6 or 7 years ago, I was trying to enlist into the military. I ended up not joining but that’s a story for another time. At this point, I was led to believe I was about 4 months away from leaving for Boot camp. I was running out of savings, and needing a part time job for some spending cash while I waited around.

So I did what any enterprising 20something would do, and searched craigslist for jobs. I normally hate sales jobs, especially those based on commissions, but figured it would be a great way to earn some extra cash short term. Found a few job listings that looked promising, and put out some applications. A few days later I received a call from David. He was opening up a new store and needed associates. He liked my resume and asked if I’d be available for an interview on Friday morning. I was very up front with him, and let him know that the distance was a bit more than I’d normally drive for a retail job, and asked what he was offering for an hourly rate, to see if it was worth the drive. He told me that they were planning on offering an hourly rate in the mid teens, along with commission. Seemed like an ok deal, so I agreed to be there Friday at 8am.

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Some mingyu angst would bc nice like due to being an idol you havent seen him latley and hes all stressed and accidently tells u he doesnt love u anymore hehe can it have a happy ending

“I really like you, and it would be amazing if you wanted to go out with me, Y/N.”

It had been a bit over a year since Mingyu first asked you to date him, his eyes full of hope and a small smile playing on his lips. It felt like it had just happened the day before, and a part of you almost wished it had.

Most of that year had been amazing: he had been so loving, so invested in your relationship and so there that it pained you to be reminded of the present reality, where you were always the one to contact him, got late replies if any, and were able to see him only rarely. It was upsetting, to say the least, yet somehow the memories of how good he could be kept you there, hoping that things would change.

Besides, for those short moments that you were able to see him every now and then, he was, more often than not, much like the Mingyu in your memories: cuddly, sweet and apologetic whenever he felt like he had wronged you, in one way or another. 

Although, even that had started to change, and little by little Mingyu started being distant and tense even with you, saying rash things more and more often and apologizing while rubbing his temples and saying that he’s been really stressed lately.

You supposed you were lucky to know the reason behind the change - as a member of a very popular idol group who had a lot of activities, it was only natural for Mingyu to be busy and tired - but it didn’t make it any less of a bitter pill to swallow.

That evening, you had been fortunate enough to schedule a dinner date with Mingyu, which you had been looking forward to for a good while: those, or any kind of dates, were a rarity. When he had arrived at your place, you greeted him with an excited smile and gave him a hug, trying not to mind the fact that his arms didn’t wrap around you like they used to.

“How have you been?” you asked brightly, leading Mingyu to the kitchen, where you had already taken out some food supplies you’d be using to make dinner together. He smiled weakly, and you could hear him sigh.

“Busy and tired,” he mumbled while following you. “We practice around the clock, and it’s starting to take a toll, especially with all the performances added to that.”

“I can imagine,” you said quietly, saddened by the fact that he had to be working so hard, but didn’t mention it. Mingyu didn’t reply as he looked at the ingredients you had set out.

“Are we making steak?” he asked, seeming somewhat disappointed, at which you frowned a little.

“Yeah, I thought you liked it,” you said with a slightly quirked eyebrow and turned to look at Mingyu, who still had a sourish face on.

“Sure, but I’m not really feeling it today…” he trailed off and sighed heavily. “But it’ll do, don’t worry.”

Food had never been an obstacle before, so you felt a bit upset at his words, but tried to shrug the feeling off. After all, you were with Mingyu for the first time in a long time, and you wanted to make the best out of it. …Or try to, at least.

You cooked with an unusual silence over you, considering you normally talked quite a bit, sharing stories about your days and just updating each other in general. And yet now there was none of that, and what made you feel the most anxious was that not once had he asked how you were or what you had been up to.

Far gone were his regular check-ups on you and his interest in you, on many levels.

“Mingyu, is everything okay?” you asked, trying to sound as nonchalant as you possibly could while feeling like you were next to a stranger while he was the person who had gotten closer to you than anyone else, and got back a low, disinterested hum. “You don’t… seem good.”

He let out a sigh. “Like I said, I’m tired. I’m fine. Let’s just get this dinner over and done with.”

Your heart dropped at his words, which he said so harshly that there was not much room for interpretations: he felt like your date was a chore.

Swallowing, you continued chopping the cucumber that your salad was still missing. “…Right.”

The dinner itself was just as disappointing as the cooking, and you found yourself waiting for it to end, even if - or exactly because - it meant you wouldn’t see Mingyu for another few weeks at least. You barely talked, and even your appetite had disappeared on most part: you could hardly finish the small portion of food that you had taken on your plate.

Not much after finishing his food, Mingyu emptied his glass and sighed. “I should get going.”

If the night had gone any differently you would’ve disappointedly asked him ”Already?” yet now you found yourself feeling indifferent as you nodded. “Okay.”

He took his dishes away and moved on to put his jacket and shoes on while you took your own dishes to the sink, some food still on the plate. Afterwards you went to the clothing rack, where he was getting dressed, but didn’t get too close to him.

Before leaving and mumbling, “Goodbye,” he gave you a quick peck on your temple and briefly placed his hand on your lower back.

As the door closed behind him, you let out a shaky sigh, your apartment feeling a lot colder than it actually was. Anxious, frustrated and sad tears welled up in your eyes at the realization that the only physical contact you had gotten from Mingyu after a month of not seeing him were a quick peck on your temple and his hand on your back for two seconds.

Were you even dating anymore?

The next time you were ’fortunate’ enough to see Mingyu, the tension between the two of you could’ve been cut with a knife. He was visibly tired and you knew how busy he was, but none of it excused the way he had treated you, whether it was via text messages or in person.

That day, you visited him at the dorm, invited by him, yet you were met with barely anything more than a cold shoulder.

“Hi,” Mingyu said when he saw you at the door to his room, and you stared at him.

“That’s all?” you asked, taking slow steps towards him while he sat by the desk in the room. You took a seat on the bed you could somewhat remember belonging to Jihoon, and fiddled with the hem of your shirt. You felt so anxious you might as well have thrown up, but were somewhat able to keep your composure. After all, it had to be done.  “Mingyu… I want to be honest with you.”

“What’s on your mind?” he asked with a sigh and turned to look at you. You clenched your teeth, then clicked your tongue before finally speaking up again.

“I don’t know what’s happening, but I really feel like… you know, if you loved me, you’d put more of an effort into this relationship of ours, or what’s left of it,” you said, articulating each word as well as you could while trying to will your body not to shake so awfully, which was rather futile.

Mingyu blinked. “Exactly.”

Your eyebrows furrowed. “What does tha–”

If I loved you,” he said blankly, as though slamming the ugly truth straight into your face.

And just like that, you felt your heart drop, your stomach turn, air leave your lungs, your vision blur with tears…

Something along the lines of the beginning of a heartbreak.

“That’s it,” you said, your voice now shaky and giving away the emotional turmoil you were in, and stood up. Even your legs felt shaky as you walked to the door. “After everything… I’m done.”

It wasn’t until you had slammed the door shut behind yourself that Mingyu started realizing just what had happened, but by the time he had left the bedroom, you were already gone from the dorm. Some of the members had come out from wherever they had been, and having witnessed your rather emotional storming out, were now staring at Mingyu disapprovingly.

“What did you do?” Minghao asked with a pout, his eyebrows in a frown.

Mingyu ran his fingers through his hair and sighed exasperatedly. “Something really stupid.”

“No kidding,” Seungkwan mumbled in dismay and shook his head. Some of the others mumbled something in agreement, and in the end Mingyu groaned and locked himself up in his bedroom.

How had things ended up like that?

You hated going back home, because for most of the journey, there were tears streaming down your cheeks, which attracted way more attention than you wanted on yourself in that moment.

You felt sick to your stomach, your heart was aching, you were cold and shaky, and most annoyingly, your mind wouldn’t stop replaying some of the best memories you had of your relationship with Mingyu.

All of the times he had smiled at you while hugging you, or cuddled you peacefully, or teased you and said he loved you right after, or leaned down to press the softest of kisses to your lips…

“I hate him,” you said through your tears when you locked the door to your apartment behind yourself and threw your bag and jacket to the floor, not caring where they ended up, and toed your shoes off.

Almost blindly, you went to your bed, got under the blankets and grabbed the extra pillow you had lying around, hugging it tight to your chest.

It didn’t stop the ache nor did it make you feel particularly better, but it did give you the tiniest sense of comfort.

Some time later, you heard your phone ring, and upon checking it, saw that it was Mingyu.

Wincing, you declined his call and turned your phone off before returning to hugging your pillow, which you still held close to yourself when you fell asleep around half an hour later, your tears having stained your cheeks and your eyes annoyingly puffy already.

The last thought before you drifted off to sleep was that you should’ve known it wouldn’t be easy to date an idol.

You should’ve known that you were bound to get hurt.

Days rolled by one by one, and with you having blocked Mingyu in just about every platform you could think of, you were slowly starting to feel a bit more at ease.

You still winced whenever there was something that reminded you of him - which was awfully many things, really - but at least you didn’t have to witness his attempts of contacting you, and finally it felt like a good thing that he was too busy to drop by.

During the first few days, you collected most of his things that had in one way or another ended up at your place, into a box. It wasn’t that many things, really: mostly some pieces of clothing or jewelry, some CDs or scents, among everything else.

It was more and more frequently that you found yourself looking out of the window and getting lost in your thoughts, the main one revolving around how much it hurt to hear someone you had loved for so long suddenly say “If I loved you”.

You couldn’t help but wonder when the feeling had first died.

Whether it was because you were drained from energy or because the ringing of your doorbell brought you back to reality from one of such journeys to your thoughts, you completely forgot about the possibility of the visitor being someone you didn’t want to see as you went to the door.

And indeed, as soon as you opened the door, you were met with Mingyu, holding a bouquet of your favorite flowers and looking almost as horrendous as you were.

“Y/N, I want to ta–”

The sight had made your heart skip a beat, and definitely not in a good way, and suddenly you went from feeling nice and calm to full blown anxiety as you shut the door.

“Go away,” you said through the door, holding your hands against the wood as if you were trying to prevent Mingyu from opening it, despite the door being locked already.

“I’m sorry,” Mingyu said, and it hurt you more than you wanted it to when you heard him sniffle. “I’ve been so stupid and I’m so sorry… I shouldn’t have–”

“That’s right,” you said through your own tears, sniffling as you wiped your eyes with your sleeves. “You shouldn’t have said anything, you shouldn’t have treated me so badly, you shouldn’t have–”

“Been such a lousy boyfriend, I know,” he continued your sentence, and you hummed in a reply, sniffling. Mingyu sighed shakily, looking at the flowers he was holding. “I got you your favorite flowers, Y/N. I know how much you like them. Even if you don’t want to talk with me, please accept them.”

Your heart beat fast in your chest as you processed his words, thinking about all the possible outcomes of whatever you chose to do next, and eventually you found yourself opening the door, although very slowly.

“…Come in, I’ll listen, but only for as long as I’m comfortable with. I’ve got some of your stuff to give you anyway,” you said quietly, looking at Mingyu’s feet instead of his face. He nodded and waited for you to move away from the doorway until he took slow steps into your apartment.

In silence, you went to sit on your couch, and a bit awkwardly, Mingyu brought the flowers closer to you. “So… these are for you.”

“Thanks,” you mumbled and looked at the flowers, cursing the fact that they were the very same ones he had somehow managed to give you on your first date as tears welled up in your eyes again, and you had to wipe them away.

Without much consideration, Mingyu got an arm around you and pulled you close, placing his lips to the top of your head.

And as much as you wanted to stay strong and pull away, it was an undeniable fact that Mingyu’s arms were one of your absolute favorite places to be, and in that moment that was right where you needed to be.

“I love you,” Mingyu whispered, and you could feel his tears fall onto your head. “I’m so sorry about everything.”

You nodded and weakly clung onto the sweater he was wearing while holding the flowers on your lap.

“You should be,” you muttered, and slowly lifted your face, tainted with tears, much like Mingyu’s. Your lips quivered and your voice wavered as you spoke. “You broke my heart.”

“I know,” Mingyu said, his lips forming an involuntary pout. “And I’m so sorry.”

You hid your face in his chest for a while, trying to calm down while a surprisingly comfortable silence hung over you.

“If… if you’d let me, I’d like to help you fix it, too,” Mingyu said suddenly, his voice quiet yet still emotional. You bit on your lower lip.

“You can try,” you whispered, sighing. “I’ll let you try.”

“Thank you,” he merely breathed and hugged you close.

You hadn’t forgiven him, no, but you were willing to see how things would play out if you did let him, indeed, try. If it got too much, you could always end it.

But for the time being, you wanted to enjoy the comfort of his embrace, which you had missed more than you could express with words, after months and months of not experiencing it.

“I’ve missed this,” Mingyu noted quietly, his hand stroking your arm soothingly. You hummed. “I’ll make sure that things will change.”

Nodding slowly, you sighed and relaxed against him.

“I’m tired,” you said, and got an amused huff of breath from Mingyu.

“You should sleep. I can go,” he mumbled softly, and blinked in surprise when you shook your head.

“Stay,” you said just as softly, and looked up at him, “I want to be with you for a little more.”

He melted into a warm smile as he nodded and took you to bed, and held your hand while you got comfortable under your blankets and fell asleep in a blink of an eye.

You were surprised to find Mingyu there even when you woke up, but you felt surprisingly serene at the sight. Stroking his hair slowly, you smiled a little when his eyes fluttered open.

“Don’t you have places to be?” you asked quietly, and got back a goofy smile and his hand slowly reaching for your cheek, and when you didn’t pull away, he cupped it gently.

“Not today.”

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So like what if MC was mad at the members of the RFA+V+Saeren and they're giving the them the silent treatment. And the only way that they talk to the other is through the messenger app or through a third party (like another one of the members or Elizabeth the third for Jumin)

i had way too much fun with this one lol, thanks!

~headcanon requests closed at the moment~


  • MC’s giving him the silent treatment after he neglected them to play LOLOL
  • after playing the game he passed out in bed when MC was sitting up reading
  • he was woken up by the sound of their voice
  • “hey, Jaehee! are you too busy to talk on the phone for a bit?”
  • Yoosung’s eyes flutter open and he tries to mutter some words
  • “hey, sweet-”
  • MC holds up a finger, cutting him off
  • “oh my god, a cat hotel? that sounds ridiculous! you poor thing”
  • Yoosung rolls over, trying harder to get MC’s attention
  • he practically rolls into their lap
  • MC refuses to look at him
  • they giggle so loudly it sounds forced
  • “oh my god Jaehee, you’re so funny!!!”
  • “hmm? i didnt make a joke, MC…”
  • they were practically yelling
  • “yknow thats what i love about you! you’re just so…oh, whats the word….attentive”
  • “um….thank you?”
  • “oh, no problem! i just love the way you answered me call and when i said ‘hello’ you responded! i really just adore how you always hear what i say and the acknowledge me!!!”
  • “okay, alright….”
  • “see you? you’ve done it again! wow, Jaehee! so did you have lunch?”
  • at this point Yoosung realizes what was happening
  • he crawls over MC, bringing his face to their shoulder
  • “MC! please pay attention to meeeeeee”
  • “is that Yoosung?”
  • “hmm? i didnt hear anything?”
  • “but, MC, i could have sworn i just heard Yoosungs-”
  • “i dont know a Yoosung”
  • the boy groans loudly
  • “yes they ddoooooooOOOooo”
  • MC puts a hand on Yoosungs face and shoves him away
  • he bounces back almost immediately and starts peppering MC’s neck and cheek with kisses
  • “what are you talking about? of course you know Yoosung. and i can hear him, you know”
  • “i dont want to talk about that jerk right now!”
  • Yoosung continues to litter MC’s skin with kisses
  • “please” smeck “forgive” smeck “me” smeck “baby”
  • “it sounds like you and Yoosung have something to work out, and my break ends soon anyway. thanks for calling, MC. goodbye”
  • “Jaehee wait-”
  • but she had already hung up
  • taking advantage of a free MC, Yoosung grabs both of their hands and pulls them toward him
  • “i know i was an asshole earlier, but now im ready to give you my full attention”
  • MC blushes, avoiding eye contact with him
  • “b-but…i want your full attention all the time…”
  • Yoosung leans in and kisses them
  • “alright. you can have my attention whenever you want it”


  • MC got into a fight with Zen when he forgot it was their birthday cause he’s been at rehearsal 25/8 prepping for a show
  • in the middle of their argument, MC’s phone starts to ring
  • “oh, would you look at that? Jumins calling! probably to wish me a happy birthday!”
  • “MC, please dont answer that-”
  • “Hey Jumin! whats up?”
  • MC had already picked up the phone and was walking away from Zen
  • “oh, Zen? yea he’s doing fine. he’s out right now though, at rehearsal as per usual”
  • Zen sighs and follows MC
  • “please, baby, dont act like i’m not here-”
  • “oh, wow! thanks for remembering Jumin!”
  • they whip around and glare at Zen
  • “baby please let me make it up to you-”
  • Zen reaches out to MC but they skip away from him, simultaneously interrupting him
  • “i dont think im going to do anything special. i’ll probably just watch some movies and order take out by myself” 
  • they glare at Zen, he tries to walk toward them, they skip away
  • this process repeats and escalates until Zen is full on chasing MC through the house
  • “i’m going to catch you and apologize if it kills me, dammit!”
  • “MC? whats going on…?”
  • MC’s breathing heavily
  • “nothing…Jumin. i just really love talking to you!”
  • “well unfortunately i think i’m going to have to hang up now”
  • at this moment, Zen corners MC in their bedroom between the bed and the wall
  • they shout, and try to escape Zen by jumping over the bed
  • it fails miserably
  • MC lets out a little squeal as Zen wraps his arms around them, trapping them in his lap
  • he grabs the phone and tosses it just out of MC’s reach
  • “i’ll never forgive you, Zen!” they shout dramatically
  • “oh, really? that’s a problem….”
  • Zen holds down the squirming MC with little effort
  • “then will you forgive the tickle monster?”
  • MC’s life flashes before there eyes for a second before Zen starts tickling them
  • they laugh uncontrollably until finally they manage to get out the words “i forgive you”
  • Zen releases them
  • “i really am sorry, cutie pie. i promise i’ll never forget again”
  • MC looks down at the bed, face bright red from being tickled
  • “i forgive you, Zenny…”
  • “whats that? did you just call me Zenny?”
  • “no! shut up i hate you!”
  • Zen laughs and pulls MC back into his lap 


  • Jaehee was so busy with work that she hadnt logged into the messenger all day and didnt answer any of MC’s calls and now they’re MAD
  • it was around 10 PM when Jaehee finally got a chance to log into the messenger that day
  • she hoped that MC would be there to cheer her up after such a stressful day
  • Jaehee Kang has entered the chatroom
  • 707 and MC were both already talking
  • “woooOOOAAHH!!! whos this?!” -707
  • “Jaehee Kang…? i havent heard that name in years…..” -MC
  • Jaehee sighs as she types
  • “i apologize for being so absent today. i’ve been quite swamped with work” -Jaehee
  • “well gee Jaehee i got work coming out of my ears but i cant help but come here and chat with MC B)” -707
  • “oh, Seven! you truly are an angel!” -MC
  • “MC, i trust you had three meals today?” -Jaehee
  • she gets no response from them
  • “OH! about that lolololololol! MC says they dont wanna talk to you so i’ll repeat any message u needa get to them :D” -707
  • Jaehee rubs her temples, feeling a headache forming
  • she wishes she could just talk to MC directly but this was better than nothing…
  • “please tell Jaehee i skipped breakfast today but it was just cause i slept in” -MC
  • “MC says they ate every meal but breakfast! tsk tsk” -707
  • “if they want, i can bring them some breakfast on my way to work tomorrow. i’d like to see them soon” -Jaehee
  • “Jaehee says you should be punished for skipping the most important meal of the day …… :o” -707
  • wait, what the hell??????!?! thats NOT what she said!
  • seven will literally never do anything right
  • at least this is a chatroom where MC can still read what she said
  • “omg, really??? Jaehee is so mean!! >_<” -MC
  • no! fuck what the hELL IS GOING ON
  • Seven! translate my messages correctly!
  • “ahhh! Jaehee’s so scarry! everybody run!!!!” -707
  • 707 has left the chatroom
  • MC has left the chatroom
  • okay, that was literally the worst thing that has ever happened to Jaehee
  • it’s late but tbh Jaehee is done PLAYING AROUND
  • in 10 minutes she’s at MC’s door with popcorn, DVD’s of Zen, hot coco, and fuzzy blankets
  • “Jaehee? what are you-”
  • “i know i must have worried you by being absent from the messenger today. will you let me make it up to you?”
  • MC smiles and lets Jaehee inside
  • the two end up falling asleep on the couch together


  • MC was upset with Jumin because he left for work that day without saying good morning to them
  • Jumin came home and tried to enter his room, but the door was locked
  • he knocked on the bedroom door
  • “MC? i’m home, darling”
  • silence
  • Jumin goes downstairs where the maid was folding some clothes
  • “have you seen MC today? i thought they might be in the bedroom but the door is closed”
  • “i talked to MC today. they told me to give you something, actually”
  • the maid stops folding clothes and walks up to Jumin
  • “this is from them”
  • she looks down, then looks up at him with an upset expression
  • “you jerk!!” the maid shouts, and smacks Jumin on the arm
  • shocked and confused, Jumin rubs his arm where the maid smacked him
  • “they…they told you to do that?”
  • “yes sir”
  • “will you…give them this?”
  • Jumin grabs a flower from an arrangement that was by the front door
  • “certainly, Mr. Han”
  • a few minutes later the maid returns, still holding the flower
  • “i have a message from MC”
  • Jumin nods
  • she throws the flower at Jumin violently and stomps her foot
  • “is this supposed to make up for letting me wake up alone?!”
  • oh, that’s why MC is upset
  • he thought they looked so peaceful sleeping that morning, he didnt want to wake them…
  • Jumin thanks the maid and heads up to his room again
  • he knocks on the door for a second time
  • “it’s me again, darling. i have another message for you but i dont think it’s one our maid will be able to communicate very effectively…”
  • MC opens the door just enough to poke their head out
  • “what do you want?”
  • Jumin leans forward to kiss MC, but they realize whats happening and slam the door shut in his face
  • “you aint slick, Jumin!!!” he hears them shout from inside
  • he sighs and leans against the door
  • damn :( he really wanted a kiss :(
  • he knocks on the door again
  • a few seconds later its opened by MC again, this time wearing a mouth mask
  • “yes?” their voice was muffled underneath the mask
  • Jumin tries his very best to be suave
  • “i’m sorry about not waking you up this morning. i just thought you looked so cute sleeping…like my own little baby lamb”
  • Jumin raises his hand to MC’s cheek, gently pushing his thumb underneath their mouth mask to expose their lips
  • “you…you really think i look cute?”
  • Jumin, staring at MC’s lips, leans forward
  • “yea, really cute”
  • he kisses them, and this time MC actually lets him


  • MC’s pissed cause Seven spent four hours that day shopping for groceries and came back with only honey buddah chips and dr. pepper
  • Seven had tried talking to MC but they locked the bedroom door
  • maybe they’ll let him talk to them through the messenger….?
  • he logs in to find that Zen and MC are both in a chat room
  • 707 has entered the chatroom
  • “Zen, what did you have for lunch today?” 
  • “oh i had a light lunch today since i’ve been so busy. it was pretty much just rice”
  • “wow, rice??? it must be nice to have some rice in the house!!!!!!”
  • “yea, um…i guess it is. but didnt Seven just log in?”
  • “who?”
  • “MC, please come out of your room T_T. i’m so sorry!!” -707
  • “huh? are you guys fighting?” -Zen
  • “what are you talking about? its Seven…” -Zen
  • “MC’s pretending i’m not here because they’re pissed i didnt get food today” -707
  • “AHH! WHO ARE YOU??” -MC
  • “MC, maybe you should just talk to Seven” -Zen
  • “i dont really know where Seven is right now, but if i did i would probably ask him why he wants me to starve” -MC
  • Seven, whose standing right outside MC’s door, shouts so that they can hear him
  • “i swear i dont want you to starve. i just suck at grocery shopping”
  • Seven’s phone vibrates with a new message
  • “and i’d tell him that he has someone to take car of besides himself, now” -MC
  • “but you can tell him….he’s logged into that chatroom….” -Zen
  • “Zen, tell MC i’ll take her on a dinner date tonight and tomorrow we can go shopping again” -707
  • “well, MC? do you see that?” -Zen
  • “see what??? is it a hacker???!” -MC
  • Zen sends a distressed emoticon
  • “Seven just texted me and told me he’d take you out to dinner tonight” -Zen
  • “really? he said that?” -MC
  • “yea. i have to go now, my agent is calling. umm, i hope you and Seven work out whatever the hell is going on” -Zen
  • ZEN has left the chatroom
  • Seven sighs and leans against the door, his head making a thud sound as it hits the door
  • “are you really taking me to dinner?”
  • Seven can barley hear MC’s small voice through the door
  • “yes, of course. and tomorrow we can buy groceries for the next month”
  • Seven hears some rustling sounds
  • suddenly the door opens and Seven falls into the room
  • he looks up from the ground to see MC dressed up, looking like they’re ready to head out
  • “okay, you promised!”


  • V accidentally spoiled the season finale of MC’s favorite show for them
  • he’s been trying to talk to them all day but they keep ignoring him and he’s super confused
  • and he super hates it
  • he just wants to speak to the love of his life and :( hug them :(
  • hoping for some advice, V logs into the messenger
  • Yoosung and Zen were talking
  • it was just the usual Zen trying to give Yoosung girl advice
  • V has entered the chatroom
  • Zen and Yoosung both greet him, but before he can say anything about MC Zen has to leave the chat for work
  • so….then its just V and Yoosung….
  • which was fine, but V would rather talk to Zen about his MC-related problems that Yoosung
  • MC has entered the chatroom
  • “Yoosung! i’m so glad you’re here!” -MC
  • “hey, MC! how are you this fine afternoon? :D” -Yoo
  • “MC, i’m glad you’re here. can we talk?” -V
  • “i’m going well! i’ve had a quiet morning and i’m making some lunch right now. i trust you had lunch, Yoosung?” -MC
  • “funny story, i raged all morning and totally forgot about breakfast and lunch T_T” -Yoo
  • V starts to realize he is now being ignored by both Yoosung and MC
  • “if you want, i’ll help you with lunch, MC” -V
  • “YOOSUNG! you should go eat something right now!” -MC
  • “okay, i’ll go eat! thanks!” -Yoo
  • “wait, before you leave i have a question for you” -MC
  • “whats up?” -Yoo
  • how do you feel about spoilers?” -MC
  • Yoosung sends an angry emoji
  • I HATE THEM! my friends used to spoil games for me all the time :’c ” -Yoo
  • “i know, right? anyone who spoils a game OR SHOW for someone else is the worst!” -MC
  • “is this about that conversation we had earlier about the TV show…?” -V
  • “anyway, i’ll get that lunch now. call you later, MC!” -Yoo
  • Yoosung has left the chatroom
  • ……
  • i hate you” -MC
  • MC has left the chatroom
  • V, now realizing his transgressions, goes into the kitchen where MC was cooking lunch
  • “sweetie, i’m so sorry about spoiling your show”
  • MC ignores him
  • “if you want, you can spoil that one show i’m watching. havent you watched it all already?”
  • V desperately tries to get back into MC’s good graces
  • they turn to him, arms crossed
  • “charlie dies”
  • V tries not to think about the fact that charlie dies in his favorite show and hugs MC tightly
  • well……..at least their talking to me again


  • MC’s PISSED because Saeran always hogs the TV and never lets them watch their shows
  • Seven and Saeran were watching TV on the couch when MC came into the room and grabbed the remote
  • “hey, Seven! mind if i change the channel?”
  • “not at all. go for it”
  • MC sat on the other side of Seven
  • “um, i do”
  • Saerans voice overshadows the sound of the TV, and MC turns it up
  • “hey! i wanna watch shark week!”
  • MC continues to ignore Saeran
  • “um…MC? i think Saerans trying to talk to you”
  • without taking their eyes off the screen, MC responds to Seven
  • “was he? i didnt notice?”
  • Saeran stands up
  • “yes you did! how could you not notice?!”
  • “Seven, can you please tell Saeran that i’m trying to watch my show and his loud voice is annoying me?”
  • Seven turns to Saeran
  • “hey, MC wanted me to tell you-”
  • “i heard what they said, ass hole”
  • Seven lifts up his hands as a sign of surrender
  • “hey, MC! i’m just going to keep yelling till you talk to me!”
  • “Saeran, i dont think-”
  • “fuck off, Seven”
  • Seven knows he should probably leave the room at this point but this is getting too interesting
  • “Seven, please tell Saeran that they more he yells, the less I care”
  • “Saer-”
  • “that doesnt even make sense!!!!”
  • Saeran moves closer to MC, now standing in front of Seven
  • the more he tries to get their attention, the closer he moves
  • until Saeran is completely leaning over MC, his hands on either side of them as he leans against the couch
  • “Seven, can you tell Saeran to get out of my way?”
  • as MC speaks, the look directly into Saerans eyes
  • suddenly Saeran smushes his lips into MC’s, kissing them
  • Seven opens his mouth to scream but nothing comes out
  • “d-do you fucking see me now?”
  • MC looks at Saeran
  • “i dont know, will you let me watch my shows now?”
  • “yea, whatever”
  • “cool”
  • MC grabs Saerans shirt and pulls him into another kiss
  • “now will you please move?”
  • “yea…whatever”
  • ..


forget it

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request: “May I have a scenario wherein Jihoon/Woozi is your boyfriend who’s been so focused on his work lately that he forgets a special day (birthday or anniversary w/e). You, being the patient gf, just let it go, but when you visit him, he lashes out on you and you walk out, upset. Fluffy ending please!”

genre: angst and possible fluff in the future???

words: 1,355

summary: jihoon forgets your birthday after being a terrible boyfriend so it results in a fight

A/N: i present to you another angst! sorry it took so long i havent been myself lately but thanks for requesting ily this is isn’t my best, but it’s all i could WHIP UP with finals and christmas coming up. ENJOY :) i didn’t proof read fuck

 You were patient. You understood how busy he was. 

But you had enough.

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Motherly Love || Ashton Irwin

pretty much the summary ^^

I M A G I N E 

You were eating dinner at the Irwins tonight. Because the boys were having a small break in the tour to see their families, Ashton decided to bring you over to Australia as well. You stayed with him and his family for the week break before you hop on tour again. And it was lovely, might you add. 

“Y/N, dinner is gonna be ready a few minutes!” You heard Harry chirp at Ashtons bedroom doorway. You smiled at the young boy, as he walked into the room with open arms. You opened your arms as well, allowing him to jump on you and hug you on Ashtons bed. 

“Thanks for letting me know, little duck,” you said with a giggle, ruffling Harrys hair. You sit up on the bed and allow Harry to sit next to you. He leans against the side of your body. You listened to his soft, gentle breathing with his chest heaving up and down with every breath he took. 

“I’m so glad Ashton met you,” Harry says happily as you rubbed the side of his arm. It made you smile very much. Today, you’ve spent your hours with Harry and Lauren. But Lauren had a hang out planned with her friends in the middle of the day so you spent your time with Harry. Swinging on the swigs, playing video games, and drawing pictures with crayons. 

“I am, too,” you whisper before you stand up. You take Harrys hands and get him up, too. “C’mon, I’m starving and the food smells amazing!” With his agreement, the two of you go to the dining room. Plates and such items were already prepared, with Lauren back and sat in her seat. 

“Y/N!” Lauren cheered, leaving her seat to go and hug you. Letting go of Harrys hand, you give Lauren a nice squeeze. “I had an amazing time!” 

“I’m glad!” You cheered enthusiastically with her. “You better tell me all about it later. Pinkie promise?” You asked with a smirk. Lauren nodded, looping her pinkie around yours before returning to her seat. Harry went to sit next to her while still sat across you. You always sat next to Ashton as his mother, Anne Marie, sat at the head of the table. She is the parent, after all. 

“Dinner is served!” Anne Marie chirped, bringing in dishes with Ashton as well bringing food. You smiled up at your beloved boyfriend, who looked cold. He didn’t even react or smile back. Confusion struck you as he placed the dishes down and took his seat right next to you. 

“Hey, are you alright?” You asked quietly, going to place your hand on his hand. But Ashton immediately takes his hand away before you could even touch it. 

“Perfect,” Ashton mumbles under his breath. Everyone soon digs in, making you feel just a bit awkward. Ashton seemed off, like you did something and he’s immensely pissed at you for it. You look down at your food and stay quiet as the family talks about their day. 

“So how was your day, Y/N?” Anne Marie asked, making you smiling a bit awkwardly at her. 

“It was nice, honestly,” you said genuinely. “I hung out with Harry quite a bit today– he’s rather fun to be around!” Your words made Harry flush as he begins to go on and on about what the two of you did today. But as he spoke, you saw Ashtons hand grip on his fork tighter and tighter. 

“…and then Y/N bought us some ice cream to share!” Harry said cheerfully. “Right Y/N!”

“Yeah, it was a lovely day,” you said quietly. Before you continue to talk about the day, Ashton rose from his chair and slammed his hands on the table. It made everyone jump.

“Y/N, can you please shut up about your amazing day with my little siblings already?” Ashton yelled, his eyes burning with rage and… jealousy? “Please and thank you!”

“But Ashton, I–”

“I don’t care, Y/N!” Ashton yelled. “Just shut up and let me eat, okay?” You nodded lightly, your heart slightly hurting as Ashton took his seat again. You looked down your food, refusing to touch it. Lauren and Harry looked at you with despair as they glared at Ashton. 

“Ashton Fletcher Irwin!” Anne Marie exclaims, rising from the and looking down at Ashton. “You do not talk to Y/N like that, especially after all she has done for you and this family!” 

“But mum–”

“No!” Anne Marie cuts him off. “Y/N has spent time with your siblings, which you rarely do anymore, and genuinely likes to. She gets to know them and me and actually helps out. She cleans the dishes and prepares food. She helps Harry and Lauren with homework or tasks when they ask. She has also given up everything to travel the world with you. Her home, her job, her friends– everything for you!” With that, Anne Marie gestured to Harry and Lauren to leave the two of us alone. 

“No, Ms. Irwin, please–” you tried. You didn’t want them to leave their dining room and stop eating over your relationship problems. But Anne Marie wasn’t having it. 

“Nope, he’s gonna apologize and make things better,” Anne Marie said simply before disappearing from the dining. With you two alone, you looked down at your legs and twiddled your thumbs. It was awkward to be alone with Ashton now, considering he seems mad at you. He also seems fuming and not wanting to apologize. 

“You don’t have to apologize,” you breathe out. “We can just pretend we made up and get your family back in he–”

“Y/N, I didn’t mean to snap at you,” Ashton said softly, looking up at his gorgeous hazel eyes. “I was just a bit jealous.”

“You were jealous?” You asked. Ashton nods sheepishly, blushing a bit. “Of Lauren and Harry? Your younger siblings, Ashton?”

“You were spending the day with them and seemed to have had a ton of fun!” Ashton pouted. 

“You were hanging out with the lads, weren’t you?” You teased, sticking your tongue out. “And I decided to get to know your siblings more. I’m sorry that it bothered you.”

“Nah, I’m sorry, my mums right,” Ashton begins, giving you a sad smile. “I shouldn’t have yelled at you, considering how much you’ve done for me and my family. You’re honestly the best girlfriend a guy could ever wish for.” With that, he pulled you close and gave you a sweet peck on the lips. “I love you, Y/N.”

“I love you, too, Irwin,” you smiled at him. Ashton smiles back before he gets up and begins to walk away. “Where are you off to mister?” You asked with a grin. 

“So Harry!” Ashton yells. “You shared ice cream with my girlfriend, boy?”


dating nct dream; chenle ver.

this is probably gonna be kinda really long

-this boy is probably as clueless as jisung smh

-but he knows the simple things!!

-hand holding, hugging, etc


-how he fell in love~~~~~

-as in love as an 01 liner can

-ok so chenle first met you at school

-well, the first time he saw you he didnt really meet you

-so he was wandering down the halls like the cool kid he is!!!

-and he was about to go in the music room bc what else does this nerd do with his life

-he had the day off from training too so like

-why not mess around in a place he loves!!!

-so he’s about to walk in but then






-how cliche is this smh


-and he immediately mELTS

-“omg angels are real i cant tell anyone abOUT THIS”

-so he slowly opens the door just a bit and looks in and sees someone sitting on a chair, back turned to him and has headphones on

-so you dont notice him at all bc your back is to the door and your headphones are top notch af!!!

-chen’s just standing there at the door like a creeper and all he can think about is “i wanna marry them”

-he listens to you singing your lil heart out for a lil bit longer but his smol heart cant handle it

-he’s already too in love with you


-and you just didnt notice at all

-so he runs back to the dorms and bursts through the door dramatically screaming “I NEED HELP”

-the rest of the dream team are like “omg what’s wrong are you dying”


-he doesnt know he’s in love and i just what a cutiepie omg

-jaemin stares at him for a second before falling on the floor laughing

-mark’s trying to contain himself but it’s too cute to not laugh 

-“chen chen listen to me i think youre in love man” -jaemin

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN” -chenle, pterodactyl screeching

-mark tries to calm him down while also getting the juicy gossip 10/10 “it’s ok dude, tell hyungs who it is

-and then jisung like, slides in and is like "yeah chen tell HYUNGS WHO IT IS” which makes chen hit him

-chen gets kinda sad and freezes “oh my god… i dont know”



-so he spends the next 5 days trying to find out who it is

-asking everybody to sing for him, getting dragged away by jeno and renjun

-“we’re sorry for him” -ren and jeno trying to do damage control

-“NO I NEED TO FIND OUT IF THEYRE THE ONE” chen, as he’s struggling against his friends

-ok so like, that obviously fails so chen’s sad for the next 5903 years

-and he’s like “im never gonna fall in love again”


-“that’s so much work tho” -hae

-“*cue ren grabbing him by his collar, eyes bloodshot and clearly distressed* YOU TRY BEING THE ONE HE GOES TO WHENEVER HE MISSES HIS ONE TRUE LOVE YOURE GOING TO HELP US WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT”

-jaemin has to drag him away but ren keeps screeching

-so one of the boys sneak into like, every vocal class to listen to everybody sing for like 2 weeks but they still cant find the one 

-chen keeps saying “NO IT’S NOT ANGELIC ENOUGH IT’S NOT THEM" 

-so he nearly gives up bc he thinks it’s just not meant to be :ccc

-also, chen’s the type to walk pass the music room dramatically, staring at the door as he does so 

-so he’s doing that one time but woah. W O A H!!! HE HEARS THE VOICE AGAIN

-“omg fuk chen be a man and aSK THEM FOR THEIR NAME” -chen, screaming at himself

-so he slowly opens the door and woAH IT’S YOU

-he knocks on the door but you dont notice, your headphones on again so he takes a deep breath and walks over 

-he taps your shoulder lightly which makes you sCREAM AND FALL OFF YOUR CHAIR

-chen is so red omg

-“im so sorry i didnt mean to do that!!!!!!!!”


-“im so sorry omg!!!!!!!!!!" 

-"it’s ok man” -you, laughing really hard at yourself and him

-“im… im chenle and ive been looking for you for like… forever-” chen turns ever redder bc it sounds so creepy coming from his mouth

-“i know who you are. how do you know me?" 

-chen’s brain short circuits and all he can think about is "OH MY GOD YOU KNOW ME” and he accidentally says it out loud

-“everybody in this school knows you, youre in nct dream…”

-he feels embarrassed bc he didnt remember

-you glance at the clock and see that it’s almost time for your guardian to pick you up 

-so you just tell him “well i have to go but im y/n. i come here every tuesday if you need me." 

-and you grab your backpack and sling it over your shoulder

-and he looks like a fish opening his mouth and closing it trying to say something but you just look so cool doing that and im!!!!!!!

-so just as youre about to leave he’s like 

-"i really like your voice”

-he like BLURTS it out he sounds all choked up and stuff omg

-and you pause for like, an hour before you turn around and look at him 


-you sound really shy and cute and adorable omg

-the last thing you say is "i like yours too” before you walk away like nothing happened

-as soon as you close the door behind you and leave, chen COLLAPSES


-the rest of the dream team probably crawl out of the closet or something inside the room 

-they stare at chen’s half-dead body for a bit before jisung says something

-“is he ok" 

-"lol when is he ever” -ren

-so chen’s laying on the ground in a ball

-and mark’s just like “i never signed up to be a parent when i auditioned but w/e dude”

-so he walks over and picks chen up like it’s their wedding day or somethin smh and has to like, carry him back home

-so every tuesday he meets up with you in the music room 

-at first you were like “uh but why would you wanna be here when you can be with your idol friends”

-but after a bit you got used to it

-and you would like, wait for him to arrive before you started doing anything

-and your school is probably one of those school with vending machines and stuff smh fancy af 

-so whenever you bought a drink or a snack, you’d buy one for him too

-which makes chen just falls in love with you even more bc “omg, they think of me when im not there woAH "even tho it’s just like, a drink or something

-so the first few times, it would just be you singing and him listening 

-but after the fourth time he swung on over to you in the music room you were like "dont you wanna sing too?”

-and chen’s just like “omg, uh i sing a lot already and i really like your voice”

-but youre just like “i like your voice too. do you wanna sing with me?”

-so when he hears you say that, he’s like “oh.. oh…… i………IF YOU WANNA”

-and you know that song jungkook and lady jane sang on masked singer (here’s the link if you havent heard it: x)

-well youre like “do you know this song??” (HINT IT’S THE SONG I LINKED ABOVE WINK) and you sing a smol part of it for him

-he literally melts in his seat bc your voice is so angelic and you sang the part of the song where it was like “im in love”

-he manages to nod tho

-so you two sing together (what a bunch of cuties omg) and after you guys finish, chen is LITERALLY ON CLOUD 9

-and all you say is “we sounded nice together” before grinning and he just awkwardly chuckles and scratches the back of his neck 

-“yeah, yeah we did" 

-and when you leave this time, youre like "i’ll see you later chen” and leave 

-chen’s dying again bc “omg they called me chEN INSTEAD OF CHENLE WE’RE PRACTICALLY MARRIED”

-when you guys pass each other in the halls you two smile at each other but dont interact much bc he doesnt want crazy fans to hurt you :cc

-this lil duck’s way of confessing was so cute and cliche

-the next tuesday, he was like “i gotta do this today!! i must confess!!!!!!!!” so he like practices what he’s gonna say over and over again

-he probably uses ren as a practice test

-and when it’s finally tuesday, you head to the music room but chen’s already there!!

-“oh hey what’s up man” -you


-“you look really nervous”

-and he just like shrivels up into a ball but he is a man!!!!! he can do this!!!!!!!!!!!

-and he like, sings you a really cute ballad and asks you out

-your heart is pounding and your face is probably really red

-youre standing there and not saying anything so chen gets really scared

-but then you say “oh my god” really quietly and then “of course you idiot oh my gosh” and shove him lightly

-after you two started dating, chen tries his best to walk with you to school and walk you home too what a cutiepie ;-;

-just saying now chen is a clueless MESS (in the cutest way possible!!!)

-like, if he sees a doggo on the way to school with you


-it doesnt matter if the guy with the doggo is scary


-if there’s a van with the sign “free candy” in badly written handwriting


-whenever you two sing duets all chen can look at is you

-especially if it’s a love song

-youre always on his mind and he cant ever find words that explain how much he loves you so he tries to write songs for you

-for your one year anniversairy he wrote a song for you and sang it in the music room where you two met

-he smiles really hard when he sees you, his face squishes up and it’s sO CUTE UGH

-he hugs you as a greeting after you two started dating

-i feel like chen would love giving you forehead kisses omg

-if he’s going away on a trip or a tour or something, he’d leave voice messages for you of him singing or telling you he loves you or something oh my gosh

-he’s such a sweet boy and he loves you so much

-he would honestly give you the world 

-and you would too!! because you love him just as much as he loves you ♡


• k so its gonna start out in a bubble tea cafe obvs

• its ur shift so you’re at the cash register and taking orders and the members w him couldnt help but notice that he !! keeps !!! staring at you !!!!!!!!

• so they gon’ be like aye fham how bout u get her digits u see where I’m getting at ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

• but sEhuN is all like “me ???? lmAO not a chance”

• eventually it just gets to the point where the members would NOT let him leave the cafe without getting your number bc sehun is super fond of attention and girls inside keep whispering like sHIT HES SO HOT BY E and usually he would notice but this time ,,, he didn’t ???

• and thats cos his eyes were fixATED ON Y O U, YES YOU !!

• so he goes up to the cash register and your back is turned to him bc you were talking to your co-worker and sehun just suddenly gets super shy and flustered like the ovERCONFIDENT MAKNAE OF EXO GETTING FLUSTERED AND YOU HAVENT EVEN SAID A WORD NOR FACED HIM

• so you turn around and say your usual line , “hello what can i get for you today?”

• and this kid just gathers up all his courage and says “your number” 

• but you weren’t paying attention so like :))) you look up with a smile and say, “I’m sorry, i didn’t quite catch that :)))” 

• no u dont understand, this would probably make him sO discouraged and he would probably want to bail right at that moment but the members would certainly, 100% tease him abt this for the next six years

• so he repeats himself, quieter this time, “your number” 


• you were honestly going to shut him down but you saw his friends looking at the both of you so exPECTANTLY AND PLUS THE BOY IN FRONT OF YOU IS SO !!!! FREAKING !!!! CUTE !!!!!!!! SO YOu obviously couldn’t refuse :)))

• sehun isn’t really a fan of skinship so maybe you would hold hands in public and give each other a quick peck on the cheek or smth before you part ways

• but at home :))) oh gOD AT HOME ,,,

• he is so needy ?? like you’re boutta get up for work and he just grabs you by the hem of your shirt like sehun pls im broke i needa go to work

• but alAS

• he just kinda groans and reluctantly lets go of your shirt but if you’re leaving the bed, he’s leaving the bed as well bc his body pillow is no longer there to accompany him

• he’s a late riser but you always, alWAYS EAT TOGETHER for breakfast no matter what the time, no matter what the circumstance bc your early morning discussions are your favourite parts of the day and they’re funny as hell

• you guys brush your teeth at the same time so you’re both just kinda staring at the mirror, with one hand on your hip and the other is holding the tooth brush but you laugh at sehun a lot bc sometimes he puts too much tooth paste and his mouth is just a bubbling mess

• but this boy is a bitch when it comes to you doing your makeup, it actually drives you insANE

• bc like he does this thing where while you’re doing your mascara or eyeliner he grabs your wrist and shakes it so some mascara ends up on your lid and one wing spreads right to the middle of your cheek and you gotta do it all over again like oh sehun you better stop that righT NOW OR SO HELP ME-

• sehun is a tsundere, i repEAT, A TSUNDERE

• he mostly gets salty abt little things like you not replying to his texts or saying no to eating out sometimes bc it collides with your schedule at work

• but it starts off as a grAIN of salt and first he’s like “ye ok w/e” and it grows and grows until he mentions it when you’re arguing like “remember that one time you turned me down for a date at the bubble tea cafe down the street ?? :))) yeah :)))) exactly :))”

• but either way his argument was invalid bc he had asked at 3 in the morning :)) and he was simply feeling restless that night 

• but no matter how salty or bitter he may be, he is so overprotective when the time calls for it that it makes you fall for him all over again

• some guy is gonna be hitting on you on the street and sehun just so happened to be on the way home and he runs into you and sees that you’re in a kuffuffle so he’s gonna step in front of you, looking at the guy

• “exc use ???? how abt you take six steps back, you’re not even worthy to be in her peripheral viSiON” so the guys gonna leave and sehun’s all like “u good? u sure??? lets go home”

• sass sass sass sO MUCH FUCKING SASS SH IT

• one time you guys were talking during dinner and he asked what made you like him and first you were v hesitant to respond bc oh my god its so embarrassing but when your cheeks got all red and you refused to reply, it only got sehun more intrigued

• he was going to find out one way or another so you just decided to spill and tell him that it wasn’t really his looks that caught your eye, that was a bonus

• he was just trying to drink his water man ,,, but you tell him that you thought he had a nice ass and he choked so hard and burst into laughter 

• this was literally him 

• he was softly banging his fists on the table while trying to contain himself but to no avail so you were like yenno what fuck this shit bye sehun enjoy sleeping on the couch tonight and you put your dishes in the sink and go to ur room

• you call him by his whole name when you get upset or frustrated with him like you tap your foot impatiently and bite the inside of your cheek and it makes him laugh so hard bc you’re trying to intimidate him but he just finds it cute

• “oh sehun, you better stop laughing rIGHT THIS INSTANT” 

• he can really never take you seriously unless its something that legitimately upset you bc then he’ll know when to admit to mistakes ,, or maybe not bc he’s as stubborn as you are

• when you get into arguments, you are both like no way in hell am i making the first move and you both think it’s each other’s fault but the members always know exactly whats going on and its not one or the other at fault but the bOTH of you 

• you guys just naturally make up like when you fight, sehun sleeps on the couch and lets you take the bed bc no matter how angry he is at you, he isn’t comfortable w letting his girlfriend sleep on the couch bc he low-key knows how hard you work for the both of you 

• but you leave the door to your bedroom open and unlocked so when its time that you and sehun think its okay to make up, it’ll be 12 in the morning and he’ll sneak into your room and into the bed and just throw his arms and legs around your body and whisper his apology and you just murmur that its okay and you’re sorry too so you both just kinda fall asleep facing each other

• occasionally he kisses the top of your head when he thinks you’re asleep and you swore you heard him say smth like 

• “i dont think you understand how much i love you”

• i forgot to mention that he also tells you that he loves you at the times when you least expect it

• he has a habit of hiding behind your shoulder when he’s embarrassed and if you’re not there and something happens that gets his gears going, he nEEDS SOMEONE CLOSE TO HIM TO HIDE BEHIND THEIR SHOULDER BC HE WILL ACTUALLY JUST FREEZE

• so one time when he hid behind your shoulder, he just whispered “i love you” and just like the time he asked for your number, you’re gonna be like “wot” and he got so flustered like

• u shoulda been listening :)))

• also, after hanging w your boyfriend so much, you picked up his muppet face

• he makes a face and tells you not to do it bc thats his thing but he low-key finds it cute that you’re picking up his habits and the way you purse your lips,, aG H SHIT HE JUST INTERNALLY CLUTCHES HIS HEART AND SCREAMS

• but he aint gonna tell you that, he’s got an image to maintain

• to sum it up, dating sehun is like dating your best friend with a shIT LOAD of arguments and teasing and v low-key fluff 

hey guys!!!! i missed you all so much!!! my health has taken a decline so i havent been on in.… ..forever. but i just had surgery today and recovery will be a while so i have time to get back online!!!
if you wanna send some asks feel free! sadly im gonna delete the ones already in there, theyve sat too long, my apologies my dudes. please forgive my absence!!! i love all of you so much💙

whitewinterstar  asked:

Let me just say that your writing is fucking awesome first of all. And, if requests are open might I ask for the RFA trying to celebrate MC's bday? (Bonus points if they don't find out when it is till like three days before)

thank you so much!!

~requests r CLOSEDT rn thanks~


  • Yoosung is one of those kids who never knows what day it is
  • when he asks his classmate the date and they say september 16
  • wait….its the 16th…..?
  • oh god, MC’s birthday is in two days
  • panicked, Yoosung logs into the messenger
  • thank god Jaehee and Jumin were there
  • “yes, Yoosung. we’re aware” -Jumin
  • “well??? what are we going to do?? T_T” -Yoo
  • “maybe a small get-together?” -Jaehee
  • “oh!! i know! lets do a surprise party!!!” -Yoo
  • MC has entered the chatroom
  • Yoosung realizes his mistake
  • Yoosung has left the chatroom
  • yea, trying to plan a surprise party in a public messenger was not his best idea yet
  • but there is one way Yoosung can make a big deal out of MC’s birthday that requires minimal planning
  • Yoosung and MC are both awake when it’s midnight on the day of their bday cause lets face it do those two even know what sleep is?
  • he tackles MC with a hug, who was sitting on the couch
  • “happy birthday!!!”
  • they laugh
  • “thanks, Yoosung!”
  • “want your present now?”
  • Yoosung was like, shaking with excitement
  • MC wanted to wait till the morning but they thought if they said no Yoosung would explode
  • “sure?”
  • Yoosung reaches into the pocket of his hoodie and pulls out two pieces of paper
  • “are these…tickets?”
  • “yup! tickets to my favorite amusement park!”
  • so Yoosung and MC go to the park for their birthday
  • they even wear matching outfits, Yoosung buys them way too much cotton candy, and MC wears a big button that says “todays my birthday!”


  • Zen cant figure out why MC was been so weird around him lately???
  • whenever he talks about his upcoming show they get really quiet and almost sassy?
  • and he’s like? did i do something wrong?
  • yes, Zen, you did
  • finally, Zen figures out whats going on when he goes out to get the mail
  • theres a letter there from MC’s mother
  • he doesnt open the letter, but its been sealed closed with a little birthday cake sticker
  • wait wait woah woah hold on
  • is this….a birthday card?
  • shit
  • his show was on the same day…thats why MC got all weird whenever he talked about it
  • Zen, you dumby
  • instead of apologizing to MC right then, Zen devises a plan
  • for the next week he lets MC think he still doesnt know about their birthday
  • not until the very end of his show
  • MC of course came to support him even though they were highkey pissed
  • after all the bows, Zen takes the mic at the end of the show
  • “i’m so greatful to all of you for coming out to support this fantastic cast and crew standing beside me now”
  • Zen pushes his hair back and 100 girls scream
  • “but theres one person i want to give a very special thank you too”
  • Zen looks at MC, who was in the first row
  • they were always in the first row
  • “thank you so much for being my rock, baby. and happy birthday to the most wonderful partner i could ever dream of calling mine”
  • the audience joins in a resounding “AAAWWWWWWWWWWHHHH”
  • and Zen pulls MC up on stage and smooches them in front of hundreds of people


  • this was all stupid Mr. Hans fault!!!!
  • if he hadnt given Jaehee so much friggin work she never would have forgotten
  • Jaehee doesnt forget anything, ever
  • its literally her job to remember everything and be organized
  • but this whole month has been so busy and when Jaehee opened her planner to a new page for the week, she saw that she had circled wednesday and written “MC’S BIRTHDAY!” in big letters
  • todays monday
  • sh…shit…
  • she only has two days???
  • you cant plan a proper party in two days??????
  • how is she supposed to find a venue and a caterer and a DJ and decorations and fly MC’s entire family in and possible a guest speaker but definitely a celebrity appearance?????
  • UGH!!!
  • she logged into the messenger and instantly started giving everyone jobs
  • “woah woah Jaehee, slow your roll” -707
  • “we cant plan something that big in just two days T_T_T” -Yoo
  • “yea….lets just do something on a smaller scale….” -Zen
  • are you all kidding?
  • MC deserves the most extravagant, the most wonderful,
  • they need a fun party
  • realizing she the RFA wont help her, Jaehee takes matters into her own hands
  • on the day of MC’s birthday they got a surprise visit from Zen
  • “hey, cutie! what do you say we go shopping? my treat!”
  • MC was so happy! but why hasnt Jaehee said anything yet today?
  • did she forget? :(
  • when MC and Zen get back to their apartment, MC turns on the lights and is greeted by all of their closest friends
  • “surprise!!!
  • everyone was there, the room was decorated beautifully and there was even a big spread of food and a birthday cake
  • MC starts thanking everyone, their whole body flooding with a warm happiness
  • “dont thank us, thank Jaehee. she did literally all of this….we just kind of showed up” Yoosung says, already gravitating to the food
  • he was so hungry but every time he tried to touch it Jaehee would smack his hand away and tell him to wait for MC and Zen
  • MC tackles Jaehee in a big bear-hug
  • “i knew you’d never forget! i love you, Jaehee!”
  • Jaehee blushyy!
  • she giggles a bit and tells MC she loves them too
  • :3


  • Jumin and MC were having dinner together when Jumin realized something
  • he doesnt know when MC’s birthday is! :o
  • “darling, i just thought of something. when is your birthday?”
  • MC finishes chewing their food before speaking
  • “april 4th!” they say with a bright smile
  • Jumin smiles back
  • “how wonderful”
  • …..wait
  • april 4th?
  • thats
  • Jumin almost CHOKES on his food
  • “sweetheart, thats in three days”
  • “i know”
  • ???????
  • “why havent you said anything to me about it?”
  • “oh…i dont know. i never really did anything for my birthday”
  • Jumin tries to hide his shock
  • i mean he never really does anything for his birthday either
  • but this was MC
  • their existence needs to be celebrated
  • okay this is fine. everything is fine. Jumin has three days to plan the perfect birthday party. everything is fine i said its fine alright
  • he asks assistant Kang for help because he has no idea how to birthday party
  • finally, he’s got it: the perfect birthday plan
  • phase one: breakfast in bed
  • MC wakes up to the smell of bacon. when Jumin sees they’re awake he fetches a tray with bacon, strawberry pancakes, coffee, and fruit
  • he even used spray whipped cream to make a little cat-head shape
  • Jumin is lowkey proud of himself for preparing that
  • phase two: festival
  • the spring festival was going on so he takes MC out and the two explore all the booths and eat yummy foods and he buys them a few small gifts
  • phase three: dinner
  • dinner at MC’s favorite restaurant
  • this phase is also when Jumin gives MC their actually present, which was a big sweater they had been eyeing but never had the courage to buy
  • they love it
  • phase four: the park
  • the last activity is just walking in the park together, holding hands, looking at the stars, and talking about anything and everything
  • it was the most fun MC’s ever had on their birthday


  • Seven has been prepping for MC’s birthday since he met them eight months ago
  • and its finally here
  • all this careful planning
  • its finally time for the execution of the plan
  • he gets up at like 4 AM, careful not to wake MC
  • fast forward four hours
  • MC is surprised when they wake up and Seven isnt next to them
  • they roll out of bed and stumble into the hall, rubbing sleep out of their eyes
  • when MC gets into the main room, the first thing that catches their eye is a giant cake
  • are…is this a dream?
  • MC rubs their eyes again
  • nope, theres definitely a big ass cake in my living room
  • “happy birthday, meow!”
  • MC looks down to see robot cat 
  • its was carrying a piece of paper in its tiny mouth
  • MC leans down and thanks the cat for wishing them a happy birthday, then takes the paper out of its mouth and unfolds it
  • they read aloud the phrase on the paper, which was written in sloppy hand writing
  • “say the name and he will appear…?”
  • MC rubs the bridge of their nose
  • “Saeyoung?”
  • silence
  • “Seven….?”
  • nothing
  • “Seven Zero Seven?”
  • more silence, more nothing
  • they let out a sigh
  • “Defender of Justice, are you here?”
  • Seven smashes through the top of the cake in a flurry of punching and kicking
  • he was wearing a blue morph suit and a red cape, with a 707 emblem poorly embroidered onto the chest
  • holy shit, Seven
  • its eight in the morning
  • can you have like, even a little chill PLEASE
  • “i want breakfast…” MC grumbles, hearing their stomach growl
  • Seven puts his hands on his hips triumphantly
  • “you wish is my command, fair citizen! TO THE KITCHEN!”
  • Seven points in the air and runs into the kitchen
  • he runs back out a second later
  • he grabs MC’s hands and says in a soft, sweet voice
  • “happy birthday, baby. you can go back to sleep and i’ll wake you when breakfast is ready”
  • with that, he gives them a gentle kiss of the forehead and sprints back into the kitchen


2PM  Nichkhun ‘Que Sera’

Anonymous asked: Hello! Im loving your pillow talk extensions! Could you do one for Nichkhun if you havent already? Your writing is amazing!!

A/N: Thank you very much! I hope you enjoy it Anonie. ^^

This is an expansion of a reaction I wrote here.

The bed dipped and soon there’s an arm around you and the scent of toothpaste and faded cologne. Khun nuzzled behind your ear as he apologized.

“Sorry I’m so late. Shoot ran long, Taec was being ornery.”

You snort. “I’m sure he had an accomplice.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. Pure as the driven snow over here. So how was your day?”

Settling yourself more comfortably in his embrace you run your hand along the arm that held you. “That’s it? You don’t want to tell me more about the shoot?”

You could feel him shrug against your back. “There were cameras, high fashion and lots of angsty expressions. The usual. Now what about you?”

Taking a deep breath you told him what had been weighing on your mind since that afternoon. “I heard my boss mention today that what I do at work may be phased out. I asked her about it later and she said that I was a good worker and would always have a place there. But what if I don’t like what my job turns into? It took me years to get to that position and really like what I do now. I don’t want it to change.”

Khun kissed your temple. “I’m sorry, hon. But maybe this is a good thing, maybe this will give you a chance to pursue your painting or do something else you’re passionate about.”

“And for money in the meantime?”

“Hello, I’m an international kpop star. Nice to meet you.”

You felt yourself tense without meaning to. “You know I don’t want your money. I don’t need you to be my sugar daddy.”

Suddenly his gentle touches along your arm turned into tickling your sides that brought peals of laughter from you. “I thought I told you not to say the word ‘daddy’ in this bed unless you meant it.”

Finding yourself on your back, out of breath and looking up into those doe eyes of his that you loved so much you wondered what could possibly be so worrisome in life when you had this.

“If we’re ever going to be a family some day you have to get used to the idea of sharing my money. Don’t borrow trouble for your job until it actually changes. If you don’t like it I’ll help you move on to another one or support you while you pursue your dream of being an artist. The main thing is not to worry. That’s what I’m here for. So no more stress, okay?” He smirked and he lowered himself to place kisses all over your face and in between each one he repeated 'okay?’ until you laughed and pushed him off.

With twinkling eyes he asked, “Better?”

“Hmm, better.” Nodding you turned your back to him and snuggled into his embrace.

“Good.” All was still and you started drifting in that place between wakefulness and dreams. “Now let’s talk about that ‘daddy’ thing.”

hey whats up i just did this thanks to that one post got me Thinkin also i havent written in like 2 years ok lets do it

The Great Reveal

Kara adjusts her glasses for what feels like the seventeenth time in the past five minutes. They don’t sit right today, they pinch the bridge of her nose in all the wrong places, and the cursor on her screen blinks in front of her, nothing behind it, nothing in front of it.

Last night was…a lot.

A little too much, if she’s being honest, and not for the first time since she took on her heroine identity does she find herself questioning everything she thought she knew.

Like, she thought she had a pretty good bead on Lena Luthor.

But last night was…

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When he's sick

A/N: request from anonto do a preference when hes sick, hope its alright this is the first preference ive wrote on here. 

p.s sorry i havent posted any imagines lately ive just been busy (:

Brad:  You where jolted awake by multiple sneezing noises coming from beside you. It was 5am and brad had to go to the studio today but he looked a mess. “Brad, you alright?” You asked groggily. “I’m sorry baby, did I wake you up” he apologized. “It’s fine, don’t worry about it. Are you okay?” He quickly got up and started to head to his closet to get dressed. “I’m fine babe, I just–” he was cut off by a sneeze “have to get to the studio” he said, you could tell how congested he was by his voice. “Get your ass over here, you fuck” you said sarcastically. He trudged over to your side of the bed and sat down next to you. You sat up and put the back of your hand on his forehead to feel how hot it was. “Oh I don’t think so baby, you have to stay home your burning!” “But–” “but nothing bradley, your not gonna get anything done if you feel like crap” and with that he just sighed and sat down. “Now I’ll go get you some cold medicine and you can just lay down” you said kissing his forehead running to get the pills and quickly texting James for brad. When you came back brad was sitting on the bed sneezing. “Here babe, take these” you say handing him a water bottle and a cold & flu pill. “Thanks baby, but can you please cuddle me” he said cutely , with his bottom lip popping out. “Of course bradley” you said hopping in bed and cuddling closely to him on his chest.  Tristan:  You were awoken by your boyfriend running to the bathroom in the middle of the night, assuming he’s sick you woke up and put your glasses quickly on and threw your hair up in a bun before going into the bathroom to help him. You Kneeled behind him a started to rub his back in comfort. Once he stopped puking, he looked so embarrassed. “I’m sorry you had to see that, and I’m sorry I woke you” he said apologetically. “Don’t even worry about it, I just wanted to make sure you were okay. Do you want me to get you some water and maybe saltine crackers to help your stomach?”. “You’re the best baby girl, and you don’t have to get—” and with that you ran out of the room cutting him off to get him water and crackers. You came back and he was sitting up with the covers over his lap. “Here you go tris” you handed him everything you’d just gotten for him, and he took them and placed the stuff on the side table. You then hopped into bed with him and sat with your legs crossed “cmon eat a few to settle your stomach” you urged. He groaned in annoyance but ate a couple crackers and a sip of water. “How’d I get so lucky” he said softly moving your hair a bit. “I ask myself the same thing everyday baby, but I’ll see you in the morning okay?” You said sweetly kissing his temple. “Goodnight babe” he said pulling you to snuggle with him.  James:  It was five a.m and James was on his way to the gym, or well getting ready. You heard the sounds of him making his protien shakes, followed by an unfamiliar sound. A cough and multiple sneezes, finally you couldn’t go back to sleep so you got up in only your big shirt and your slippers with your hair in a messy bun. “James everything alright?” You said in your groggy morning voice. “Oh I’m sorry did I wake you?” He said in a genuine tone. “Yeah but it’s okay, I heard you coughing and sneezing. I just wanted to make sure you were okay” you said looking up at him. *sneeze* “I’m fine babe, really” he said followed by another cough. You got closer to him and felt his head, it was burning. “James your warm, can you at least take your temperature for me?” He sighed and took out the thermometer from the draw and stuck it underneath his tongue. It beeped signaling that the temperature was going to be read, reading 100.1. “James cmon, you can’t go anywhere with a temp like that” you whined. “But I need to go to the gym” he said in a childish voice. “One day off from the gym isn’t gonna kill you, now come lay down with me and maybe if your lucky I’ll cuddle you. This caused him to laugh and take your hand to go back to the bedroom, where you and him both cuddled and went back to sleep.  Connor:  He was coughing like no tomorrow, you told him to take cough medicine but did he listen to you of course  not. He was coughing so much when he was preparing for the upcoming day at the studio and all you heard was the hacking coming from the other side of the room. You got out of bed and stood right behind connor giving him an annoyed look. "What” he said in defense. “Take some god damn medicine you idiot,it’ll help. And you can’t seriously think your gonna be productive at the studio today with that cough do you” you said your voice filled with sass. “I guess not. Ugh fine I’ll take the fucking cough medicine.” He said irritated. “Con I say this stuff because I wanna make sure your okay, not to annoy you okay ?” You said with a slightly sad disposition. “I know baby, I just hate that medicine it tastes horrible. I shouldn’t have been so stubborn” he said hugging you. “I’ll see you in bed?” You said questioning. “Yes baby, I’ll come back to bed after taking that disgusting medicine.” He said smiling. “I love you” you called as he walked out the door. “I love you too baby girl" 
Between The Shelves

Ship: Philip Hamilton x Reader*


Triggers: like one swear

W/C: 1295

*I havent written Philip in literally months hell yes hell yes 

You groaned as more books fell from your arms. It was the third time that had happened during this walk, and you decided to give up and put the books on the nearest table. Helping in the library was something you always loved to do, but only when your friends had come to help. Your best friend Theodosia was out “sick” today, and your boyfriend Philip had hid himself in the aisles of the library to study.

“Sure, guys, I can reorganize an entire bookshelf all by myself that’s no biggie” you muttered under your breath. If the books were people they would’ve laughed at you. However students in the library were actually laughing at you, while pretending to do work and not be high. You heard a chuckle behind you, and sighed.

“Did the scoundrels leave you to do the work yourself?”

You turned around.

It was George Eacker, the tall dark and handsome future valedictorian of your class. Philip was constantly saying how much he despised the man but you had never had a bad encounter with him. You began taking a couple books to the emptied bookshelf, “I wouldn’t call them scoundrels but they definitely don’t feel like my best friends today” you admitted. George followed your lead and handed you books from the table, saving you time. You thanked him.

“Aren’t you in Philip’s french class too? He told me there’s a huge test coming up” you commented as you took a book from him.

George scoffed, “I’ve been well prepared for that test for weeks.”

You raised an eyebrow, “And you still don’t have other homework to do? I have to admit I’m jealous” you joked.

He beamed, “I’m a bit jealous of myself too. I never thought I’d get the honor to spend a minute with the lovely Y/N L/N.”

“You’re too sweet, and honestly I can do this myself” you assured.

“I could never let a beautiful lady like yourself do work alone” he winked. Wow he sure is  being direct, you thought to yourself. Getting attention from someone rather than Philip was something you weren’t used to anymore now that the two of you had been together for so long. It was like seeing yourself in the mirror for the first time in years. You took another book from him before stammering out a response.

“I’m sure Philip would help me if he didn’t have work to do” You told him.

“Shouldn’t you be the first priority?” George challenged.

You shrugged, “He needed to study and I want him to do his best”

He nodded, “That’s understandable but does he do the same for you?” the boy challenged, “I mean I’m sure you have subjects to study as well”

You held your breath, freezing in place. Maybe he had a point you reasoned to yourself. Philip had been studying french since he was a child so was it really that hard to finish his homework at a different time? You shook those thoughts out of your head. No, it’s Philip. Any minute he could spare he would spend with you … right?

You robotically took the books from George and put them on the shelf, only sometimes checking to see if they were still in order. While extending your hand to get another book from George,he grabbed your wrist. He stepped towards you until he was inches away, your heart started racing, “What are you-?”

George rubbed his thumb over your cheek before giving you a small grin, “Your eyelash fell” he whispered. Blood rushed to your face and you quickly stepped away. He cleared his throat, apologizing. You couldn’t stumble out a response, and leaned against the bookshelf. Just be casual Y/N, nothing’s even happened, you told yourself. The both of you awkwardly laughed it off and he smiled, “I’m sorry if that was uncomfortable.”

You shrugged while taking books from his hands, “We can pretend it didn’t happen”

“What if I don’t want to?” he smiled.

“Then I’ll make sure you do” you heard from behind him. Your heart skipped a beat and the books in your hands fumbled to the floor. George locked his jaw and turned around, standing next to you while facing your boyfriend. Philip’s eyes were filled with fire, his shoulders tense and hands shaking. You gave him pleading eyes.

His sworn enemy kept his chin up, saying “Nice to see you finally appreciating what you have, Hamilton” He swiftly stepped aside and past Philip, butting shoulders as he did. The freckled faced boy muttered something under his breath. “I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear that” George stated before walking out of sight.

You took a quick breath, ready to explain what happened.

“Don’t.” he snapped.

“Philip I know it -” He shook his head, his curls dancing on his shoulders. He began giving you books the same way George had been doing, but with more aggression than charm. You sighed, accepting the books with an equal amount of anger. It was always melodrama with Philip Hamilton. You used to blame it on his poetic manner, but now you think it was just his upbringing. It was half a shock that he wasn’t burning the books George had touched.

You pushed the book he was handing you away, reexamining the bookshelf for mistakes. Philip scoffed, “Oh what, am I not doing it as well as Eacker did?” You rolled your eyes and yanked the book out of his hand, shoving it onto the bookshelf. I’m not going to let him play victim, you promised yourself. Giving him a piercing stare, you pulled him between the shelves.

“Will you keep your voice down?” You whispered angrily.

He raised his eyebrows, “Will I keep my voice down?? You didn’t ask your new boyfriend to do that, so why should I have to?” he chuckled “No no no, you wanted the entire library to hear him butter you up”

“That’s enough Philip” you warned.

He didn’t listen, “If a girl had done that with me I doubt you would’ve let it slide and I was not about to” he challenged, stepping closer to you. You slamming your palms against his chest, putting distance between you. Philip looked back at you awestruck.

“IF a girl did that with you?!” you snarled, “Girls do that with you every waking moment you have, Philip Hamilton! And I’m constantly standing in the background as girls adore you and beg for seven minutes in heaven with the curly haired Casanova of King’s College” you snapped.  He ducked his head, staring down at his shoes.

You closed your eyes and leaned against the bookshelf. Making him upset was awful, but seeing him hurt was so much worse. His pride had just been bruised and you were only making it worse. You sighed, “I love you but you’re being a fucking hypocrite” you told him in a whisper. Philip’s heart began to race. He gently lifted your chin with one hand. You gave him a slightly raised brow.


“I am a complete hypocrite” he began, “But it’s because the reaction on girl’s faces when I tell them that you’re mine is absolutely priceless” he admitted. You blushed a bit. He took both your hands in his and kissed the top of your head, his curls tickling your face. You wrapped your arms around him as your anger washed away.

Philip leaned down to whisper in your ear, “And don’t think I didn’t notice what you said, darling” You smiled, looking up at him with adoring eyes. He gave you a small kiss.

“I love you too”

'More Than Friends?' Nash Grier Imagine

Hi! This imagine took me a little longer than I expected, I apologize. 

Again, I havent wrote imagines in a while, so I’m sorry for any mistakes and what not. 

I just want to point out this imagine is from the past because Nash hasnt been involved with Magcon for quite a while now. 

Its a blast from the past. Jokes. Okay, but anyways, I hope you like it, if you do please reblog it! I’ve just started an imagine blog and would love if other people would see it. 

If you have any ideas/ requests just reply or send me a message! Thanks you guys!


“Alright mom, ill be back in a few hours.” You called, shutting the door behind you. You walked to your car and started it up and began to drive to your best friend Nash’s house. 

You knocked on the door, hearing tiny feet slapping across the hardwood floors inside his house, and Skylynn opened the door. 

“NASHIE YOUR GIRLFRIEND IS HERE!!!!!!!!!” She screamed, making you choke on the gum you were chewing. 

“Sky, Nash and I are only fr-” You started, cut of by Nash running in telling Skylynn the same thing. 

She rolled her eyes and said “Whatever. I’ll be swinging in my room. Don’t bother me.” She cuts her eyes at Nash then walks to her room and slams the door. 

“I’m sorry. Shes been in an annoying mood all day today.” He said, opening the door wider so you could walk in. 

“Oh, it’s fine. She means no harm.” You said, lightly pushing his arm. 

He laughs and walks into the living room, you following. 

“I assume you want to do the usual?” He asked. 

“I’m not a woman of change, my dear Hamilton." 

As soon as you say his first name, his head jerks up and he turns to face you with sharp eyes. 

”(Y/N), how many times have I told you not to call me that?“ He questioned. 

"Clearly not enough.” You teased. He turned his back to you and rolled his eyes. 

“Oh come on, Nash I was only kidding.” You said,  while you poked his sides. He began to laugh and squirm. 

“There’s that smile!” You laughed, as his dimples profoundly show. 

He pushed you down on the couch and sat on your thighs. He grabbed your arms with one hand and held them above your head and began to tickle you with his free hand. 

“NASH STOP IT IM SORRY IM SORRY STOP STOP STOP STOP STO-” Your screams were interrupted by Hayes. 

“GET A FREAKIN ROOM!” He screamed and ran into the kitchen. 

Nash climbed off of you, while he rolled his eyes. 

“I’ll be right back.” He said through gritted teeth. 

You were shocked at how much that comment effected him. Of course you both were used to people mistaking you for a couple. It happened everywhere you went. You even stopped denying it in public places when people mentioned how cute you two were. Just said a quick “thank you” and went on. It was just easier that way. But why did Nash get pissed at a stupid comment that came from Hayes of all people. Hayes just does things to get under Nash’s skin. That’s why usually were at my house. 

You walked into the kitchen and see Nash’s jaw clenched and Hayes backed up against the counter with Nash in front of him. 

“Woah, Nash what’s the problem?!” You asked, running over there and pulling him aside. 

“I’m so freaking tired of my family bugging me about us. Were just friends and thats all we’ll ever be. You dont feel that way towards me and they just dont understand that. And I’m sick of everyone telling me how in love with you I am. I know my own feelings.” He vented, tearing up a little. 

"Hayes, give us a minute.” You told him. He nodded and walked into the living room. 

“Nash. Calm down. I know this last month has been hard for you, with all of this Magcon stuff happening. But you have to accept the fact that having a girl best friend will lead people to believe you two are a thing. And you dont feel that way about me, so were just gonna have to deal with it." 

He avoided your gaze and nodded. He pulled you into a hug, engulfing you in his big sweatshirt. 

"I love you.” He mumbled. 

“I love you too. Now lets go play Just Dance.” You smile up at him. He nods and you two link arms and walked into the living room. Hayes was sitting on the couch and was watching some football game. 

“Wanna play Just Dance with us?” You asked Hayes. 

He shook his head no but said he would watch. 

You and Nash put the disc in and he chose ‘Run The Show’, your favorite. You and Nash aced the dance and got perfects all the way through because you played so much. Hayes pushed Nash over, causing him to mess up, and you to win. You squealed with victory and Nash punched Hayes on the arm while Hayes cackled. 

“BRO WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!” Nash yelled, you and Hayes doubled over with laughter. Nash rolled his eyes and you two continued to play.

After a few hours of chasing Skylynn, playing hide and seek, jumping on the trampoline with Nash and Hayes, and making cookies with the 3 siblings you decided you needed to get home.

Nash walked you to the front door and shut it, giving you two a little privacy. “I guess I’ll see you tomorrow?” He asked. You nodded and gave him a hug.

“Thanks for calming me down earlier..” He mumbled into your ear while continuing to hug you.

“It’s no problem.” You smiled. You let him go and began to walk to your car.

“(Y/N), wait!” He called.

You turned around and saw he was running towards you. ”What is it??” You asked.

“Remember earlier when you said that we weren’t together because I didn’t feel that way about you?” He asked, while he sucked his bottom lip between his teeth.

“Yes…” You said quietly.

“Well I do feel that way about you. And I want us to be a thing. And that’s why I get pissed when people comment on us, because we’re not together and it upsets me. And I know that you probably want to stay friends. But I couldn’t hold it in any longer. I needed to let you know because it’s eating me up inside. We see each other everyday and I don’t want this to make it awkward at all but I can’t keep it in anymore.” He confessed quickly.

You stand there, looking into his eyes as you both started to tear up. You opened your mouth to say something but shut it quickly when you had no words. He saw that and nodded his head. A tear falling down he turned to walk away and began walking into the house.

You wanted to call after him, to stop him from leaving, but you couldn’t. You tried, but no words would come out of your mouth. You liked him back, you always had. But you loved your friendship the way it was. No commitment. Just having fun. His oblivion to the true way you felt for him was the thing you cherished most. Why? You didn’t know. All those nights you stayed up until 4 dreaming about you two being together and going on dates, that’s what he just confessed he wanted. And you didn’t say anything. 

You walked to your car and started to drive down the road. You had to pull over and sit there silently. 


It had been a week now since all of that happened. Nash avoided you in school and didn’t come over to your house at all. No texts, calls, not even mentions on twitter. You cried every night that week. After thinking, you decided you wanted him. You wanted the weird, quirky, blue-eyed, brown-haired boy. 

You were laying in bed and have been for about 3 hours now. You couldn’t sleep, think or eat anymore. You needed your best friend. You got up and put on a pair of your boots over your leggings. You slip your Nash Grier hoodie on over your t-shirt and grab your keys. You leave a note for your mom saying ‘I’ll be back in about 30 minutes. Dont worry, I’m good.” just in case she wakes up. You slip outside and get into your car and drive to the house you had been to so many times. 

You get out and walk out to the back. Nash was laying in the hammock, his back turned towards you. You begin to walk over to him, the leaves crunching beneath your feet. 

“Mom go away I’m fine and I don’t want anything to eat.” He snaps. 

You get into the hammock with him and put your arm over his chest. 

“It’s me.” You whisper. 

He turns around so you are now face-to-face. 

“What are you doing here?” He asks bluntly. 

“I miss you. And I cant sleep. And I needed to tell you some things.” You say. He nods, urging you to proceed. 

“What happened the other day was, well I don’t know what it was. Weird, I guess. I wanted to talk and tell you the way I felt, but Nash, I couldn’t get anything out. I’m afraid of commitment, you of all people should know that. None of my relationships have lasted longer than 2 weeks. And I don’t want that to be us. I can’t lose you. And that’s why I was too scared to tell you I feel the same way. But after thinking, I’m not scared anymore. Why should I be? You’re the only guy I want to be with and you’re sweet, funny, so hot, adorable and I cant get enough of you. Every time were together I love you even more.” You reveal.

He looks at you and grabs your cheek and starts to lean in. 

Your heart begins to beat faster than it ever has before, your throats locks up and you slowly lean in too. He looks into your eyes for permission, and you give the slightest nod of your head, allowing him to crash his lips onto yours, something that had been coming for ages. 

Your mouths mold together perfectly. He goes to put his other hand under you, to pull you closer, but when he does the hammock begins to shake, scaring you both and you both begin to panic, making you two flip over. As you both fall onto the hard ground you look at him and begin to laugh harder than you ever have, and he does as well. 

"Oh my God.” He chuckled after about 5 minutes of continuous laughter. 

“Well thats a story we’ll never forget..” You laugh, grabbing his hand. 

“I’d have to agree.” He looks up smiling at you. 

You lean in and kiss him again, this time without any interruptions. 

“(Y/N), does this mean you’ll be my girlfriend or are you too still scared to admit you have feelings for me..?” He teases, his dimples peeking through again. 

“Excuse me, but I just admitted my feelings for you!” You claim, laughing. 

“Whatever.” He joins your laughter. 

“But yes. I would love to be your girlfriend.” You say, watching his eyes light up. 

He pulls you closer and you two lay down and look up at the stars. 

“Nash, its already 2 am… and its a Tuesday. We need to get into bed.” You say. 

He laughs at you and sits up. 

“You’re so cute.” He smiles. 

“I know. Dont get sappy with me. But its 2 am. I’ll see you tomorrow.” You say casually. He laughs and kisses your cheek. 

“Text me when you’re home so I know you’re safe.” He requests, something he always asks of you. You nod and wave goodbye to him and drive home, not forgetting to send him a quick goodnight text. 

*shows up at your door roughly a month after posting related meta* AND ANOTHER THING


we all know the quote because we enjoy hurting ourselves

“no girl’s gonna trade in a red, white and blue shield for an aluminum crutch”

and of course there’s a fuckton of symbolism in that - there’s supposed to be

but I was thinking about peggy today (what’s new, lmao) and I realized a thing.

time and time again I (and we, as a fandom) compare steve and peggy because, duh 

and I’ve made various metas and commentary and stuff on how part of how peggy is trying to honor steve is to continuing being how he was (how both of them were). she says to howard that she’s forgotten her pledge to the country, to justice (which isn’t true, it’s just her being a bit self-deprecating but nbd). 

her response to losing, really, the only person around her who was as justice-focused as she was, as willing to give their absolute all with a concerning lack of discretion…is to push herself even fucking further. she puts not just her life (not that that’s a small thing, lbr) but her career on the line, something she has strived for and fought for and taken pride in.

in being such a strong woman, she’s constantly on the receiving end of messages telling her she’s doing this whole being-a-woman thing wrong. and as much as she fights against it, it’s pervasive, and she does internalize some of it, so she needs the reassurance that all of this is worth something - especially after losing steve. 

but a little while ago I made the point that in howard’s hallucination, peggy was the one who handed him steve’s shield. a couple of days ago I also talked about how peggy made immense impacts on steve, on s.h.i.e.l.d., and physically, with bullets, on steve’s actual shield. 

she makes a life-changing impression on the shield, the representation of steve’s fight for justice, and then - she takes up the shield / jesus is dead (sort of), long live mary / all very “nous protégeons ceux qui ne peuvent pas se protéger eux-mêmes" (we protect those who cannot protect themselves) - taking up the cross, taking up bows and arrows, honoring the dead by protecting the living. above and beyond the call of duty - whether credited or not. 

it’s not a coincidence myriad fanartists and fanfiction authors have contributed to the theory/headcanon/vision of peggy becoming captain america. but indubitably, she doesn’t need to carry the shield or wear any particular garments - besides, haven’t you seen her wardrobe? badass and beauteous - to embody that.

most of those fat-head male coworkers can’t see it, but peggy herself embodies the shield, embodies the spirit, the fighting style, the modus operandi of enemies-are-absolvable-until-proven-inexorable, that defines captain america. 

for peggy to “trade in” the shield, she would either have to die, or lose every last trace of her sense of self. the same goes for trading in steve - she honors him every day of her life, by continuing in her work.

and so we come back to the point of protecting those who cannot protect themselves. in a way, this is daniel’s proverbial middle name. yes, we know that peggy can protect herself. so does he. and when she asks him to, he does his best (most of the time) to stand down. 

but notwithstanding his own second-class denomination, it’s reflexive for him to challenge other men’s opinions of women, even when he knows they will throw it back at him. some people are of the opinion that his demonstrative - often, visceral - response to office misogyny is a result of his, um, fondness for peggy, but I beg to differ. (not that that’s not part of it - I just don’t see it as the driving force behind it.) the very fact that his reactions to his coworkers’ comments is so reflexive evinces the alternative: that he is - as is shown even in that first conversation; “you’re an agent, they treat you like a secretary” - aware of and in staunch disapproval of the inequality that surrounds him. 

he knows that peggy won’t be - and isn’t - taken seriously when she speaks up about how she’s being treated, so he takes it upon himself to use his privilege to manipulate their coworkers and try to change the dynamic. even though they usually don’t listen to him either, that’s such a part of who he is that he just does it. although, again, he stands down when peggy tells him to - because he does indeed respect her immensely; his vocalization is not for his own benefit - he isn’t doing that because he wants to be listened to. the reaction is entirely on her behalf. 

people most often use crutches because they have been injured to some extent which limits their mobility but does not require the use of a wheelchair. the crutch is there to support its use, even though it does not need to do so constantly. and, in the way that we often anthropomorphize things, it acknowledges that it is not always needed, and that its user will at times favor walking on their own rather than using the crutch for its given purpose. 

does that sound like anyone? it should, because that’s precisely the role daniel is playing in peggy’s life: being present to hold her up and help her move forward, but also being entirely aware of how much she is capable of on her own and honoring that.

peggy is the red, white, and blue shield, and daniel is the aluminum crutch.

there’s no trading involved. 

[tune back in at a later date for a discussion of how awesome it is when partners of any sort are complementary!]

July 20, 2007

what follows are journal entries i wrote for myself personally on this trip. they are pretty boring and written terribly but i figured i would share this adventure with you… as the only reason WE are able to do this is YOU. each break is a seperate thought only they dont really make too much sense anyway…. please only share this with people you think would care, i dont feel like this should end up in some celebrity blog anywhere… ill add more later as this is just a few days. i apologize i am addicted to verbiage. thanks:

and today begins what may be the last real adventure of my life to a continent where life began. i am afraid and excited in a way i havent been in years.

gray skies, even grEy, leaving heathrow. time travelers. always backwards and forwards thru time. the lights of the coast bobbing with the bumps of the plane like buoys bobbing in the water. in a plane full of strange strangers were flying down the coast- which one, im not too sure, nor too concerned- im sure they are summering and waiting for life to crawl on as it jets by above them.

sheraton kampala- 8am today here, beats 3 am yesterday there…. the national language is english- though there are some 40 different dialects spoken in northern uganda alone. have not seen an insect or human worth having a conversation over or with yet. considering lowering my standards for one or both… and hoping as we leave and strike out for gulu that both the former and the latter become more foreign and intriguing. heres to hoping anyway. we drive everywhere in these funny taxis called “matutus”(?) the drivers speak little to no english anytime anything important needs to be communicated- and seem to have equally small regard for destination and speed limits- ah my kind of place. its strange to be surrounded by so many faces but feel so alone. at least coca-cola stuck their flag in this place- otherwise how could we beat the real thing (maybe who would even want to). first hour of the drive we get stuck in the mud, run out of gas and i have lost my malaria pills. we are off to a good start.

there is a torrential downpour outside. im guessing this is what they meant by rainy season. i cant imagine living here. (its not really hot at all this time of year. close to chicago in early september). as tho yr thoughts would never be able to dodge the rain drops as they fell- am i getting thru? i bet there is some great music and stories in those shanty towns we drove by. oh and the drive from kampala was semi-suicidal, cant believe we made it. dirtroads, dodging potholes and oncoming traffic- driving too fast for an ambush. i kept nodding off but patrick woke me up everytime he thought we might die. i wonder how many miles i am away from you right now?

t.i.a.- the acronym for the most applicable phrase ever. when the taxi never comes, or drops you off at the wrong spot, when the electricity goes off every single night, when there is sand in your rice- “this is africa” is simply what is said. at an ngo hotspot resturaunt- the only people that go to africa are christian or have a deathwish- not sure where we fit into that. so many white people it felt like the suburbs. there are over 100 ngos in gulu alone and the people still live in utter despair. at dinner people spoke of danger and missions- of the congo- the way people back home speak of gambling in vegas or frat parties. you win some, you lose some. the air everywhere smells acrid and burnt. ive been told its because people burn their trash here. walked part of the way in the pitch black , kind of as tho we had a mugger fantasy. oh well. ended up on the backs of “boda bodas”- these little 300cc motorbikes shooting off under the stars. and they never looked so goddamned bright anywhere on this planet as they do tonight in gulu. im gone.

i dont think anyone here wears a watch. honestly. its only either light or dark.

havent watched tv in awhile now. weeks, months. turned it on today- such a bore. spent the day in an idp camp pronounced “away” camp. tho i believe it is spelled completely different but the meaning of its misunderstanding is so profound. i am in a hole in my head. the rabbit went down but i havent fit since i was young. just in and out of sleep i have these visions. i dont know how to explain them. they would simply either bore you or scare you to death. they are between caring too much and not at all. between a detailed account and a jackson pollack mess. had them on the drive again. and again as the mosquito net rained around my dreamy head. i am intrigued by places that trade 4 seasons (not the one with roomservice) for a rainy season and a dry season. scratch what i said earlier at night it seems to be hot no matter what and in some occurences too hot to move or care. not sure of where i fit in this world.

i am convinced people can go bad, just like food.

there is more to this world than collagen and underwear-less crotch shots. i am convinced of this.

what we are filming is a dangerous idea- make no mistake of that.

i dont cry because the walls are too thin and i dont want anyone to hear me being human.

i awoke to a rainstorm that has never been heard in america. the kind that washes the sadness off the backs and out of the eyes of the tired and forgotten. it reminded me of how foreign this truly is. at toast and jam for breakfast again today. just two pieces. cause it was free. tho the westerner in my surely couldve eaten the whole loaf. toast is my favorite of all time. it is simple yet endows you with the feeling of timelessness and spacelessness. you could be eating this anywhere, anytime and it would even taste and feel the same for the most part.

i love times when everyone is asleep. the world seems to spin differently.

Cute Michael Imagine

a/n - omg i havent written anything in forever i apologize, ive been super busy. im starting to write my requests again starting tomorrow, and i might write a smut sometime this week so stay tuned!

Today, you felt like utter shit. Your head was pounding, and the sinus pressure was almost too much to handle. You must have looked like shit, too, because the moment michael came home and looked at you, he furrowed his eyebrows.

“You okay?” he asked with a worried tone to his voice.

“Y-yeah im fine.” you nodded, caught a little off guard by his question. Apparently you werent very convincing because he shook his head and picked you up

“Stop that, im going to get you sick” you shook your head, wiggling to get away from him.

“No im not, im your superman, remember? meaning im invincible and will not get sick.”

You laughed and shook your head as he set you down on the bed.

“Stay right here” he instructed. “I’m going to get you tea and we’re going to watch a movie and cuddle.”

You nodded as you watched him walk out of the room, quietly.

Minutes later, he came back with a cup of tea and a movie. He handed you the cup and put the movie in the tv.

“What movie?” you asked, already knowing what he picked.

“Pokemon” he smiled

“Jesus Christ how many times are we going to watch this movie” you said, but you were laughing. As obsessed as he was with pokemon, it was adorable.

He climbed into bed with you, covering you both with blankets, and you two fell asleep cuddled up together, the pokemon movie playing on the tv