i haven't worked this hard on a gifset in a while

Malec friends may I please direct your attention to this wonderful gifset my friend Jacqueline made <3 (it’s actually the reblog I made just before this post). This is the first gifset she’s made in a long time and she made this for me and she spent so much time on it I mean holy wow just look at how many gifs there actually are in that set

If you like it pretty please like/reblog it because I’ve noticed how quiet the Shadowhunters fandom has gotten with regard to edits these days and this gifset definitely deserves more notes than it’s gotten over the last 5 or so hours *__*

Also while you’re at it please also check out the amazing battle!malec ficlet that Izsak wrote for me and the other awesome gifset I received as a gift today, which was from Kareena. They worked hard on these too so pretty please spare them a look and like/reblog as well <3

I’m still so touched by how sweet you guys are btw thank you again my heart is so warm u___u