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Things I've done/said while writing

• “Oh my God this is taking too long, just shut up and get to the fucking place already.”

• Forgets I have the power to make the characters get to the fucking place already

• Constantly checks word count to see if I’ve written as much or more than I had for the last chapter

• Opens doc and rereads to remember what I was planning to write and can never remember what I was planning to write

• Opens doc and immediately closes it

• Looks over already published chapters for inspiration and feel part of my soul die when I see it’s ridden with typos

• Dad: “What are you working on?” Me: “..A story?” Dad: “Oh! When do you plan on letting me read it?” Me: “I’m lying, I’m talking to a friend.”

• Panics after I’ve closed the doc without saving, forgetting that I use Google Docs

• Forgets how to spell the word ‘wet’

• “Can I say a character tied her hair into a ponytail? Are ponytails in fantasy settings still ponytails?”

• “Why can’t I just write this part already? I really want to write this part.”

• “How many times can I mention this story to my friends before I get them to read it or make them annoyed by it?”

• Looks up definition of a word several times just to make sure it means what I think it means

Updated WIP of Cully. I have no idea how to paint facial anatomy sob

Here’s another adoptable, Lune! She’s a photographer who especially is good at capturing the beauty of winter ~~ She may be one in a series of 4 types, Idk i might get to it if people like the idea ;v; She’s only $10 and up for grabs so message me for questions or ask me for her at annekoart@gmail.com!

First come first serve, thank you! ^w^

Please do not steal this character - If you purchase, you are allowed small changes to the design and a change in name maximally. 

Lune has been adopted by @ask-schizopony! Thank you very much for buying!

groundhog dave part 7 day five

Relief. Unadulterated and alien it washed over him when he woke up on February 2nd. Shame from upsetting Jack remained annoyingly in the pit of his stomach - he had still done the thing, after all - but Jack did not know. He wouldn’t say the wrong thing, now. He’d do better.

Because the day had still been useful. He was glad he’d dared to rely on the fact that it would disappear - he’d learned more about Jack, for example, namely that he was sensitive about how he came across despite appearing not to be (and having no reason to be) and that he was genuinely… a good guy. Dammit.

He now knew truths about himself, too. It made him cringe to think back over his four years at the station, apparently swanning around lofty and presumptuous, acting like he was too good for it all - humiliating, but fixable, surely.

There was still a jarring streak of gratitude through this embarrassment. Like someone pointing out you had spinach in your teeth - vexing, but you ended up glad that they pointed it out. Where “spinach” here equalled asshole behaviour.

Was that why this was happening? He had struggled, of course, with trying to identify the source of this thing, phenomenon, event - science? God? A powerful hallucination? If this were a movie it would clearly be a way to bring Davey’s attention to what needed changing in his day to day - and sure this was not a movie, but if he leaned into that point of view a little bit, what was the worst that could happen?

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Okay so do you hate cramps? Do you hate pain? Do you think old heating pads are ugly? Well this little fluffball is gonna help with that. These are little toys you can buy at places like Walmart, TJmax, or the Internet and they are stuffed animals you microwave to help treat pain.

You don’t like penguins? They got dogs, cats, elephants, you name it they might have it.

Some of them also are scented. Mjne smells like minty lemon medicine, that might actually mean it has medicine in it. There might be one that smells like strawberries.

If you don’t want a cord heating pad, use these suckers to help with pain and to just be cute in general.

Microwave stuffed animals are 10/10 for any and all Age regressors/Chire


After I first read acowar, I noticed that people were talking about Bryaxis and used “he” pronouns to do it. This was a pretty universal thing, which surprised me because in my head, I was using “she” pronouns.

This time through, I was watching for what pronouns were used, and neither were used to describe Bryaxis. I’ve only read the first part where Bryaxis appeared so far, but as far as I can see right now, “it” is the only pronoun used to describe them. 

I’m glad that we as a fandom didn’t decide to keep the “it” pronoun when talking about Bryaxis. Using it to describe living things more than plants, fungi and bacteria (and maybe some animals, depending on my mood) rubs me the wrong way. It’s not something I’ve been able to put a finger on until recently, but I think it stems from having “it” pronouns aimed at me. But in relation to this, I’m going to make a point from now on to use “they” and “them” when talking about Bryaxis. I don’t think that gendered pronouns were ever used in canon to talk about Bryaxis, so I won’t gender them. (If there is later, I’ll update this.)

I’m intrigued as to why I decided on “she” and seemingly everyone else on “he”. Perhaps I missed something or perhaps in or need to assign gender, my concepts of masculinity and femininity differ from the fandom norm. I’d be interested to know if anyone else thought of Bryaxis as female or with female pronouns or if it was just me.

maybe you remember that post i made a few weeks ago where i was very very scared and anxious of going back to school and to a “normal life style”……so now i’ve had my first week of school and i survived it and it actually went pretty well if anyone wanted to know, which you probably didn’t bc you all forgot or don’t care