i haven't slept in about 4 nights

Don’t write your lover into a poem. Immortalization is for a love that does not move. Grow with your partner. Untangle your limbs from the fights. Find new things about them that you want to write about. Let them leave. Let them return. Open door, close door, they are not the only story that has to be beautiful. Let it bloom or let it fester, never an in between state of caricature. Words will never do justice to your love and your lover. Be with them.
—  Don’t Tell Love Your Idea of a Happy Ending

I know the biggest revelation for the snk fandom has always been about the basement, but not really for me, I was always like ‘well it will happen when it happens, something about the outside world of course’ 

but the big revelation that I’m waiting for tbh is the “see you later Eren” scene, now that’s something I wake up in the middle of the night to think about! 

I 👏 wanna 👏 know 👏 the 👏 mystery 👏 behind 👏 it  👏