i haven;t edited in so long

i decided to draw custom character tokens for my players in the CoS campaign i’m about to DM- here’s our halfling monk, Setori.

i haven’t painted in so long, so this is a fun challenge :> i’m trying to do one at this level of detail for each player- this took about 1.5 hours.

(design referenced from a Lane Brown painting of Harron esh Kazzar for the Fate of Falling Stars that his player provided me)

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I’m a psychology major in my forth year at Uni. I am writing my senior research paper on fanfiction… stay with me for a moment. I want to study the effects of writing fanfiction and having a deeper connection with people/characters than the average fan, mostly to see if there’s any sort of stress relief involved.

What I need are volunteers to fill out a brief survey, nothing too long or invasive. I have not prepared anything yet because I am not sure if there are enough people who would want to participate. If you are interested, please send me a message, or if you know someone who might be, please reblog.

Help a fellow fan girl out.

Edit: I honestly didn’t expect this many volunteers so I just want to quickly thank everyone who has responded. If I haven’t messaged you back, I do apologize. To be honest I’m just an overwhelmed lazy shit and that’s my only excuse.

I do want to specify that I am looking for people of college age or older for this as of right now. Also I will be sending out the survey (hopefully) within the next week (as of 9/19/17) However, I am still looking for more volunteers so please if you’d like, shoot me a message.

Thanks again.

Updates upset: As of now (9/21/17) I have enough participants. Thank you everyone for responding and again, I have to apologize for not replying to everyone individually but I honestly didn’t foresee this many volunteers. I will try and get back to everyone with the survey information. I still have a few kinks to work out, along with a chucklefuck amount of work for other classes, so please know if you have messaged me and I have not responded that I am not ignoring you, but I simply need time to get everything together.

Thanks again to everyone who had volunteered to help me. I truly do appreciate it.

Peter Parker - Good Choice

anon request: 1, 5 and 12 with Peter Parker please? Thanks beautiful <3
1- “that’s starting to get annoying”
5- “i’m not here to make friends”
12- “she’s hiding behind the sofa”

i haven’t posted in so long but hopefully ill be able to post once or twice a week!! school is super busy:((

a big thanks to @nycspidey for editing all of my work you’re a life saver and have helped me improve so much!!!!!!!

requests are open:))

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“pete don’t you dare” i clung to peter like a koala. he attempted to get up but i laid on top of him. i smirked, knowing the power i had over him. i shifted my body and moved so i was now straddling his waist and he laid his head back on the couch in defeat.

“don’t leave me mr.parker” i pouted slowly leaning down. he nodded, i could see the adam’s apple bob down and back up as he gulped.

“you will be the death of me” peter whispered, barley breathing.

i felt myself smile as i brought my lips close to his barely letting them touch. when peter lifted his head to attach our lips i moved my head slightly out of reach so he couldn’t capture my lips.

“y/n” peter whined. i let out a laugh that quickly turned into a scream when i felt myself being flipped on to my back and peter was now hovering over me, his forearms next to my head.

“woah there mr.parker” i laughed, my hair was everywhere since he was blocking my arms from moving. i quickly shook them free, fixing my hair. my eyes flicked over to the biceps that stuck out of peter shirt with some science joke on it.

i never really got his science jokes, peter was more smart and reserved where as i was average in school, 70’s and 80’s. i was loud and bubbly, often times in a large group of people laughing. that is why me and peter worked though. i make him louder and he just makes me happy.

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So It Goes / Spencer Reid

A/N: The result of late night writing and having a fever. This is not the happiest story. It’s nearly 3 am and I haven’t edited so there will probably be typos. I apologize in advance. 

Warnings: Mentions of rape/torture. angst. And just bad stuff, my man 

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hey everyone!!! Yesterday I’ve reached to 1.2k followers on my blog, so I decided that before I have to go on my trip I will do a quick follow forever. I’m grateful for everyone who decided to follow me despite the fact I have been on hiatus for so long and I haven’t been posting too much content. thank you very very much!

in an alphabetical order, here we go -

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I love all of your blogs very much and I hope you feel the same! also, if anyone thinks I’ve forgotten them I most likely just accidentally didn’t write your name since I’m in a hurry because of the flight. ;; sorry ahead of time!

Amy Nelson

Was anyone else honestly SO happy when Mark started involving Amy in videos? I haven’t been watching for that long, but I know I was when I watched the older (like months ago) videos. I honestly think that Amy is so nice and so good for Mark. Everyone can have their own opinions, but you shouldn’t hate on Amy just because she’s with Mark. She’s also into Aliens and Space, which Mark is too, which makes me even happier for them!! They are just to cute together.


Edit: I just wanted to say that I also really appreciate Kathryn! She’s amazing, funny and does a lot for that team! I just love the whole team! ☺
Do you love me?

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Pairings: Namjoon x reader

Genre: One Shot; Fluff; 

Words: 930

Warnings: It’s cute, so um…CUTENESS

A/N: This is written for my lovely and beautiful friend @jooniesnumber1flower ! Iam so sorry that you had to wait so long! There were many up and downs, but I hope that you will like it! Also I am sorry if there are any mistakes, I haven’t edited it yet, but will try to do it in the near future. But now ENJOY! <3

“You love me, right?”

“What?” Your boyfriend asked surprised at your sudden question, one brow arched and his mouth slightly open.

Lately you have been insecure. Insecure about yourself, on what you do and your looks.

“I do. I mean- why are you asking this? You know how much I love you.” He said, putting his phone away.

You and Namjoon were both lying on your bed, doing absolutely nothing. It was one of his rare free days and you decided to stay in bed all day. You loved these kind of days, being able to sleep in with your boyfriend, eating breakfast in bed, cuddling and just being together without being interrupted.

“I don’t know, I just wanted to hear it.” You said, avoiding his eye contact. You kept your eyes on your hands, playing with the fabric of your blanket. Namjoon noticed your behaviour and reacted to it.

He slung his arms around your tiny waist and moved you on his lap, both your legs on each site, but still you were avoiding his gaze. He took your face in both his hands and moved your head so that you would finally look him in his face. He noticed that your eyes were glossy and sighed.

“Listen here my love,” he announced “I love you so much, that sometimes it hurts. Not sometimes, more like everyday. When I see you or think about you my heart explodes.” He explained in a soft voice, his thumbs drawing circles on your cheeks. For a few seconds he stared at you, taking everything. He wanted to memorize every detail of your face, how your eyes were shaped, the beautiful colors shining at him, your smooth skin, the bridge of your nose and your pretty lips, he always loved to kiss.

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Just a Momentary Thing

@jonxsansaremix​ Day 7: Free Day / Veronica Mars

Remixed Couple: Logan Echolls and Veronica Mars: LoVe

AN: So I haven’t finished the fic yet and I might not be able to in time for today (not if I want to do it right).. So here’s a little hint of what’s to come later. 


“Just when you think you’re out they pull you back in.”

Sansa had not taken a single case in 9 years and now she was on a plane back to the town of Westeros, California because her ex-boyfriend was accused of murder (again). She hadn’t truly talked to Jon in 9 years and yet she felt like she had to help him out, after all he’d once been one of the most important people in her life. She didn’t want to admit it to Harry, but no matter how much time passed she would always be there for Jon Targaryen.

She probably shouldn’t be doing this, after all it had taken her a long while to get her act together, the last thing she wanted was for her life to fall apart again. The town of Westeros always seem to bring out the worst in people, something Sansa was well acquainted with. In the time since she had transferred out of King’s Landing University she’d not been back home and yet one word from Jon and here she was. She had originally said no, but that had lasted a full eight -more like five- minutes before she’d given in. And now she was on a plane back to try and help her ex-boyfriend choose a good lawyer for his upcoming murder trial.

Some people might call her faith in Jon naive, after all he doesn’t have the best track record, but Sansa was unshaken. She knew Jon more than anyone in the world and despite some moments of doubt during her teen years she had always known deep down that he wasn’t a killer. 

707 x MC Nightmare

(A/N: Hello, I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything worth reading in so long! Credit and a lot of thanks for @paleasamoon for reading and editing this, thank you so, so much!! I hope you all like it! Spoilers for 707′s real name.)

“Saeyoung, I just don’t…I don’t love you anymore. I’m sorry, but I think we would be better off alone.” His breathing stopped as he froze in horror; this couldn’t be real, please let it merely be a nightmare.

“M-MC? What do you mean, what are you saying? Of course we’re not, we’re best together!” She sighed, turning away as she fidgeted with her suitcase.

“You heard me, Saeyoung. I just don’t feel like I love you anymore. Whatever we had, whatever that was, it’s not just gone…” She looks him dead in the eye.

“It was never there to begin with.”


“I never loved you. I never have, and it’s time you knew. I’m leaving, and I’m not coming back. I’ve deleted the messenger. I’m sorry.” With that she stood up, pausing before she hesitantly kissed his cheek, and walked out the door.

It shut behind her, and he sat there for hours, waiting for her to return, or to wake up.

She never returned.

He sat up in his bed, gasping for breath. It was just a dream, thank God. He paused, and felt the bed next to him; it was cold. His heart stopped as his eyes widened, before burying his face in his hands, curled in a tight ball as his breathing quickened. You were gone, just like in his dream. How? When? What did he do wrong?

“Saeyoung? Saeyoung, are you okay?!” You rushed over, setting the cup of water down by the bed before gently holding his arms. He reached over and grabbed you, tugging you into his chest, and you noticed his fast heart rate.

“Love, you need to calm down, okay? Here…” You pressed one of his hands to your chest so he heard your heartbeat. “Try to match yours with mine, alright?” He nodded, gasping for breath as he stared at you. He thought he lost you, that he would never see you again.

But you were still there, holding him. Loving him.

His breathing slowed as he realized you were there, and you weren’t leaving. You were helping him, of course he’s okay. You’re okay.

“Don’t…promise me you won’t leave me.” You pause, and quickly realize what happened before nodding.

“Of course, Saeyoung. I would never, ever leave you. I love you so much, and you handled this so well. It’s okay, you can keep crying, you need to let some emotions out.”

He continued to cry (even though he never realized he was), and rested his face on your chest as you ran a hand through his hair softly, humming various lullabies to help calm him down. Over time, his body slowly relaxed, the tension being released as he yawned. You smiled softly, and gently pushed him onto the bed, lying next to him. Saeyoung immediately turned over and held you tightly. You smiled, and kissed his cheek.

“I love you, Saeyoung. Sleep well.” After about ten minutes, you had drifted off to sleep. He ran a hand through your hair, watching as your mouth curved to a smile, and he was relieved that you weren’t plagued with the same problems he had.

“And I love you, MC. Forever and always.”

So I have been busy....

I have more photos to add to queue!

I haven’t had time to edit them because it was mine and Luke’s (my partner) two year anniversary and it’s been a super crazy week.

Long story short, WE’RE ENGAGED :D

He proposed with my mum’s ring from when her and my dad were married. We didn’t realise just quite how wrong a size it was though and we’ve had to take it to get it resized and put into white gold (I don’t wear yellow gold at all :()

I’ve already started planning the wedding!

Back to your regular scheduled viewing shortly :P

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This tour brings me a gratification that I haven’t had in a long time, which is that shared experience of singing with the audience, these new songs that I’ve written and compiled that they’ve made a part of their lives. So it’s particularly special because I relate more to these songs, naturally, than I do to songs from when I was 12 years old. It’s great to move forward and I feel that momentum.

ronaldraganvelociraptorrider  asked:

Do you do fanfics to

Uh yeah, though for South Park I only have the one Creek fic up that I wrote uhhh last September I guess, time flies! http://archiveofourown.org/works/8147417

I’ve been working on another one (this one was from Craig’s POV so I’m doing one from Tweek’s) but between editing AMVs and work and such I haven’t been able to put much time into it. :( I’ve been working on it a year and it’s only 5,000 words long. I’m kind of notorious I think for spending a very long time on relatively short stories, and in recent years I’ve developed a habit of writing everything at once before posting it online… because in the past when I was putting up chapters of stories at a time, I inevitably ran into a point where I wanted to go back and revise, or even abandoned a story. So I only want to post stories that are actually finished. Though maybe if people are interested I could post a preview of the one I’m working on. ._.

I think I have a tendency to write sad or dark stories just because I find psychological drama compelling? I’ve tried writing fluffy stuff in the past and don’t seem to pull it off. It says something about me maybe that my idea of “cute” was Craig trying to break up with his boyfriend and failing miserably. I’ve always wanted to be able to write fun stories or adventure stories that people would enjoy reading but nope. Misery and pain.  👍 

I always relate a lot to k009′s comic…

Welp, I didn’t get around to writing. I was supposed to outline the story of Blood Tied today, and I haven’t even touched a keyboard.

But it’s not all bad!! I instead spent a long time doing a photoshoot with Cole and Relinoch. And then I did a shoot with just Relinoch. So I was at least productive in the photography department.

Haven’t bothered editing them yet. I’m ready for sleep. Zzzzzz….

Doodle Tweet

So I’ve had this idea racking around in my brain so here is a rough written out version of my idea. Sorry I haven’t gotten to “Why Did I Stay” part 3. I’ve been having a bit of a block with that series at the moment.

Warnings: None


You were sick. The most sick you had been in a long time. Even though the team said it was fine and you should rest, but you still insisted on finishing the video you had started editing.

After messaging Ethan to get the flash drive off your desk that had the files on it, you close your eyes hoping to get some relief from the headache you had. 

You don’t know how much time passed when your phone starts go off with notifications. You open and see Ethan had mentioned you in a tweet: 

“Was grabbing something for @Y/N when I saw this doodle peeking out from under her desk calendar, I didn’t know you doodled." 

Included in his tweet were 2 pictures, one of the edge of the doodle sticking out. And another where he had moved the desk calendar you had to reveal all the different doodles on your desk. 

It was a very wide range, some were just curly designs, some where plants and animals, and even a couple where of the team. Realizing that last part, you face grow a little redder than it already was from your fever. 

You tweet a reply: 

"Nooooo, my secret is out. I doodle when I’m bored or distracted. How could you betray me Ethan.” 

“You should cover those atrocities up with the calendar before anyone else sees them.”

 After a few moments a reply pops up from Ethan: 

“I don’t think they’re ‘atrocities’. They’re quite nice, well at least better than anything I could ever do. Just look at doodle me!”

And attached to the tweet was picture of one of the doodles you’d done of Ethan. While the comments filled up with “awwws”, “that’s so cute” and the ship name people had come up with for the two of you, your mind was distracted by what he had said. 

He actually liked it? 


And I didn’t know how to continue from here.

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it’s been so long since I’ve put one of these together I almost forgot how, lmao

01. I don’t think it’s still up on their blog but it’s by itsgohliad (formerly cupidjuice), I found the link on sssvitlans HERE. I’m not sure if the download link is down, though.

02. The coat on the wall is by younzoey who deactivated. Sorry!

03. I haven’t done any drastic changes to my editing, I’m still using the same PSD and action set! I might just be editing my screenshots better, haha.

04. Try a layer of selective color. Go to selective color > red, then decrease the value for CYAN and increase the value for BLACK. If it’s still looking a little orange, you can increase the MAGENTA value as well. There’s more explanation and some photoshop screenshots under the cut. *

05. Sim portrait tutorial by EVERSIMS

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what do you mean by someone saying the taz art was racist? i mean, i haven't seen the art yet but still, what exactly was so bad about it

Uhh i think the main issue was that taako was light skinned with long features and i gave him little dreads in his ponytail. I was thinking of viking hairstyles in popular media. I didnt know that it was a problem but ive since done a bit of reading on why it wasnt ok

EDIT: the fanart in question so u guys can make your own judgement