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The Great Escape - L.H. AU

Summary: Inspired by the movie Asthma, and an idea @cliffxnada helped with.

Pairing: Luke Hemmings x Female Reader

Warnings: Mention of suicide attempt, depression, angst

A/N: This is my first time writing in like too long. I’ve been catching Pokemon and hating my life I’m sorry. Also my mind snapped halfway through this and I’m real tired so I’m prob gonna go back and edit this. Until then, hope you like. :)

She was the barista at the corner cafe, with cherry red lips and a sweet smile that seemed to wipe all the never-ending bullshit off of Luke’s mind. Her name was Y/N, and she worked the morning shifts every weekday, off on weekends. Luke had memorized that schedule, since he found himself spending a lot of time at that cafe, ordering the same cup of coffee and sitting at the same table surrounded by potted plants, scratching away into his notebook. He didn’t keep coming back for the coffee. He didn’t keep coming back for the waxy faux plant that always poked him whenever he moved, or the leather seat that always squeaked under his weight. He kept coming back for Y/N, repeating the same routine every day until a friendship between the two sparked brighter than the sun. 

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anonymous asked:

Why haven't you been answering questions? Are you okay? <3 oxoxo

You are the only person to ask if I’m okay and honestly right not no I’m not

I don’t answer as much anymore because my life is starting to get busy, I currently have xx,xxx followers and x,xxx questions to attend to.

I go to school 5 times a week and usually get up at 6am and then get home at 6pm, it is a huge a 12 hour day.
When I get home at 6pm and cook dinner, do my exercise them shower by then it is around 8pm.

I then have to do homework until around 10pm then do it all over again.
On my weekends I relax and do homework for the next week as well as learning to drive, having a social life, exercising and having time for ME.

I am learning to spend time on myself and sort out my mental illnesses and love ME, do things for ME.
So sorry if it seems as if I ignore you I just have a lot on my plate right now and social networks can be harmful to me at times

Thank you for your compassion, just a simple ‘are you okay’ can mean the world to someone x