i haven't seen him for like a whole year


When you’re really happy to see your old friends, but you forgot how tiring they can be….

5 minutes in and they’re already ribbing him about his girlfriend!
After a while they started calling her “sister-in-law” and requesting for a nephew….
Ruthless brothers hahaha!!

Still, everyone looked so happy to be together and Joohyuk promised he would be back on the show as a guest for a whole episode, not just for a short appearance! See you soon Gutaeng-ie hyung~

anonymous asked:

You know what's so scary about this whole thing? The fact that that Harry is GLOWING! Seriously, I haven't seen him look so happy and energetic since 2012/2013. The reason it's so scary is because of how artificial and arrogant he's being. He's also been throwing lies left and right for years but it's at an all time high now. Like how can someone be so happy being an lying, arrogant, piece of shit? It's so frightening and I honestly can't even stand to look at him anymore

Anon, you may have just hit on something for me–part of why I’m so annoyed with the bee tattoo and the Louis tweet shit is because Louis is getting…what? And yet Harry looks happy as a clam.