i haven't seen this in a photoset yet so i made it

Let me tell you a story

Of a society where child education is entirely centered around the child’s fighting ability. This system is so profoundly influential that the entire economy and culture of this world revolves utterly around their battles.

The children who are the most skilled at fighting are rewarded with advanced wearable technology that has transformative powers and greatly enhances their battling ability.

The children who fail to excel under this system are denied all wearable tech and are highly disadvantaged due to it. Some try to rebel against this established order, but they always fail and are largely seen as complete jokes.

But pulling the strings on this society from afar is an elegant yet ominous woman, cloaked in white, obsessed with beauty. She has excellent standing and influence over the outside world, but also has many dark secrets hidden from the public.

She has exactly 2 children, whom she claims to care for but will instantly disown the moment they disobey her. Being able to micromanage the clothes they wear is of particular importance to her, although only 1 child actually keeps the white uniform she forces onto them (the other wears a highly symbolic and rebellious black).

Her single-minded obsession with beauty runs so deep that she aspires to bring a higher, more beautiful lifeform to her world- aliens, in fact. The aliens are dangerous and bringing them to her world threatens the safety of humanity, but she is too far gone to care.

And she’s not just exposing her world to the threat- she’s straight up using innocent lives as a direct sacrifice in order to summon the aliens in the first place.

Now it’s up to her 2 children (along with the help of the many friends they’ve made along the way) to prevent the alien attack and save the world! All in an incredibly dramatic anime fashion, of course.