i haven't stopped no worries

im trying to have a conversation with my mom but all of my conversational topics and life updates are really gay and im not out still cos im a wuss

I’m just looking through my blogroll and it’s really unsettling how many people just randomly stopped posting months (if not years) ago without any explanation.

I really need people to at least write a quick “Adios” or something before they disappear.

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Feeling defeated. Lost a whole nights sleep for this just to make an immeasurable lead so I could stop worrying. I'm not just saying 'I haven't stopped voting!!' Because I literally haven't stopped voting. And we're going down in the poll

Don’t let it get you down. I PROMISE YOU that you’re making a huge impact. I know you can only see the percents on the site, and as numbers get higher those percents are harder to change. We decided to stop sharing actual numbers because sam stans were stalking IB’s twitter and it was giving them an advantage, but I promise you when the difference is only like 6k votes, your constant clicking makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE! We got this, please don’t quit!

I just found a half finished story with Kaylee and hidden that I’m gonna work on. Its pretty dialogue heavy though and I’m not as confident with writing dialogue.

Happy anniversary FNAF 2! This game continues to be my favorite out of all of them! AlsoitgaveusthegiftofToyFreddysoitsthebest:P

dynamics-of-an-asteroid replied to your post “tfw you come back to tumblr 5 months later and don’t know who anyone…”

I woke up this morning to a billion notifications from you and it made me smile. Hello, dear ♥

yeah i tried going through the sheriarty tag but it’s  a week’s worth of work so i’m turning to my favourite blogs instead. sorry for the upcoming spam in advance ♥ 


am i suspended in gaffa?

♪ kh editors’ challenge! - day # 5: a graphic that incorporates a gradient

  • Flea: I would just like to tell all the little kids: don't worry, if you get to be about twelve or thirteen and you're still wetting the bed or haven't gotten any pubic hair yet, don't worry 'cause I didn't stop wetting the bed till I was fourteen.
  • Anthony: Sixteen.
  • Flea: And I didn't really start getting any noticeable pubic hair until I was about seventeen.
  • Anthony: Twenty-two.
  • Flea: So uh, don't mind.

Isak and his emotions are important, but I honestly can’t stop thinking about Even. Even being with the police separated from Isak not knowing what Isak is thinking about. I wonder if right now he’s thinking about the fact that maybe Isak knows now and I wonder if he’s considered that Isak might reach out to Sonja. I just don’t want him to feel guilty, embarrassed, or ashamed of what’s happened. I wonder if he’s terrified. I just want endless good things for this kid cause he deserves them.