i haven't seen two of them in months

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How long is the queue? I sent something like a year ago and I haven't seen it on this blog

The queue is about two months long right now. If you submitted a quote that long ago and haven’t seen it yet, then either it didn’t fit our rules and was deleted; or Tumblr ate it and we never got it in the first place. Check the rules, make sure your quote follows them, and try again!

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I haven't seen my parents in two years because they live across country. I started putting in my time off requests over 8 months ago. I've been putting them in once a month with the dates to remind them. I'm only part time anyways. And they won't tell you if you get it until you get the schedule for that month. The schedule came over and I didn't get the time off. I have a meeting with the head supervisor over it because they either let me go on this vacation or I'm quitting.

Yeah, go anyways. Fuck that job. You need to see your parents. -Abby

Random thoughts about a Random Extra where we learned nothing but I’m in deep

  • Dex is so skinny what the fuck. This is how Nursey can make him hit himself in the face he is powerless against those guns look at my noodle son
  • His stupid ears and nose give me life I love him
  • ALSO his perpetual scowl and look of anger even when he’s happy is very relatable thank you
  • He has Demon Eyes
  • I’m glad his backward cap and flannel are a constant staple in his look it is Iconic and I want to know how much he gets chirped for it
  • Dex…talks weird? I don’t know how to elaborate on that right now, but he just seems to have a different way of speaking then everyone else. Not just in these like, two lines, but in other panels too? Like he’s just more awkward with his phrasing? No one knows what I’m talking about and I’m sorry.
  • More things that don’t matter, but he is either lying about dibs because he’s trying to be Chill about it, or he genuinely just wants to help fix things for his friends and either way that’s adorable Poindexter
  • Of course Nursey was There
  • “Tuh,” said Nursey.
  • What did/is Nursey currently doing for dibs????
  • Why would you just grab pie and run that’s so rude Nursey get back here where are you going
  • Bitty interacts with Nursey and Dex the least out of any other characters and I want to know 500x more about his thoughts on both of them. Like, someone did a cloud of Bitty’s most commonly used words on his twitter and Dex wasn’t on there and Nursey was the smallest name and I just have a lot of questions about his interactions with the Other Two Frogs.
  • Why did Berger leave his things in the Haus and why has no one contacted him about it

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Me and my bf don't get to see each other very often. Or alone time. I haven't seen him in 2 weeks. And haven't had sex in two months. He came over and we were watching movies and talking. Then I started rubbing his thigh. crawling up to get him hard. He pretty much threw me onto the mattress in my bed. The aggression turned me. He tore my clothes off. Ripped my panties in half. We went at it for 3 hours. Doggie. Reverse cowgirl. 69. You name it. Afterwards I couldn't sit properly for 2 days.

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Have you heard of the abusive Teddy Tanks being sold? I was horrified when I saw they are currently advertising on YouTube with videos that prey on children and unknowing parents when you search for aquarium related videos. I have seen petitions to have them stopped, but I haven't seen word about their YouTube campaign. Please help spread the word to report to YouTube and have Teddy Tanks taken down from the ads. You know they will only respond to a large enough outcry! Please help!


Yes, I saw those tanks and I saw them months ago. I totally forgot about them until you wrote me now, thank you! We need total awareness of this and I found two petitions against those “Teddy Tanks”:

Not only that these tanks are horrible for keeping fish in them, they are also intended for small children, too young to handle the care of an aquarium (imo)! 

Please sign the petitions. It doesn’t matter if Teddy Tanks are sold in your country. This is supposed to happen nowhere!! Thank you!!

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I just saw an ad for BCB that I haven't seen before (it wasn't on the big post with all the ads). Is the dating sim with Paulo new?

Oliver: Yep! We made two new ads based on some of the feedback we got from this blog some months ago. Here’s the one of them I think you’re talking about:

We kinda just iterated on the dating sim idea in the end. If anyone has other cute attention-grabbing thematic ad ideas, let me know.

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If you're still looking for some prompt requests, then perhaps a Clint/Coulson dragon AU? Or, a fic where two characters meet up after a long period of time (my best friend who I haven't seen in over a decade just visited today, so).

i’m almost glad that inbox messages don’t have dates on them so i don’t have to confront how long this has been in here for. BUT I WANTED DRAGONS and you prompted me for them probably months ago SO HERE ARE DRAGONS (thank you for this glorious prompt babe, i have wanted to write in this verse again for so long)

“Pages aren’t usually allowed around the dragons,” a mild tone said from just behind Clint’s head. He started so violently that he nearly tumbled off the stall door he was perched on, having been watching several of the draclings, newly hatched and utterly hilarious to watch stumble about and puff steam, in what he thought was an empty barn.

Apparently not.

“M'not, I was just - I’m a - aw, dragon,” Clint interrupted himself, staring down mournfully at where one of the draclings was mouthing one of his boot laces and tearing it completely to shreds.

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Random vent but my high school friends who I haven't seen in months came over for like two hours, treated me shitty, and then left saying they never knew I was inviting them to sleep over. They basically came up with an excuse to leave.

Okay um WHAT THE HELL sometimes I actually worry about where people’s heads are at, they crazy! You deserve to be treated great and I’m annoyed!!!!!

1D PREF #253; Your flights delayed...
  • Note: [request]
  • Louis: "You've got to be kidding me?" you shout at no one in particular, stamping your foot after the PA announced your plane as being delayed. You sigh, feeling almost close to tears as you sit back down, and pull your phone out. 'Flights been delayed, could cry xxx' you type out, hitting send. Mere seconds pass before Louis replies, 'What?!?! You're kidding me? You should tell them to hurry up, you've got a boyfriend you haven't seen in two months to meet!!! xxx'. You chuckle sadly, feeling a tear roll down your cheek, "If only it was that simple. It's just typical isn't it? I miss you xxx'. 'Soon. As soon as your silly plane decides to show up, i'll be there. I love you xxxxx'.
  • Harry: "Hmm i'm tired," you mumble, wrapping your hoodie tighter around you as you lean into Harry's side, "I was planning on sleeping on the plane but no... they had to go and delay it didn't they!". Harry laughs quietly at your resentful tone, "I don't think they did it on purpose,". "Well you never know, they might not want us to have our holiday," you look up into his face curiously, "How come you're not really annoyed about this?". He smiles, "I go on a lot of planes, and very often. I'm just used to it now,". You nod, attempting to repress a yawn but failing. "You can sleep you know," he wraps his arm around your shoulder, allowing your room to snuggle more comfortably into him, "I promise i'll wake you when our plane gets here,". "Hmm," you mumble, "You better do Styles,".
  • Niall: "So what do you think?" you turn to Niall, posing wearing tacky pineapple shaped sunglasses. He rubs his chin as if in deep thought, "It's a classy look... Very refined, though I think it could be improved with...". You watch as his eyes scan the contents of the small airport stall you stood by, clearly looking for an addition to the ensemble. "This hat!" he eventually decides, plucking a flamingo shaped hat off one of the shelves and placing it on your head. "Definitely!" you both laugh, clutching at your sides. "Hey!" the shop owner shouts at the two of you, scowling, "You wear, you buy don't you know!". Minutes later Niall posts a picture of the two of you to twitter - you wearing the glasses and he the hat - captioned, "You wear you buy DONTCHA KNOWW'.
  • Zayn: Both of your gaze follow the flamboyant family as they find a spot to sit in the waiting bay - not only were they all wearing matching garish hawaiian shirts, but they were also singing 'We're all going on a summer holiday' at the top of their voices. You turn your head slightly to look at your boyfriend who wore a matching smirk. "I mean it's cute," you mumble into his shoulder, "And they're all excited and stuff, but does it make me a really horrible person that i'm really hoping we're not seated anywhere near them,". "I was thinking the exact same," he chuckles quietly, kissing the top of your head before holding his fists out dramatically, "Why oh why did our plane have to be delayed! We'd almost be in America by now!".
  • Liam: "Oh, answer that one!" you squeal slightly, pointing out a tweet on Liam's phone. The two of you were huddled up in one of the corners of the waiting bay, passing time by doing an 'Ask Liam and (Y/N)' as you waited for your delayed flight. He turns to look at you with a smirk, his eyebrow raised, "#askLiamn(Y/N) Liam!!!! What's your favourite thing about (Y/N)?". You shrug, sticking out your tongue playfully, "Maybe i'm curious,". He rolls his eyes, "Fine, but you can't look,". You look out the large windows at the passengers boarding their plane - that'd be you two soon. "Ok, done!" Liam announces, a playful smirk on his lips. "Oh let me see," you reach out for his phone and read the tweet aloud, "'Her airplane, they're purple' - Liam!". "I forgot to say they were stripy too," he adds, shocked at himself, snatching the phone back. You laugh, punching his arm jokingly, "Go home!".

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How far behind are you? I know I sent in a couple at least two months ago and I haven't seen them and tumblr has been known for eating my asks. So I don't know if you're far behind, I missed them getting posted, or they got eaten.

Well there little anon buddy, we have asks ranging from today to 6 months.
So let’s do some math for people who are wondering “Well gee wiz BIRHS, why don’t ya’ll hurry up and post my submission already ya fucking silly gooses?!”
Our queue is 2 posts per day as of me writing this. There’s 1,644 submissions in the inbox and 181 in queue as we speak.
That means if you were to submit something today right this second, you’ll have to wait 912 days to see it.

That’s 2 years and 182 fucking days anon.
If you were to actually submit right this second, “Before I read homestuck I thought Karkat liked communism and sucking weiners”, you would have to wait 2 fucking years to see it.
But you see if you wanna cheat the system lemme give ya a little tip.
If you were to submit right now your post made in the post maker and submit the image, then you automatically go to queue, so you stop being the 1,825th person in line, and start being the 182nd person in line.

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