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Yesterday, a wizard entered New York with a case. A case full of magical creatures. and unfortunately, some have escaped.

Baekhyun: Was it opened?
Chanyeol: Just a smidge.

Chanyeol as Newt Scamander of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them


                                                         All by myself
                                                             Don’t wanna be
                                                                    All by myself

I presume there is no mention of where Branch’s Hug Time friendship bracelet went, right? 

In saying that, I headcanon that he kept it safely hidden in a small secret compartment in his bunker. Or in a random drawer, idk. Either way, it hasn’t seen the light of day since Branch first placed it in there.

…. until Poppy somehow manages to find it one day while, idk, trying to wake Branch up - distractions are everywhere in the bunker, I’d imagine. 

Poppy brings it to Branch with questions, to which he kindly ignores saying something like, “I don’t need it, Poppy, really. I’ve got yours!” while putting it back in its home. 

Realising the bracelet had stopped working during its neglected period, Poppy decides to “borrow” it for the day without Branch’s knowledge.

She takes it to Mandy Sparkledust, who repairs the bracelet in no time. Mandy asks who it belongs to, and Poppy replies.

Mandy then puts the bracelet in a small blue sparkly box and ties it with a matching bow. Poppy leaves for Branch after a hearty thank you. 

She finds Branch, gives him the present, a thank you and heart-to-heart ensues just before - bing! - their bracelets light up! They hug and everyone is happy ♥ 

Dawn of the Seeker

…since I have a huge weakness for this ridiculous movie, I thought it’d be fun to draw a Cassandra Pentaghast from that part of her life, but a little closer to a younger version of she looks in Inquisition.

2016 Movie Reviews
  • Them: What did you think of Civil War?
  • Me: Could have used more Sam Wilson.
  • Them: What did you think of Suicide Squad?
  • Me: Could definitely use more Sam Wilson.
  • Them: But he's not even--
  • Me: More. Sam. Wilson.
  • Them: What did you think of Finding Dory?
  • Me: Could use more--
  • Them: OK, never mind.

I feel like Natasha would have a huge problem with Tony recruiting Peter. Sure, he was taken out of the fight because he could really get himself hurt, but he didn’t even know what he was up against - see his surprise at Bucky’s metal arm.

She knows what it’s like to be a child soldier and to be manipulated into fighting in conflicts she wasn’t equipped for. Peter was given a choice, but Tony basically shanghaied him into the fight - I mean, would you say no if fucking Iron Man showed up at your door? Nah. (I also imagine a scene after the fight where Natasha slams Tony up against a wall and hisses “You are not pulling that kid into our world again” and Tony doesn’t argue because he likes living, thanks)

I feel like she keeps an eye on him and makes sure he’s doing okay. Not just in fights, but in school. Peter starts taking Russian as his language elective and Natasha sneaks in through his window to help him study. They also work on hand to hand combat, but mostly Russian verb conjugations.

Eventually, Natasha is over so often that Aunt May begins setting a place for her at the table, and May sleeps better at night knowing that the scariest woman in the world is keeping an eye out for her nephew


Cate and Rooney Moments [2/?]

Those times Rooney constantly reminds us (in a one on one interview) that she’s been a Cate Blanchett fan since she was 13 years old. And that time she said it again with Cate beside her. 


Oscar Isaac & Kate Mara singing ‘Never Had’ from the movie 10 Years. Guys, he wrote this song for the movie!

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