i haven't smoked in to long


Pretentious af shipping aesthetics/moodboards for The Holy Trifecta.

Symmarah - Long talks, quiet evenings and cool desert nights

WidowTracer - Smoking guns, rough sex and expensive coffee

Zarcy - Strong hugs, warm sunsets and liberating laughter

(Note: All pictures belong to their respective owners, I just plucked them off of Google. Please don’t sue me, I have nothing left to give.)

The weather was particularly nice, so who wouldn’t go out to catch a smoke break? Braydyn had made it a goal for the day to get all his sales done to simply go back to his apartment building and take a long break outside the back at his usual spot. He wasn’t too thrilled when someone came by to say the least, annoyance hurtling through him as he notes them approaching. “Can I help you?” He questions, ignoring how rude his tone was. “Kind of a private location, if you hadn’t noticed.”

for a long time i stopped dreaming presumably bc i smoke too much weed and that’s an actual side-effect of cannabis consumption but for the last few months i’ve been dreaming again despite smoking more weed than ever and… it’s cool 

I long for the day that I tell someone I don’t really drink, haven’t been drunk,and don’t smoke and they don’t immediately go ‘what???? Really???? No we have to get drunk together’

Advice Needed!

does anyone know any diy/home tips to preventing smoke inhalation?

the smoke is so bad down here that the usual bandana soaked in water isn’t helping anymore, i can’t walk down the street to the target to get one of those smoke masks, and my mom is refusing to drive me to pick up anything. my asthma is getting really bad and i’m scared.

i have medication to stop the coughing (tessalone pearls) and my inhaler, along with a super cheap bandana, but none of those are helping me get a full breath. any tip you can give is helpful.