i havent actually seen it but im sure this is how it went

one week since u looked at me

James and LIly fight and it’s 100% the other person’s fault, and everyone is just a little bit unhinged. 

3371 Words

For @expressopatronum​, who requested a jily fic based on the Barenaked Ladies song. :D


James Potter to M8S B4 D8S: well. Fuck.

James Potter: im broken up

James Potter: literally

James Potter: and metaphorically

James Potter: and every other kind of shitty ally tbh

James Potter: hello?????

James Potter: im in Crisis here

Peter Pettigrew: we know, mate. You ok?

James Potter: how??

Peter Pettigrew: well…

James Potter: she texted u???

Remus Lupin: she texted me

Peter Pettigrew: then he told us

Remus Lupin: wtf, Prongs

James Potter: u believe her???

Remus Lupin: didn’t say that, mate. Just a weird situation, yeah??

James Potter: Weird = shitty, then yea. her fault tho for being so dramatic!! And do u arseholes have a group chat w/out me???

Sirius Black: nah. y would we do smth like that to u prongs. go chill @ mine. AND i for one am being a good mate and withholding judgment. (except on evans cos shes clearly at fault here)

James Potter: damn straight she is. 100%!!! and im already @ urs, actually. where r u tho?

Sirius Black: alcohol

James Potter: Good Man

Remus Lupin: I’m getting pizza

James Potter: don’t bother?? never eating again

James Potter: PS no more talking to evans unless its for espionage

Peter Pettigrew: this should be fun

 - - -

 James Potter to Not Lovely Lily: ready for ur apology, like, whenever, babe

James Potter: no?

James Potter: sirius’s sofa is super fucking cosy, btw

James Potter: PS whatever the current differences between us, pls dont stoop so low as to eat Mums biscuits

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Day6; call me, beep me (if you wanna reach me)


wonking: YALL

wonking: YALL THIS IS AN S.O.S

aka the obligatory chatfic I wrote in a fit of sleep deprivation featuring a pining Wonpil, a very desperate Jae, lots of Brian exposure and one very confused Dowoon who still thinks xD is for the cool kids.

read it on ao3 (where the formatting it’s better)

sweg squad


wonking: YALL

wonking: YALL THIS IS AN S.O.S

wonking: where you hoes at
wonking: i see yall lurking in the chat square up im in need

godwoon: what happened hyung
godwoon: are u ok??

wonking: no my sweet child i am not
wonking: i dont think ill ever be ok again

godwoon: hyung did u eat one of jackson hyungs brownies again??
godwoon: do you need me to come get u?

wonking: that happened once ok
wonking: ONCE
wonking: also im not high dowoon
wonking: im in love

bribri: not this again
bribri: you ‘fall in love’ every week

wonking: this times for real tho

bribri: that’s what you said last time

wonking: i swear im not lying

bribri: that’s what you said last time too
bribri: and then you forgot all about it and went chasing after that lifeguard instead

wonking: don’t judge me u hypocrite i saw u ogling him too

bribri: lies

godwoon: brian hyung you asked me to choke you so he would come and try to save you

bribri: that’s youngk hyung to you you little snitch

jaethebae: wtf happened wat did i miss

bribri: you can literally scroll up and read you know
bribri: you have eyes
bribri: and glasses

jaethebae: too much work
jaethebae: im a busy man make me a recount

bribri: all you do is lay in your couch and binge watch the office you slob

jaethebae: like i said
jaethebae: a very busy man

godwoon: wonpil hyung got a new crush

jaethebae: so nothing new then

wonking: guitar guys my soulmate i can feel it in my tummy

godwoon: are u sure thats not the brownies hyung


bribri: guitar guy???
bribri: do you even know his name?

wonking: … no
wonking: *not yet
wonking: im working on it

jaethebae: so ur stalking the poor guy

wonking: im gathering information
wonking: sneakily

godwoon: *cough* stalking *cough*

jaethebae: u are hiding in your sweater n staring at him all creepy like arent u

wonking: do u wanna go hyung
wonking: do i have to remind u of all that time u spend going over brian hyungs insta feed
wonking: do i hyung

godwoon: hahahaHAHAHAHAaha
godwoon: i smell roasted chicken

jaethebae: so guitar guy
jaethebae: you were saying

wonking: thats right
wonking: so there i was
wonking: making my peaceful way through hongdae

bribri: no wait hold up
bribri: can we go back to the instagram thing please :)

wonking: too late we’re back to me now

bribri: we’re always talking about your love life tho
bribri: cmon spill the tea on jae

jaethebae: u bring that out wonpil and and i show them all my receipts on you

wonking: AS I WAS SAYING
wonking: i was walking down hongdae to that little cafe where the cute barista works at when i turned a corner and there he was
wonking: the most beautiful human being i have ever seen
wonking: slowly strumming a guitar as he crooned his low voice to the sweet, sweet sounds of maroon 5

godwoon: that use of the comma tho lol

wonking: hush im speaking
wonking: and i felt it instantly
wonking: the connection
wonking: the energy
wonking: the love

jaethebae: fuck off i have class in an hour
jaethebae: i cant deal with this shit again

jaethebae left the group chat
wonking added jaethebae to the group chat


wonking: no running away u asshole

wonking: i dealt with your pinning now you deal with mine

jaethebae changed wonking’s name to ‘wonpining


wonpining: u know wat idc

wonpining: i accept my fate

wonpining: yall would pine too if you had seen those arms

wonpining: bOI THEM ARMS

godwoon: hyung please

bribri: yes wonpil please keep it in your pants
bribri: we have an innocent child here

wonpining: innocent my ass
wonpining: you havent seen his laptop

godwoon: hyuNG PLEASE

wonpining: anyways
wonpining: back to my adonis

bribri: stop for a second
bribri: you say he’s cute but I want proof

wonpining: back off bitch i called dibs
wonpining: i saw him first hes mine
wonpining: ur stuck with chicken face over there

jaethebae: should i feel offended

bribri: for the last time me and jaehyung are not dating

wonpining: tell that to jaehyung hyung

godwoon: savage

wonpining: thks i try
wonpining: ANYWAYS
wonpining: so im like trying to see if i can approach him
wonpining: maybe saunter up all smooth and suave like

jaethebae: do u even know what suave means

wonpining: yes
wonpining: no thks to you tho
wonpining: but hes all focused on his music completely inmersed

jaethebae: wow inmersed such a big word
jaethebae: didnt know you could use them

bribri: its *immersed you both idiots

godwoon: bawhahahahahaha jae hyung you roasted ursefl this time
godwoon: lame xD

jaethebae: remember who u room with brat
jaethebae: whos gonna tuck u in at night huh
jaethebae: who

godwoon: im not a child hyung cmon

jaethebae: stop using xd and we’ll talk then

godwoon: its ironic tho
godwoon: xD

jaethebae changed godwoon’s name to ‘bbyxD


bbyxD: low hyung
bbyxD: very low ):

jaethebae: shut up brat
jaethebae: the adults r talking

wonpining: can i continue

bribri: please
bribri: im kinda invested in this now

wonpining: and he looks soooo cute all focused on the music
wonpining: his lil nose all scrunched up and tongue between his teeth
wonpining: (lowkey wishing those were MY teeth tbh lol)

jaethebae: omg how thirsty can u get

bribri: if thats your definition of lowkey
bribri: then I dont wanna know what highkey is

wonpining: like u have any right to kinkshame me u hypocrite

bribri: what are you talking about

jaethebae: yes wonpil what exactly are you talking about

bbyxD: jae hyung ur desperate is showing xD

jaethebae: shut up dowoon let wonpil talk

wonpining: wait no i actually wanna live
wonpining: i still havent gotten my date with guitar guy yet

bribri: go ahead wonpil
bribri: I dont have anything to hide

wonpining: HA what bullshit
wonpining: im talking just because of that blatant lie
wonpining: like
wonpining: we share a dorm
wonpining: theres barely a wall between our rooms
wonpining: i can hear everything
wonpining: EVERYTHING
wonpining: sometimes i wonder how i can ever be the same

jaethebae: stop being a drama queen and spill already

wonpining: ok so like
wonpining: one night i was trying to study
wonpining: keyword being trying cause hyung here had invited over some company if you know what i mean

jaethebae: we get it
jaethebae: just get to the point

wonpining: have patience im getting there
wonpining: so like i go over to his room to tell them to keep it down cause its like 1 in the morning and i had an exam tomorrow morning
wonpining: and i hear it
wonpining: clear as day


wonpining: ok ok but like
wonpining: dowoonie close ur eyes for a sec will u

bbyxD: what why

wonpining: bc ik how much you love brian hyung and you wont be able to see him the same way again after this
wonpining: trust me ik i couldnt

bribri: wait
bribri: I remember now
bribri: wonpil please dont
bribri: please ill do anything

wonpining: oh youll do anything?
wonpining: really
wonpining: really … daddy

jaethebae: omg
jaethebae: no way
jaethebae: NO FUCKING WAY

wonpining: yes fuckign way
wonpining: i heard it with my own two ears
wonpining: screamed to the heavens by whoever brian had over that night
wonpining: who i still suspect was the lifeguard btw

bribri left the group chat
wonpining added bribri to the group chat
wonpining changed bribri’s name to ‘daddykang


daddykang: I hate you all so much

wonpining: sure you do daddy
wonpining: sure you do

bbyxD: guys i dont get it
bbyxD: jae hyung just came running through the living room
bbyxD: he keeps screaming
bbyxD: whats so funny

wonpining: lol i think i broke him
wonpining: but seriously tho
wonpining: guitar guy
wonpining: cutest thing ever istg

daddykang: so we’re back to you now?

wonpining: well if you wanna keep talking about your kinky ass then please by all means
wonpining: go ahead

daddykang: guitar guy is good thanks

wonpining: good?
wonpining: guitar guys fucking FINE
wonpining: 11/10 would bang

jaethebae: dont act like u actually have a chance
jaethebae: u dont even know his name

wonpining: baby steps
wonpining: also
wonpining: youve known brian hyung for how long again

jaethebae: that has nothing to do with this

wonpining: sure it doesnt
wonpining: just sit there and listen hyung
wonpining: be a good boy for daddy

daddykang: wonpil i swear to god

bbyxD: i still dont understand tho

wonpining: wait omg i think guitar guy is leaving
wonpining: fuck
wonpining: give me a sec imma snap a pic real quick

daddykang: this is gonna end bad


daddykang: called it

jaethebae: what did u do now u idiot

wonpining: HE SAW ME
wonpining: OH GOD

godwoon: lol hahahAHAHAHA

wonpining: WHAT DO I DO???!!!!
wonpining: WHAT DO I DO

bbyxD: hyung whatever you do
bbyxD: just don’t run away

wonpining: TOO LATE

this mess goes out to both @noa-noa-noa for enabling me and to @6ungjin for opening up my eyes to the glory that is sungpil. The next part should come out soon I think, cause this was fun to write (hopefully half as fun to read as well). 

Muggle Born (Michael Clifford)

i know i just posted a thing yesterday but the people of twitter voted for posting imagines when i finish them soooooooo 


i didnt feel like splitting this up into parts so enjoy your 3,000 words 😘

also this has a brief moment of sexual harassment near the end, so. you know. don’t say i didn’t warn you.


“Look at this Muggle,” Michael snickered to his friends from where he was sitting across and down the table from you, “Reading her Potions book as if that will change the fact that she’s not got a single drop of magical blood in her body.”

“You know, Clifford,” you stated, not even looking up from your book, “Some of the greatest wizards were Muggle-born – which you would know if you bothered to open up a History book once in a while.”

“I don’t need a History book, Muggle,” he shot back, “If I want to know about things that have happened, I’ll just ask my grandparents seeing as how they were friends with Harry Potter.” You couldn’t help but roll your eyes – Michael’s nickname for you was never anything short of rude and distasteful.

“Then I’m assuming you know that Hermione and even Harry’s mother were also Muggle-borns?” you finally looked up, “But this isn’t even about recent history. Professor Dumbledore’s mother was a Muggle-born witch as well and a bloody good one at that. But I wouldn’t expect you to know that considering you probably have other people read for you and don’t actually know how to yourself.” You stood up, placing your wand back into your boot, smiling at the people around the table staring at you in shock as they hadn’t even noticed you flick your wrist toward the blonde boy. “And I hope you’ve brought an umbrella along with you today, Michael,” you said, “Forecasts are calling for rain in about…3 seconds.” You lifted your bag over your shoulder, walking away from the table.

Three seconds later, you heard Michael begin shouting as the rain cloud you’d created over him started pouring water. You couldn’t help but smile to yourself as you heard people ask those around them how you did that without ever even muttering a spell in the middle of your speech.

But after you’d turned the corner, you heard someone coming up behind you.

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The moment of sudden clarity when feelings are finally recognized, or are made aware for the first time.

It hit you one late night at the library while you were cramming for and crying over midterms along with the other student zombie population. It wasn’t anything out of the ordinary - you were in your regular spot as per usual, inked paper and random notes scattered all around you, the dimming screen of your laptop reflected in your glasses, hair haphazardly pulled back and out of your face. And he was there with you, as per usual, his own laptop illuminating the serious and focused look on his face as he rested his chin on one propped hand while the other worked hard to scroll down his screen on his keyboard. Just two university students, two dormmates, two friends, studying at the library. The only difference between you two? He wasn’t studying - oh, no - you knew from the last time you got up and walked past him that he definitely not studying. 

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anonymous asked:

Ahhh if you ever do feel like drawing BakuSero I would just about die because I love that rare pair soooooo much and there is next to nothing for it

Holy shit I thought I was literally shipping that ship by myself, but here you are, amazing !!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway don’t worry I’ll definitely draw something for it sooner or later anon, I love it way too much to never give in haha

Anon said: my day started out terrible but your sero and kaminari saved the day (like most of your drawings do) ty ily

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m super glad to hear that!!!!!!! I hope the rest of your day will be as amazing as it can be, anon!!!

Anon said: A) why isn’t it franswers? B) Kaminari has a habit of just watching (unbreakable) things just fall if he fails to catch it or it slips out of his hands. like he doesn’t move to get it, he just watches it fall with a blank face

A) that’s a great question that would deserve an equally great answer which sadly I don’t have??? like, why isn’t it franswers??? it should definitely be franswers t b h - B) yes and also I feel Kaminari a lot. Like, mood and also same. As usual hahaha

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Ascendant | Chapter 1

Summary: In which you and all of NCT go to a high school/university for supernaturally gifted students and your brother Jaemin goes missing. 
Genre: supernatural, adventure, some angst, inevitably some romance
Pairing: :) wait and see tbh.
Words: 1,639 

Something was off today. You could feel it when you walked through the high doors of Eogeum University. There was something in the air, something in the soft whispers of your peers around you that made the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Something strange was going on and if there was one person who would be able to sense this, it was you.

Your shoes squeaked softly as you entered the classroom where you would have your first lecture of the day. You looked around, searching the room for your friends, when your gaze falls on their familiar features and you walked towards them. They all looked up upon your approach and you greeted them with a smile, which they did not return.

“What’s going on?” you asked as you came to a halt.

“You haven’t heard yet?” Taeyong asked.

“Heard what?” you inquired, having no clue what he was referring to. Taeyong glanced at Johnny, who had somewhat of a grimace on his face.

“It’s about your brother,” Johnny started, “th-”

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anonymous asked:

I saw you reblogged a supergirl post, are you fan? cause if you are, what is your opinion on the comicon situation?

wow, sorry i never expected a question like this. yes i am part of the supergirl fandom. and trust me it is one of the most toxic, vile, disgusting fandoms i have been part of. and yes i have an opinion of the comicon situation. It might be an unpopular opinion but it is my opinion and that is what you asked for. 

But compared to the posts i have seen floating around on tumblr, i think my opinion is pretty level-headed.

im gonna put it under the cut cause i think i might rant. 

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we are all fools in love

A/N: Jumping on the textfic bandwagon. This was so much fun to write, I completely understand the obsession now. Title from pride and prejudice (the book)

James Potter to Lily Evans: do u think my english lit paper could just be a review of the kira knightly pride and prejudice movie

Lily Evans: james it is 3am

James Potter: yes it is

Lily Evans: pls go to sleep

James Potter: cant this is too important 

Lily Evans: im not even in english lit ask remus

James Potter: hes asleep lily obvs it is 3am

Lily Evans: wow what a novel concept 

James Potter: but actually have you seen the kira knightly p&p its so good

Lily Evans: ofc i have ive been in love with mr darcy since i was 10 

James Potter: lily evans! how could you?!! in love with another man?!!! i am heartbroken!

Lily Evans: i am going to sleep now

James Potter: wait i actually need to know do u think i can write my paper on that

James Potter: lily? 

James Potter: lily im not kidding

Lily Evans has left the conversation. 

Sirius Black to Lily Evans: can u pls make ur boyfriend shut up abt pride and prejudice

Lily Evans: sorry i think hes ur boyfriend in this situation

Lily Evans: that reminds me can you make ur boyfriend shut up about pride and prejudice

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I saw that you have bpd, i was wondering if its professionally diagnosed? I think Its v likely i have it, and i am going to a psychiatrist soon and im not sure how to bring it up. Ive been diagnosed with depression, gad and ptsd but i havent seen a professional in a while and im very nervous! Im worried he will just say i have too many disorders ad i dont have anything else. Any advice?

Hey there! Yes, my BPD was professionally diagnosed this past December. Once I suspected that I was dealing with something more than just depression and anxiety, I did a lot of research. I read the DSM V, and took notes on how my symptoms correlated to the criteria set by the DSM V. Then I took those notes, went to my psychiatrist, and asked her if she thought that it was possible that I have BPD. Typically, when getting a diagnosis, there is a set of questions that your doctor asks you to see if you fit the criteria. However, my doctor had suspected me having BPD for a number of months and was working on slowly easing me into the diagnosis, so I didn’t actually go through all of those formalities. My advice to you would be to do a little research, document the symptoms that you think might be related and then present it to your doctor to see if he/she thinks it’s a possibility! And if your doctor thinks that you have “too many disorders” then maybe that doctor isn’t right for you - there’s no such thing as someone having too many disorders. And getting a proper diagnosis from a doctor that works well with you is important so you can get the proper treatment.

I hope things turn out well for you. Good luck my dear ❤️ let me know if you need anything or any kind of support!

anonymous asked:

Did you visit the Leezard? What did she do?

Arial: Hey Mom! Hey Dad!

Alphys: All done!

Undyne: Great! Thanks so much, Alphys.

Alphys: N-no problem! Glad to help.


Arial: It was boring, but I’m fine. Can we go? I wanna do something! 

Undyne: Uh, I think we’ve gotta stay and talk to Alphys about the results for a bit, kiddo. But hey, if you’re feeling antsy there was that really big tree outside. I bet you can’t get all the way to the top before we come out there!

Arial: BETCHA I CAN! [runs outside]

Undyne: How’d it go? She didn’t fuss too much, did she? 

Alphys: Oh, n-no, sh-she was just fine! It was a, a little difficult getting her to stay still, but she didn’t give me any real trouble.

Undyne: That’s about what I was expecting.


Alphys: N-no, not at all! H-her soul is actually a v-very interesting one, b-but it’s perfectly healthy! And-and she looks just fine physically, too. Th-though I’ll admit the soul is d-definitely more my area of expertise…But. That’s good! Because. That’s where magic comes from.


Undyne:  Well, I’m glad she’s healthy, but that still doesn’t explain why she hasn’t been able to make bullets yet. I don’t suppose you’ve seen anything like this before, Alphys?

Alphys: I-I’m afraid not. B-believe me, if I had you’d be the f-first to know. B-but, well, m-maybe she’s just a late bloomer! Even if monster k-kids with her lifespan t-tend to discover their magic between five-five to seven years on average, th-that doesn’t mean it’s not p-possible for it to happen later.

Undyne: I guess…

Alphys: L-look, I know you guys are r-really concerned about this, so…have you considered m-maybe it’s not something physical?


Alphys: W-well…m-monsters are very sensitive to negativity. M-maybe she’s having a hard time with magic because of something…emotional or psychological? M-maybe she’s scared, or depressed. I’ve…c-certainly had trouble with my own magic being weaker when I’m…g-going through a bit of a rough patch.

Undyne: A monster’s strength depends on their will to fight…I guess that does make a lot of sense, now that I think about it. I’ve never heard of it messing up your magic, though.


Alphys: M-maybe she’s scared, then? Or insecure?


Undyne: Maybe we just need to show her how cool magic is so she’ll stop being scared!


Undyne: Good point. Seems like we’re just about back to square one.
Thanks again, Alphys. I really appreciate you doing this, I know you’re super busy nowadays.

Alphys: No problem! I’m glad I could help. Let me know if you figure anything out.

Undyne: Yeah, I’ll keep you updated if we think of somewhere else to go from here.


Alphys: See ya!

[Undyne and Papyrus leave to extract Arial from the tree.]

Alphys: Hmm…I’m s-sure it’s nothing but…what an unusual soul…

i thought you forgot(j.a.)

A/n: its my first request  so i hope you’ll enjoy

request: can i request a jack avery imagine? where the reader & jack are dating & it’s the reader’s birthday & jack plans a surprise birthday party with the wdw boys (& maybe even logan paul) but they all pretend to not remember the reader’s birthday so they’re clueless? sorry if it’s all over the place 😂 thank you! ❤️

Warning: cute and long

 It was my birthday, i was extremely happy and excited. it was my  17th birthday to be exact, i was planing on spending this day with my family, my friends and my boyfriend, Jack. He was awesome, funny and super talented. We’ve been together for almost 1 year and this year was one of the best in my life.

i woke up and heard how my family was singing to me, my mom handed me a cake and kissed me on the cheek.
-Make a wish sweeetie-my dad said me.

After a few hours i was dressed up and ready for my birthday, i checked my phone hoping to see a message from Jack but there was none. i didnt want to believe that he forgot about my birthday, everyone did, by everyone i mean boys from Jack’s band. We were good friends with boys,especially with Zach. They forgot about me too, that upseted me. But i decided that its my birthday and i have to go and have some fun with my friends and family who remembered about me and my birthday.

I got a new notification when i was walking downstairs, i hoped it was from Jack but no, it was my best friend, Megan

“hey gorgeous, happy birthday, be ready for your present, ill be at  your place in 10, love you baby” i smiled at this message i loved my friend a lot.

I met my family in the kitchen, my mom was cooking and my dad was helping her, they laughed and smiled at each other, they were happy, i knew that they loved each other and even after 23 years they looked like a teenage couple. They were amazing parents, they supported me every time and  loved me, my mom gave me best advices and dad learnt me how to fight cause girls should be brave and strong and i actually didnt mind it. They noticed me and smiled at me
 -Hey, sweetie you look stunning just like your mom when we met for the first time-he kissed my mom on the forehead
-You look really good sis-my older brother said me and winked me. -are you trying to impress this noodle hair boy?- he didn’t like Jack as much as i did but he accepted him so everything​ was cool.
 -No, i haven’t heard anything from him today, maybe he forgot but it’s okay-it wasn’t okay at all-by the way where are going to?-I asked as i saw him going straight to the door.
-Business-he said and left house. 

-Okay sweetie, go to your room and come here in 2 hours ,we need to finish everything here before guests are here,okay?-my dad asked me
-yeah,okay,but ill wait here for Megan if you dont mind-i looked at my dad he was hugging my mom
-okay, sure-he went to garage to take extra chairs for family and my friends. 

 I heard a knok on the door i knew who it was, i opened a door and fell on the floor as she jumped in my arms  “ Happy birthday dear Y/N , happy birthday to you!!!” She kissed me on the cheek “ i love you ” we stood up and she looked at me
-Wow, you look…amazing, Jack will fall for you even more.-she giggled.
-i dont think so-i sighed
-did he call you or texted you today? Is he here already, i thought i was the first one who will be here-she talked so fast
-calm down, he didnt cal and didnt text,and he is not here and you are the first- i replied calmly
-this man…this human…this homosapien…im sorry, but hey Birthday girl we are going to have so much fun today, yeah?-she hugged me
-yeah-i said and we walked to my room
 -hey Mrs. and Mr. Mirallegro, you look cute, as always.
-Hey,Meggie, we try- my dad and mom said in unison 

 *After 2 hours* 

We were laying on my bed and watching new Teen Wolf episode(a/n who is excited about new season of Teen Wolf?) I havent heard anything from Jack since yesterday. I was mad at him,if he wanted to break up with me on my birthday at least he could text or call me . 

 My dad entered the room and asked Meggie to help him with sometging, i was cool with it cause Meggie was almost a memder of our family, my parents and siblings loved her cause she was so sweet and nice to everyone. when i was alone in my room i decided to text Zach, he was my best friend and i hoped that he would explain everything to me.
-Hello Zachary, i don’t want to bother you but what is going on? What’s happened to Jack, is he  okay? Did he forget??
 He read it and didn’t reply, i didn’t know what was going on. I heard a knock on my door
-Y/N , daddy told that we are waiting for you and that everything is ready-my 5 years​ old sister told me
-Okay, honey, lets go?- i tok her hand and we walked downstairs

-HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Y/N - everyone screamed , they ran to me and hugged me, there were so many people in here, my family, friends , my family’s friends but none of the boys was here. I was happy and sad at the same moment. We spent this night laughing, playing games, eating and talking. It was a great night, but it would be much better if Jack was here. When everything was over and guests started going home i went to my room to check my phone. I was mad at boys and decided to text Jack
-are you okay?
-Yeah,are you Y/N ?
-I don’t know,how should i feel when my boyfriend forgot about my birthday.
 I sent and he read, and he didn’t reply. Why did everyone ignored me? I was almost crying but then Meggie entered my room
-Are you crying?- she sounded worried
 -Its a happy tears-i lied
-Since when you are lying to me??-She grinned
-Im sorry
-Its okay, lets go on a walk??
 -and since when you are a fan of walking? - i asked her and she laughed.
-come on Y/N.-she grabbed my hand
-okay okay im coming-i thought it was a good idea 

 I followed Meggie as she walked somewhere, she knew where she was headed so i just followed her. I was thinking about everything so i didn’t notice when we were at the place where she was leading me.
 -Y/N, are you here??-She laughed
-What? Yeah,i guess- i looked at the ground
-Look-she told me I looked up and saw this, a lot of​ lights, tables. There was a poster with my picture and a poster"happy Birthday, Y/N" it was so cute. there we a lot of food and i loved food so it made me feel even better about this place. I heard my favourite song, i knew that was my playlist for Jack, i made it when we had our 6 months anniversary. I was crying and now it was a happy tears. I looked at Meggie and she hugged me.

(a/n have you ever seen H2O:Just add water? Do you remember Rikki’s birthday party on the Makko? Lets just imagine that Y/N’s party was kinda like Rikki’s party and even better )

-Is it you? Did you do that for me?- i asked her
-Not really-  I heard a loud laughter and my favourite voices, it was my Jack and boys, they were singing “Happy Birthday ” song ,Daniel was playing guitar , it was so sweet, i thought it was a dream but it wasn’t. When they finished they hugged me and said theirs birthday wishes.
 -Y/N we actually have something else for you-Zach said
-What is it?- i was excited
-We have a special guest for you - Jonah said
-Yeah we do-Corbyn and Daniel said. 

 After a minute i heard another loud scream
-Y/N, Happy BIRTHDAY, BE A MAVERICK-i turned around and saw him, it was Logan Paul. my favourite YouTuber, MAVERICK. I hugged him and i was so happy i always wanted to meet him but boys didn’t take me with them when they went to his place. I started crying again
-Are you good bro?-He laughed rubbing my back
-Yeah -I replied
-Hey,Y/N take it easy, don’t forget that I’m your boyfriend- Jack said as he saw me hugging Logan super tight.
-Im sorry- i smiled and then i saw another surprise, i saw Kong, Daniel was holding him , he was so cute,not Daniel, Kong. I stroked Kong and decided to find Jack, i wanted to talk to him.

 -Hey,Y/n do you like it?- he asked I looked at this place one more time,it was so cozy and cute, everyone was enjoying this night. Meggie was talking to Zach, i knew he liked her, rest of the boys were playing with Kong and Logan was vlogging.
-I love it-i looked in his eyes
-I love you,Y/N-he smiled
-honestly,I thought you forgot-i сonfessed 
-Honey, how could i forget about your birthday-he looked at me
-I don’t know,it’s just, you didn’t text me or call, i thought you wanted to break up with me- i looked away cause i was embarrassed
-I won’t break up with you, i love you too much- he hugged me and kissed me.

 I loved this boy, he made my 17th Birthday so special. I was so lucky…


• but in reality he whispered to the members to laugh even if it wasn’t funny just to get your attention bc omg u looked so lovely your the type of person him mom says are the best aw
• when it came to asking you out, he went around using his connections and asking what your fave song was and when he found out he started to practice for hours and hours on end but the morning of the event, he lost his voice and had a semi panic attack right there bc tHIS ISNT SUPPOSED TO TURN OUT LIKE THIS:((((
• but the members saw that coming bc guys lbr he’s been singing with no end for this, he was bound to lose it someday so they secretly recorded him singing in the practices and gave it to him in cd form and he was grateful and he went running to u and gave u the cd to listen to and afterwards u were like “Seungkwan, that was beautiful but-” “wILL YOU GO OUT W ME??”
• and ofc u say yes bc who wouldn’t
• and he’s super duper happy that he tries to sing a song describe his feelings but his voice just wouldn’t come out and ur like o no let’s get you rested
• took you to Jeju for your first date obviously, and it was really great you guys literally went EVERYWHERE but his mom wasn’t there :( but he was like thATS OK YOULL MEET HER NEXT TIME
• you guys tried to visit all the dol hareubangs in Jeju and made a wish, you didn’t know each other’s but you guys actually wished for the same thing - for your family and friends, and for your relationship to last a v v v v long time (which it will ;))))
• much like one of the episodes on ‘where is my friend’s island’, seungkwan started to freak out and fan boy over the small things he remembered from his time in Jeju
• and you think he’s the cutest little bun in the world aw
• feeds you all the food Jeju is well known for and insists you try everything and ur like iM FUL- and he stuffs another thing in your mouth
• it was the best time you’ve had in ages and it was way better since boo seungkwan was there :))
• calls you the cringiest things ever just to watch u go red and get embarrassed lol
• yoUR FIRST KISS OH MY GOD IT WAS SO CUTE ok so you all know how he’s a family man, someone who cares about his family and his relationships, so it would only be fitting that he missed you when seventeen was flying back from a country or a place they performed in, you were waiting for him in the airport and the second the two of you saw each other, you guys started running and when you met he just kissed you right there because it had been wAY TO LONG SO MANY NIGHTS OF CALLS AND VIDEO CHATS BUT ITS NEVER AS GOOD AS SEEING YOU IN PERSON AWAWAW
• turns into a shy little boy when it comes to skinship he’s all like really ?? rig-right now ??? u-H //gaps it
• has a habit of turning every sentence into a song, his knowledge of songs is so big he cAN TURN EVERYTHING INTO A SONG AND UR LIKE HOW DO U DO THAT
• “babe! funny story, I was walking down the street-”
• “hey look at that airplane-”
• “…. ahem anyway”
• his favourite type of kiss is the kiss where he grabs your cheeks, squishes them really hard until your lips are puckered like a fish and he kisses u bc yOURE SO CUTE U LITTLE BUN
• you know those really rEALLY tight hugs that squeeze all the air out of you and make you feel like your gonna die, but at the same time are really sweet types of hugs? yeah he likes those too.
• “//huggles//”
• “-mmf! can’t,,, breathe!”
• likes hamburgers and suggests (even if he knows that answer is no) if you can eat them.
• “babe we can’t eat hamburgers for dessert.”
• also likes summer and fall, is in his element in those seasons like he’s all ready with them scented candles for fall and them swag sunglasses for summer. always rants and raves about all the stuff you two could do together when those seasons roll around.
• and ur just like its the beginning of winter, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.
• challenges you to basketball shoot outs and when you win he can’t accept it bc hIS PRIDE IS SO HURT HE SPENT AGES BRAGGING ABOUT HOW HE WOULD CRUSH U BUT U GO AHEAD AND BEAT HIM??!!!!
• but when you lose he’s so supportive bc he doesn’t want you feeling bad so he’s like, you were just warming up that’s why, you’ll do so much better next time y/n, I believe in you!
• obviously likes his best friend hansol, you could tell they were close the second you met seungkwan. you didn’t want to say anything but you could sense hansol giving you the mean eye because he wAS SEUNGKWANS BFF WHO DO U THINK U R
• but when u ask him if he wanted to spend time with your bf he was like offt no I could care less
• and ur like suRE
• dislikes tomatoes with a passion, obviously cause he’s allergic. when there’s some tomato in his sandwich or in his salad or smthn, he’ll place them on your plate to eat o of habit bc he doesn’t like the food going to waste and yOU LUV THEM SO YAY
• secretly made a cd of him singing all ur favourite songs and went to the place you worked and played it through the speakers and everyone just stops what they’re doing and is like ??
• and ur even more confused bc u recognise that voice ??
• then it suddenly dawns on u that it’s ur boyfriend singing those songs and ur heart melts and ur just standing there staring at the speaker while everyone’s working around u and u don’t notice bc ur so into the music but seungkwan is sneaking behind u w a bouquet of flowers and when the songs finished he wraps his arms round u and ur so happy bC U HAVENT SEEN HIM IN AGES
• and ur co-workers are all like wtf yalls are relationship goals
• has an addiction to his mom. it sounds like a bad thing, but it really isn’t. It’s adorable. you often walk in on him having video chatting her and he’s all like “I miss you.” and she’s all like, “me too, take care of y/n” and you just smile and walk away bc this was a special moment u didn’t want to ruin :))))<3333
• hates couple clothing with a passion. he doesn’t know what it is but you secretly think hansol is rubbing off on him bc now he thinks it’s not cool.
• like he dismisses it so fast u don’t even get to finish ur sentence
• “ooh! look at thes-”
• “no.”
• “what about those-”
• “no.”
• “w-”
• when Seungkwan gets jealous, he’ll try to laugh it off as if it’s nothing. though inside its kinda killing him bc nobody can make u smile like that except for hIM and nobody should be touching ur shoulder like that except for hIM. but he’ll act like it doesn’t bother him except u know, u know because you’ve watched him for so long you can recognise his change in mood. he’s not as happy as he was before and u stop him and tell him that you love him and he has nothing to worry about
• and he’s back to his old self again !! bc he trusts that you mean what u say awawawawaw
• his background photo is a photo or photos of you doing the most ordinary things in the world. doing the dishes, sleeping, standing there, yawning, sneezing and he collaged it all into one big photo and is pretty much u doing uninteresting stuff lol when u saw it u were like wHY IN THE WORLD WOULD U DO THAT TO ME and he’s all like WHAAAT U LOOK GREAT I LOVE IT WHEN UR ACTING LIKE URSELF <<<<<333333
• your phone background photo was a photo of the two of u that one time they did a performance and u were in the crowd and they were singing 20 then he spotted u amongst the people and started singing to u and a fan took a photo and it was sO CUTE BC SEUNGKWAN WAS SINGING W SO MUCH EMOTION AND U WERE LIKE SMILING ALL TESRY EYED BC OHMYGOD U LOVE HIM
• always remembers every members’ birthdays and is so on top of buying presents and he forcefully drags u round and asks for ur opinion on his present and ur like babe idk u know them better than I do
• u get all whiny tho bc u didn’t really wanna go birthday shopping so early so everytime u go w him he buys u food bc he’s the best boyfriend ever
• sings like an angel to lull you to sleep
• it puts a lot of pressure on him since he’s a main vocal in seventeen, to make it worse he always has to refrain from looking tired or upset, since he is the mood maker too. he always has to put on a happy smile around the members to lift their spirits even if he’s feeling sick or upset. he practices way too hard and often visits the hospital due to throat aches, your always there for him when he needs you and he’s forever grateful for that.
• “you know, you can talk to me about how you feel right?”
• “yeah, yeah, I know. but I have to keep strong and happy for the members, you know?”
• ur first fight with Seungkwan would most likely be due to the fact that he took a joke too far, you two were probably doing some harmless bickering but he said an insult that hit a little too close to home and you got upset and he got upset bc it was just a joke
• he then left to let u both cool down bc that’s what his mom always said to do, in case he did something he would regret
• then came back after a few days and apologised bc he missed u ;_;
• “I’m sorry, whatever I said was just a joke, okay? I love you so much and I can’t afford to lose you.”
• seungkwan loves u so much, if it isn’t already obvious. he would go to the end of the universe and back just to see you smile, without you in his life he would probably be v sad v v v sad due to all the stress he can’t relieve and rant out. you’re always a shoulder to cry on, a friend to laugh with, and most of all a person to grow old with. he depends on you a lot, since he’s a growing boy himself and he may not know everything, but he does know you two are meant to be together forever, and you know that too.

Now you see me. Part 2

AN: A lot of you asked for part two i hope you like it.

Word count: 1583

Requested: a stiles imagine where you are lydias twin sister but there are a few differences (your hair is shorter, you have blue eyes, you wear glasses) and you’re best friends with scott and stiles but have a huge crush on stiles and get really annoyed whenever he talks about Lydia & scott notices so he talks to stiles and it gets really fluffy at the end WITH  A LITTLE TWIST


Part 1

Theo took you deep into the woods, passing the Hale house, further than the look out. You started to feel your body burning up, you could feel someone following you, you whispered to Theo, “T-theo, there’s someon-” “I know its ok Y/n I have you nothing is going to happen” he said kissing your forehead.

Theo ran faster and faster to keep them off your trail, he reached the spot, he stopped and put you down “Theo, grab the rocks” Theo already knew what you meant you guys came out here to try and see if you can actually do things, you could see the sky darken above you. You were laying on the ground; feeling the earth around you. How the soil feels between your fingers, the rush of the wind, the sound of the trees.

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English is Full of Really Shitty Metaphors

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It wasn’t something you ever planned. You’re not anywhere near smart enough to plan out something like this. You’re just so fucking lucky you can’t quite believe it.

You guess you might have planned some of it though. You knew staying on a majority troll planet wouldn’t be a good idea once you went through your adult pupation and your blood color became much harder to hide. You’re not a complete fucking idiot either despite how you feel sometimes, so you knew you’d have to get schoolfed on a couple other languages besides Alternian.

There were a couple big ones you figured would be the most useful, Amestrian, English and such. The best way to learn how to have conversations in them was to actually talk to someone who spoke it. Watching movies could only get you so far.

Talking to random shitty aliens online seemed like a good way to go about it at the time.

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*cracks neck*

alright its time to deconstruct the entire Welcome to Tumblr video because clearly it flew over peoples heads

“are you a white straight middle classed male with a penis and comfortable with a penis? GET OUT”

This is pointing out the various attack posts on cis het dudes that go around on tumblr, and whenever someone calls them on it the response is “TUMBLR IS A VOICE FOR THE OPPRESSED. OH WAH THE OPPRESSORS FEEL BAD WELL GET THE FUCK OUT THEN”

“every other website is terrible”

So many attack posts on facebook, havent seen many for deviant art or 9gag, but im sure they exist

“make a cosplay blog”

its a pretty cheap way of getting tumblr fame, you just look up cosplay and put it on your blog, or have people submit. 

“art blog”

I’m not familar with the art community so I cant really comment on this. 

“penguins are extinct”

People on tumblr are stupid as shit. There was this post going around about how adventure time was getting canceled because of Marceleine and PB. A simple google search which took five seconds to do revealed that it wasnt true at all. Later on it was proved fake but not before the original post got like 30k notes. 

“this girl went missing in 1987”

no idea what this is making fun of since ive never seen this post. I sincerely doubt its making fun of missing kids. 


a jab on social justice how theres politcially correct terms and which terms are offensive or not and how theres now a goddamn dictionary to the entire LGBT community when there used to be just 4, now theres like 32

“straight, well off, shoe polish, mental disorders" 

a jab on how white cis people cant ever have problems in their lives because they arent oppressed by the majority of the population.

"if you dont reblog these problems you are a heartless monster”

a jab at how theres posts with people with cancer and the comments have some guilt trip inducing comments like “if you dont reblog this im judging you” or some other shit like that. 

“superwholock and fandoms”

A jab on how fandoms can be fucking insane and overbearing and just overall unpleasant. also, Madoka magooka. 

“onceler and shipping”

How dumb shipping is. 

“Wrist Cutting/baby ur bootiful’

A jab on how a lot of people on tumblr romanticize cutting/self harm. another jab on those stupid fucking "reblog if you think this person is beautiful” posts. 

“searching tags”

PORN. This speaks for itself, there is a shit ton of porn on tumblr, a lot of it is kind of disturbing. 

“ask blog/oc’s”

a jab at bad oc's 

“being sad/everyone is beautiful/send messages telling people this”

because we’re not allowed to be sad right? we must be HAPPY ALL THE FUCKING TIME.

“content stealing”

eh….not much to comment on this, it happens. 

“night blogging”

Im one of the people who think night blogging is one of the stupidest fucking things ever. So this part speaks for itself. 

“tumblr is a safe place for boys and girls/everyone/every human”

the whole pronoun debacle and how retarded it is. 


Ok this is talking about the people who dont know what triggers are. 

A trigger is something that causes a violent flashback and hyperventallating and basically you freak the fuck out. Wreack it Ralph has a great example of this. 

A trigger is NOT something that just makes you angry/irritated, the way tumblr uses it. 

Kankri Vantas was a great parody and satire of what triggers are NOT, and surprise surprise, HE flew over everyone’s heads too, and im quite sure is responsible for the continued misconception of what triggers actually fucking mean. 

So yeah, this is what I got from it. For all the “deepness” tumblr is said to posses and the analytic approach it takes to things, I mean look at fucking Frozen. It can be really fucking dense.

anonymous asked:

Why do you love pete so much

I’ve been wanting to post this for so long but I’ve never had the guts, so here goes!! This is going to be a really long answer please prepare yourself… 

  • I love Pete because he is legitimately the best person ever, he’s so down to earth, humble and has such a great sense of humour. Also he sticks up for everyone he loves and he’s loyal as fuck.
  • I’m pretty sure everyone can relate to some of his lyrics. I know they’ve helped me through so much and they’ve helped so many other people as well. Also Pete loves that, like whenever people ask him what it’s like to know you’ve saved peoples lives he says it’s awesome and he was saved in the process as well, what an angel. (tweet)
  • I don’t want to sound like really cliché and emo, but some of the stuff he says really makes me feel better. Especially quotes like this one which is probably my favourite quote ever, also Here’s To The Kids, I mean okay I know everyone takes the piss out of that because yes it’s emo but honestly I love that quote so much because I’ve lived a life of being misunderstood by pretty much everyone and it’s just nice to know someone /gets/ you. Also more recently in a tumblr post Pete wrote ‘Fall Out Boy has always been about inclusion. If you don’t fit in anywhere, you can fit in here.’ This is SO important to me because I’ve always felt like I don’t fit in anywhere. I’ve always had a lot of friends but I’ve still felt uncomfortably different, so it’s nice to feel like I belong somewhere.
  • He’s had a really long history with depression and bipolar disorder, it got to the point where he tried to kill himself in 2005 and that is probably my favourite thing about him (which sounds ridiculous, I know) but the fact he was at absolute rock bottom and tried to end his life but managed to get over that and managed to get through his depression no matter how serious it was is just downright the most inspiring thing, and although I’ve never been in a similar situation I know there are many people across the world who’ve been helped through their depression thanks to Pete.
  • Furthermore, his parents got separated when he was younger, he mentions it in this video as it being his worst childhood memory and this is a thing that’s helped me personally. My parents split when I was younger and it really effected me, so it helps knowing your favourite human on the entire planet went through something similar and still ended up okay.
  • He does so much charity work, he’s such a good person for example in this picture he is giving a homeless man a bag of food just because he felt like it, Pete pls……

  • He’s also been working with Invisible Children since 2006/7 like the main thing being shooting the ‘I’m Like a Lawyer’ music video in Uganda to try and raise awareness of the whole LRA/kony situation. He also took part in a campaign called Displace Me, where 65k people across the USA slept on the streets in makeshift camps and shelter type things trying to recreate what the LRA camps are like in Uganda to help try and raise awareness of what its like for the kids there.

  • Leading on from the depression/bipolar point, he spoke about his experiences and difficulties for the ‘Half of Us’ scheme, helping people everywhere with depression and suicide basically making people feel okay to not be okay and make sure they know they’re not alone. This is awesome because he managed to speak about his serious personal problems to try and help other people which not only is very difficult (because imagine how hard you find it talking to friends/family about your issues, imagine telling the world), but also a very good use of his power as a high profile public figure. (if you haven’t seen it you should really watch his videos)
  • Additionally, he took part in Larry King’s Disaster in the Gulf telethon trying to raise money for the Mexican people affected by the oil spill on the Mexican gulf, answering calls and accepting money from the people who were donating:

  • He is a supporter of Unicef, and ages ago he took part in a campaign trying to raise money for Haiti after the disaster there due to the earthquake. (you can read about that here if you want)
  • Fall Out Boy took part in the PSA for dosomething.org to try and raise awareness about global warming and trying to make people do something to prevent it from happening. (video)
  • Pete is a supporter of LGBTQ+ and took part in the ‘No H8′ photo campaign, a campaign aiming to end homophobia, transphobia etc.
  • Additionally, Fall Out Boy made their views about gay marriage very clear in their latest music video ‘Uma Thurman’. (Pete wrote in a tumblr post ‘We hope you can support the hidden message at the end of our video’). You can read about it here.
  • Every single person I’ve spoken to about meeting Pete have said he is lovely to fans which I wouldn’t doubt for a second because he always does random acts of kindness to fans. For example, you might not remember but he does stuff like he dressed up as the Easter Bunny and gave the queueing Fall Out Boy fans pieces of chocolate. (video
  • Also, he’s good to fans because he never denies people a photo. Look this photo was taken like a while ago and look at all the shit hes carrying and he has Bronx (his son) with him as well, but he still stops and takes a photo like no other celebrities would do that, well not many anyway.

  • Basically this post about one of his book signings made my heart explode.

  • On the subject of his book I don’t know if you’ve read his book Grey but it was the most EMOTIONAL thing I’ve ever read. It explains his life so much and lets you inside his head. It explains loads of Fall Out Boy lyrics so you should definitely read it because it made me love him 900x more than I already did, which was a lot. It has a lot of good quotes, including: ‘I wonder if killing yourself is the only thing you can control in your entire life, and that’s why it’s a sin. Because you’re beating God at his own game.’ (the book is quite dark)
  • He is a really great dad and loves his sons Bronx and Saint more than anything. He stated in the past that having children is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to him because it helped him become less selfish as he believes in his 20s he was ‘the most selfish person alive’ (I disagree, look at all the stuff you’ve just read!) but he appreciates his children for developing him as a person. Also, Pete was heavily depressed again in 2010 following his divorce with Ashlee Simpson and has said Bronx is a main reason he pulled through it. Basically he’s as dependent on his children as they are on him.

  • He’s helped loads of musicians make it, for example Panic! at the Disco (another favourite band of mine), Cobra Starship, Travie McCoy/ Gym Class Heroes, etc.  through his record label Decaydance and collaboration with Fueled By Ramen, so basically he’s enabled other musicians to achieve their dreams through his fame, and has therefore helped a whole lot of other people. (e.g people who are inspired by Brendon Urie from Panic! at the Disco)
  • One final thing, he really fucking loves Fall Out Boy fans.

A main point to remember is he is a super famous rock star who has been absolutely trashed by the media and the internet and pretty much everyone who isn’t a Fall Out Boy fan, yet he’s stayed true to himself and still as lovely as he was when Fall Out Boy started, if not lovelier. Keep that in mind because I can assure you there are not many celebrities who have experienced the same attention, fame, media backlash and abuse that Pete has who has stayed a lovely genuine person that he always has been.

Looking back over the past 8 years of loving Pete and Fall Out Boy, it’s amazing to see him grow as a person and become a better version of himself every day. The point is that people (myself included) thought Pete wouldn’t make it past 27 because he was so sad and so hooked on drugs and 7 years later he’s got his amazing band back, the best friends ever, two incredible sons and a beautiful girlfriend. I swear to god if that doesn’t give you hope in life nothing will, I am so so so proud of Pete Wentz.

also tweets like thisthisthisthisthisthis and this make me cry because he’s my favourite person ever

And when he’s not being inspirational and wordy he’s a complete sweetheart (pic) (tweet) (tweet) (tweet) (tweet) (tweet) (video) (video) and also just (video)

Okay to summarise:

  • His life has been shit at points
  • He got through that shit
  • That makes everyone feel like they can get through their own shit 
  • He’s a great humanitarian and does loads of charityowrk and makes the most of his impact on society by raising awareness to issues/fundraising events
  • He’s so LOVING to his friends for example Gabe, Brendon, Patrick, Meagan
  • He’s never been phased by fame or hate from the media and has always stayed true to himself.

Pete Wentz, I love you forever.